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10 Project Governance Templates to Manage Tasks

Let’s face it. Project governance is complicated. 

Dealing with crucial project decisions takes work. One must document every decision, including rationale, impact, and stakeholders involved.

Projects change strategies with market trends or when unexpected hurdles crop up. Tracking these shifts and aligning them with the initial decisions can get complicated.

A governance template from a professional-grade project management tool will help your project succeed. This blog explores what a governance template is, what it should ideally offer, and find the best ones that match your requirements.

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What is a Governance Template?

A governance template is a structured framework that lays out a step-by-step progression guide to determine the optimal path for a project’s operation. A project governance template also details the approach to decision-making. 

It usually includes predefined sections, roles, responsibilities, decision-making procedures, and checkpoints that help track projects aligning with your organization’s objectives. They are customizable and allow you to add specific fields and categories tailored to your project’s needs.

Governance templates help outline roles and responsibilities, decision-making frameworks, reporting structures, communication plans, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and risk management strategies. 

This provides your business with a convenient and accessible knowledge base and ensures transparency, compliance with regulations, and effective decision-making. 

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What Makes a Good Governance Template?

Multiple studies show that project governance templates significantly impact your teams’ expenditure. Let’s look at the features you should look for in a good governance template:

  • Clear roles: The template should articulate objectives, roles, and responsibilities with clarity
  • Adaptability: It should have the flexibility to accommodate any changes in projects
  • Streamlined communication: Choose a template that provides efficient communication channels for maximum collaboration
  • Robust risk management: It should be equipped with a versatile risk management system
  • Meaningful KPIs: The project governance template should implement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that include meaningful metrics for monitoring the levels and rates of success
  • Team accessibility: It should be accessible to all members of your team and other stakeholders in a relevant capacity
  • Comprehensive templates: The template should contain niche or post-project fields like performance metrics, meeting schedules, conflict resolution processes, and change management procedures
  • Inclusive collaboration: It should foster collaboration and engagement by including all stakeholders in the feedback loop
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10 Governance Templates to Use in 2024

Using the criteria we just discussed, we’ve curated the top 10 governance templates for your use. Let’s explore them in detail.

1. ClickUp Governance Plan Template 

Project Management Playbook Template by ClickUp
Project Management Playbook Template by ClickUp helps you in resource optimization

A robust governance plan is crucial to ensure the optimal utilization of information technology resources. With ClickUp’s Governance Plan Template, you have a powerful ally that provides a structured framework for decision-making, role definition, and stakeholder expectations. 

This template has features like custom statuses, fields, views, and project management tools, enhancing your ability to track and manage governance effectively.

Implementing this Governance Plan Template is a seamless five-step process:

  1. Begin by assessing current governance practices using ClickUp’s Doc feature 
  2. Next, identify stakeholders and assign tasks through ClickUp 
  3. Establish roles and responsibilities effortlessly using custom fields 
  4. Define clear goals and objectives to drive tangible results 
  5. Finally, use recurring tasks in ClickUp to monitor and refine your governance plan

With ClickUp’s Governance Plan Template, you instill a culture of accountability, responsibility, and effective decision-making within your organization. 

Harness the collaborative features of ClickUp to help your team stay organized, track progress, and contribute to the success of the governance plan, delivering maximum value to your business through well-defined IT governance.

2. ClickUp Governance Meeting Agenda Template 

ClickUp Meeting Agenda Template
ClickUp’s Meeting Agenda Template serves as your meeting ally, ensuring purposeful and efficient gatherings by outlining topics, objectives, and goals

Efficient governance meetings are crucial for your organizational success, and ClickUp’s Governance Meeting Agenda Template helps you by streamlining productivity and collaboration. 

Plan topics, allocate time, assign responsibilities, and track action items seamlessly. Custom statuses, fields, and versatile views ensure a structured meeting management approach.

Maximize the template’s benefits with a five-step process:

  1. Set clear meeting objectives using ClickUp’s Goals feature, identify topics with the Calendar view, and share the agenda via Email integration
  2. Conduct the meeting efficiently, utilizing tools like Whiteboards or Docs for detailed notes. Follow these steps for well-organized governance meetings, fostering effective decision-making
  3. Kickstart your journey by adding the template to your workspace, designating the space, and inviting members for seamless collaboration
  4. Approach your projects from multiple perspectives using the Agenda View, Action Items View, Notes View, and Timeline View; the template offers a comprehensive approach 
  5. Customize templates to tailor meetings to your unique organizational requirements, ensuring efficiency and alignment with your needs

3. ClickUp Decision Making Template

Decision Making Framework Document by ClickUp
Enjoy a consistent and uniform process for making decisions with the ClickUp Decision Making Framework Document Template

Embark on a comprehensive study with ClickUp’s Decision Making Framework Document Template, which empowers you to navigate complex decisions systematically. The template ensures meticulous analysis of potential choices within a clear framework. 

Whether selecting product features or managing intricate projects, this template facilitates a systematic evaluation, clarifies priorities, and fosters team alignment for collective success.

ClickUp’s Decision Making Framework Document Template brings numerous benefits to your decision-making processes: 

  1. Establish a consistent and uniform procedure; involve all stakeholders, reduce biases through objective assessments, and simplify documentation for future reference
  2. Use the template’s key elements, including custom statuses, fields, views, and project management features, for a seamless decision-making experience
  3. Integrate the template with customizable views like List, Gantt, Workload, Calendar, and more. The template enhances collaborative decision-making with screen capture, comment reactions, collaborative editing, automation, and AI tools

4. ClickUp Management Action Plan Template

ClickUp Management Action Plan
ClickUp’s Management Action Plan Template is designed to help you create and track the progress of management-level action plans. 

If you’re seeking a tool to elevate your organization’s management action plans, ClickUp’s Management Action Plan Template is your go-to resource. 

This template empowers you to set clear objectives, identify necessary resources and tasks, prioritize actions for maximum impact, and efficiently track progress—all within an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality.

Use the template to enjoy clear and concise communication, promote improved collaboration on shared goals, and ensure efficient resource use and time management. Comprehensively deal with project management issues using features like custom statuses, fields, views, and robust project management tools, including screen recording and AI integration.

Setting it up is a breeze as well. Simply follow this step-by-step process:

  1. Use ClickUp Docs to identify goals with a collaborative and structured approach. Outline, document, and refine project goals, ensuring everyone is aligned and understands the objectives from the outset 
  2. Create a timeline using the Gantt Chart view to visually map out the project’s progress, identifying critical paths, project timelines, task dependencies, and milestones 
  3. Assign tasks and streamline the distribution of responsibilities, ensuring that each team or department knows its role, tasks, and deadlines
  4. The Dashboard’s centralized view will give an overview of project progress, task statuses, and key metrics. Track the project’s overall health, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions to keep your project on track 
  5. Use ClickUp’s Table view to assess various project aspects, such as task completion rates, resource allocation, and deadlines. It enables a deeper dive into project data to evaluate the effectiveness of the governance plan and make necessary adjustments for improvement

This template fits into your workflow, boosting teamwork, communication, and strategy execution for organizational success.

5. ClickUp Project Management Approach Template

ClickUp Project Management Approach
ClickUp’s Project Management Approach Template is designed to help you plan, organize, and follow the steps of a project in one place. 

ClickUp’s Project Management Approach Template offers you a comprehensive solution to streamline the planning and execution of projects, regardless of their size or complexity. 

This template allows you to create a project roadmap with detailed timelines, efficient assignment of tasks and resources, and seamless collaboration with team members and stakeholders throughout the entire project lifecycle. 

Whether launching a new product or building an app from scratch, this template offers you a range of benefits. 

Create a solid structure for planning, executing, and managing projects. This promotes collaboration among stakeholders, boosts the chances of success by keeping projects organized and on course, and cuts down the time and effort invested in project management tasks.

Handle project management using specialized features like custom statuses, fields, and views. Advanced tools like tagging, nested subtasks, multiple assignees, and priority labels significantly contribute to its effectiveness.

Follow these steps to use ClickUp’s Project Management Approach template:

  1. Use ClickUp Docs to define and detail your projects thoroughly. This collaborative feature lets you outline project objectives, scope, and requirements in a structured document 
  2. Break down larger tasks into smaller, manageable ones to stay organized and focused. It helps maintain clarity and ensures progress even for complex projects 
  3. Use the custom fields to assign specific roles and responsibilities to team members. This ensures clarity on who’s accountable for what, streamlining workflows and accountability 
  4. Set milestones and deadlines for each task within the project to provide a clear roadmap for progress. It keeps everyone aligned with project timelines and helps track accomplishments
  5. Leverage ClickUp’s Dashboards and Automation tools to monitor project progress effectively. Dashboards offer an overview of project status, while Automation streamlines repetitive tasks, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in project management

6. ClickUp Roles and Permissions Template

ClickUp Roles and Permission Matrix
The ClickUp Roles and Permission Matrix Template helps you create a chain of command and assign tasks to the right people in a few clicks

ClickUp’s Roles and Permission Matrix Template simplifies team management. It offers a structured approach to visualize and manage relationships between roles, teams, and permissions. 

Understand each team member’s access across different project areas, ensuring alignment of roles and permissions across departments. This visual snapshot empowers you to navigate and comprehend who is responsible for specific tasks efficiently, allowing your team to focus on critical aspects of their responsibilities.

Use the Roles and Permission Matrix Template to achieve efficient teamwork, optimize communication, enhance security measures, and minimize time spent on administrative tasks. 

Here are the steps to use the Roles and Permission Matrix template:

  1. Define roles and access permissions to ensure everyone knows their responsibilities for a successful project outcome. This step sets the groundwork for a clear understanding of who does what and who has access to specific project components
  2. Create the matrix using tools like Excel. It offers a systematic method for assigning and handling roles, ensuring a well-organized document easily accessible to the project team
  3. Assign roles and link them with milestones. This integration clarifies responsibilities and integrates them directly with your project timeline, fostering clear accountability and progress-tracking 
  4. Regularly monitor and review to enable swift adjustments, aligning the matrix with any changes or evolving requirements within the project, ensuring its ongoing effectiveness

This template is a valuable resource for IT administrators, providing clarity in defining user roles and assigning access rights for streamlined organizational operations.

7. ClickUp Step by Step: Managing a Project Template

ClickUp Step by Step: Managing a Project Template
Use this template and understand how Project managers oversee the entire life cycle of a project and must use all the tools, methods, and resources available to them to get things done!

Starting a new project can be daunting, with numerous components to manage throughout its life cycle. ClickUp’s Step-by-Step Project Timeline template serves as your comprehensive guide, shedding light on the intricacies of the entire project life cycle. 

Overseeing every facet of your project demands a strategic approach, using various tools, methods, and resources available to guarantee its successful completion.

The Step-by-Step Project Timeline template equips you and your team with the necessary insights and structure to effectively steer your project from initiation to closure. It also demystifies the complexities of project management and empowers your team with a step-by-step framework to use ClickUp tools for seamless governance.

Understand the intricacies of project management, streamline your processes, and maximize your project’s success by leveraging this invaluable ClickUp governance template.

8. ClickUp Process and Procedures Template

ClickUp Process and Procedures
ClickUp’s Process and Procedures Template is designed to help you document, track, and manage your process and procedures. 

Establishing well-defined processes and procedures is fundamental for the success of any team or business. ClickUp’s Process and Procedures Template simplifies this crucial task by providing a centralized platform for documenting and managing various processes, from user onboarding to product launches. 

This template offers a comprehensive solution to set up, track, and complete processes seamlessly, enhancing standardization and streamlining workflows. 

ClickUp offers various features like custom statuses, fields, views, and robust project management tools, including time tracking, tags, dependency warnings, emails, etc. 

It’s the ultimate tool for maintaining task consistency, ensuring clarity, and boosting operational efficiency.

With ClickUp’s Process and Procedures Template:

  1. Make tasks consistent, set clear expectations and responsibilities for each step, streamline operations to reduce errors, and enhance accuracy and efficiency in measuring performance
  2. Incorporate the vital elements of ClickUp’s template, like custom statuses to monitor progress, custom fields for storing critical information, and custom views for easy accessibility and organization
  3. Guide your team by identifying processes, assigning teams to document procedures, creating detailed documents, and regularly reviewing and revising them
  4. Keep your teams on the same page and make sure documenting and managing processes is standardized and efficient

9. Project Governance PowerPoint by SlideTeam

The Project Governance Key Roles PowerPoint Template offers a visual framework to understand and communicate essential roles in project governance. 

This template helps you handle different project tasks. It points out functional departments, stakeholders, and critical processes essential for project success.

The template highlights crucial roles such as the Project Sponsor, Steering Committee, Project Manager Office, and Project Manager. It lays out a clear roadmap for better project governance.

The project governance presentation template helps you in multiple ways:

  1. Use two slides with alternative background colors simultaneously. This allows you to choose the visual style that suits your presentation
  2. Put the first slide to use with its three-step process diagram with chevron bars. This slide also incorporates creative human illustrations representing individual roles
  3. Create a timeline using the second slide, with milestone circles and corresponding illustrations to convey key project phases seamlessly

Whether in strategic planning or corporate governance, this PowerPoint template helps you confidently express and understand project governance details. It is compatible with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

10. Project Governance Key Roles PowerPoint Template by SlideModel

Take your pitch to the next level and boost brand recognition with this complete Project Governance Framework PowerPoint Template Bundle. 

This carefully made pre-designed set is a powerful tool to grab your audience’s attention with engaging content and eye-catching graphics.

With eleven carefully curated slides, this template provides a versatile platform for your upcoming presentations, offering a cost-effective and easily customizable solution to meet your specific needs.

Use this tool to

  1. Design and effortlessly convey information and educate your audience on diverse topics 
  2. Enjoy seamless flexibility to adjust color schemes, fonts, and other design elements to tailor it to your preference
  3. Access immediate downloads in various formats, including PNG and JPG
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Drive Your Projects In The Right Direction With Governance Templates

Your projects will succeed with these top 10 templates crafted to cover all your project management needs. They are expertly curated to manage the subtlest nuances of your project. 

ClickUp offers you many template options to meet all your needs. With ClickUp, access a unified and shared workspace that helps foster collaboration and encourages efficient and effective workflow. 

ClickUp Template Center example
Choose from the many pre-built templates created by ClickUp to kickstart any process

The Template Library keeps growing and evolving to meet current needs. Plus, the ClickApp Marketplace adds integrations that complement your templates perfectly!

It’s time for you to move forward with a template of your choice and conquer your project management pangs. Take charge of your project—sign up to ClickUp for free today!

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