The Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love ClickUp Reports

The Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love ClickUp Reports.

With the new reporting feature from ClickUp, you have more power than ever before to truly assess your progress and the status of each task. But you know us: we’re not satisfied with the “typical” type of reporting features.

In this post, you’ll see exactly how to benefit from project reporting and what makes ClickUp reporting superior to those other guys out there.

1. Know Who’s Contributing

Some tasks take longer than others–no doubt about it. But with reporting in ClickUp, you’ll get to see who’s taking the most actions and know how it stacks up to the rest of your team. If something looks off to you or too good to be true, this gives your team leads more visibility into what’s being done and an entry into the project details.

The Worked On report gives you the exact number of tasks that each team member has worked on for that day, week, and month. You can also set your own date range.

clickup reporting

2. Know Time Estimated vs. Time Spent

If your project manager, Scrum master, or sales associate has given you a time estimate for the latest upgrades, now you have a great way to compare estimated versus actual for your team members across the board.

Narrow this down by different project spaces and the tasks within those spaces. Reports from time estimations haven’t been easier.

3. See The Time Tracked

In addition to having a comprehensive view of time estimated, and time remaining, you can narrow down time tracked on projects, lists and even specific tasks.

time tracked clickup reporting

Want to drill down even more? You can also use all of the same filters you’re used to in ClickUp, including tags, statuses, and more. Why is this helpful? By narrowing down to the task level, you can identify the snags and think of ways to improve your processes and workflow on future tasks. Quickly export reports in CSV files for even more data.

4. Know Who’s Behind

clickup reporting who's behind

Who’s on fire and who’s getting hosed? This feature of reporting displays who has tasks overdue and unchecked notifications. This isn’t necessarily a make-or-break stat for your team, but it’s fun to see who’s up and who’s not. It’s more of a gentle reminder about who’s active in ClickUp and which team members may need to pay a little more attention.  With this feature in your project management software, you’ll be aware of which projects may be lagging, and which ones are progressing smoothly. This will help you identify snafus before they become typhoons.

5. Know The Tasks Completed

clickup reporting completed cycle time

If you need to report up the chain of command, then you’ll be well-equipped with ClickUp. In addition to seeing task totals for completion, time, and who’s behind, you can also filter by status.

The Tasks Completed report will take you directly to the task to check in on its progress. Within this filter, you can see the cycle time and know-how long that specific task took, compared to the estimate and the time tracked. This is great for lists and bigger projects, where individual contributors are all tracking their time towards a common project.

This tells you what work is in stage and may give you some insights on how to move it forward. You’ll get a better idea of who to re-assign work to, extend deadlines or change scope. Give your leadership team access to ClickUp to view reporting or export it to them to review on their own.

6. Challenge Your Team with Gamification

clickup reporting

We’re saving the best for last. With ClickUp, team collaboration is of top importance, but a little friendly competition can help motivate your team and give them new goals to shoot for. This new reporting feature helps you accomplish it.

The Team Points report will give you a *complete* picture of exactly which actions your team took, including cleared notifications, comments added, tasks worked on, tasks completed and comments resolved. See who’s ahead by each ranking criteria! Then filter by statuses to see which stages have the most focus from your team.

Can you say game-changer?


With more visibility and accountability in your reporting, you’ll have a full picture of not only your projects but where your team is spending their time. The optimization and efficiencies you’ll gain are immeasurable. But remember, the reports can only feed what’s put into it. Your team has to be committed to making it work, adding new work, and not moonlighting with email and Slack on the side. The more your team is in ClickUp, the more insights you’ll get.

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