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10 Best Anyword Alternatives for Creating Effective Marketing Content

Content writing isn’t always a walk in the park. Not when you’re staring at a blank screen, trying to come up with the first draft of a copy idea. Or when you hit a creative wall in the middle of your team’s marketing campaign. 🧱

With AI writing tools like Anyword, creating compelling content that will resonate with your audience and drive engagement has never been easier. From practical suggestions and improvements to generating entire blogs, social media posts, and emails, Anyword has features that can transform the once arduous content writing process into a seamless experience. 

Yet, Anyword is far from the only fish in the sea of AI writing assistants. There are plenty of other solutions to explore, whether you’re looking for a more cost-efficient tool or one more capable of handling long-form content.

To give you a leg up, we’ve put together a lineup of 10 incredible Anyword alternatives to bring your content game to the next level!

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What Is Anyword?

Via: Anyword

Anyword is a capable AI writing assistant designed to help you create high-quality blogs, social media posts, emails, or any other content crucial for your marketing campaigns. It focuses on driving traffic and conversions by tailoring the generated content to your target audience—whether it’s short or long-form content.

The tool is also renowned for its SEO capabilities, which include adding relevant keywords to your blog posts to drive engagement and boost your online presence across search engines. It focuses on the best ways to create high-quality content or create content at scale.

Anyword’s performance analysis helps you see how your content stacks up against the competition so you can predict its performance and receive suggestions for improvement. The writing tool uses artificial intelligence to give feedback through natural language processing capabilities.

Lastly, Anyword integrates with popular platforms like WordPress, Google Docs, and HubSpot. It is also available as a Chrome extension, bringing Anyword’s AI powers into whatever tool you might be working with. 💪

Like any other software, Anyword is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many Anyword alternatives offer similar content generation features at a smaller price tag.

Some users also complained that while being incredibly creative, the content generated with Anyword required quite a lot of fact-checking. 

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What Should You Look for in Anyword Alternatives?

When searching for alternatives to Anyword, consider the following factors to ensure you find the one that suits your content writing needs like a glove:

  1. Content quality: Your AI writing tool should produce authentic and engaging content that doesn’t sound repetitive or dull
  2. Writing suggestions: It should offer helpful grammar checks and writing tips to improve the quality of your content
  3. Ease of use: See that your Anyword alternative has an intuitive interface that is easy to use, even for the non-tech-savvy members of your team
  4. Tone settings: The tool should be customizable to your brand voice and generate contextually relevant text
  5. SEO optimization: It should implement best SEO practices to boost the visibility of your content in search engine results
  6. Integrations: It would work seamlessly with the communication, productivity, and marketing applications you regularly use
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Top 10 Anyword Alternatives to Use for Quality Content

1. ClickUp

ClickUp AI
ClickUp’s AI functions make it simple for marketing teams to quickly produce important documents like a case study

ClickUp is a highly versatile one-stop shop for all your productivity needs, from managing marketing campaigns and setting and tracking project objectives to team collaboration and comprehensive task management. It comes packed with robust solutions to stay productive and organized in all aspects and stages of your marketing projects.

Exclusive to ClickUp’s productivity platform is ClickUp AI, a powerful writing assistant capable of crafting exceptional long- and short-form content for your marketing campaigns. Easily specify the type of content you want, the central topic, and the target audience, and stand back while the tool conjures perfectly tailored blogs, case studies, emails, or product descriptions in seconds.

You can easily access ClickUp AI through ClickUp Docs, a feature suite that lets you create, share, edit, and collaborate on all your marketing-related documents and materials in real time. Utilizing ClickUp AI within your docs allows you to refine your writing by checking for grammar, style, and clarity. You can also rewrite, reformat, or simplify text through concise summaries.

Not sure how to “ask” the right questions to get the best results from ClickUp AI? Luckily, ClickUp offers ready-made AI prompt templates to give you a head start in creating compelling and informative marketing material that will win the hearts and minds of your leads and customers! ♥️

ClickUp best features

  • Generating all kinds of content for marketing purposes
  • Style suggestions to tailor content to your brand voice and target audience
  • Idea generation for topics and outlines to kickstart your writing process
  • Editing and refining content
  • Prompt templates across various types of content to get more out of AI
  • Generating summaries and action items from documents to streamline your workflow
  • Perfectly formatted content with adequate headers

ClickUp limitations

  • The app’s many features may prove overwhelming to navigate 
  • Learning to use the platform isn’t intuitive enough for first-time users

ClickUp pricing

  • Free Forever
  • Unlimited: $7/per month per user
  • Business: $12/per month per user
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing
  • ClickUp AI is available on all paid plans for $5 per month per Workspace

*All listed prices refer to the yearly billing model

ClickUp ratings and reviews

  •  G2: 4.7/5 (9,000+ reviews)
  •  Capterra: 4.6/5 (3,900+ reviews)

2. Writesonic

Like Anyword, Writesonic is an easy-to-use AI content generator that assists marketers and content writers in crafting engaging, SEO-friendly blog posts, captions, and copy.

Writesonic puts a premium on precision by building on Google’s knowledge graphs to produce more factually relevant content for your marketing campaigns. On top of that, it incorporates best SEO practices into your posts to drive engagement and visibility.

Chatsonic, Writesonic’s useful chatbot, allows you to generate text or images by “talking” to the AI using natural language and voice commands. 🤖

Lastly, the Bulk Content Upload feature helps you generate over 1,000 content pieces at once, which is incredibly convenient if you have to churn out a high volume of copies within a short period.

Writesonic best features

  • Content generation in up to 24 languages
  • Wide range of integrations
  • SEO optimization
  • Bulk content generation
  • Chatbot functionality for generating content using natural language prompts
  • Brand voice customization

Writesonic limitations

  • Steep learning curve for first-time users
  • Some users complained about the words-per-billing pricing

Writesonic pricing

  • Free
  • Small Team: Starts at $13/per month 
  • Freelancer: Starts at $16/per month
  • Enterprise: Starts at $500/per month

*All listed prices refer to the yearly billing model

Writesonic ratings and reviews

  •  G2: 4.8/5 (1,800+ reviews)
  •  Capterra: 4.8/5 (1,800+ reviews)

3. Linguix

Via: Linguix

Linguix is an AI-powered grammar and spelling checker that helps improve the quality and style of your writing in real time. You can also use it as a writing assistant to generate marketing content to promote your brand or business. 

The tool places a major focus on text editing with features like readability analysis, spelling corrections, vocabulary enhancements, and style improvements. These help to keep your content free of errors while being engaging and consistent to readers.

Moreover, it provides text rewrites and rephrases as well as a plagiarism checker. And with personalized analysis, you can keep track of your writing progress and improvements. 🤓

Linguix best features

  • AI-powered grammar checks and suggestions
  • Performance analysis for long-form content
  • Built-in contextual library
  • Tone suggestions with the writing assistant
  • Plagiarism checker to ensure high-quality content

Linguix limitations

  • Some users reported bugs
  • Suggestions and recommendations could be improved

Linguix pricing

  • Free
  • Basic: $4.5/per month
  • Personal Pro: $6.7/per month
  • Business: $50/per month

*All listed prices refer to the yearly billing model

 Linguix ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.5/5 (100+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.6/5 (90+ reviews)

4. Jasper

Via: Jasper

Previously known as Jarvis, Jasper is another fantastic Anyword alternative that helps you produce unique marketing content that hits all the right spots with your target audience. 🎯

Jasper excels at mimicking your writing style and approach and seamlessly adapting to various brand voices. It does so through its Memory feature, which allows you to train the tool to understand and reproduce your brand’s identity in every piece of content it generates across different campaigns and channels.

Beyond content generation, Jasper offers useful analytics, a chatbot option, and a built-in plagiarism checker. You’ll find Jasper’s templates real time-savers as they offer pre-made prompts for generating specific content categories, helping you get the most out of the tool.

Jasper best features

  • Replicates brand voice across content types and marketing channels
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • 50+ content templates
  • Integrations with popular apps like text editors and SEO tools
  • Brand voice customizations

Jasper limitations

  • Results might be overly generic compared to other ai-powered writing assistant tools
  • Some users considered it too pricey

Jasper pricing 

  • Creator: $39/month
  • Teams: $99/month
  • Business: contact for pricing

*All listed prices refer to the yearly billing model

Jasper ratings and reviews

  •  G2: 4.7/5 (1,200+ reviews)
  •  Capterra: 4.8/5 (1,800+ reviews)

5. Copysmith

Copysmith (recently rebranded to Describely) is a nifty tool designed to help e-commerce businesses maximize their online presence and increase their brand’s reach. It allows you to create or fine-tune top-notch, SEO-friendly product descriptions and digital ads to generate maximum traction among potential customers. 💯

The tool goes beyond simple content generation to help you optimize your product listings by suggesting top keywords for any AI-produced content. It also supports bulk content generation, which is highly useful for businesses or teams that need to churn out hundreds of product descriptions and captions on a daily basis.

Copysmith best features

  • Template library
  • Bulk content generation
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Integrates with popular ecommerce tools like Shopify and WooCommerce

Copysmith limitations

  • Might be difficult for new users to AI-powered writing assistant tools
  • User interface is not optimized for the best AI writing experience

Copysmith (Describely) pricing

  • Free
  • Core: $90/year
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Copysmith ratings and reviews

  •  G2: 4.3/5 (10+ reviews)
  •  Capterra: 4.2/5 (20+ reviews)

6. Peppertype

Peppertype is a versatile tool that harnesses AI to help businesses ideate and generate original content for marketing purposes.

On its text editing interface, Peppertype allows you to collaborate seamlessly and work on marketing copies in real time. You also get grammar and clarity suggestions and plagiarism checks to keep your content easily digestible for your target audience.

Notably, Peppertype provides language translation and allows users to generate content in over 30 languages. It also offers insightful marketing analytics, which helps you define and gauge the overall performance of your content campaigns.

Peppertype best features

  • AI text generation and editing in Pepper Docs
  • Multi-language support
  • SEO writing assistant
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Analytics

Peppertype limitations

  • May not perform well with long-form content
  • User interface might be confusing

Peppertype pricing

  • Starter: $25/month per user
  • Team: $165/month (five users)
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing 

*All listed prices refer to the yearly billing model

Peppertype ratings and reviews

  •  Product Hunt: 3.7/5 (300+ reviews)
  •  Capterra: 4.6/5 (500+ reviews)

7. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a powerful online editor and writing tool that offers a range of grammar checks and suggestions to improve the flow and consistency of your writing. Its AI capabilities allow you to edit, rewrite, or resume a content piece using a specified style and tone of voice.

The tool’s writing reports provide a detailed analysis of your written content and identify areas for improvement. You can expect helpful tips depending on whether you’re into creative, business, or academic writing. ✍️

ProWritingAid best features

  • Grammar and spell checks
  • AI-powered text edits and rewrites
  • Integrates with popular text editors
  • Writing reports with helpful tips
  • Customizable settings for writing style, tone, and individual preferences

ProWritingAid limitations

  • Features might be confusing to use for new users
  • Not optimized for Google Docs

ProWritingAid pricing

  • Free
  • Premium: $5/month
  • Premium Pro: $6/month

*All listed prices refer to the yearly billing model

ProWritingAid ratings and reviews

  •  G2: 4.5/5 (40+ reviews)
  •  Capterra: 4.6/5 (400+ reviews)

Via: is a handy writing assistant that uses its AI superpowers to produce various categories of quality marketing content, whether social media posts, ads, blog articles, or product descriptions. It can also relieve you of other more or less tedious tasks, such as locating and removing blank spaces and coming up with fresh content ideas.

Infobase on serves as your central repository of information, storing everything from brand guidelines to service descriptions. This wealth of knowledge helps the tool provide factual and contextually relevant content that aligns with your brand’s image and intent.

With, you can save frequently used writing prompts and reuse them to generate content effortlessly. What’s more, the tool allows you to create workflows within your marketing efforts, enabling you to work faster and achieve goals more easily. 🏁 best features

  • Custom content prompts 
  • Integrations with sales and communication tools
  • Image and video generation
  • Knowledge base of resources for generating relevant content limitations

  • Generated content might seem unnatural
  • Not suitable for long-form content pricing

  • Free
  • Pro: $36/month
  • Team: $186/month
  • Growth: $1,000/month
  • Scale: $3,000/month

*All listed prices refer to the yearly billing model ratings and reviews

  •  G2: 4.7/5 (170+ reviews)
  •  Capterra: 4.4/5 (60+ reviews)

9. Rytr

Via: Rytr

Rytr can generate anything from promotional emails to social media captions and ad copies faster than it takes you to write the instructions! All you need to do is pick a use case (blog, social media post, advertising email), provide some context and details in your prompt, and watch how Rytr conjures compelling content in the blink of an eye. 👁️

With support for over 30 languages and seamless integration with your workflow, Rytr makes it easy to produce quality content across all your marketing channels. In addition to its core features, Rytr implements SEO techniques like keyword optimization to help your content rank higher in search engine results.

Rytr best features

  • 40+ templates and 20+ voice options for generating tailored content
  • 30+ supported languages
  • SEO features like a SERP analyzer and keyword generator
  • Grammar and spell checks

Rytr limitations

  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • Users may find the interface unintuitive

Rytr pricing

  • Free
  • Saver: $9/month
  • Unlimited: $25/month

Rytr ratings and reviews

  •  G2: 4.7/5 (700+ reviews)
  •  Capterra: 4.6/5 (15+ reviews)

10. Simplified

Simplified is as simple a tool as it sounds. 🌻

It is a (mostly) free alternative to Anyword that provides generative writing assistance for your marketing initiatives.

Its user-friendly AI Copywriter lets you create various content forms suitable for all marketing channels and purposes. Simply create a document in Simplified’s editor, name it, and prompt the tool with a straightforward command.

You can also fall back on some of the tool’s many AI templates to simplify your content creation process and generate blogs, emails, or social media posts perfectly tailored to your audience.

Simplified best features

  • AI content templates
  • Supports long-form content such as e-books
  • Multi-language support
  • Creating and editing video content
  • AI copy rewriter

Simplified limitations

  • Navigating certain features might be confusing
  • Limited availability of templates

Simplified pricing (AI Writer)

  • Free
  • Pro: $12/month (annual billing)

Simplified ratings and reviews

  •  G2: 4.6/5 (2,900+ reviews)
  •  Capterra: 4.7/5 (200+ reviews)
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Elevate Your Content Game with the Best Anyword Alternative: ClickUp!

Each tool on our list can serve as a worthy Anyword alternative, capable of ideating, generating, and refining content to make your brand shine and turn prospects into loyal customers.

But ClickUp doesn’t stop there. It goes beyond an average AI assistant to help you manage every aspect of your marketing campaigns, from the initial brainstorming to the successful execution.

So, if you are ready to supercharge your marketing efforts with AI, Automations, and a wealth of ready-made templates, sign up for a free ClickUp account and see it perform in action! 🔥

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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