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10 Cool AI Subreddits for Experts and Enthusiasts

When it comes to soaking up information on the internet, few websites are as influential as Reddit. The platform attracts millions of users with its 100,000+ active communities and over 16 billion discussion threads! While it has its share of cute cat photos and productivity-focused groups, we’re here today to introduce some beloved artificial intelligence (AI) subreddits that host focused discussions on artificial neural networks, deep learning, natural language processing, and more.

You can find hundreds of AI subreddits with varying member counts, content ranges, and engagement levels. It can be confusing to navigate as many groups focus more on sharing AI-generated content or data science than discussing AI developments.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 AI-related subreddits you should explore to get news-related content and chat about trending topics, implications, and ideas with fellow AI aficionados! 🤖

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10 Best AI Subreddits to Follow for High-Value, Knowledgeable Posts

We’ve gone through dozens of subreddits and shortlisted the 10 best options that offer valuable information, trend insights, and fantastic engagement levels for AI technology content. From data scientists to computer scientists, curious minds to seasoned experts, there’s something for everyone!

1. r/OpenAI

Via: Reddit

The r/OpenAI subreddit is dedicated to discussions on OpenAI, a private research lab, and the company behind popular AI offerings like ChatGPT, DALL·E 3, and GPT-4.

This subreddit has a vast community—with 730,000+ members, it’s among the top 1% of subreddits in terms of size.

r/OpenAI covers various topics related to OpenAI, from the latest events to breakthrough discoveries, applications, and implications of the technology this lab develops. Many members come here for help or advice from more experienced users.

As the community comprises experts and AI enthusiasts, you can read and engage in constructive discussions. This helps you explore new perspectives and form your own opinions based on a large pool of information.

For instance, ever since OpenAI launched GPTs—custom versions of ChatGPT to fit specific use cases—in November 2023, many members have shared their GPTs on the subreddit and offered their impressions.

Here’s what one member shared about a GPTs-enabled make-your-own-adventure chatbot:

Epic Quest is a cool chatbot that lets you make your own adventure stories. You can get into fantasy stuff, solve detective cases, or try to get out of escape rooms. It keeps things going with straight-up answers and even keeps track of your health, like in video games. The cool part is it throws in pictures at the big moments using DALL-E. You get to pick what happens next. Also, it’s not afraid to throw in some strong words to make the story feel more real.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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2. r/artificial

Via: Reddit

Want to read the latest news in the field of AI with a more general-purpose focus? The r/artificial subreddit is just what you need.

With over 500,000 members, this community discusses daily AI news, the most recent advancements, AI generators and chatbots, and companies operating in the field. Users are also welcome to showcase their work and ask for help.

The subreddit features a weekly megathread, where you get a capsule-style overview of the latest updates, but the engagement on these threads is typically light. You’ll find livelier discussions on individual posts about new models, company developments, and concepts like AI governance.

Here’s one r/artificial post that presents company-heavy content:

Google is in talks to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Character.AI, as the fast-growing artificial intelligence chatbot startup seeks capital to train models and keep up with user demand.

Microsoft stock on Friday set a new all-time high as the company prepares to announce its latest advancements in artificial intelligence at a conference next week.

A third of companies have already laid off workers due to AI.

AI that reads brain scans shows promise for finding Alzheimer’s genes.

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3. r/Automate

Via: Reddit

Are you interested in all things automation? If yes, you’d love to be a regular on the r/Automate subreddit. This community has over 125,000 members and tackles automation, robotics, additive manufacturing, AI, and low- to no-code platforms. It’s for everyone who wants to explore the latest business process automation trends or do research in the field.

This subreddit is a fantastic place to share personal projects and invite users to try out your automation. The support you’ll get from the community tends to be constructive, on-point, and empowering.

As r/Automate is frequented by automation experts and enthusiasts, it’s an excellent spot for finding collaborators for projects.


I just started a Data agency; we are helping startups and Businesses with data automation, integration, transformation, and business intelligence. Wondering if someone’s looking to collaborate on some project.

Cheers, Ibrahim

Original post link

This subreddit is also the place to visit if you’re stuck on a project and need some input to resolve an issue. Example:

Query: Hello, Is there a way to prioritize a signal to a DPDT relay? I’m building a door opener and want the relay to switch back to “open” if it is currently carrying out a “close” operation.

Response: It sounds like you need an SR latch. You can get them Set dominant or Reset dominant. Your open conditions go on the dominant side, and they will override the non-dominant side.

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4. r/ArtificialInteligence

Via: Reddit

AI is a wide-scope field comprising various concepts and terms. The r/ArtificialInteligence subreddit is your portal to everything under the AI umbrella. Here, you can:

This subreddit caters to all AI enthusiasts. Those new to the field find this subreddit an excellent starting point for exploring introductory concepts. Experts like it because they can discuss fresh ideas and trends with like-minded individuals.

If you need a recommendation for an AI tool for a specific purpose, you can reach out to the members of the subreddit. Here’s one user looking for an AI-based legal analysis tool:

I’ve searched with no luck. It seems like AI would be currently capable of taking a set of circumstances and then providing an analysis of how the law applies with precedent, etc.

I’ve tried ChatGPT, of course, and it does sort of work. But it says it doesn’t have access to various things.

Please, is there anything like that? Thank you

Original post link

The community is also a hub for discussing the origins of AI and how different developments came to be. Here’s a post that facilitated an engaging discussion:

I am curious – where did all this AI dev come from? It was one after the other (or at least how I discovered them). Chat GPT, Google’s AI beta testing thing, Quizlet’s AI quiz maker, Grammarly’s AI thing, etc. Was there just some really pivotal AI discovery that kickstarted this, or was it maybe just more attention paid to it? What were these factors that led to all these AI services?

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5. r/midjourney

Via: Reddit

Midjourney is a popular AI-based program that generates images based on provided text prompts. r/midjourney is an official subreddit for sharing Midjourney-powered content with over 960,000 members!

For the most part, this vibrant community is an art show. Members, mainly expert or amateur designers, share images they created using Midjourney and engage with other people’s posts. You can ask questions about using this AI tool and get practical advice as well.

The subreddit has strict rules in terms of what you can post. There shouldn’t be NSFW content, gore, political posts or discussions, and advertising or spam. Avoid sharing other people’s work without crediting them or asking for permission.

Just follow the community’s guidelines and be respectful with your opinions—and there’ll be a lot you can take away from this pretty subreddit. 🖼️

6. r/GPT3

Via: Reddit

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is a large language model (LLM) developed by OpenAI—and the main focus of this subreddit which counts more than 590,000 members.

Some members brainstorm using GPT-3 for a specific purpose, while others discuss prompts and the latest advancements.

The subreddit’s name may suggest the talk here is about GPT-3 exclusively, but that’s not the case anymore. You’ll find a lot of traction on posts about machine learning, text generation, automation, ChatGPT, and LLMs. This makes the subreddit a versatile source of info in the AI landscape.

The community supports constructive discussions and is suitable for rookies without extensive knowledge of AI. Members are always willing to provide answers and share their two cents. Here’s a post along these lines:

Hello friends; excuse my lack of intelligence around the subject but lately I’ve been using “Poe” and it’s been a very good program.

My question; I’ve noticed most chatbots have a 2021 cutoff of information. As we enter 2024; how will this be updated or changed? Or would chat “GTP-5” come out and that would be updated to 2023 for example. Is there a program that is more “real-time” data accessible?

I apologize for such basic questions, however when trying to receive information about current events; “real-time” data retrieval seems implausible.

Original post link

7. r/MachineLearning

Via: Reddit

This subreddit revolves around machine learning (ML), a branch of AI that explores how machines analyze and interpret data. It’s perfect for those who want to learn more about ML, get illuminating answers, and discuss projects, neural networks, and news trending in this arena.

There are certain rules you need to be aware of before joining r/MachineLearning. Besides the standard ones, like making clear and comprehensive posts and being mindful of your tone (no insults or attacks), this subreddit has a few extra rules. For example, you must use separate threads for beginner and career-related questions.

Also, every post needs to be properly tagged with one of the following:

  1. D: Discussion
  2. N: News
  3. R: Research
  4. P: Project

Moderators will remove untagged posts.

Here’s an example of a post marked with a [D] for discussion:

I have access to a single 80Gb A100 GPU and would like to train an LLM with GPT-like architecture from scratch. Does anyone know how to calculate the maximum model size?

Original post link

Note: This subreddit was temporarily closed at the time of writing this article—if the status is unchanged, you can explore r/learnmachinelearning, a similar albeit smaller subreddit, as an alternative.

8. r/PromptDesign

Via: Reddit

Prompts are used to instruct AI chatbots and systems to deliver desired results and responses. The r/Promptdesign subreddit is all about discussions on creating contextual prompts for various platforms, including Bing AI, Dall-E, and Stable Diffusion.

This is also the place for sharing articles and theories regarding prompt design or how language models generally interpret the sentiment behind words.

With over 8,000 members, this is a relatively small subreddit compared to others on our list. But the community is very active and helpful. The feed is packed with fascinating studies, and you’ll always get valuable feedback for posted queries.

Whenever attempting to summarize text using one-shot prompting, I’m encountering an issue where the output remains unchanged despite changing the temperature parameter. Moreover, the output appears to be replicating the example provided in the prompt rather than generating a unique summary. The example in the prompt is intended to serve as a guide or inspiration, not as a fixed output. How can I work around this?

Original post link

9. r/AIGenArt

Via: Reddit

AI subreddits don’t always have to be about news and developments! If you appreciate art created with AI-based tools, don’t hesitate to join the laidback r/AIGenArt subreddit! 🎨

This community is a gallery of AI-generated artwork. Scroll through it and explore gorgeous images on the wildest topics, from nature and animals to iconic superheroes.

Besides exploring images, you can ask for tips to improve your design work, but there should be no advertising or selling. You’ll sometimes find tutorials on using different AI art apps on the subreddit.

10. r/aiArt

Via: Reddit

r/aiArt is another subreddit dedicated to AI-generated visual and digital art. It has 190,000+ members, so you’ll be able to enjoy loads of fresh content every day and expect good engagement for your posts.

The subreddit follows a clear set of rules, such as no NSFW, deepfakes, selling, doxing, and self-promotion. If you want to post, use flairs (tags) to keep the feed organized and ensure easy navigation. Add a flair to display which AI tool you used to generate your art or classify your post as a discussion or question.

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You don’t have to worry about prompt writing for ClickUp AI, as it boasts dozens of pre-designed and customizable prompts to extract specific results from the tool.

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You can find free prompt templates for different intents. Modify, save, and share prompts with your team to enjoy consistent responses! 🥰

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