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16 Unmissable Benefits of Project Management Software

Let’s get one thing out of the way… 

There are far too many benefits of project management software, yet people prefer email or spreadsheets.

Or sticky notes plastered all along the edge of the computer. 

Great artwork, but it’s the 21st century! 😎

Did you know you can now use your voice to set reminders in project management software?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why you need project management software. In this article, we’ll discuss what project management software is, the advantages of project management software, and suggest a powerful tool.

Visibility, accountability, and organization—here we come! 💃

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What Are the Benefits of Project Management Software?

Project management software is a centralized hub for your work management, task management, and project planning.

It supports:

  • Tracking everything between project planning and project completion
  • Team collaboration
  • Allocating your task list to the right people

In other words, it’s a project manager’s dream come true.

Let’s discuss the advantages of using project management software to find out.

1. All-in-one solution

One of the many project management software advantages is that it keeps everything in one place.

If it’s project tracking, collaboration, planning, time tracking, etc., you can find it all on one platform, making project management easier.

Try ClickUp, one of the highest-rated productivity and task management software preferred by large and small companies worldwide.

ClickUp corrects a common mistake that many organizations make: 

Using different tools in different departments.

Why use task management, time tracking, document management, and project portfolio management software when one can do it all?

Use ClickUp for:

  • Managing projects
  • Collaboration
  • Time tracking
  • Note-taking
  • Workflow customization
  • Team management
  • Resource allocation

2. Effortless project planning and scheduling

A good start creates a rock-solid foundation for project success. 

And the only start you need is planning on an effective project management tool.

They come with features that help streamline the planning and scheduling process.

Let’s take ClickUp. It has a Gantt Chart view that lets you:

Just to name a few!

What’s a Gantt chart? Check out our Gantt chart guide to learn more

But we don’t want you stuck with a planning and scheduling feature that may not be your favorite.

We have more views to offer:

  • Timeline view: plan your work over a complete timeline or create visual roadmaps
  • Calendar view: plan and schedule tasks with drag-and-drop functionality on a calendar
clickup calendar view

Drag and drop unscheduled tasks from the sidebar in Calendar view

With its impeccable planning, ClickUp helps you take the guesswork out of estimations.

Your project will never miss deadlines, and you automatically cut down on planning overheads.

3. Establish clear goals

Setting goals help you identify your destination and provide a roadmap for getting there.

With a clear idea of what to achieve, you’ll be able to improve productivity. 

It’s either that or robotically knocking out tasks with no known purpose. 🤖

Goals are high-level containers that you can break down into smaller, more manageable objectives called Targets.

We get that your targets may differ depending on your type of project. 

That’s why we provide different Target options such as:

  • Number: track increases or decreases between any range of numbers
  • True/False: track tasks that are done or not done
  • Tasks: track the completion of an individual or group of tasks
  • Currency: Track money

Complete these targets and visualize your project progress towards your goals! 🎯

Set up your Goal using the Target types that work best for you

4. Easy task management 

Do you have multiple projects to juggle and tasks to assign to employees?

ClickUp’s task management abilities let you create: tasks, subtasks, nested subtasks, and task checklists.

A project management tool like ClickUp lets you delegate project tasks to employees and view who has the bandwidth to take on other tasks.

Task creation? Done. What’s next? Assign them!

With ClickUp, you can easily assign tasks to:

With Teams, you can create groups of people that you can assign to tasks, mention in comments, and even add watchers in bulk

This makes it easier for employees to check the software and start working on their tasks.

But wait, it gets better. 😉

With ClickUp’s Email ClickApp, you can send and receive emails directly from tasks and take action instantly.

Send emails without changing your browser tabs, create tasks from emails, set up automation, attach emails to any task, and more—all in one place!

5. Balanced resource management

You need an effective resource management strategy to deliver multiple projects successfully.

After all, you can’t have one client sit still while you work on another client’s work. In the same way, you can’t have one team member taking on all the work while others take extra-long coffee breaks. 🤷

A project management software can spot resource bottlenecks and real-time insights to keep tabs on everyone’s workload.

Can ClickUp help? Of course, we can.

Say hello to our Workload view. 👋

Use it to plan and monitor your team’s work capacity with pretty visuals.

You can measure capacity in many ways:

  • Hours: the amount of time each person has available
  • Tasks: how many tasks a person can complete in a day
  • Points: use systems like scrum to give relative sizing to tasks
  • Custom Fields: view capacity and performance with Custom Fields

Workload allows you to visualize your team’s capacity and manage resources

Then there’s the Box view.

Workload charts will help you visualize who needs more tasks or has too many, time estimates, and agile/scrum points.

Boxes contain workload details for each person in the group of tasks (Space, Folder, or List) that you’re viewing

6. Better organization

Without proper organization, you may end up skipping essential steps and scramble to complete a task at the eleventh hour.

However, one of the biggest project management software benefits is an interface that promotes easy organization.

In ClickUp, you can explore the Hierarchy that makes project and workflow management more straightforward. Use it to organize your work into actionable items for your whole team to collaborate.

The structure is: Workspace > Spaces > Folders > Lists > and finally, tasks.

7. Enhanced productivity

When you can find everything you need in a single place, you can make informed decisions and be more productive.

ClickUp does precisely that, with numerous features you didn’t even know you needed. 

Some of them include:

  • Multitask Toolbar: easily select multiple tasks or groups of tasks and make as many changes as you want with a single click
  • Rich Text Editing: make basic text fun and easy to understand with headings, highlights, banners, and more
  • Priorities: set urgency levels and organize tasks based on their importance
  • Native Time Tracking: track time spent on all tasks and work activities
  • Smart Search: easily find tasks on ClickUp with advanced filters and search options
  • Integrations: Seamlessly sync time tracking with Harvest, send tasks to and from Slack, employ Pomodoro with PomoDoneApp, and more

8. Simple file access and sharing

ClickUp lets you do this easily with Public sharing.

Use it to share a public, read-only version of tasks or views to keep everyone on the same page. This includes a client or stakeholder who doesn’t want to join your ClickUp Workspace.

All you need to do is:

  • Click Share next to the menu
  • Toggle on Public sharing
  • Copy the public link or embed code
  • Share it with anyone!

Copy the secret link and share with whomever to give view-only access to your task or view

9. Offers safety and security

Running a business comes with heaps of sensitive information. Data leaks and invasion of privacy could lead to reputation damage and significant expenses.

Project management software is an option if you don’t want such nightmare-ish events.

ClickUp, too, cares for your safety and privacy.

We present to you: Permissions. 🤝

This setting lets you decide what people can and can’t do in ClickUp.

You can set Permissions for anyone, including Guests and Members. 

Set them for Folders, Lists, and tasks, too, if you like.

10. Saves time

Starting the day early, the Pomodoro technique and doubling our coffee intake. ☕☕

We tried everything to help us become better time managers.

But nothing works quite like project management software.

That’s why we put our faith in features like templates and automations.

ClickUp has them too!

By the way, customization is never off the table. 😌

Select one of your Checklist templates from the sidebar on the left

With ClickUp’s Automations, you can automate whatever you like without a single line of coding.

Simply set three requirements:

  • Trigger: decide what should happen for an Automation to start
  • Condition: determine what must be true to continue the Automation
  • Action: set what happens after as a result of the Trigger and Condition

When a priority changes on a task, an action will take place

11. Effective risk and bottleneck management

Every single project comes with its fair share of risks.

It can be supply delay, expenses crossing the budget, scope creep, etc.

But with a project management tool, you can identify them early on and prevent your projects from going up in smoke. Early detection leads to better risk management.

Ever get a gut feeling that some task is taking longer than it should? It probably is.

Thankfully, our Time in Status feature is an effective bottleneck radar.

See exactly how long a task has been in any status in seconds!

Add the Time in Status field to any Space, Folder, or List by clicking the + in the right your List view columns

For example, are you handling a construction project and noticed that three-hour brickwork takes eight hours?

Right there is your bottleneck. Time to get that traffic moving!

Another way to stop bottlenecks is the WIP or Work In Progress Limit.

If you’ve heard of kanban or agile, you’re probably familiar with this.

WIP Limit is here to protect your agile team from exhaustion by indicating when there’s too much work in a specific status. 

You’ll find this simple bottleneck visualizer in our Board view.

Work in Progress (WIP) Limits ClickApp makes it easy to see when you’re under, at, or above your limit—allowing teams to adjust tasks accordingly

12. Real-time reporting

There’s only one way to find out if you’re crushing it or missing it: Reports.

Gain insight into your people, tasks, and project progress with project management software.

With the right software, you’ll get assistance to make informed decisions.

Try ClickUp, especially for real-time insights. Our Dashboards can open a whole new world of realities for you as you can track anything you want. Really!

Use Widgets to draw in data to your Dashboards and start tracking tasks, Sprints, projects, assignees, Goals, Targets… whatever you need.

Custom widgets gives you the ability to visualize how work is happening in your Workspace any way you want

13. Fewer meetings

“Unscheduled meetings are fun!” said no one ever. 😒

Project management software helps you eliminate a lot of that fluff.

In ClickUp, look for Statuses.

This feature shows your project’s or task’s status at all times.

Move your tasks from one status to the next and keep communication in check.

When creating a Space, you’ll be asked to create statuses for your tasks

However, there are times you can’t avoid meetings, especially if you have a remote team.

For such instances, you can start and join Zoom meetings right from ClickUp with our Zoom integration.

Make remote work seamless by starting a meeting right from a task

14. Better collaboration and communication

When a team is small, it’s generally easier to ask to work together, communicate, and plan.

As your team grows, you’ll have trouble getting your message across and keeping everyone on the same page.

Project management software steps into that gap to help you and your team stay in the loop.

We already know how ClickUp’s Statuses help keep things transparent, but there’s more.

Here are some features that make communication easy:

In addition to internal communication, you also need external collaboration with clients and project stakeholders from the same place.

That’s why ClickUp lets you share views such as Gantt Chart, Table, Mind Maps, and more to keep clients in the loop.

15. Embrace machine learning

A project management system may use AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning to understand the ways of its users.

They silently learn trends, behaviors, and team habits in the background.

ClickUp constantly gathers data, refines models, and expands its feature set with the goal of making you more productive. For example, try saying, “Alexa, ask ClickUp to create a reminder” or “Okay Google, talk to ClickUp.”

Want to know how Alexa can work for you? Check out these necessary Alexa skills for your business.

16. 24/7 Access

What if your project team works remotely, and you realize that the meeting notes everyone is looking for are locked away in a hard drive? 

It happens all the time, but it shouldn’t!

Well, with cloud-based project management software, everything is ready to go.

You can use ClickUp to connect with your team and access files at any time. All you need is a computer or a smartphone with Android or iOS and an internet connection.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our Offline mode even when your internet is down.

When you connect again, the new task(s) will be sent to your team immediately

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Project Management Software: the One-Stop Solution

You’ve invested in yourself and your team of top experts.

Why not invest in a tool that brings out the best of you all?

This is where a project management solution like ClickUp comes in.

No more email delays. No more clunky spreadsheets.

Just you, your team, and productivity, all in one place!

You can use ClickUp as a team management software, time tracker, notes app, work management software, and even a project portfolio management or PPM tool.

Get ClickUp for free to be a 21st-century team that always knows what the next task is and how to succeed at it.

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