How Our Quality Excellence Team Uses ClickUp

In today’s world, having a great product or service alone isn’t enough to be successful anymore… especially in the SaaS world.

Many companies hyper-focus their attention on creating the perfect, more superior product that they forget who truly is the center of their business—their customers.

And when you fail to take care of them and offer excellent support, you can expect to see low customer satisfaction rates…

Or worse—lose them to your top competitors. 👀🙊

Wolf of Wall Street men chanting one of us

In fact, 96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand and the top reason customers switch brands is that they feel unappreciated, neglected, or misunderstood especially when they need your help the most.

So if you want to be the “it” brand that’s got it all going on, then you’ll need to level up your customer support service to match your killer product.

Lucky for us here at ClickUp, our platform is what allows our Quality Excellence team to perform at their best and deliver top-notch customer service to thousands of users from around the world. 🌎

And with that said, we’re peeling back the layers to give you all the tools your team needs to earn the brand love your business deserves! After all, customer service is our number one core value. 😉

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What Is Quality Excellence & Why Should You Care About It?

Alright, first of all, what does quality excellence even mean?

Quality Excellence implies the internal drive to become the best by creating products and services that reach a certain level of success, meets customer needs, and comply with applicable standards.

As a business owner or manager, anticipating your customers’ needs should be one of your top priorities! Not only do you have to ensure you’re meeting their expectations, but you also have to highlight what makes your business exceedingly different than other brands.

customer service representative saying everything is gonna be fine

So why should you care about quality excellence?

Recent reports have claimed that 67% of customers have become “serial switchers” because of poor customer experience such as not being able to speak to a person who can provide the answers they’re looking for.

a girl yelling into her phone saying speak to a representative

Having a cool product isn’t enough nowadays; you’ve got to deliver the whole package!

And because there are thousands of companies worldwide competing for their time, attention, business, and loyalty, having a strong, reliable, and efficient customer support service may just be the key to winning their hearts. 💘

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What Makes ClickUp’s Work Culture Unique

One of the most unique attributes of ClickUp is how grounded and deeply rooted we are in our core values.

Zeb Evans, the Founder, CEO, and admired leader of ClickUp, has invested in creating a work culture that promotes transparency and empowers employees to choose progress over perfection.

Recent findings show that 82% of employees surveyed agree that healthy work culture is the key to business success. Companies with strong work cultures tend to attract valuable talents, as well as increase productivity and engagement in the workplace.

This is exactly why we start with aligning our core values at work. In fact, we’ve created a set of core values that our teams live by every day. (Check out core value #1 😎)

ClickUp core values

We value our customers’ experiences so much that we’ve assembled a team of superstar quality analysts together to form ClickUp’s very own Quality Excellence team.

Say hello to our QE Team! 🦄✨

ClickUp Quality Excellence team

At ClickUp, we want to excel at providing the BEST customer service on the planet.

Quality Excellence is designed to give members on our team insightful feedbacck that is designed to help them grow and be excited to grow.

We don’t believe in a punitive model here—we believe in a transformational model based on education.

Mandy MekhailQuality Excellence Manager
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So What Does it Mean to be a Quality Analyst at ClickUp?

The Quality Analysts of Customer Support focus their responsibilities on analyzing quantitative and qualitative data to surface trends related to customer satisfaction, representative motivation, representative knowledge, and overarching structural needs.

In other words, they ensure that each Customer Support Specialist has the tools and resources they need to better help our customers, as well as get the feedback they need to help improve their skills and grow 1% every day. 🌱

Day-to-day responsibilities of Quality Analyst include:

  • Evaluate team’s performance
  • Provide a mixture of praise, coaching, constructive, feedback, & encouragement
  • Identify trends and improve overall performance
    • CSAT scores
    • Intercom ratings
    • Internal lifecycles

Beyond simply collecting data and assessing trends, to me, Quality Excellence at ClickUp means helping others shine!

While data is a huge part of what we do, Quality Excellence innately functions to help each individual grow and thrivem through personalized feedback and caring support!

Amber WalkerQuality Analyst Lead

As Amber said, it’s much more than assessing data. Being a Quality Analyst for ClickUp’s Customer Support department means they get to help others become the best at what they do! ✨

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Key Features in ClickUp that Power the QE Team

ClickUp is a comprehensive project management tool that’s packed with powerful and customizable features to help teams of any size tackle their work.

And lucky for our QE team, they “live” inside the platform and use the features every single day!

Time to let our Quality Excellence team’s secrets out of the bag; let’s find out what features they use the most and how they power their day-to-day work life. ⚡

Click on the links to jump to the specific part of the page:


ClickUp’s Form view is the perfect place to quickly build detailed forms to capture the data you need.

Forms in ClickUp allow our Quality Excellence team to build their ideal form and collect the information they need to create data reports. Each week, each representative will fill out the Weekly Snapshot Form that generates their individual and squad Dashboards (we’ll discuss this further in just a sec).

Creating a customized Form in ClickUp

Creating a customized Form in ClickUp

Additionally, they can create tasks out of the form responses to take action on them immediately!

Because of Forms, the Quality Excellence team has streamlined the way they collect data and helps them see what areas need improvement so they could course-correct as quickly as possible.


Dashboards in ClickUp provide great visuals and are the best way to build high-level views of everything going on in your Workspace! 

Dashboards instantly provide data for any activities or information you want to gather, display, or understand, and there are unlimited ways you can choose to visualize your work!

Customize what you see in your Dashboard by using widgets to get valuable insight into tasks, Sprints, projects, people, Goals and Targets, and so much more.

Oh, remember when we mentioned that the Quality Excellence team uses Forms to collect the data they need to generate their individual and squad Dashboards?

Well, that is exactly how they get more insight into how our customer-facing teams are performing and to get a better gauge of client sentiment.

Dashboards in ClickUp give the Quality Excellence team a high-level overview of everything and provides a resource of transparency and improvement for each representative. 😌

Dashboard created by Weekly Snapshot Form in ClickUp

Dashboard created by Weekly Snapshot Form in ClickUp

Time Tracking

ClickUp provides numerous ways to track time spent on tasks so teams could focus on their work. Track time, set estimates, add notes, and view reports of your time from virtually anywhere with its native time tracking and reporting!

You could even bring time tracked from your favorite apps such as Harvest, Everhour, and Toggl into ClickUp in seconds.

The QE team uses this feature to keep them on track while evaluating Scorecards and to challenge the Quality Analysts to grade and give feedback in a timely manner.

And because time tracking in ClickUp is flexible and reliable, the team is able to knock out tons of Scorecards efficiently every day. 😎

Time tracking in ClickUp

Time tracking in ClickUp


Goals in ClickUp serve as a great visual of their progress towards any project or task so that they could stay on track to hit goals with clear timelines, measurable targets, and automatic progress tracking.

Keep your eyes on the prize by setting not just any ordinary goals, but ones that you can actually measure and track. 🏆📈👀

And if you haven’t figured it out by now, our powerhouse Quality Excellence team is all about making the ✨ClickUp magic✨ happen, and that starts with setting weekly individual goals to ensure they get things done!

Each Quality Analyst creates a Goal folder each week with realistic and measurable Targets to accomplish by the end of the week. As they complete each objective, they’ll mark it as “Finished” until they close all of the Targets in the folder. This is a perfect way to ensure that they’re on track to win each week. 🎉

Besides individual goal tracking, Goals in ClickUp are a great way to promote transparency and accountability across the company. It’s gives everyone a sneak peek into what each person is working on and can see if that corresponds with the larger company goals and initiative.

After all, we’re all in this together, right? (Cue High School Musical song 🕺🏻)

Weekly Goals Scorecards in ClickUp

Weekly Goals Scorecards in ClickUp


Docs in ClickUp lets you create beautiful and functional documents that are easily sharable with anyone. Use it for SOPs, user guides, meetings, and practically anything you could imagine! 💘📃✨

Docs in ClickUp

Creating functional documents in ClickUp’s Docs

As for the Quality Excellence team, they use Docs for Customer Support Ticket Scorecards and rubrics.

The scorecards are formatted in a table with checklists and are used to communicate ideas, format data, or illustrate strategies.

Quality Analysts use Docs to house a rep’s ticket scores for each category, a summary of the ticket, and other feedback to help improve individual and team ticketing performance.

Because ClickUp Docs are fully customizable and sharable, the QE team can build Docs that fit their unique needs and share the Customer Support Ticket Scorecards with anyone on the team!

Custom Fields

Custom Fields give ClickUp tasks unlimited flexibility and let you add tons of rich information to your views. They let our QE team track, sort, and filter work and manage everything they need to function daily!

Dropdown Custom Fields are such a powerful tool if you drop a bit of intentional color in them!

We love creating a heat-map effect by creating Dropdown Custom Fields with 4 or 5 options to serve as an anchored scale (ie. “1- Strongly Disagree” and “5- Strongly Agree”) to get more reliable insights.

We then use our powerful List views to create some really dynamic heat-maps for data and visualization!

Mandy MekhailQuality Excellence Manager
Heat mapping with Forms in ClickUp

Heat mapping with Forms in ClickUp

There are infinite ways to incorporate Custom Fields in your workflow! For one, our QE team uses Custom Field types such as Formula Fields to create a weighted scale system that would quickly calculate each rep’s scores.

Formula Fields allow you to make calculations between numeric custom fields on a task using both simple and advanced formulas. The simple version is meant for quick calculations of values, while advanced formulas can be enabled to create complex calculations. ➕➖✖️➗

So how does it work?

Simply set each Custom Field to represent different categories that you need to measure each week at different weights that are then totaled to 💯%. This feature automatically calculates the scores, saving the QE team so much time.

Most importantly, this weighted scale system, created with the Formula Fields (Custom Field type), allows them to easily gather important data and metrics, assess the trends more efficiently, and measure what matters most to provide the best customer service in SaaS world! 👩‍💻✨

Using Formula Fields (Custom Field type) to calculate a Customer Support Representative’s score


One of the valuable features of ClickUp is the ability to see everything in multiple different views.

Having so many options makes it possible for each team member to can view their Workspace the way they prefer and make it work for them so that they could perform at their best.

As for our QE team, List and Board view seem to be their favorites! 💞

List view could be used in a multitude of ways! List view, with a clever rendition of Custom Fields, delivers some of the most powerful insights for the Analysts because it offers a great deal of flexibility in how the data can be presented and accessed.

ClickUp List view

Viewing projects and tasks in ClickUp’s List View

One other view that keeps the QE team on top of their game is Board view.

This view allows the QE team to create the perfect board, visualize tasks in a beautifully organized manner, group tasks their way, and drag-and-drop tasks between columns to update the status of each task.

Filtering views in ClickUp’s Board view

I love ClickUp’s Board view!

At the beginning of each week, my new tasks settle into my Board view, and I use grouping options to organize my tasks by a Custom Field!

This helps me manage how many scorecards I have left per rep!

As the week progresses, the reps move through each column and I am able to see the progression, or flag any delays!

Destiny CurryQuality Analyst

Multitask Toolbar

Work smarter and faster just like our QE team with the help of Multitask toolbar in ClickUp. Easily select multiple tasks and make bulk changes instantly!

Making bulk changes using the Multitask Toolbar in ClickUp

Making bulk changes using the Multitask Toolbar in ClickUp

We iterate heavily in Quality Excellence!

We are constantly experimenting and innovating to find the perfect combination of trend, assessment, data collection, and quality scoring!

As you might have guessed, setting Custom Fields or adding tags in mass is huge when we want to classify our incoming data!

Mandy MekhailQuality Excellence Manager

This feature saves so much time by reducing the number of repetitive changes so the QE team can get right down to business. 👊🏽🤓


ClickUp Automations lets you set up combinations of Triggers and Actions to help automate repetitive actions – saving time and allowing you to focus on things that matter.

Creating an automation scenario in ClickUp

Creating an automation scenario in ClickUp

The QE team primarily utilizes Automations to get data to the right hands more quickly.

One Automation that they use extensively is “When Manager is ___, add that person as a watcher.” 👁

In other settings, if the QE team would like to give all leadership in that person’s squad visibility into a task, then the condition is set to “When squad is ___, add the Manager and Lead as a watcher.”

The automation in ClickUp does the busy work and creates a consistent process for the QE team so they could focus more on helping the reps become the best at what they do! 🎖

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Quick Tips & Last Words From the QE Team

There are infinite ways to use ClickUp for Customer Support and our very own QE team has mastered how to use it to elevate our service. Check out their expert tips:

If I could impart any QE related advice to the person reading this, I urge you to stay people-centric!

While data, metrics, and analytics are incredibly important, there are people behind those numbers who are the ones driving your team.

Not just a line on a chart, or a number in a spreadsheet, each person is unique and brings incredible skills to the table, so it’s important for them to know how deeply valued they are!

As for ClickUp related advice, I think you will hear this time and time again, but you truly just have to dive in! The platform is incredibly powerful and can be used to achieve all of your productivity dreams!

Plus, if you need some help – I hear we provide the BEST customer service experience, ever!

Amber WalkerQuality Excellence Lead

The best piece of advice I can give any ClickUpper, is to just dive in! Use the platform, have a test Space where you can play around with all the amazing features.

Use the Template Center to prefill data that can be tested on, and watch webinars or tutorials from the ClickUp YouTube page!

Start small, don’t complicate it, ask us questions, provide feedback, and in no time at all – you’ll be a PRO! 

Calista MejiaQuality Analyst

Create a system!

ClickUp can feel robust like the sky is the limit, and in many ways, it is.

Take some time to really build out your Workspace into a well-functioning system that works for your team! It may take some time, but in the end, will be worth the while!

Destiny CurryQuality Analyst

ClickUp is what is today because we value our users and truly just want them to experience the very best. 😊

We know that the platform offers a ton of cool, game-changing features, but we also know that users will have questions here and there—and when they do, we want to be there for them.

That’s why our QE team relies on ClickUp to streamline their workflow and take our customer support team to the next level. And based on our reviews, looks like our QE team is killin’ the game! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🚀

Try ClickUp for free and start organizing your quality excellence team to win the hearts of your customers.💘

Bill and Ted excellent

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