Top 6 Google Forms Alternatives For 2021


Looking for excellent Google Forms Alternatives?

Google Forms is a user-friendly form creator that helps you build online surveys, quizzes, and polls quickly. 

However, its simplicity comes at the cost of functionality, and it can’t handle most of the advanced form building needs that we all need.

But don’t worry.

In this article, we’ll look at some significant limitations of Google Forms, then cover its six fantastic alternatives, and explore their key features, pros, cons, pricing, and ratings.

What Is Google Forms?

Google Forms is a form tool that helps you create and share online surveys and forms. 

It’s available for free and comes with:

  • Various templates
  • Field type options
  • Form sections
  • Conditional logic
  • Responses tab
  • Different question types (like multiple choice questions)
google forms

You can use a Google form for:

Pro tip: In your party invites, always remember to ask about food allergies.

You don’t want people going nuts because they’re allergic to peanuts.  Or shellfish.

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Limitations Of Google Forms

Google Forms seems pretty neat so far.

So where’s all this lack of functionality?

Here are the problems you’re going to face when using a Google form:

  • Limited styling options that make it difficult for the form page to reflect your brand 
  • Respondents can’t upload files as they fill your web or mobile forms
  • It’s not possible to collect payments via your form
  • You can’t assign forms to your team members and create tasks out of form responses

Okay, that’s a bummer. 


iron man saying no problem

That’s why we’ve got these alternatives!

The 6 Best Google Forms Alternatives

Here are the top six alternatives to Google Forms:

  1. ClickUp
  2. Typeform
  3. Wufoo
  4. Formstack
  5. Jotform
  6. HubSpot

Let’s go over their features, pros, cons, pricing, and ratings:

1. ClickUp

clickup on all devices

ClickUp is the world’s best project management tool used by 200,000+ super-productive teams in startups and companies worldwide.

Wait…  you’re looking for Google Forms alternatives.

What does project management have to do with that?

That’s because ClickUp comes with a built-in Form view that helps you build interactive forms in minutes. 

You can use it to record survey form responses, create a client ticket/request system, and so much more. 

Unlike a traditional form creator that only converts your responses into a spreadsheet (for example, a Google spreadsheet, aka Google sheet), ClickUp Forms can collect all the form response data you need and turn it into a task. It’ll also let you visualize it all on a graph!

But how does that make my life any easier?

Here’s how ClickUp Forms make everything better:

  • Helps with lead generation by streamlining your data gathering process
  • Enables seamless form creation via an intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • You can assign Form entries immediately to team members
  • Lets you customize Forms with various themes and avatar images that reflect your brand personality
  • You can embed ClickUp Forms into your landing page to maximize form entries

How To Use ClickUp Forms

Follow these quick steps to create Forms on ClickUp:

  • Open any Space, Folder, or List to create your Form
  • Click the + button from the top bar to add a new View, and select Form
  • Enter your Form name and description in the related fields
  • Drag any Form Field from the left panel to add it to your Form
creating a form in clickup

It also supports Custom Fields that help you collect specific types of information from your forms. 

This includes:

  • Text
  • Website
  • Dropdown
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Date
  • Location
  • And so much more

We’re pretty sure that even Genie couldn’t offer you this much. 👻

aladdin doing magic trick

But that’s not the coolest part.

With ClickUp Forms, you can instantly create Tasks out of Form entries and assign them to team members. This way, your team can take action on all your customer support and sales Form entries in no time!

ClickUp Forms also support all the Task Fields you might need, such as:

  • Task Names
  • Task Descriptions
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Priority
  • And more

These Task Fields provide clear information about what a Form-related Task is about, when it must be completed, how much of a priority it is, and so on. This way, you can quickly act based on the Form responses and stay on top of your deadlines.

You can also customize everything about your form, such as the:

  • List: choose which List your responses to
  • Hidden Fields: if you already have the respondent’s name, email, or other information, you can directly feed this into your form so that they can skip filling out this information
  • Assignee: add default assignees for each Form submission so that the responses will get added as Tasks to their Workspace
  • Redirect URL: redirect a user to your website URL instead of just showing a response message
  • Avatar: upload an image to feature at the top of your form to improve brand presence
  • Theme: customize your Form themes to go with your brand’s design language
form customization in clickup

You can also preview what your Form looks like by toggling on the Viewing button on top. 

task form in ClickUp

Once you’re done with your Form creation, it’s time to share it with your audience.

You can send it to anyone by copying and sharing the direct link with them. 

embed code and direct link

Easy, right?

Other Key ClickUp Features

  • Assigned Comments: turn your comments into action items instantly
  • Custom Statuses: customize statuses to highlight different phases of your task workflow
  • Docs: create, share and store company or project-related documents with your in-house or virtual team
  • Views: choose from Box, List, Calendar, Board, and tons of other views to visualize your work in unique ways
  • Mind Maps: draw free form mind maps to organize any project-related ideas
  • Automation: automate any repetitive actions in your projects using custom combinations of Triggers and Actions
  • Mobile Apps: get the ClickUp app for Android or iOS to stay productive when you’re on the move


  • Feature-rich free version
  • User-friendly interface
  • Perfect for both Teams and solo users
  • It’s easy to jot down your ideas and thoughts quickly with Notepad
  • Users can manage and track timelines with interactive Gantt Charts
  • You can customize how you receive project Notifications
  • It’s easy to find all your project resources quickly with the Smart Search feature
  • Allows you to record your screen with Clip to make team collaboration effortless
  • You can easily assign Tasks to and manage team members
  • Comes with third-party integrations to amplify your capabilities


  • You can’t export Dashboards from ClickUp

Feel free to check out ClickUp’s product roadmap for more info on how we’re fixing these drawbacks and what’s ahead. 👀

ClickUp Pricing

ClickUp comes in these pricing plans:

  • Free Forever: 
    • supports Unlimited Tasks 
    • Unlimited Members 
    • 100MB Storage
  • Unlimited: $5/month per member
    • supports all “Free” features
    • Unlimited Forms
    • Unlimited Storage 
    • Unlimited Integrations 
    • Guests and Permissions + many other features
  • Business: $9/month per member
    • supports all “Unlimited” features 
    • Custom branding 
    • reCAPTCHA support
    • All Automations
    • Mind Maps & Timeline Views
    • Advanced Time Tracking + more

ClickUp Rating

  • Capterra: 4.7 (from 2083 reviews)
  • G2: 4.7 (from 2171 reviews)

2. Typeform


Typeform is a Google Forms alternative that helps create your interactive survey or conversational form to gather data efficiently.

But is Typeform really your type? 😉

man saying you cant tell me what your type is

Typeform Key Features

  • Has a built-in template for pretty much everything like a quiz, employee feedback survey form, or contact form
  • Logic jumps feature can react to user input and personalize the web form experience
  • Shareable reports to help you analyze the performance of an online form


  • Photo and video libraries help you build stunning forms
  • Extensive customization capabilities to create a unique online form
  • Integrates a third-party app like Google Sheets and Zapier


  • Free plan offers a minimal number of forms, and the paid plans are expensive
  • Typeform branding is present in all plans except “Premium” 
  • The interface starts to lag when building long and complicated forms 

Typeform Pricing

Typeform offers four pricing plans:

  • Free: 
    • supports up to 3 forms
    • up to 100 monthly submissions
    • 10 questions per form
  • Essentials: $35/month (billed monthly) 
    • supports unlimited forms 
    • up to 1000 monthly submissions
    •  unlimited questions
    • 2GB storage
  • Professional: $35/month (billed yearly) 
    • supports unlimited forms
    • up to 5000 monthly submissions
    • unlimited questions
    • collect payments
    • custom closed messages 
  • Premium: starts at $70/month (billed monthly)
    • supports all “Professional” features
    • 4GB storage
    • removes Typeform branding
    • Salesforce integration
    • priority support 

Typeform Rating

  • Capterra: 4.7 (from 393 reviews)
  • G2: 4.5 (from 415 reviews)

Read our Typeform Alternatives article for more information.

3. Wufoo


Wufoo is a drag and drop form builder that can create a contact form, survey form, or event registration form.

But will this Google Forms alternative make you go all woohoo with delight? 😍

Wufoo Key Features

  • Theme designer to create a customized form template that reflects your branding
  • Data export allows you to move form data into a spreadsheet app for analysis
  • Their automations can transfer your form data directly to a CRM, marketing automation system, etc.


  • Lets you collect payments directly through the form
  • Allows your audience to upload files of any format to a web form
  • Forms are secure since they’re encrypted with 256-Bit SSL Encryption


  • Certain functionalities like creating a form using multiple columns require coding knowledge
  • You might have difficulty embedding your forms onto a web page
  • Limited free version

Wufoo Pricing

Wufoo offers five pricing plans:

  • Free: 
    • supports up to 5 forms
    • up to 100 entries
    • 10 fields
    • 100 API requests 
  • Starter: $19/month 
    • supports up to 10 forms
    • up to 1000 entries 
    • unlimited fields
    • 10,000 API requests 
  • Professional: $39/month
    • supports unlimited forms
    • up to 5000 entries
    • upto 5 users 
    • 25,000 API requests
    • 5GB storage
  • Advanced: $99/month
    • up to 25,000 entries
    • up to 10 users
    • 50,000 API requests
    • 10 GB file storage
    • priority support 
  • Ultimate: $249/month
    • up to 100,000 entries
    • 20 users
    • 100,000 API requests
    • 20GB storage 

Wufoo Rating

  • Capterra: 4.4 (from 175 reviews)
  • G2: 4.2 (from 265 reviews)

4. Formstack

formstack app

Formstack is primarily a workplace productivity platform that allows you to build order forms, survey forms, and quizzes.

However, are its features stacked in your favor? 🎇

Formstack Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop online form builder to create beautiful forms with no codes
  • Conditional logic that shows or hides a form field based on user input
  • Can use custom form URLs to increase brand awareness


  • Can easily import forms from other platforms into their online form builder
  • Compatible forms that adapt to any desktop or mobile device
  • Actionable insights to improve lead generation rates and optimize your marketing strategy


  • The form builder can be challenging to use for most novice users
  • No free plan is available, and there’s only a free trial that ends in 14 days
  • Paid plans do not offer an unlimited number of forms

Formstack Pricing

Formstack offers four pricing plans:

  • Silver: $59/month 
    • supports 1 user
    • 20 forms
    • 1000 submissions
    • offline form + file upload support 
  • Gold: $99/month 
    • supports 5 users 
    • 100 forms 
    • 10,000 submissions 
    • 2GB storage 
  • Platinum: $249/month 
    • supports 10 users
    • 1000 forms 
    • 100,000 submissions 
    • 10GB storage 
  • Enterprise: request a custom quote 
    • supports custom number of users, forms, submissions, themes, storage 
    • priority support 
    • single sign-on support 

Formstack Rating

  • Capterra: 4.2 (from 90 reviews)
  • G2: 4.4 (from 238 reviews)

5. JotForm

jotform app

Jotform is an online form builder that allows you to build mobile-friendly and responsive forms. It helps you quickly gather and access information through surveys, feedback forms, order forms, and more.

Can we jot it down as your ideal Google Forms alternative?

JotForm Key Features

  • Report Builder to visualize and analyze your form response data
  • Secure gateways to safely accept credit payments on your forms
  • Smart PDF Forms convert PDF forms into mobile forms instantly


  • 10,000+ templates to quickly build your forms
  • Can migrate Google Forms to JotForm easily, so users don’t have to worry about creating their web form from scratch
  • Integrations with Google Workspace apps, CRM software, email marketing lists, and cloud-storage systems


  • User interface isn’t very intuitive and can be tricky to use
  • Form scripts can slow down your websites at times
  • Limited free version

JotForm Pricing

JotFrom offers four pricing plans:

  • Free: 
    • supports up to 5 forms 
    • 100 monthly submissions
    • 100MB storage space 
    • 1000 monthly form views
  • Bronze: 
    • supports up to 25 forms 
    • 1000 monthly submissions
    • 10GB storage space
    • 10,000 monthly form views
  • Silver: 
    • supports up to 100 forms 
    • 10,000 monthly submissions 
    • 100 GB storage space 
    • unlimited monthly form views 
  • Enterprise: 
    • supports unlimited forms
    • 100,000 monthly submissions
    • 1 TB storage space
    • unlimited monthly form views 
    • no JotForm branding 

JotForm Rating

  • Capterra: 4.6 (from 514 reviews)
  • G2: 4.6 (from 369 reviews)

6. HubSpot Forms

HubSpot is a full stack CRM platform that comes with a suite of powerful free tools to help you grow your business, among which is also an online form builder. You can create five different types of forms with HubSpot: standalone forms, embedded forms, popups, slide-in boxes and dropdown banners.

Just like Google Forms, HubSpot Forms is free to use, which means users can create as many forms as they want with as many fields as they want, without any additional costs.

While Google Forms is mostly designed to create surveys, HubSpot Forms helps users convert anonymous website visitors into leads and collect lead intelligence into the CRM. In fact, the free CRM is one of benefits that sets HubSpot apart from Google Forms. Every time someone fills in a form, their contact information is automatically stored in HubSpot’s free CRM where sales and marketing teams can further nurture the leads.

HubSpot Forms Key Features:

  • Access to HubSpot’s free CRM where you can store information from those who fill in your forms.
  • Landing page creator (available in the free plan).
  • Drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Customizable goal-based templates.
  • Premium features include advanced marketing automation that you can use to set. up kickback emails and autoresponders when someone submits a form.


  • Native integration with other free HubSpot tools: CRM, email marketing, live chat etc.
  • Store as many as one million contacts and companies in the CRM for free.
  • Free-forever plan available.


  • No phone or email support for free plans.
  • You need to be a paying user to remove the HubSpot branding. 

HubSpot Pricing

  • HubSpot offers a free-forever plan that allows you to create unlimited forms and collect unlimited submissions. You also get access to a free CRM, email marketing, landing pages, live chat, and more free tools.
  • To access HubSpot’s more advanced tools and automation features, paid plans start at $50/month.

HubSpot Rating

  • Capterra: 4.5/5 for HubSpot Marketing Hub (4,455 reviews)
  • G2: 4.4/5 for HubSpot Marketing Hub (6,656 reviews) 

Note: HubSpot Forms is featured as part of HubSpot Marketing Hub on all review platforms. 

Time To Get Back In Form 💪

Sure, Google Forms is a great google management tool

However, like Excel forms, its limited customization and lack of crucial features make it a hard pass when choosing the right online form builder.

Each of the six tools we listed here has the potential to easily meet all your form-building requirements and help you move past Google Forms. 

And that isn’t even it.

We haven’t covered every Google Form alternative either.

You can also check out online form builders like Ninja Forms and Zoho Forms. You can use them to build a WordPress form or add them as a WordPress plugin to create forms directly for your WordPress website.

With that being said, there’s still nothing like ClickUp!

It helps you create advanced forms in minutes with features like custom fields, turning form data into tasks, and sharing forms instantly with others.

So why not get ClickUp for free and get back in form immediately?

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