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10 Free Google Calendar Templates to Stay Organized at Work

Google calendar templates—where would we be without them, right?

It’s always a good idea to get your organization’s skills in line. With new projects, there will be more meetings and renewed personal goals.

To keep your projects organized, we suggest using Google calendar templates—the smartest way to keep track of your tasks, deliverables, deadlines, and more.

To make things easier, we will list five free Google calendar templates to save or bookmark for later.

We’ll also list 10 alternative Google calendar templates for the more serious stuff (think marketing campaigns, work-from-home projects, and so on).

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What is a Google Calendar Template? 

A Google Calendar template is a digital calendar that is feature-rich, versatile, and dynamic.

You use this digital calendar to map out your meetings, personal errands, calls, tasks, you name it.

When things get overwhelming (as they so often do), using a Google Calendar template can help you:

  • Stay on top of your pending projects, tasks, and deadlines
  • Multi-task and stay organized
  • Prevent brain fog and work fatigue, and improve productivity
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4 Free Google Calendar Templates To Download Now

Calendars have a bad name—physical calendars, that is. Most view it as something that tells you the date and day of the week, and that’s about it. 

But using the right calendar can be an asset as it helps you keep tabs on your workload without losing your mental peace. 

Here are four Google calendar templates you can save right now and thank us later:

1. Marketing Calendar

google slide marketing 
calendar template
via The Goodocs

Download this free Marketing Calendar template for 2024 to plan your marketing campaigns like a pro. Use this organized calendar in google slide to strategize and schedule your work without missing a beat.

2. Google Docs Daily Planner

via Calendar Labs

A daily planner template is table stakes for about everyone—be it project managers, executives, employees, writers, chefs, or artists.

Use this editable daily planner and create a monthly calendar in three template formats: Google Docs, Google Sheets, and PDF, to let go of daily stress.

3. Nonprofit Organization Payroll Template


Payroll management for nonprofits is a big headache because fund management is tricky.

You want employees to get compensated on time, and for that to happen, you need to stick to your payment schedule. You can also comply with your tax deadlines, holidays, and more. 

Use this template and customize it without worrying about maintaining financial transparency.  This can be used as Google Docs, Google Slides, PDF and more

4. Personal Training Calendar

personal training calendar template by the Goodocs
via The GooDocs

Professional growth starts with continuous learning and a clear training schedule that is purpose-driven.

But balancing work with learning is achievable if your routine is well-structured.

Leverage this Google Docs Calendar template to keep track of your workshops, seminars, online courses, and more. 

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Limitations of Using Google Calendar Templates

Ask yourself: Using Google Calendar templates is good, but are they the best way to make a calendar? No!

Here are three reasons why a Google Calendar template might fall short when using it to structure your day:

  • It functions mainly as a document-creation tool, and it is not meant for creating a calendar
  • It doesn’t allow you to access files offline, and you need to be online —either on a Google Workspace or Google Calendar itself. This is a big hiccup if you don’t have good internet bandwidth or during unpredictable emergencies
  • It doesn’t permit you to schedule, assign, or create tasks. Nor can you visualize your workflow or a timeline
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10 Alternative Google Calendar Templates in 2024

ClickUp is a better alternative to Google Forms when creating a calendar because it is an all-in-one productivity suite offering detailed calendar views.

You don’t need to jump between screens, apps, and everything in between to manage and track your project.

Moreover, you can execute smooth workflows using process mapping and journal your thoughts using ClickUp’s daily log templates. Get a bird-eye view of your project with the Project Overview template, and create content that converts using our Content Calendar templates.

But don’t take our word for it.

Read on to see 10 of our favorite alternative Google Calendar templates equipped with the right features to stay organized.

Let’s go!

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1. ClickUp Calendar Planner Template

Calendar Planner Template

ClickUp’s Calendar Planner Template is perfect for beginners who want to organize their projects into manageable chunks.

Granted, Google Calendar allows you to do the same. However, ClickUp takes your planning to the next level by offering the following features:

  • Custom statuses: Mark the task status as Blocked, Cancelled, Done, In Progress, and On Hold to keep track of events, activities, or tasks
  • Custom fields: Unlike Google Calendar, these 10 different custom attributes, such as Milestone, References, Rating, Venue, Actual Cost, etc., let you visualize event data and save it
  • Custom views: The six different views in diverse ClickUp configurations (think Summary View, Progress Board, Timeline View, Monthly Planner, Getting Started Guide, etc.), help you visualize the same data in multiple ways
  • Project management: ClickUp offers time-tracking features, emails, tags, dependency warnings, and more, integrating project management in a dynamic calendar!

2. ClickUp Weekly Calendar Template

ClickUp’s Weekly Calendar Template

Google does offer a Weekly Template, but it is basic at best.

With ClickUp’s Weekly Calendar Template, you can get real-time updates of your events, tasks, deadlines, and more. You can also identify and adjust conflicts or overlaps and stay right on schedule!

Other useful features of this template include:

  • Custom Statuses for marking tasks as Complete, In Progress, To Do, and Unfinished 
  • Custom Fields with 3 different custom attributes—Feeling Good, Task Type, and Important Notes—to categorize and add notes to tasks
  • Custom Views across 5 ClickUp configurations—Getting Started Guide, Weekly Calendar, Completed Tasks, All Tasks, and This Week for one-click and organized data access

This template is a must-have for busy managers with too much on their plate.

3. ClickUp Content Calendar Template

ClickUp Content Calendar Templat

Content teams cannot get away with a simple list or spreadsheet for planning their creatives. ClickUp’s Content Calendar template levels up your content marketing game.

Visualize your monthly content assets by analyzing the following: 

  • The types of content being produced (blogs, emails, social media posts, etc.)
  • When to schedule and post the content and on which channels
  • The critical links once they go live (mentions, engagement, conversions, traffic, etc.)

Your content team needs real-time visibility into every aspect of the production lifecycle—and this is where ClickUp’s Content Calendar shines.

Conceptualize clear workflows for production. Identify pain points to optimize the content. Build a winning content marketing process!

4. ClickUp Annual Calendar Template

ClickUp Annual Calendar Template

Tracking yearly challenges isn’t restricted to Instagram or TikTok; you may need to track your personal social events, professional tasks, etc., all throughout the year.

With ClickUp’s Annual Calendar Template, you get the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive, holistic view: Plan and organize all your tasks for the year with ease
  • Clear, purpose-driven goals: Track goals as well as key milestones for crucial projects
  • Easier, in-depth project understanding: Visualize your progress in an easy-to-digest format

On the features side, you can use:

  • Custom statuses with five activity variations: Complete, Delayed, In Progress, On Track, and To Start 
  • Custom fields for category-driven task management: Category, Quarter Implementation, Budget, Department, and Assigned Team
  • Custom views in four formats: Calendar, Activities by Status, Activity List, and Start Here 

Manage your annual calendar with ease. Download the template and kickstart your new year planning on a productive note.

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5. ClickUp Calendar To Do List Template

ClickUp Calendar To Do List Tem

Imagine combining your critical To-Dos into a visually appealing calendar format; it makes excellent sense.

This is exactly what ClickUp’s Calendar To Do List Template lets you do:

  • Juggle multiple tasks and crush your goals without errors
  • Track your days, weeks, and months all at once 
  • Organize tasks into clear buckets and drill down into the details while keeping in mind the big picture or your short-term goals

This template also allows you to add attributes such as Category, Resources, Productivity Level, and Role to visualize your tasks easily. 

Moreover, you can use five views—Meeting Request, By Role, By Category, Schedules, and Getting Started Guide—to always keep your goals in sight.

6. ClickUp Modern Social Media Calendar Template

ClickUp Modern Social Media Calendar Template

Social media posts are all about cashing in on the in-the-moment viral trends. But if your social media posts are delayed, you won’t get viral in time.

ClickUp’s Modern Social Media Calendar Template will improve your frequency, quality, and timing of social media posts by

  • Building a streamlined workflow for all your social media content 
  • Ensuring consistency across social media channels
  • Offering in-depth visibility into upcoming events, campaigns, etc.
  • Helping you plan and define goals for your social strategy proactively

Optimize the template’s functionalities by leveraging advanced time-tracking capabilities, comments, AI, and more.

To categorize your tasks, use filters such as Theme, Publish Date, Channel, Final Output, and Hashtags to give you a great jumpstart.

7. ClickUp Promotional Calendar Template

ClickUp Promotional Calendar Template

Companies that stay ten steps ahead of their competition get one thing right—their promotional lineup for the year. You need to track campaigns, product launches, etc.

ClickUp’s Promotional Calendar Template allows you to focus on every small detail by

  • Planning promotional initiatives and tracking progress
  • Organizing tasks and campaigns into easy-to-view lists
  • Collaborating with teammates and keeping everyone in the loop.

Get organized, manage time, and implement with confidence—all from a centralized template!

8. ClickUp Weekly Content Calendar Template

ClickUp Weekly Content Calendar Template

Who doesn’t want an efficient start to the week? One where

  • Every list is properly time-boxed
  • All checklists are drawn out
  • Each task is mapped to the T

Leverage ClickUp’s Weekly Content Calendar Template to achieve this.

Whether you want to improve your digital marketing campaign or plan for a quarterly advertising campaign, this weekly template gives you complete visibility into your content strategy and publishing process.

Plan ahead by scheduling content in batches, and never miss an important deadline!

9. ClickUp Business Calendar Template

ClickUp Business Calendar Template

Taking stock of your business activities can be quite a headache. But ClickUp’s Business Calendar Template makes this process simpler.

There’s no specific Google Calendar template that entrepreneurs, executives, and teams can use. 

Addressing this gap, ClickUp has built an all-in-one business calendar template to help executives and entrepreneurs manage everything—from sales calls to project deadlines at one click.

This template comes with four ultra-useful custom fields: This was fun, Activity Type, Files, and Department to visualize your calendar and never get bored!

Augment your project management skills by leveraging time-tracking capabilities, tags, emails, notifications, and so on. 

This business calendar might seem one-dimensional at first glance, but it delivers on all accounts—be it staying on top of deadlines, providing visibility into upcoming meetings, or planning ahead for long-term projects and goals.

10. ClickUp Campaign Calendar Template

ClickUp Campaign Calendar Template

Campaigns are the soul of any brand—they provide a glimpse into how the brand thinks, operates, and thrives.

Getting the campaign right is crucial to maintaining your public image and improving the business’s bottom line.

ClickUp Campaign Calendar Template is different from the other campaign calendars available today.

Use it to

  • Establish a timeline for your campaigns
  • Track progress against key deliverables and milestones
  • Collaborate with teams and stakeholders to ensure that campaigns are on track
  • Visualize each campaign’s goals, tasks, dependencies, and deadlines

Whether you are creating content calendars or tracking email campaigns, this is the only template you need to get your campaign off the ground on the right foot.

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Create Calendars and Track Projects with One Tool: ClickUp

Being more organized at work doesn’t happen overnight. Your teams must work in sync,  resources should align with the workload, budgets have to be allocated on time, and timelines need to be chalked out.

Even with all the above,  you still run the risk of errors in manual data entry or issues that stem from a tiring day, ultimately getting to you in the end.

So, is there a workaround to this problem? Yes.

You need to amp up your already formidable organizational skills and add the power of ClickUp calendars to make the process intuitive, up-to-date, and collaborative.

Start by defining your calendar needs; from there, it is easy to pick the right ClickUp calendar to help you get started. And if you have any difficulty picking the right one, reach out to our team, who will help you make the right choice. 

Get organized with ClickUp for free.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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