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case study.

No-code web design and development
platform scales its tech teams with ClickUp.
Industry: Software
Employees: 350+
Use Cases: Employee Onboarding &
Cross-Departmental Collaboration
Webflow case study.

Their story.

Discover how Webflow aligned its world-class tech teams while saving $200K+ on tools and 1000's of hours with ClickUp.
Download full story here.

Since 2019, Webflow's tech teams have grown to over 350 employees, adding 50+ engineers in the past year alone. No longer a small company, they needed a solution to increase visibility and align company-wide initiatives across all teams and departments, including engineering, product, and design.
Managing many projects across multiple tools made it difficult for Webflow's expanding teams to align and score big cross-departmental wins. Webflow needed a single source of truth to collaborate on cross-functional work, track progress, and align toward company-wide goals.
Uniting Webflow's technical and non-technical teams has achieved advantages that continue to help scale Webflow's growth. Each team can now work in harmony, operating on a single, shared tool that allows for seamless collaboration and work management.
Their story.

Results with ClickUp.

Uniting engineering, product, and design teams under a single, shared project tool has helped Webflow employees simplify
work and collaborate at scale.

350+ employees united
350+ employees united as a cohesive unit under a single, shared project management tool.
$200,000 saved annually
$200,000+ saved yearly from time spent on trainings and replacing disparate tools (Jira, Zenhub, Clubhouse, GitHub, Asana).
2,500+ hours saved
2,500+ hours saved on training and onboarding for multiple tools.
Case study

Download this case study.

Get the full case study with actionable learnings to replicate Weblow's success for your teams!

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