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An Educator’s Guide to ClickUp Forms

Here’s something all teachers and administrators know to be true: it’s become necessary to replace paper forms with digital forms in the classroom.

As preparations for the new school year or semester begin, having a strong system of organization to collect student data is important. So if you’re still using paper forms or in the market for a digital form tech tool, this one’s for you!

ClickUp, a productivity platform, wants to help you organize your student and classroom data in real-time without the need for paperwork—or extra hours after the final bell. 🔔

Say hello to your new Digital Assistant! 👋

ClickUp Forms Are a Game-Changer in the Classroom

Teachers and administrators spend hours responding and hand-organizing paperwork. ✍️⌛️😮‍💨

A digital form is the best (and most sustainable) solution to eliminate manual tasks.

Forms in ClickUp remove the manual steps by streamlining your build and intake processes so you can have more time on the most important things: connecting with students, their guardians, and colleagues.

With real-time access to data and reporting from ClickUp Forms, staff members can work with teachers faster and regularly to address behavior trends, criteria suggestions, and opportunities for classroom enhancements.

There is a sea of productivity tools in the digital space, but none compare to ClickUp’s flexibility to support any planning workflow. More good news: you don’t have to be a tech whiz!

clickup form editor

Use the drag-and-drop editor in ClickUp Forms to create any question type

With ClickUp Forms, teachers, students, and families can digitally submit directly from their mobile, tablet, or desktop 24/7/365. Then, after submitting a response, it automatically becomes an actionable task.

Here’s how it works:

1️⃣ Add a Form view to your ClickUp account: where the magic happens—create a Form for any event or activity

2️⃣ Customize it with descriptions, fields, branding, and more with the drag-and-drop editor: you can toggle between editing, viewing, and testing your Form until it’s just right

3️⃣ Copy the Form URL and send it to anyone: it’s fast and easy to share and embed secure Forms

4️⃣ Review responses in real-time: a completed Form automatically becomes a task to keep you organized and save time

So, where should you get started? 🧑‍🏫

30+ Essential Forms for Teachers and Administrators

With instant access to completed ClickUp Forms in a beautiful List view, teachers and administrators can quickly respond to student and guardian needs by leveraging collected data for additional insight.

Let’s walk through a few ClickUp Form examples to get some ideas for your Forms! 💡

🗺 Class Trip Chaperone Forms

Nearby or far from home, class trips are not only an educational opportunity to learn something new, but it’s also an experience for students to explore our big world. However, with so much to do and see, teachers need help monitoring explorers and providing an extra layer of safety.

Send a clear call for backup with a digital Chaperone Form to simplify class trip sign-ups for any activity!

What you can do inside your ClickUp Form:

  • Create a single ClickUp Form for all classrooms trips to limit your form quantities
  • Update the Form at any time with upcoming trips or needs
  • Use the Dropdown field for parents and guardians to select the trip
class trip chaperone form in clickup

Create and color code different response options in ClickUp Forms

🎉 Invitations

Let’s show our appreciation for the dedication and hard-work teachers and administrators demonstrate all year round! Whether it’s a special occasion or an opportunity to show recognition, getting a group of peers together is meaningful.

Easily send the ClickUp Form URL link via email or text message—stress-free!

What you can do inside your ClickUp Form:

  • Share event details in the description
  • Use a Dropdown field to collect dietary food restrictions
  • Encourage everyone to pitch in for a group gift
  • Add a fun photo of the person you’re celebrating
invitation form in clickup

Create an eye-catching title they won’t miss in ClickUp Forms

🙋‍♀️ Volunteer Availability Forms

School campus volunteers are invaluable and positive role models. A real example is ‘Dads on Duty,’ a group of fathers in Shreveport, Louisiana, who patrolled their school every day to mitigate student issues on campus. As positive messages like the ‘Dads on Duty’ spread to schools and communities, people see the impact and want to help.

Administrators need a fast track to get volunteers prepared and ready to go from information briefing to approval because processing requests is time-consuming.

Remember the List view we mentioned earlier? You can effortlessly manage volunteer sign-ups in this view to keep progress moving forward, then use ClickUp task statuses to schedule shifts or connect with volunteers quickly through the platform. ⬇️

volunteer availability list clickup

Categorize ClickUp Form responses with custom statuses for better organization

🌱 Evaluations

Digital evaluations made with ClickUp Forms drastically make completing self and peer assessments less intimidating with a clean and professional look.

What you can do inside your ClickUp Form:

  • Create long question response fields to capture well-rounded thoughts
  • Require any critical questions to be completed before submitting
  • Customize rating markers with emojis
evaluation form in clickup

Use the Rating field in ClickUp Forms to capture the most critical information

📖 Reading Logs

With traditional paper forms, it can be tempting for students to write in their reading hours and summaries in one sitting—and at the last minute! A digital Reading Log encourages students to submit their forms consistently and maintain steady progress throughout the semester.

What you can do inside your ClickUp Form:

  • Add Text fields to capture book titles, authors, chapter summaries, and more
  • Require a Number field to capture the number of hours read
  • Personalize the response message after a student submits their ClickUp Form
form message in clickup

Customize the message that appears after a ClickUp Form is complete

🚌 Permission Slips

The reality is, relying on students to deliver and return important documents is difficult. Paper forms are often lost in transit, damaged by backpacks, blamed on Fido, or filled incorrectly.

Digital permission slips empower teachers and administrators to rapidly distribute field trip details and collect parent or guardian consent.

What you can do inside your ClickUp Form:

  • Add a Text field to collect any student health concerns or allergies
  • Use a Dropdown field to capture yes/no consent
  • Require a Number field for parents and guardians to enter their contact information
permission slip form in clickup

An alert will show when an invalid or incomplete phone number is entered in a ClickUp Form

Other Digital Forms for Teachers and Administrators

😶‍🌫️ Absent Work Request Form

🎆 Class Trip Recommendations

📌 Classroom Polls

📒 Course Evaluation Surveys

🗒 Departmental Surveys

🎊 End of the Year Student Assessments

🏆 Extracurricular Sign-ups

🛠 Facilities Work Orders

♾ Feedback Forms

✔ Generic Check-in Forms

📃 Generic Guardian Request Forms

📚 Homework Submissions

🩹 Incident Reports

📥 Lesson Plan Project Proposals

📮 Letter of Recommendations

🎥 Multimedia Viewing Forms

🖇 Office Supplies Requests

📸 Photo and Posting Permission Forms

💨 Quick Wins Questionnaire

👏 Recognition Nominations

🏢 Registration for Events/Conferences

👩‍🏫 Scholarship Applications

🎈 Staff Favorites Surveys

🎟 Standard Ticket Forms

🎒 Start of the Year Student Assessments

📨 Student Behavior Assessments

👩‍🎓 Student Experience Surveys

👩‍🏫 Substitute Report Form

It Gets Even Better

Along with ClickUp Forms, creating your ClickUp database of student information and other duties will uplevel your productivity and workflow. Rather than switching between multiple applications, you can take action on your Form activities and plan your workload—all within ClickUp!

clickup dashboard

Build a ClickUp Dashboard for a high-level view of all your work

What ClickUp replaces:

👉 Additional resources:

Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation With ClickUp Today

Many professions work long hours. For teachers, it’s even longer. Between organizing papers and overseeing extracurricular activities, teachers also mentor students to help shape their futures.

Choosing which digital systems you use for the classroom and understanding the value they bring will allow you to spend more time on personal work.

We have a webinar for teachers to share time-saving strategies in ClickUp. Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

  • Ways to manage students’ workloads with Custom Fields in ClickUp
  • How to organize and schedule upcoming coursework with ClickUp task statuses
  • How to utilize ClickUp Folder templates
  • Tips to create fool-proof reminders, and more!

If you have any questions about how ClickUp can work for you, our Support team is available 24/7 and can share more about the exclusive discount for educators! Happy planning! 💻🍎☕️

An Open Letter to Teachers and Administrators Around the World 🌎💜

We thank you for your unwavering dedication, creativity, and emotional support through this unprecedented time. You’ve gone through extraordinary lengths to keep students and their families motivated and safe.

Your physical and emotional health is important to us, and we hope you are taking the time to eat, sleep, and enjoy the things and people that make you smile.

The team at ClickUp sends you the biggest virtual hug. We are rooting for you, always.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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