Automation in Project Management: Will It Take Your Job?


There’s no denying it.

The buzz is in the air that robots and artificial intelligence are here to take your job. Project Managers will no longer be needed.

But is it true? Should you be worried? Is the the beginning of the end, of project management as we know it?!

Actually, it’s the exact opposite. Artificial intelligence and workflow automations will make you more successful at your job. Moreover, there’s enough data that proves it will lead to an overall growth in jobs – in tech and non-tech sectors.

The biggest reason why AI won’t take your job

Ask yourself – when was the last time you could say, “My work is done.”

The truth is, all of us are always behind. That’s why we keep looking for tools that can make us more productive at work.

That’s exactly what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will do. It will help you and your team achieve way more in the same time.

Consequently, your company will be able to grow faster and compete better. And as your company grows, it will actually have the resources hire more people, not fire them!

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Will Make You and Your Team More Productive

1. Time estimates

Time Estimation

Estimating how long a project will take is one of the most difficult aspects of a project manager’s job. Unexpected factors are bound to creep in and slow down your team. Moreover, humans always tend to discount unforeseen factors and present over-optimistic time estimates.

Estimating completion dates manually will probably turn out to be wrong, why not leave it to Artificial Intelligence?

Machine Learning (ML) algorithms will use past performance to estimate how long a task or project will take. The more you use ML, the better it will get at providing estimates.

ClickUp also has a Gantt chart feature which keeps updating the estimated completion time of a project based on the pattern of tasks being completed. This will help you to allocate more time, people or additional resources to a particular project, if you see that you are falling behind.

2. Allocating Work

Stay in the loop

In every team, there are people who are overwhelmed, while others wrap up their work by 5pm.

It’s not necessarily because some people are unproductive. Rather, its due to sub-optimal task allocation among your team. As a result, you have missed deadlines and disgruntled or burnt out team members.

How do you decide who to allocate a task to? Well, you probably think about who’s good at that type of task, quickly glance at what else there is on their plate and ask them to get it done.

However, it’s extremely difficult to accurately judge within a couple of minutes who’s the best fit and whether that person has the bandwidth. You would have to:

  • Step 1: Shortlist those who are a good fit
  • Step 2: Go through their complete to-do lists to check their workload
  • Step 3: Make a comparative analysis of this data to identify who has the lightest workload and is the best fit

To do this accurately will take a few hours of data crunching with a spreadsheet every day! However, Artificial Intelligence based project management tools will be able to give you the answer in seconds.

Which means fewer headaches for you, more realistic allocation and happier team members!

3. Avoiding Distractions.

Notifications are one of the biggest productivity killers of the 21st century. Since you already get bombarded with enough of them on your phone and computer, I am sure you don’t want your project management tool to send you dozens more every day, right?

But how do you avoid project-related notifications without missing out on something important?

Leave it to Artificial Intelligence to figure out a system. ClickUp’s AI software will show you only the notifications that are relevant to you. And the more you use it, the better Machine Learning algorithms will learn to show you the most relevant notifications.

4. Staying in the Loop

How often does a task slip through the cracks in your company? Usually, it happens because someone wasn’t kept in the loop about an important discussion.

At organizations where people rely on email for project communication, it’s extremely common for people to miss a CC email that they are supposed to act on.

But even if you are using a social project management software with a commenting feature, no one ever reads every single comment. Should you really be surprised if people keep missing out on action items?

ClickUp has an Assign Comments feature that converts a comment into a task, but now it’s using Artificial Intelligence to take the next step.

ClickUp’s AI bots are smart enough to identify which comments each person should be notified about, and accordingly tags them!

So, if you are a designer and if phrases around ‘design’ or ‘graphics’ are being discussed, ClickUp might just tag you.

Over time, the machine learning algorithm will use your role, task history and commenting history to get better at figuring out whether you should be tagged or not.

No more surprises at the end of the week about that vital task that never got done!

5. Performance Management

Keep your team on track with automation

There are two major barriers to performance management.

First, no one likes being told they are wrong. Just because you give feedback, doesn’t mean that your team members will always agree with you.

They might feel that you are biased, wrong, or just an incompetent boss who does not know what he’s talking about.

That’s what makes giving performance feedback one of the most difficult parts of a manager’s job.

Second, unless you watch a team member’s every move, it will be very difficult for you to determine exactly what he or she is doing wrong in terms of productivity.

Artificial Intelligence can offer a solution in both cases.

Project management tools driven by Artificial Intelligence can keep track of your progress and determine whether you are on track to meet your deliverables on time. Accordingly, the software can let you know when you are falling behind.

It can also suggest what you should be working on, so that you meet your most important goals.

For example, if you have a high priority task in the pipeline and you are spending too much time on a low priority task, the AI software will remind you to shift your attention to the more important task.

Machine learning driven time tracking technology will be able to tell you how you might be wasting time during the workday.

For example, if the AI software sees that you‘re spending a couple of hours on a recurring task that others normally take 45 minutes to finish, it could point out that you need to examine why it’s taking so much time. And if you ‘re spending excessive time on social media, the software can gently nudge you to get back to work.

Your boss telling you about the above might seem highly intrusive, but few people will resent productivity advice from a robot!

The Robots Are Here

Friendly robots are here

Adopting automation in project management won’t take away your job. Rather, if you don’t start adopting AI technology right away, your company will fall behind. And you know what that would lead to, right?

The robots are already here. Embrace them, and they will help you take your productivity and career to the next level.

Come see what ClickUp has in store for AI in the future!

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