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Small Teams Need to Get Sh*t Done Too!

Small Teams Need to Get Sh*t Done Too!

A few weeks ago, we went to SaaStr as THE purple team. ClickUp was definitely not a secret. Being recognized from 100 feet away allowed us to connect with TONS of people at the conference.

We also had the pleasure of hearing many of our peer’s stories!

After explaining the ins and outs of ClickUp and our core focus of removing frustrations and inefficiencies caused by current project management solutions, I’ve often been met with responses like “We’re a small team of 3 people, we don’t need anything like that!”

Typically, this isn’t the outcome you hope for when speaking to a prospective client, however, these reactions are exactly what get me pumped and precisely where ClickUp thrives!

After prying, I discovered that the majority of these small teams were using these tools for their projects:

  • Email
  • Excel (yuck!)
  • Slack (better…)
  • Or a combination to delegate and keep track of tasks!

I was floored – just thinking about all that wasted productivity gives me anxiety!

How do they collaborate on their projects?

How do they know what’s in progress and what’s being reviewed?

How are they creating marketing content?

Who knew Excel was still a project management tool?!?

I quickly explained that they were in the right place AND ClickUp is, indeed, the solution for them!

Teams of all sizes, even 3 members, need ClickUp to increase collaboration, streamline processes, and boost productivity!

It’s especially imperative for smalls teams to have a clear overview of their workflow as they have fewer resources at their disposal than larger organizations.

And to eliminate some of those meetings that drag on forever.

Collaboration is key for small teams!

ClickUp allows you to have one central place where you can see the status of each project, who should be working on what task, and what the next step in your workflow should be.

If your team is currently working with just email and Excel, you’re probably used to constantly requesting updates on projects or small tasks falling by the wayside.

When your tasks and projects are all within one simple tool, it’s so much easier to gain a high-level overview of your progress, while reducing the need for pointless meetings or long email chains.

Project management software, like ClickUp, ensures that you’re able to constantly request suggestions and assistance from team members directly within the tool.  

PRO TIP: When implementing a solution for your small team, it’s important that your team members enjoy using it – or else they simply just won’t use it at all!

The best part about ClickUp?

The platform has a sleek, intuitive interface and it’s completely customizable!

Whether your small team only wants a simple to-do list style solution or it prefers a more agile tool – we’ve got you covered!

Here are a few of the ClickUp features that will definitely benefit your team:

1. Calendar

Never miss a due date or overcommit yourself again! Calendar view gives teams a high-level overview of their tasks by the month or the week. Within our native calendar, you have the ability to sort and filter tasks by dates, assignee, status, and priorities.

2. Checklists

It’s easy to forget a step or process when tasks require multiple steps for completion! Checklists give teams an easy way to organize business processes or a simple to-do list directly within tasks! You can also add a single assignee to specific items within the checklist which makes it easy to hold team members accountable. Simply check off each item to show completion and move on to the next!

3. Assigned Comments

Have you ever asked someone to do something only to find out that it was completely forgotten? If so, assigned comments are the perfect feature for you! This proprietary feature allows you to create an action item directly from any comment (kind of like a mini-subtask)! Simply assign the comment to the specific team member and they’ll be able to mark it resolved (complete) as soon as they’ve finished the mini-task!

4. Multiple Views

Here at ClickUp, we understand that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we offer three different ways of viewing tasks. Whether you’re a developer (board view), manager (box view), or anyone getting sh*t done (list view) – there’s a perfect view for you.

5. Task Statuses

In ClickUp, use statuses to push tasks through each required step in your workflow. Our Custom Status feature is one of my favorite for small teams! This gives you the ability to create your own workflow to fit each project. Don’t need extensive statuses? Use Simple Statuses instead! These tasks are either done or not done, just like a traditional to-do list!

6. Priorities

Priorities are a great way to classify your tasks by importance! Whether you’re a team of 3 or a team of 300 this feature will help you tremendously when weeding through your task list and deciding where to begin your day.


As your small team scales, it’s important to put the necessary processes into place in order to remain productive! Why not start now?!

ClickUp offers the simplicity that small teams need to streamline workflow with intricate customization options and features that you’ll never outgrow!

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