Why Project Management Software Sucked for so Long

Why Project Management Software Sucked for so Long

So your boss has given you the third tool to learn in the past 8 months that helps track everything you do.

To embrace these properly, you have to live in this software.

You spend 15 minutes in the tool, but then go back to doing things they way you were because you’re a bit faster with it.

Well guess what, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault!

My name is Chris Cunningham and I’m the President of Client Success here at ClickUp.

Being a communicator at heart with an unending passion for helping others, I have a perpetual drive to help clients succeed in every way possible.

My mission is literally to prevent every common headache with project management.

I’ve found these by looking at review sites, trying different options on my own, oh and one other little thing my competitors seem to have forgotten, by talking to our users!

Over the past 3 months I’ve had a blast talking to people in every industry.

I’ve learned how lawyers have a hard time keeping up with research, evidence, and court dates.

I’ve spoken to real estate agents about managing clients, coordinating public houses, and maintaining client databases.

I’ve even talked to restaurants about their day to day operations such as schedules, creating menus, and more!

What I learned is that everyone has different needs but at the end of the day they still need a system in place that keeps them productive.

So why does Project Management Software suck?

Part 1

The short answer is the common frustrations that the majority of companies put their users through. These frustrations are the exact reason we created ClickUp.

Below I’m first going to show you the reasons project management software sucks, followed by our solutions to solve these problems.

Reasons for sucking

  • Getting Started (Onboarding)

First Impressions mean everything in making decisions, meeting people, and especially when choosing software.

After you’ve been through onboarding, or skipped it like most of us do, you’re immediately lost.

Onboarding is boring and you want to get a feel for it yourself, but most tools do a few things wrong:

  1. They don’t ask the right questions– Rather than trying to learn how you spend your day-to-day and what you’re trying to accomplish, you’re forced to learn how they feel you can best work. MISTAKE.  
  2. They don’t give you options for how to start– You’re dropped into a blank sheet with blank cells and expected to just start figuring everything out.

Each project management tool goes after a certain market.

They go after  either the new simple user who is just learning project management or the complex user who needs multiple features.

No one seems to realize that many companies have teams that fit both these needs.

When you look through a large organization, they typically use 4 or more different solutions in different departments.

  • Customer Service

A hot topic in today’s workforce is to have Client Success reps, but is this really what they are?

Responding to your email 12 hours late with a generic response that was sent to every other user who asked something similar isn’t client success to me.

Some tools even make you pay for phone support!?

It’s natural to need help in project management because there are a lot of mistakes that can be made.

In my opinion customer service as a whole is broken, but thats another story for another day :P.

Part 2

Back to why ClickUp was created.

We were tired of living our entire day in software we hated or simply just didn’t work for us.

Before every demo I ask “Is this your first time using project management software, or are you on a search to find one that actually works?”

85% of the time I hear a laugh on the other end of the line saying that’s it, just trying to find one that actually works.

I get it, we were on that search too.

Below are some solutions this search drove us to create!

Solutions for winning

  • Templates (That are actually helpful)

After talking to users, it’s easy to tell they’re just not sure where to start once they onboard.

Templates have been our perfect solution!

I’m not just talking about templates with a few buzzwords like our competitors give you.  

I’ve talked to clients in every industry I can find, and I’m still taking suggestions!

From all of the feedback, we’ve built full templates originally used by pros in your industry.

From there, we also give you step by step details on how to get started, as well as pro tips!  

Pro tips tell you which of our features other clients are using to make their process even more efficient within ClickUp.

That’s right. I don’t mean to come across as too cheesy here, but you can call us the Burger King of Project Management Software.

Customize everything about your setup within ClickUp. Features can be turned off and on at anytime!

This allows you to make the platform more simple for everyday users and more complex for technical teams.

Our customer service at ClickUp is simply unmatched. 

We respond to chats immediately and emails within 30 minutes to an hour.

No paying for phone support here! We’re just a free phone call away if you ever need any quick help.

We never shy away from a call and will walk you through setup or anything else to ensure you’re getting the most out of our platform.

So, really, why do other project management companies fall short?

My theory is that too many companies are building to try to hit a market and make profits, rather than focusing on making users more productive.

Lucky for you, we’re different. We will make you more productive and change the way the world thinks about progress.

My confidence in that last statement comes from knowing that ClickUp is being built off the feedback from our amazing users.

So if you see somewhere we can improve please personally let me know. Seriously, call or text me anytime.



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