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We Know Your #1 ClickUp Feature Based On Your Personality Type

There are a ton of personality tests out there.

Are you chaotic neutral or lawful good?

Are you an “acts of service” or “physical touch” type of partner?

Which Disney princess are you based on your bowel regularity?

But as far as a test that really digs into the key facets of who we are as complex humans with ingrained habits and motivations, the popular 16 Personalities Test is one of the more reliable tools to help us learn a bit more about ourselves.

The free test takes about 5 minutes to complete and will yield tons of information about how you move through the world—even giving a deep dive into your work habits. All you’ll need to find your must-have ClickUp feature is your 4-letter result.

By the way, 16 Personalities Test is not formally involved with this post—we’re just fans who found their approach to be extra insightful. 🤓

Let’s get started!

Introducing… You!

As someone who has sometimes gotten the “ENFP” result and other times the “INFP” result, it’s important to remember that your own “type” is not about fitting you in one box, it’s getting a baseline sense of self-awareness in major aspects of life so you can spot patterns and strengthen your best qualities.

Like this test, ClickUp was built to accommodate and help all types of people with its endless customization and incredible features that can work the way you do. The key below explains what each letter of your result means in a given context:

16 personalities results key

Within the 16 possible personality types, there are 4 general groups: Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers. When choosing a ClickUp feature for each personality, we’ve considered each letter’s meaning in the context of work as well as a consideration for the natural strengths and challenges of each type.

Here we go!


Forrest Gump: bubba and forrest scrubbing floor

INTJ: The Architect

You are an imaginative and strategic thinker who has a plan A, B, and C for everything. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Goals!

goals in clickup
  • WHAT: Goals in ClickUp aren’t just where you map out a plan for big wins, they’re also where you can measure ongoing success for yourself and your team.
  • WHY: Architect types are, at their core, independent and driven to achieve their goals by their own standards. Goals in ClickUp can be whatever you dream of, and getting there depends on the plan you create.

INTP: The Logician

You’re an innovative problem solver with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Mind Maps!

mind maps in clickup
  • WHAT: Plan and organize projects, ideas, or existing tasks in ClickUp for the ultimate visual outline.
  • WHY: Logicians crave intellectual stimulation, freedom to pursue their ideas, and opportunities to solve challenging puzzles. Mind Maps are a fresh way to visualize current work, goals, and big ideas.

ENTJ: The Commander

You’re an imaginative and strong-willed leader who will pave a way if you can’t find one. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Time Tracking!

time tracking in clickup
  • WHAT: Track time, set estimates, add notes, and view reports of your time from anywhere.
  • WHY: Commanders are most focused on communicating one thing: how to get the job done as efficiently as possible and to the highest standard of quality. Time tracking helps Commanders see exactly how much time is being spent on tasks so they can improve processes based on data.

ENTP: The Debater

You’re a smart and curious thinker who never turns down an intellectual challenge. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Automations!

automations in clickup
  • WHAT: ClickUp Automations do the busy work and create consistent processes so that your team can focus on what matters.
  • WHY: You can’t stand simple, routine work, and monotonous tasks are the stuff of nightmares; Automations take that all away and let you focus on using your brainpower where it’s needed.


Forrest Gump: ice cream for lt. dan

INFJ: The Advocate

You are quiet and mystical, yet very inspiring—an idealist who knows what you want. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Me” mode!

me mode in clickup
  • WHAT: “Me” mode is a filtering option you can apply anywhere in your Workspace to show only the tasks (and/or subtasks—up to you!) that you’re assigned to, minimizing some visual clutter.
  • WHY: Advocate types tend to do best when they can ignore workplace politics and hierarchies and simply do what matters most to them. “Me” mode is your chance to focus on what’s on your plate before jumping to help everyone else!

INFP: The Mediator

You are a creative, kind, and altruistic person who is always game to help a good cause. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Notifications!

notifications in clickup
  • WHAT: Tell ClickUp if you want reminder notifications, daily summaries of your due tasks, and delayed device notifications if you’re active in the web app.
  • WHY: Mediators enjoy having freedom and latitude yet tend to benefit from deadlines and clear expectations to keep them on track; Notifications let them stay organized while maintaining a sense of control and order over how they’d like to tackle work. You can’t help others if you’re not squared away yourself, and that’s the real benefit of Notifications for Mediators.

ENFJ: The Protagonist

You are a charismatic and inspiring born leader with a talent for getting people to listen to you. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Docs!

clickup docs
  • WHAT: ClickUp Docs are your tool to create, edit, and collaborate on anything you dream of, from internal notes to client contracts.
  • WHY: Protagonists stand out for their desire to collaborate and feel comfortable expressing their opinions and ideas. ClickUp Docs—especially Comments within them—is the perfect tool to share ideas, elaborate on choices, and feel heard.

ENFP: The Campaigner

You are an enthusiastic, creative, and personable free spirit who loves to make others feel heard, seen, and happy. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Forms!

forms in clickup
  • WHAT: ClickUp Forms let you collect the information you need and turn it into a task, all in one customizable place.
  • WHY: Campaigners take a genuine interest in their colleagues; knowing the unique person from the professional helps them be better leaders! Forms are perfect for getting feedback or insights from teammates—and since Form submissions instantly become tasks, the imaginative Campaigner will stay organized.


Forrest Gump: peace sign

ISTJ: The Logistician

You are a practical and fact-minded individual who is known for being extremely reliable. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Dashboards!

dashboards in clickup
  • WHAT: Dashboards are the mission control center you create. Bring all your work together in a high-level overview and always have a finger on the pulse of your to-dos, goals, widgets, and more.
  • WHY: Logistician personality types seek structure and clearly defined rules. They are always up to the challenge but are not big fans of change in routine… which is why reliable ClickUp Dashboards are their saving grace!

ISFJ: The Defender

You are a dedicated and warm protector by nature; helping others comes easily to you. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Clip!

clips in clickup
  • WHAT: Clips let you share screen recordings to convey your message precisely without the need for an email chain or in-person meeting.
  • WHY: People with this personality type seek a frictionless environment, a spirit of friends helping friends to get the job done. Making custom Clips are an excellent way to help colleagues and communicate ideas with a personal touch.

ESTJ: The Executive

You are an exceptional administrator who is a natural pro at managing things or people. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Templates!

templates in clickup
  • WHAT: Templates cut down on busy work and let you create a reusable, custom system to input information for every task’s need.
  • WHY: Executive personality types create order, follow the rules, and work to ensure that there are no loose ends on projects. Whether they’re creating their own template or using a pre-built one, these folks will love how Templates provide reliable order, account for every detail, and can be reused over and over.

ESFJ: The Consul

You are a super caring, social, and well-liked person who is always eager to help the team. Your must-have ClickUp feature are Relationships!

relationships in clickup
  • WHAT: Create links between tasks, documents, and dependencies to access everything you need in one place.
  • WHY: You thrive on harmony and make sure that each person knows their responsibilities and is able to get done what needs to get done. Relationships make navigating tasks within one project easier for everyone involved!


ISTP: The Virtuoso

You’re a bold yet practical experimenter who has mastered many tools and trades. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Integrations!

integrations in clickup
  • WHAT: ClickUp integrations allow you to import tools like Slack, Google Drive, Bitbucket, and tons more—right into your Workspace.
  • WHY: Virtuoso personality types are hands-on workers who crave autonomy; importing their favorite apps and always having them at their fingertips gives them the freedom they want with the tools they need.

ISFP: The Adventurer

You’re a flexible and charming artist at heart, always ready to explore and experience something new. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Views!

views in clickup
  • WHAT: Views are a core feature of ClickUp and the backbone for how you visualize your work. See your tasks on a classic List, plan your week with Workload view, or get creative with a Mind Map!
  • WHY: Adventurers desire to have as much wiggle room as possible to do their work their own way. With so many options for how to view your Spaces, Lists, and Folders, this personality type will love the flexibility and variety ClickUp views bring to their workflow.

ESTP: The Entrepreneur

You are smart, energetic, and very perceptive. You’re always willing to take risks if you believe enough in the reward. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Chat view!

chat view in clickup
  • WHAT: Quickly share updates, link resources, and consolidate team communication all in one place with Chat view.
  • WHY: This personality type hates being boxed in and is always coming up with new ideas that might not have a place to live (yet). Chat view is great for the spontaneous innovator, keeping general conversations with groups in one place.

ESFP: The Entertainer

You are spontaneous, energetic, and enthusiastic; life is never boring around you. Your must-have ClickUp feature is Assigned Comments!

assigned comments in clickup
  • WHAT: Assigned Comments make sure that feedback or approvals don’t get lost in the shuffle while letting you express yourself.
  • WHY: While Entertainers make their work environments extra fun, they can be forgetful in the heat of the moment. Assigned Comments are perfect for making sure notes don’t go unresolved while also giving you a chance to brighten up a task with some emojis and humor!

What’s next?

With ClickUp, you don’t have to change how you work to save time; every feature, tool, and customization puts you in control of your workflow. Our goal is to save you one day a week, and we can help you get there exactly the way you are.

Try ClickUp for free today and start enjoying the power of features made for your personality!

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