ClickUp + Slack Integration 2.0

Slack and ClickUp integration

ClickUp + Slack just got a whole lot better!

If your team members aren’t using the slack integration – or you’re still wondering if the Slack + ClickUp integration should be part of your project management flow, you’re about to have your socks blown off!

Here’s a look at the task management and collaborative abilities unlocked in Slack 2.o…

1. Create new tasks!

Save time creating tasks directly inside of Slack – schedule tasks without switching apps!

Simply type “/clickup new” then press “enter” in any comment and Slack will generate the new task creator. 

create a task in ClickUp

2. Improved Unfurl tasks in Slack!

Get more context around a task the moment you post a link in Slack

Unfurling ClickUp tasks in Slack instantly sheds light on the status of any given project so that you can communicate fully with your team!

Instantly get more context around task management the second you post a ClickUp link in Slack by integrating the two tools and posting the link to a ClickUp task, in Slack!

This is great for real time collaboration and allows quick access to file sharing!

Create to-do lists for your team within existing Slack channels.

Unfurl links in slack

New actions within Slack include:

New details include:

  • Tags and Priorities
  • See any subtasks the unfurled task may contain at a glance!
  • Unfurled subtasks are now linked back directly back to parent tasks.

3. More Specific Slack Notifications

These are going to rock your productive world!

Notifications can now be turned on for specific ClickUp Lists or Projects and designated to channels within Slack – meaning as a project manager, you’ll never miss important activity with your team!

These task driven notifications will be available on both desktop and mobile apps. To learn more about Slack notifications please see this doc!

If you haven’t seen our post about Slack integration version 1, I recommend taking a look at the existing actions you can take! Additionally, check out our list of favorite Slack integrations!

Let ClickUp be your project management app today with these time-saving integrations!

Happy Slacking – wait no.. Enjoy using the new features Clickers!

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