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The 7 Best Basecamp Alternatives To Improve Your Projects

The 7 Best Basecamp Alternatives To Improve Your Projects

Let’s give Basecamp their just due; it’s a trailblazer in team communication. And their leaders–namely Jason Fried and David Heienemeier Hansson–have been vocal in redefining work and work culture. (And oh yeah, Hansson created Ruby on Rails, which is a big deal!)

But back to Basecamp, the product. Even though it’s well-established and been around for several years, it may no longer be the right team collaboration and project management software for you. In this post, we’ll break down some of the key features of Basecamp and rethink how it fits in your tech stack.

So Why Look for a Basecamp Alternative?

I can hear the question already: if Basecamp does the job, why look for an alternative at all?

Well, just because something works doesn’t mean it’s the best. There’s always room for improvement.

In Basecamp, users are given these key features:

  • An excellent messaging platform that promotes quality teamwork
  • A handy universal search
  • Centralized place to share files and documents
  • Simple task management (great for small-team to-do lists)
  • Automatic check-in questions
  • A portal for clients and customers to view tasks and communicate
  • Group chat & direct messages
  • Task reporting

Basecamp is a perfectly adequate project management tool in many ways. No one’s here to malign it or the work the team behind it does.

A competitive market is a major feature of what fuels innovation, and as handy as Basecamp can be, the market has brought some tough competition through tools like Asana, TeamWork, Wrike and Trello.

Basecamp has been around for a while. It was founded in 1999 – yeah, that’s eighteen years ago.

There’s nothing wrong with age, but adaptability is a must, and Basecamp has been a bit sluggish on updating its tool for users in the modern world.

For example, Basecamp still has no professional team hierarchy and offers only outside integrations for time tracking. Basecamp was also designed with the old-school waterfall system in mind and is hardly ideal for agile project management.

Even Asana took the time to add an agile board view to their inventory – why haven’t we seen this from Basecamp?

Another obvious advantage an alternative might bring is a cheaper price tag.

At $99 a month, the Basecamp price tag isn’t exactly easy on the pocketbook. Do you need to pay that much? Why break the bank when you can have more features for less (or even nothing at all)?

With ClickUp, you use the entire platform, yes all features and unlimited users, for $0 a month!

Note: Import into ClickUp from Basecamp with a CSV file! Here’s how. 

Features of the Ideal Basecamp Alternative

Choosing an alternative to Basecamp for your project management needs will mean keeping some features Basecamp gets right.

A smart competitor learns from Basecamp’s successes while improving on them and adding innovations of their own. Avoiding archaic design, adding power features, and sticking to our values has allowed ClickUp to excel in a highly competitive market.

For example, any real contenders will need a simple design and convenient mobile app, two of Basecamp’s strengths. However, they’ll need much more reasonable pricing–and updated software once in a while.

 While we’re at it, how about throwing in the option of both board and list views and Gantt charts? Now wouldn’t that be a novel feature?

Other features needed to replace Basecamp include time tracking, to-do lists (previously Asana’s featured strength), small business tools, an excellent iPhone and Android app, thorough team member management, powerful search engine, and multiple assignees.

Are we asking too much of one project management tool? No! Check out these top Basecamp alternatives.

1. ClickUp

Every day, companies around the world rely on project management tools to make sure their teams get the tasks that need doing done.

Overseeing team projects takes careful management and teamwork, and actually reaching a successful conclusion can be nothing short of a miracle.

Fortunately, ClickUp helps make that miracle a bit more attainable for its users.

The better the project management app used, the smoother the projects are likely to go.

Needless to say, managers take the app their teams use seriously. Many turn to Basecamp, a popular project management tool for businesses and organizations the world over.

But with so much depending on your team functioning efficiently, it’s worth making sure you find the right app with the right features.

I’m here to show you why ClickUp beats Basecamp every day of the week, feature for feature.

Why ClickUp?

You know those must-have features for the best Basecamp alternatives I mentioned? ClickUp has every single one–and then some.

ClickUp’s simple, modern design is as convenient as it is beautiful. Who says you can’t have looks with smarts?

ClickUp is suited for waterfall, agile, or whatever model works best for you and your team on any given project. It puts you in the driver’s seat and adapts for your own personal approach and the approach of anyone you’re collaborating with.

A project management app should serve the user’s style, not govern it, and ClickUp is designed for just that purpose.

ClickUp provides three ways to organize and view your team’s heirarchy: List, Board, and Box View. Different teams will appreciate different styles, and we make custom statuses easy.

As for the cost, how about an option for the lowest price of all–absolutely free? The free plan gives teams every feature found in the unlimited storage version.

With a solid foundation on the best features from Basecamp’s projects and tasks to all of its shortcomings, ClickUp is the project management answer for your team’s needs. And if you still need to use Basecamp for a while, ClickUp integrates with Basecamp

Give the future of project management a try and get your tasks done right and on time–every time.

ClickUp Key Features: 

  • Assigned Comments – Instantly create and assign action items for yourself or others.
  • Multiple Assignees – Collaborate together on a single task – if your Space allows it.
  • Custom Statuses – Customize your workflow with statuses to fit each individual project.
  • Multi-Management – Easily select multiple tasks or groups of tasks and make as many changes as you want with a single click.
  • Rich Text Editing – With ClickUp’s intuitively beautiful rich formatting and intuitive interface, there’s no need to limit a task to only basic text.
  • Multiple Views – List ViewBoard View, Box View, Time View and Gantt charts offer the perfect view for developers, managers, and everything in between.
  • Priorities – Create custom priority levels, and organize tasks based on their importance to a project.
  • Drag and Drop – Drag and drop tasks no matter where they are in ClickUp – Board, List, or Box view.
  • Smart Search – Not only does ClickUp have the smartest search function in the world, but with artificial intelligence, Smart Search gets smarter as you use it!
  • Integrations – Seamlessly manage and collaborate on Git workflows, sync time tracking with Harvest, and send tasks to and from Slack.
  • Start Dates and Due Dates – Specify both time and day, and get notified when tasks are past due.
  • Notepad – Take notes all across the web!
  • Permissions: Invite guests and set specific permissions for sharing.
  • Custom Fields: Create your own columns and fields to make your tasks your own.
  • Task Dependencies: Yes, even on the free plan!
  • Recurring tasks: Set dates and tasks to pop up when you need them.

See all the features in ClickUp and make ClickUp your free Basecamp alternative!

Note: Compare ClickUp & Basecamp

2. TeamWork Projects


teamwork projects

We want to give TeamWork some love for their vast integrations and simple project management features. They have lots of plans for enterprise-level companies and have tools that cater to that audience. If you’re looking to really scale up your project management software, and need lots of secure features then you might want to investigate Teamwork.

The other side to consider? Teamwork may be intimidating for the average user. You may not need that much when a simpler project management tool (like ClickUp!) could do the job for you.

Key Features:

  • Smart search learns from you and never skips task details
  • Powerful and heavily updated iOS and Android apps with every feature found in the desktop app
  • Thorough time tracking (there are a lot of tools missing this…)
  • Break down large tasks into smaller goals with TeamWork’s milestone tracking
  • Integration with the full suite of Google tools
  • Thorough Zapier integration
  • Free plan up to 10mb
  • Gantt charts

Pricing: Free to $15 per user/month and more

3. Wrike


Wrike is a great route for a Basecamp alternative, especially for large teams that want more out of their online project management software. It embraces the folder mentality, which lots (and lots!) of subfolders. Wrike is a middle of the road tool that will offer you more traditional project management capabilities compared to Basecamp. This is probably harder to work with clients than Basecamp will be.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive, powerful interface
  • Detailed time-tracking
  • Integration with cloud storage such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive
  • Free plan includes up to 5 users and 2gb
  • Wrike’s mobile apps are packed full of everything you need to manage on the go
  • Excellent documentation and resources to help in trying to locate some of the more advanced features

Pricing: Free to $24.80 per user/month

4. Asana


This software’s modern, sleek interface is all about simplicity and giving you what you need with as few clicks as possible, though we’ve wondered about their uptime. Collaboration tools are enforced across the entire project management team. Founded by former Facebook execs, Asana has lots of features but no Gantt charts. Otherwise, it’s simple to use but often slow to roll out features.

Key Features 

  • Multiple workspaces give you the power to keep projects organized
  • Their activity feed is a one-stop solution to see all notifications
  • Attachments can be added to any task and referenced later in the team file storage
  • Calendar view
  • Real-time chat and collaboration for every task
  • Project permissions
  • Custom fields
  • Board view for Agile project management

Pricing: Free to $19.99 per user/month

5. Podio


A valid Basecamp alternative, Podio brings a full suite of features that rival everything found in Basecamp. Many large companies also use as ma knowledge management/file sharing platform for their clients as well. It has a range of paid plans for businesses and large enterprise companies. Powerful open API that allows users to create and connect their own apps

  • Google Drive, Zendesk, Dropbox, Evernote, and Freshbooks integrations out of the box
  • Public and private workspaces
  • Built-in team chat and video conferencing
  • Powerful mobile apps let you manage your projects on the go
  • Podio integrations and apps
  • Workspaces and dashboards
  • Excellent file sharing
  • Task management
  • Milestone tracking

Pricing: Free to $24 per user/month

6. Trello


Trello is a great Basecamp alternative for smaller teams looking for something easy, free, and functional. Trello popularized the Kanban board for the masses. Unlike Basecamp, it locks you into a certain view, but that may work if it’s the best fit for your team. Trello takes more of an agile point of view to your projects, rather than the team communication platform angle.

  • Simple drag and drop task management in a to-do list style
  • Checklists with progress tracking
  • Tags, labels, and categories
  • Activity log, reminders, and powerful notifications
  • Attach, search and share files
  • Kanban boards
  • Free version (How can you beat that? Oh yeah, ClickUp!)

Go here for more about Trello and Trello alternatives

7. Monday


You’ve probably seen some Monday ads before every YouTube video. They’re definitely spending the marketing money, but is it right for you? Teams can collaborate with lots of custom fields on their tasks. Monday doesn’t offer a free plan, so you’ll have to choose a paid plan after your free trial. It’s also missing some typical project management features and functionalities, like a Gantt chart.

  • Board view
  • Custom fields
  • Plan project timelines
  • Assign specific tasks to team members
  • Table views
  • Powerful commenting and discussion section
  • No recurring tasks

Considering Monday as a Basecamp alternative? Read more about using Monday for project management


There’s no doubt that Basecamp changed project management, team collaboration and productivity for the better. But, things evolve and new technologies and perspectives emerge. What may have worked in the past to assign tasks and projects may no longer be relevant. It could be time to choose a new alternative to Basecamp. To start, see why ClickUp was rated one of the best project management software programs by Capterra! You’ll be pleased with what you find as a great Basecamp alternative!

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