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Top 10 Online Project Management Courses to Level Up Your Career

Every decision can lead to success or unforeseen challenges with complex, high-stakes projects. Such dynamic environments demand exceptional project management skills.

In fact, in the constantly evolving professional landscape, effectively managing projects is no longer a nice-to-have skill—it’s a career game-changer.

Whether you are a seasoned pro honing your skills or a recruit building your project management experience, this guide will equip you with the top 10 online project management courses. 

These handpicked courses will fuel your ambitions and meet your professional goals for work. In this list, you will discover courses that fit your learning style as you explore the valuable skills they impart. 

Let’s dive in!

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Top 10 Online Project Management Courses

Project management is the process of planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals within a specified time frame. This involves initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and guiding the work of a team to achieve an objective or meet specific success criteria.

Project managers play a crucial role in overseeing these processes, and their responsibilities include communicating with stakeholders, managing risks and contingencies, quality control, and ensuring that the project is delivered on time and within budget.

Project management is a critical competency in most industries. And so, acquiring project management skills and credentials will enhance your career prospects—such skills make you a more valuable asset to your employers. 

Here are our top 10 recommendations for online project management courses that will open doors to leadership roles for you.

1. The Digital Project Manager

The Master Digital Project Management course by DPM is an all-encompassing program that delves deep into the entire project lifecycle—from initiation to closure and get the necessary skills to manage projects. 

The course has 27+ on-demand lessons.

The extensive course material includes real-world scenario-based assignments, 50+ templates, samples, and access to an online Slack community and study groups. You also get additional resources like articles, quizzes, and whitepapers.

Top takeaways

  • Practical lessons built by real digital project managers
  • Hands-on practice using real project scenarios
  • Mentorship and expert-led discussions via Slack
  • Strict focus on digital media

Who is it for?

  • Agency project managers
  • Digital producers
  • In-house delivery leads
  • Product onboarding specialists
  • Freelancers and entrepreneurs

Course details

  • Price: $950
  • Duration: 1 year course access
  • Course Level: Intermediate/Advanced

2. PMP Foundation Course by PMTraining

PMTraining provides a flexible PMP Foundation Course that one can access 24/7 from anywhere. It offers a structured learning experience to prepare individuals for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. 

The online PMP course is a comprehensive overview of PMP certification, complementing live class instruction and serving as a refresher for current credential holders. 

This course will equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to take the PMP project management certification exam. 

Top takeaways

  • In-depth Agile planning activities
  • 30+ hours of interactive lessons and resources available on demand
  • PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) guide knowledge area tips
  • PMP Earned Value Management (EVM) exercises

Who is it for?

  • Freshers looking to start their career
  • Managers who are looking to get their PMP certification

Course details

  • Price: $198 
  • Duration: 90 days course access
  • Course level: Beginner

3. Google Project Management: Professional Certificate

The ‘Project Management Fundamentals’ specialization offered by Google on Coursera provides a practical foundation for project management. 

This specialization, designed by Google experts, equips you with essential project management skills applicable across diverse industries and career paths. 

Whether you’re a beginner seeking to establish a solid base or an experienced professional looking to refine your approach, this course empowers you to effectively initiate, plan, execute, and close projects successfully.

It also lets graduates from this course connect with relevant job opportunities via the Google Career Certificates Employer Consortium.

Top takeaways

  • Define project scope, set goals, establish timelines, estimate resource needs, and develop action plans
  • Allocate personnel, budget, and equipment effectively to optimize project efficiency
  • Implement control mechanisms to monitor progress, assess risks, and adapt to changes
  • Effectively conclude projects, measure project management goals, and learn from successes and failures for future improvement

Who is it for?

  • Suitable for anyone. No prior management experience or specific knowledge or degree required

Course details

  • Price: Coursera Plus for $39 per month
  • Duration: 6 months at 10 hours per week
  • Course Level: Beginner to Intermediate

4. Project Management Professional Prep Course from Project Management Academy

Project Management Academy’s (PMA) PMP Prep Course offers a flexible and self-paced learning experience to get the prestigious Project Management Professional (PMP) certification

This course comprehensively covers the PMBOK Guide, PMI principles, and essential exam-taking strategies. 

It empowers you to master the five process groups, nine knowledge areas, and critical tools and techniques tested on the PMP exam at your pace and convenience. 

Additionally, students can take practice exams to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, paving the way for strategic study adjustments and PMP success. 

Top takeaways

  • Proven PMA training approach
  • 65+ real-world instructors with project management, business, and instructional experience
  • Provides supplemental online PMP training materials
  • Post PMP class tutoring and support

Who is it for?

  • Managers seeking to get PMP certification

Course details

  • Price: Different tiers starting from $995
  • Duration: 6 months access to online training portal
  • Course level: Intermediate/Advanced

5. Career Essentials in Project Management by Microsoft and LinkedIn

This collaborative course by Microsoft and Linkedin offers a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to project management.

Learn from Microsoft and LinkedIn’s industry leaders, gaining invaluable insights tailored to real-world scenarios. 

The course enables you to learn quickly, choosing individual courses to build your skill set brick by brick. The course engages you with video lectures, quizzes, and interactive exercises, and even practice what you have learned with hands-on demos. 

This flexible and engaging approach makes mastering project management accessible and rewarding.

Top takeaways

  • Understand project management terms and core concepts like project life cycle, scope management, time management, communication, and resource allocation
  • Explore agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban, learning how to adapt to change and collaborate effectively in fast-paced environments
  • Develop essential leadership skills for motivating and guiding project teams, along with effective communication strategies for clear and concise collaboration

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn project management fundamentals

Course details

  • Price: Accessible with a LinkedIn Premium membership
  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Course level: Beginner to Intermediate

6. Diploma in Project Management from Alison

Diploma in Project Management
via Alison

This free diploma course explores project management principles and the elements influencing successful execution. 

The course starts with an overview of the system development lifecycle (SDLC), covering phases like business analysis, planning, design, and evaluation. It delves into project management methodologies and practical tools like Gantt and PERT charts for effective scheduling.

Additionally, the course discusses standard project management practices, including the use of technical documents and programs for tracking progress. 

A case study is included to demonstrate effective project management in action. 

Top takeaways

  • Learn about the crucial phases of SDLC, such as analysis, planning, design, and evaluation
  • Detailed insights into project management practices and methodologies
  • Instruction on using tools like Gantt and PERT charts for effective project scheduling

Who is it for?

  • Professionals engaged in project management seeking skill enhancement, as well as individuals aspiring to enter this field and build their expertise from scratch

Course details

  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Course level: Beginner

7. Agile with Atlassian Jira on Coursera

The Agile with Atlassian Jira course is designed to deepen the understanding of agile methodologies and effectively implement these principles through project management tools

From the basics of visualizing work to advanced customization, the course covers various topics to equip learners with the skills to manage agile projects successfully. 

Top takeaways

  • Visualization Techniques in Agile
  • Detailed exploration of the scrum framework, including concepts like sprints, sprint goals, backlogs, and estimation
  • Foundations of Lean and Agile Principles

Who is it for?

  • Both beginners as well as those seeking to deepen their knowledge of agile methodologies

Course details

  • Price: Available with Coursera Plus for $39 per month
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Course level: Beginner

8. IBM Project Manager Professional Certificate on Coursera

The IBM Project Manager Professional Certificate provides a comprehensive pathway for those aspiring to excel in project management. 

This program offers an in-depth exploration of modern project management techniques, focusing on Agile methodologies.

This program equips participants with the essential skills, practical experience, and industry recognition needed to excel in project management roles across various industries. 

Top takeaways 

  • Understand the basics of creating a project management roadmap, from planning to tracking and managing projects
  • Gain insights into the entire project management lifecycle from initiation to completion
  • Learn about adaptive planning, iterative development, and continuous improvement in project management

Who is it for?

Course details

  • Price: Available with Coursera Plus for $39 per month
  • Duration: 3 months at 10 hours a week
  • Course level: Beginner to Intermediate

9. Managing Complex Technical Projects at MIT 

Managing Complex Technical Projects
via MIT

This 3-day online program introduces two essential techniques for handling large-scale product and service development. 

The program dedicates two days to learning the design structure matrix (DSM) method, a tool developed and researched by MIT to enhance project performance in complex system development.

DSM has been effectively implemented in various technical fields, such as automotive manufacturing, software, aerospace, and more. 

The third day of the course is devoted to modern agile development methods, traditionally used in software but now increasingly applied to other technical projects. 

This program emphasizes understanding the right agile tools for different project types, acknowledging that methods that prove successful in software may not directly translate to other technical domains.

Top takeaways 

  • Mapping current product development processes utilizing the DSM method
  • Identifying strategies to foster planned iterations and minimize unplanned ones in project cycles
  • Developing skills to manage complex technical aspects of projects effectively

Who is it for?

  • Vice presidents of engineering, manufacturing, and technology
  • Directors of project, program, or service management
  • Product, service, and business development
  • Engineering and R&D program managers
  • Chief project engineers
  • Product design and process development engineers
  • Technology strategists
  • Project leaders

Course details

  • Price: $4500
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Course level: Advanced

10. Project Management from ClickUp University

Project management tools like ClickUp are essential for organizing, tracking, and efficiently managing various aspects of a project, ensuring teams meet deadlines and achieve goals in a coordinated manner. 

This live workshop teaches you how to leverage the ClickUp toolkit to oversee projects, manage teams, and elevate your project management game. 

It not only teaches you how to leverage ClickUp for efficient planning, organization, and execution of projects but also how to apply key project management strategies, including establishing project scope, determining milestones, and setting up task dependencies.

Top takeaways

  • Exploring project setup and hierarchy on ClickUp
  • Utilizing ClickUp Docs to define project scope and Views for tracking
  • Assessing and reviewing project outcomes

Who is it for?

  • Professionals who want to make better use of project management to oversee projects, manage teams, and ensure project success

Course details

  • Price: $249
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Course level: Intermediate 
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Skills Gained from Project Management Courses

Opting for any of these online project management certification courses will equip you with a robust skillset to tackle any project, no matter how complex, including

  • Leadership and communication: Effectively leading teams, managing stakeholders, and fostering clear communication channels
  • Planning and organization: Setting goals, defining project scope, creating timelines, and allocating resources efficiently
  • Risk management: Identifying and mitigating potential risks to ensure project success
  • Problem-solving: Adapting to unforeseen challenges and finding creative solutions to keep projects on track
  • Time management: Prioritizing tasks, managing deadlines, and optimizing workflow for increased productivity
  • Software proficiency: Mastering project management tools like ClickUp
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Types of Project Management Certifications

Taking a course and getting a recognized project management certification can validate your skills and enhance your resume. 

Here are the different types of project management certifications:

Project Management Professional (PMP)

The gold standard in project management, the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is globally recognized. 

The PMP exam is one of eight credentials provided by PMI, aligning with the ECO PMP Examination Content Outline. 

Organizations spanning government, commercial, and various sectors employ PMP-certified project managers to enhance project success rates. This is achieved by applying standardized and continually evolving project management principles outlined in PMI’s PMBOK Guide.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification is tailored to equip candidates with the essential skills for entry-level positions in project management. 

Attaining a CAPM certification serves as solid preparation for individuals seeking entry-level positions in project management. Through this certification, you’ll understand project management principles comprehensively and become certified in established frameworks and methodologies.


The PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) training empowers individuals to cultivate expertise as agile professionals, encompassing a diverse range of agile methods. 

Recognized as PMI’s fastest-growing certification, the PMI-ACP exam has recently been updated to include the Agile Practice Guide.

Earning the PMI-ACP certification validates your hands-on experience and proficiency as a member of an agile team. It covers various agile approaches, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP), and test-driven development (TDD), emphasizing versatility by not confining practitioners to a single agile methodology.

Six Sigma Green Belt/Black Belt

The Six Sigma certification is a professional acknowledgment that confirms someone’s expertise in Six Sigma principles, methodologies, and tools. 

Six Sigma is a data-driven method used by organizations to make processes more efficient, decrease defects, improve quality, and achieve operational excellence. 

Getting certified in Six Sigma shows a solid grasp of statistical analysis, problem-solving, and project management. It demonstrates the ability to lead process improvement projects, steer organizational change, and deliver tangible results. 

Various certification levels, such as White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt, recognize different levels of knowledge and proficiency in applying Six Sigma methods.

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What Project Management Courses and Certifications Can Do for Your Career

Investing in online project management courses and certifications can

  • Increase your earning potential: Certified professionals typically command higher salaries than non-certified project managers
  • Unlock new career opportunities: Advance your career to leadership positions or open doors to new industries and project types
  • Boost your confidence and credibility: Demonstrate your commitment to professional development and expertise in project management
  • Enhance your network: Connect with fellow professionals and expand your professional circle through course communities and certification networks
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Project Management Tools

In project management, tools are indispensable in streamlining tasks, enhancing collaboration, and driving project success. 

ClickUp for Project Management is a versatile and comprehensive solution among the many available tools. 

ClickUp is not just a tool—it’s a productivity platform transforming how teams work. 

ClickUp Dashboard
Break down complex projects into simple tasks via ClickUp

Whether you’re managing a small team or coordinating large-scale projects, ClickUp’s custom project management and its features cater to diverse needs and workflows. 

Here’s a closer look at the top ten features that make ClickUp an exceptional choice for project managers:

  1. Customizable Views: Tailor your workspace with List, Board, Box, Calendar, and Gantt chart views to suit different project needs
  2. Task Management: Efficiently assign, track, and manage tasks with detailed statuses, priorities, and deadlines
  3. Collaborative Spaces: Create spaces for teams to collaborate effectively with shared tasks, documents, and goals
  4. Time Tracking: Monitor time spent on tasks and projects, enabling better time management and productivity analysis
  5. Integrated Docs & Wikis: Seamlessly integrate documentation into your project management process, ensuring all information is accessible in one place
  6. Goal Tracking: Set and track progress towards goals, aligning team efforts with project objectives
  7. Customizable Dashboards: Build personalized dashboards to get an overview of project performance, team productivity, and critical metrics.
  8. Automation: Automate repetitive tasks and processes to save time and reduce potential errors
  9. Integration Capabilities: Integrate with various other tools and platforms, ensuring ClickUp fits into your existing ecosystem
  10. Reporting Tools: Generate comprehensive reports for insights into project progress, team productivity, and more
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Become a Pro in Project Management

While project management courses offer valuable insights for various roles, they particularly resonate with certain individuals. If you’re a seasoned Project Manager or Project Lead, these courses can deepen your expertise and further hone your project management skills.

The journey to becoming an effective project manager is ongoing and multifaceted. It involves continuous learning, adapting to new methodologies, and embracing technological advancements and tools.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your expertise, these top 10 project management courses will serve as a compass to guide you through the complexities of running high-intensity, high-stakes projects.

Tools and free project management software like ClickUp can revolutionize how you approach project management, offering innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and overall project success. Streamline Project Management with ClickUp — Sign up now for free.

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