5 Reasons To Switch To ClickUp

5 Reasons To Switch To ClickUp.

Whether your platform lacks key features, a sense of structure, or customization, you’re set to run into some serious barriers managing projects for your team. So, what’s the optimal solution? – bringing the necessary tools, hierarchy, and flexibility all onto one platform.

ClickUp aims to provide the all-in-one solution that delivers on these essential components that others miss out on. Here are 5 features that truly wipe away the fears of the past.

1. Structure

Most project management tools toss teams into endless lists of tasks. Without applying grouping and categorization into project management, things become a big mess in the long-term. In order to work efficiently, you need a sense of hierarchy.

With the structure ClickUp provides, it’s easy to create tasks and organize them all at once. Whether your focus is development, marketing, or the hundreds of other business roles that require management, we’ve provided that sense of hierarchy in the platform from the get-go. By utilizing Spaces, Projects, and Lists, organizing tasks becomes effortless.

2. Multiple Views

When perspective is limited, key insights are lost. Project management platforms have traditionally taken a one size fits all approach to visualizing tasks. By doing this, they’ve produced a framework of inefficiency and mismanagement. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whereas most platforms traditionally offer a single viewpoint, ClickUp offers three. Each of which offers its own benefits to various roles, scenarios, and preferences.

List View

By default, all users will start with List View, and there’s good reason for this. List View offers a clean, structured list of all tasks, organized by their respective projects and lists. They’ll also be labeled under their respected status to keep track of where they’re at in the pipeline. It’s simple, and meets the needs of the majority of workers in any given team.

Board View

Are you a developer? A manager? Looking for a project management platform that provides an agile workspace? Then you’ll love ClickUp’s Board View. This viewpoint allows employees to interact with a Project’s tasks organized by columns representing your workflow’s statuses. On top of this, you can quickly drag and drop tasks into new columns to instantly change their status and re-organize. Board View is focused on getting stuff done.

Box View

Where traditional platforms lack oversight capabilities, ClickUp excels. Box View allows you to gain a high-level overview on the progress of all teammates and their assigned tasks. Overall, it saves users time and allows them to know how much work is being assigned to each teammate.

Another unique aspect of Box View is found when viewing your Me Tab. You’re able to see what tasks you worked on today, yesterday, this week so far, and over the last 7 days. Perfect to review your daily goals or share in a meeting! You’re also given a list of all the tasks assigned to you as well as a list of your assigned comments.

3. Customization

Make the ClickUp platform your own. With ClickApps, you can add or remove a variety of features, such as multiple assignees, due dates, and priorities. This will allow you to customize your experience on the platform, and bring productivity to your team’s work environment.

Whether you’re in need of a simple to-do list, or an intricate layout for your team’s workflow, ClickUp provides the flexible environment to deliver what you need.

4. Attaching Files

In project management, document sharing is an essential feature to streamline collaboration with fellow employees. Whereas Jira and Asana lack simple transaction of documents towards fellow employees, ClickUp excels. Not only can you simply upload files via drag and drop, but you can comment on documents as well.

Within a given task, you can upload files into either the attachments window or comment feed. Referencing to specific documents on a given task has never been so easy.

5. Assign Comments

Have you ever needed to send a comment to an employee that required action? If so, you should always follow up to see if the request was completed. Traditional project management tools leave users hoping that the other party reviewed and took action on the request. ClickUp keeps important assignments in check.

With assigned comments, you can generate a clear notification to a specific assignee on the left side of the task window. This guarantees they’ll not only see the request, but continuously be reminded about it until it’s resolved. It also lets you know exactly when things are done. This allows less comments to slip through the cracks or get backlogged behind other information in the feed for any given task.

Taking the Leap

Learning  a new platform isn’t easy – it’s exciting, nerve racking, and is dependent on taking that leap of faith to begin new. But with the ClickUp platform, you can be assured that your experience will provide all the tools, structure, and flexibility to get the job done. And we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

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