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Monday vs. Jira Comparison: Which Tool is Better in 2024?

Wanting to compare and Jira?

Not sure which project management software is currently better than the other?

Well, you’re certainly not alone in this decision-making process. Each project management tool made a series of platform changes and released new features in 2022.

And in this guide, we’ll compare the two popular project management tools head to head so you know the best option between vs. Jira.

Let’s get started!

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What is

Monday is a project and task management solution that is mostly used by teams and businesses to track, collaborate, and manage tasks and projects. It’s pretty easy to use and enables you to get project visibility as you hit milestones and reach your project targets. 🎯

Monday features

Monday’s features include a visual board layout so you easily see projects and tasks, assign roles, and monitor progress. It also comes with plenty of automation features and allows for custom workflows depending on the needs of the team.

As you look through what Monday has to offer teams, a few features stand out. 💡

1. Kanban boards

Monday Kanban Board View Example
Monday’s Board View can customize card display details and be divided by groups

Monday doesn’t skimp on the visual appeal of its tools. Its scrum and kanban boards are visually appealing and easy to use. They’re great for managing and tracking multiple projects at once without getting lost in the details.

Even though both project management solutions offer kanban boards for agile teams, Monday’s advanced features work better as a task management tool.

Unfortunately, Monday’s Kanban View can only create cards with the labels in the Status Columns, which might be limiting for some wanting more customization in their project management tools.

2. Built-in file management

Monday File Management Feature Example
Monday’s file management features allow you to upload files and share them across teams for better collaboration

Monday’s built-in file management features make it easy for teams to collaborate and centralize key files in one place. It’s a great way to ensure your team all have access to the same, updated information as your projects take shape. 📝

3. API integrations

Monday Integrations View Example

If there’s one thing you want your project management tool to have, it’s the ability to play nice with the stack of tools you’re already using. Especially if you value customizability so you have greater control of your workflow. Thankfully Monday offers plenty of third-party API options so it’s easy to connect it with your other tools. 💻

4. Automation

Monday Automation Feature Example

Monday’s automation tools allow users to save time by building automated workflows with predefined conditions and tasks. This helps teams to stay organized and focused on the most important tasks without having to manually manage and update everything every single time. 

5. Mobile app

With’s mobile app, users access their project and task management software wherever they are. It also offers real-time notifications and the ability to comment, chat and collaborate with team members.

Monday pricing:

A good thing about is that its pricing is pretty approachable. You don’t have to be a big team with even bigger budgets to use the tool. Here’s a basic breakdown of each pricing tier. 💰

  • Individual: free forever
  • Basic: $8 a seat per month
  • Standard: $10 a seat per month
  • Pro: $16 a seat per month
  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team

Check out these Monday alternatives!

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What is Jira?

JIRA development status example
Via Jira

Jira is an agile project management solution used by thousands of teams to track and manage tasks, projects, and workflows. Much like Monday, It’s easy to integrate into your tech stack and offers powerful customization options.

Compare Confluence to Notion!

Jira features

Similar to Monday, Jira also offers several useful management features. Two distinct features are its tracking system, which helps to monitor progress, and its reporting and graphical analysis tools, which let users see insights at a glance.

Software development teams tend to prefer Jira, but let’s see why with a few more of its features.

1. Issue tracking

Jira Issue Tracking Feature Example
Jira recently released its new Issue-Tracking view

Jira’s issue-tracking system allows software development teams to track and stay updated on tasks, projects, and workflows. With this project management feature, teams are able to collaborate and detect errors quickly.

2. Reporting

Jira Sprint Burndown Chart Example
Example of a burndown chart in Jira

With Jira’s reporting tools you stay on top of sprints, tasks, and estimates. Any time you need to analyze your project’s progress or performance Jira’s reporting tools have you covered. 📈

3. Customization

Jira offers users the ability to customize the dashboard to fit their team’s needs. Users create custom fields, labels, and statuses to help organize their tasks in this project management software.

4. Mobile app

Jira’s mobile app allows users to quickly access their project management system, collaborate with team members, and keep up with progress. It also allows for real-time notifications and editing of tasks and workflows. 📲

5. Automation

Jira Automation Feature Example
Via Jira

Jira’s automation tools allow users to create custom workflows and automate their processes. Automation helps to save time and makes the management of tasks and projects faster and more efficient.

Jira pricing

While Jira offers fewer pricing tiers it does offer them at pretty affordable price points. The good thing is teams of all sizes are able to take advantage of this project management tool’s best features without breaking the bank. 💰

  • Free: Always free for up to 10 users
  • Standard: $7.75 per user
  • Premium: $15.25 per user
  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team

Check out these Jira alternatives!

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Avatar of person using AI Summarize this article for me please Vs. Jira: Who Wins?

When it comes to project management tools, it really depends on the team’s needs and preferences. Monday offers an easy-to-use interface and powerful customization options. It’s also great for teams that need to collaborate on the go. 

Jira, on the other hand, is great for teams wanting to track and monitor their projects better. It has powerful reporting and graphical analysis tools, making it easy for teams to monitor what they’ve gotten done so far.

Overall, both tools are great for project management and the deciding factor between them often comes down to how usable a tool feels to the team. Let’s look at which tool wins across each of the most important categories for effective project management software. 📊


When it comes to automation, Jira and offer similar features. provides automation tools that allow users to create custom workflows and automate processes.

Jira also offers automation capabilities, allowing software development teams and other groups to define and control their workflows. However, Jira offers more advanced automation features, such as the ability to integrate with third-party APIs, allowing users to connect with other services to automate processes and the sharing of documents.

Ultimately, it comes down to the individual needs of the team and choosing the right solution that fits. 

For this feature, it’s a tie. 🤝

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Task management

When it comes to task management, both Jira and offer great features. However, stands out with its color-coded dashboards, customizable labels, and file management tools. 

These features allow teams to easily collaborate and organize tasks & projects. Some team members might like working with tools that incorporate color much better. 

Jira also offers powerful task management tools that enable users to check tasks off a list and automatically notify all important stakeholders. Ultimately, the best solution for task management comes down to how granular teams can get with task management. 

For this feature, it’s a tie. 🤝


The main difference between Monday and Jira is pricing. Monday offers a more budget-friendly, flexible solution when it comes to pricing. Their individual plan is free forever, while their basic plan is only $8 per seat per month. 

On the other hand, Jira’s cheapest plan is its Standard plan at $7.75 per user per month. Jira’s Premium and Enterprise plans are also more expensive than Monday’s offering. Ultimately, teams will have to consider their budget and the tools that budget allows them to access when selecting the right project management solution.

For this feature, wins. 🥇

Bonus: Switch from Jira to ClickUp

Monday Vs. Jira on Reddit

What better way to really get a feel for a tool than reading through what users on the internet are candidly sharing? Check out some Reddit posts on both tools. 

Monday Reddit review

“I would have to say that because Monday is a little bit general in a sense, they kind of do a little bit of everything and they don’t fully specialize in one thing. At the same time, I would say that that’s also what makes them unique so if you want a tool that it’s able to accommodate pretty much all of your needs then Monday is a great option. There are other tools that are more specialized in that sense but Monday is really great and we use it all the time.” — Via Reddit

Jira Reddit review

“This is like asking people if they’ve had good experience with C++. You’re going to get a range of answers from great to terrible. People’s experience with Jira will depend on how it was implemented, managed, and respected within the company. There are many great examples of Jira being used successfully, and there are plenty of bad examples of Jira being abused as part of failed management systems. Personally, I prefer something more basic for most teams without dedicated project managers. Jira is a power tool with hundreds of options that can make your life worse in the wrong hands.”Via Reddit


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Meet ClickUp: The Best Alternative to Monday vs. Jira

By this point, we’ve talked extensively about what makes each tool useful, which features stand out, and their payment options. However, an alternative that may fit your needs better is none other than ClickUp! 💜

So, why ClickUp? For starters, you get a lot more for what you pay for—and for what you don’t pay for. ClickUp’s free forever option gives access to a majority of its features for zilch, nada, nothing!

Most platforms work on a stricter “freemium” model that doesn’t let you try tools without upgrading. In fact, ClickUp offers amazing features in its free plan like:

  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited free plan members
  • Whiteboards
  • Time-tracking
  • In-app video recording

Sure, those features are nice. But how do they stack up against Monday and Jira features? Let’s take a look!

ClickUp rival feature 1: Whiteboards

ClickUp Whiteboard gif connecting workflow and working simultaneously with your team
Drag and drop shapes onto your canvas, connect your workflow together and work with your team at the same time in ClickUp Whiteboard

ClickUp Whiteboards offer a space for project leads to organize brainstorms and even explainer sessions while managing their projects. The highly visual boards let you easily prioritize tasks, assign responsibilities, and add notes.

Whiteboards are collaborative, which means you’re able to work in real-time with other team members regardless of where they’re located. Plus, you’re able to add deadlines and personalize their boards to accommodate their needs.

Bonus: Monday Vs ClickUp!

ClickUp rival feature 2: Goals

ClickUp Sprint Goals Task Targets Example
Use ClickUp to track progress with numerical, monetary, true/false, and task targets

ClickUp’s Goals feature allows project managers to easily create and track goals for their teams. With goals, users break down projects into manageable milestones with set deadlines.

You can set parameters like numerical, monetary, true/false, and task targets to track Goals and ensure you’re right on time or budget.

ClickUp rival feature 3: Notepad extension

Rich Text Editing in ClickUp's Notepad
Instantly organize your thoughts with Rich Text Editing in ClickUp’s Notepad

ClickUp’s Notepad feature (an absolute favorite!) is a great “portable” tool that allows users to quickly jot down ideas, brainstorm, and store information in an organized manner. The chrome extension offers a convenient way to store notes, images, bookmarks, screenshots, lists, time tracking, and other data. 

The best part is that you don’t have to click out of your current tab if you suddenly want to save or jot down an important note. It floats in the corner of your navigation window for easy one-click access. 😎

ClickUp rival feature 4: Annotations

annotate images in ClickUp
Easily leave annotations, assign users, or create tasks directly from an image or PDF file

Did you know ClickUp enables you to markup and annotate PDFs? For a lot of project managers and key stakeholders, PDFs are useful, but they get hard to deal with when you want to make line edits or add annotations.

With ClickUp, that problem goes away.

The feature (included in ClickUp’s Enterprise plan) allows you to quickly edit and annotate your PDFs right in the app. Not only is it great for streamlining the workflow for project docs, but it makes it easier for teams to provide feedback, comment, and collaborate on documents regardless of what format they come in.

ClickUp rival feature 5: Workload view

workload view clickup
Use ClickUp’s Workload View to see who is ahead or behind and easily drag-and-drop tasks to reallocate resources

Often, a project manager is synonymous with time management. That’s because they need to know the workloads of their teams so no one is over or under-assigned tasks.

Software development teams, who often work on a delivery process, can easily be given too many or too few tasks. Further, these tasks can vary in time to complete, which is why sprint points are critical to most of these teams.

Luckily with ClickUp’s Workload view, you not only get visual insights into your team and individual workloads, but you can also measure them with sprint points or time estimates to appropriately measure workloads. 📊

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Which is Better in 2024? Do It All With ClickUp

Both Monday and Jira offer powerful free project management tools that are useful, no doubt. When comparing the two tools, it is important to consider features, pricing, and user review.

However, don’t close yourself off to better alternatives. Consider an alternative tool like ClickUp. You get access to more features for less and it’s built as the all-in-one tool to replace them all. 

ClickUp offers unique features like assigning comments so teams aren’t bogged down in email trying to find the work that needs to be done. Give us a try today and create your first workspace to see the difference and why so many businesses move from Jira and Monday to ClickUp.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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