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10 Free Digital Marketing Roadmap Templates & Examples

Whether you’re a marketing professional or a budding entrepreneur, converting ideas into tangible tasks, strategies, and goals is challenging. This is where a marketing roadmap stands out as a perfect guide to outline marketing initiatives.

A roadmap will help you visualize and map your digital marketing plans, set clear objectives, and keep your marketing team in the loop at all times. 

Still, creating a roadmap from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming, to the point where it beats its own purpose—streamlining marketing activities. That’s where digital marketing roadmap templates come to the rescue!

Explore our selection of the top 10 free marketing roadmap templates in 2024. Learn all about their unique features and how to use them to supercharge your marketing game!

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What is a Digital Marketing Roadmap Template?

A marketing roadmap represents a strategic and comprehensive action plan aimed at achieving specific marketing objectives. Marketing roadmaps usually consist of milestones, timelines, resources, and deliverables across different departments, providing a “living” snapshot of ongoing tasks. 

A marketing roadmap template is like a ready-to-use toolkit for defining and integrating your goals with tasks. It comes with a user-friendly layout and a step-by-step plan for hitting marketing objectives, such as boosting your brand or attracting more leads. Think of it as a helpful guide that keeps everyone on the same page as they prepare to launch a campaign.

Some key benefits of using this template include:

  1. Clarity: The template provides clearly defined tasks and goals to streamline your marketing efforts
  2. Efficiency: The ready-to-go design helps you work faster with fewer resources
  3. Consistency: You can follow the same organized layout of the template for diverse marketing campaigns
  4. Checking Progress: You get to measure and track the progress and success of your marketing plan systematically
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What Makes a Good Digital Marketing Template?

A practical marketing roadmap template should:

  • Have a clear and concise overview: The sections for marketing strategy, goals, and specific steps need to be clearly structured for a marketing manager to customize
  • Provide flexibility for customization: A good template suits the unique needs of each marketing campaign and allows for brand customizations
  • Incorporate milestones: There must be a clear-cut timeline with the option to add milestones so you can track how the marketing projects are progressing
  • Encourage collaboration: The template should help communication among team members run smoothly and facilitate priority management
  • Be visually appealing: You should be able to include visual elements to enhance the readability and engagement of your marketing roadmap
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10 Digital Marketing Roadmap Templates & Examples

Navigating numerous options can be overwhelming, and budget constraints may add to the challenge. But worry not! We bring you 10 fantastic marketing roadmap templates by ClickUp, perfect for beginners and seasoned marketers alike. And guess what? They come with an unbeatable advantage—they are entirely free!

1. ClickUp Marketing Roadmap Plan Template

Achieve marketing success without breaking a sweat with the ClickUp Marketing Plan Template

Start your ambitious roadmapping journey with the ClickUp Marketing Roadmap Plan Template. It’s ideal for creating simple to complex roadmaps for cross-funtional teams, campaigns, and customer groups! 🤩

This user-friendly marketing plan template lets you define your objectives in the Objectives List view. Once you’re satisfied with the goals, add the tasks necessary for achieving them and watch as they’re automatically tracked in the template’s progress bar.

The template also offers the Key Results view, which lists your defined objectives along with the Custom Fields outlining details like the status, progress, and due date for each task.

Next, there’s the Progress Board view, which transforms your Key Results into a card-style Kanban board. The cards are categorized by Custom Statuses such as In Progress, Canceled, Complete, Planned, and Needs Input. Filter them according to Key Results and update statuses using the intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Finally, the Timeline view illustrates the duration of your marketing Objectives and Key Results. Make adjustments by clicking the time frame button and choosing from options like Day, Week, and Month.

2. ClickUp Strategic Marketing Plan Template

Use ClickUp’s Strategic Marketing Plan Template to plan actionable objectives for your team

Say goodbye to stressing out while creating your next marketing strategy. ClickUp Strategic Marketing Plan Template is all about tracking your plan’s success through concrete OKRs (Objectives & Key Results). It assists you in defining your marketing goals, planning key results, managing your budget, and more. 🙌

Start with the OKR List view to set your marketing goals, include important Key Results, and automatically monitor task progress by adding the Progress (Auto) Custom Field.

In the Marketing Plan List view, you’ll find a breakdown of tasks connected to your projects. Here, you can easily track your budget, expenses, channels, and their connection to the relevant OKR.

You can customize your template by selecting the Board view, which shows Key Results and Project tasks on a Kanban board. Track your project’s progress using Custom Statuses like Open, Planned, In Progress, Canceled, and Complete. 

To further personalize your marketing plan, the template offers various Custom Fields, including:

  • Label Fields: Identify OKRs, differentiate between key results and objectives, and track progress
  • Dropdown Fields: Include an itemized list of marketing channels and indicate which quarter a project or an OKR occurs in
  • Money Fields: Highlight the estimated budget for each individual project and monitor the associated expenses 
  • Manual Progress Fields: Manually track and adjust the percentage of progress for an Objective and its Key Results

3. ClickUp Content Marketing Roadmap Template

Step up your content planning game with ClickUp’s Content Marketing Plan Template

Establishing an online business is nearly impossible without investing in content marketing. With the ClickUp Content Marketing Roadmap Template, creating and organizing a comprehensive content marketing strategy roadmap that grows your customer base has never been simpler!

Use the Contents List view, the template’s initial outline, for a comprehensive overview of your content in the form of tasks. Entries are organized based on their publication month and contain Custom Fields to simplify the marketing process of monitoring assignees, priority, content type, channels, publishing date, and more.

In the Status Board view, tasks are represented as cards and organized by Custom Statuses like To Do, In Progress, For Approval, Discarded, and Complete, facilitating swift checks for approval or completion. Click on a task card to access detailed information and modify content status with simple drag-and-drop actions.

For tracking the content production schedule, use the Publishing Dates Calendar view, which highlights different publishing slots for your content, color-coded by type (Blog post, Video, Article, Infographics, or Poster). This view lets you track your unscheduled and overdue tasks on the right side of the screen. 

Finally, the Department Timeline view allows you to explore content timelines grouped by corresponding departments (Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, and Administration).

4. ClickUp Roadmap Whiteboard Template

Organize your ideas clearly and start conquering the market with this ClickUp Roadmap Whiteboard Template

With the ClickUp Roadmap Whiteboard Template, designing a fully customizable, visually appealing game plan for your new product or project is a piece of cake. 🎂

Being a Whiteboard template, it serves as a fully customizable canvas for adding media items like shapes, text, or sticky notes and converting them into concrete tasks. Furthermore, you can use Connectors—lines and arrows—to establish relationships between tasks or create mind maps to break down complex ideas.

The template seamlessly integrates visual aids, collaborative tools, and organizational features to ensure everyone is up to date regarding the project’s trajectory. The tool also assists you in visualizing project progress and objectives.

Add tasks or documents by clicking on the Task or Doc icon and arrange them according to your liking. Then, you can change the project’s status, add assignees, or link the tasks using Connectors to set up dependencies.

Team members can mention each other on the Whiteboard and speed up work. Plus, there’s unlimited space, so marketing teams can keep all their mind maps and designs in one place as they improve their workflows.

5. ClickUp Kanban View Roadmap Template

Stay on track and keep your goals in check with this visually appealing Kanban Roadmap Template by ClickUp

If you’re looking to create marketing plans that evolve with time, chances are traditional roadmaps may not be of great help. Instead, accelerate your product development with the ClickUp Kanban View Roadmap Template! This fully customizable outline allows you to manage tasks and targets in the form of cards through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. 🌻

The main benefits of this product marketing roadmap template include easier communication among stakeholders and enhanced insight into the evolving roadmap and its progress. Additionally, it helps improve accountability by assigning tasks to designated team members and modifying timelines according to customer input and market dynamics.

Unlock the template’s full potential by taking advantage of:

  • Custom views: Use the Timeline view to keep track of overdue and unscheduled tasks or the Team Workload view to see the amount of work assigned to each member over a specific period
  • Custom Statuses: Tag tasks with statuses like Urgent, High, Low, Normal, or No Priority in the Priority Board view to ensure seamless progress tracking
  • Custom Fields: Open the Roadmap List view and add Custom Fields like Assignee, Team, Priority, and Due Date to visualize progress seamlessly

6. ClickUp Product Roadmap Template

Break down tasks, assign resources, and track progress effectively with ClickUp’s Product Roadmap Template

The ClickUp Product Roadmap Template lets you visualize each step of the product development process, from generating ideas to launching the final product.

It’s important to note that each custom view in this Folder-level product marketing roadmap template is unique and will aid you in different parts of your product development journey. For instance, you can use the Welcome view to help new users learn all about the product or take advantage of the Quarterly Roadmap view to map out your product’s development cycle. 

While in the Quarterly Roadmap view, use Custom Fields like Initiative, Squad, and Release Status to categorize your workflow. Additionally, you can add Custom Status options like On Track, Complete, and Needs Attention to manage the product’s release.

Open the Product Request Form view to create a custom request form by dragging and dropping Task Fields like Priority, Start Date, Due Date, Attachment, etc. You can also insert fully customizable fields to fit your specific product, add an assignee and a requester, and change the theme color for easy follow-ups.

7. ClickUp Marketing Campaign Management Template

Manage your marketing campaigns like a pro and fulfill your marketing dreams with ClickUp’s Marketing Campaign Management Template

The ClickUp Marketing Campaign Management Template is packed with essential elements to jumpstart your campaign and ensure your digital brand stands out! Use it to devise a perfect marketing strategy, coordinate your efforts, and track progress.

The template’s Product Launch Campaign view provides a comprehensive insight into the steps and actions required throughout the campaign. Tasks are organized by Campaign Phase for easier navigation. Each task is defined by Custom Fields like Assigned Team, Marketing Channel, Budget, and Deliverable Type.

The Social Media Tracker view is a list specifically designed for tasks in the production stage. It offers a clear overview of the Social Media team’s assignments requiring deliverables. Custom Fields are associated with each deliverable, including social media platforms, Content Type, Drafts, Final Content, and Approval.

The Marketing Phase view offers a visual snapshot of your progress in each campaign stage. The tasks are represented by cards on a board and can be enriched with Custom Fields for more in-depth insight.

Kickstart your marketing business with the best marketing tools for new businesses!

8. ClickUp Visual Roadmap Document Template

Set out your aspirations through timelines, milestones, and tasks with ClickUp’s Visual Roadmap Document Template

The ClickUp Visual Roadmap Document Template is your go-to solution for centralizing and documenting specific campaign and project goals, creating a task timeline, and setting milestones in advance. 🏆

Start by adding your company and project information to the designated fields of this Doc template. As you scroll down, you’ll come to the Team Profile section, where you can insert the names of your team members along with their roles, departments, and responsibilities.

Next, you’ll need to focus on the specific parts of your action plan:

  1. Project Summary: Why do you want this project to succeed? What is the project about? What led you to this project?
  2. Objectives and Milestones: What do you aim to achieve with this project? 

Once you’ve set your objectives and target milestones, use the Quarterly Roadmap section to oversee team performance. Record the achievements on a quarterly basis and modify cell colors once a team completes a particular objective. You can also assign unique colors to each department for easier progress tracking.

9. ClickUp Simple Roadmap Doc Template

Easily customize your way to digital marketing success with ClickUp’s Simple Roadmap Doc Template

Introducing the ClickUp Simple Roadmap Doc Template, a beginner-friendly tool that allows you to arrange tasks into simple sections, establish a straightforward schedule, and monitor progress from the beginning to the end of your project.

Start your journey with a Simple Roadmap Doc and leverage other custom view options as your project progresses. 

Track your team’s progress, tasks, and deliverables in the Gantt view, which displays your tasks stretched across a timeline. 

Use the Calendar view to keep track of your overdue and unscheduled tasks with ease by filtering them out by assignees, status, priority, tags, and more. Or simplify progress tracking with the Board view, which allows you to label your tasks with fully customizable statuses like To Do, In Progress, Needs Input, and Testing.

Enrich your document with links, images, videos, and other media types. You control who can edit, share, and view the document to keep your roadmap consistent. The template simplifies team communication with the help of tags and comments. 

10. ClickUp Marketing Project Roadmap Template

Keep track of your long-term project vision with ClickUp’s Project Roadmap Template 

Embark on a journey of project development success with the ClickUp Marketing Project Roadmap Template! No matter how complex your project is, this feature-packed project roadmap template equips you with all the tools needed to command your market. 🧰

It offers five unique and adjustable views. For instance, try the List view to organize all aspects of your product release in a customizable list format. The Workload view lets you assess team availability and capacity to allocate resources more efficiently. 

Use the Calendar view to keep up with release dates and deadlines. For a broad perspective on project Milestones and Dependencies, turn to the Gantt view. Lastly, the Board view provides a visual Kanban board for tracking workflows using a drag-and-drop function.

Each view features pre-built Custom Fields and Custom Statuses to input vital information and track task progress. The template also includes pre-built Quarterly Lists for efficiently organizing your product roadmap and project essentials.

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Try Digital Marketing Roadmap Templates in ClickUp

Imagine a future where planning is a breeze, collaboration is smooth, and success feels like second nature. With ClickUp’s free marketing roadmap templates, all this is possible and more! 

Enter the ClickUp Template Library to leverage valuable resources that take your marketing game to the next level. You’ll find templates to enhance performance and pave the way for remarkable growth! 🌱

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