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Say No To Podio.
ClickUp Is An Easy Alternative.

You deserve better than Podio. ClickUp's project management solution takes 5 minutes to learn, has 57 customizable features, and always has free 24/7 world-class support. Does Podio have that?
Say No To Podio. ClickUp Is An Easy Alternative.

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Project management should be cheap, not FEEL cheap.
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Create your own views.

List View
Board View
Box View
Switch between views
Zoom in and out with different calendar views
Break your projects into milestones on your calendar
Schedule and reschedule tasks with ease
Drag and drop tasks to manage timelines
Events (coming soon)
Sync and manage events in real-time
Calendar View
Critical path
Automatically determine the longest stretch of dependent tasks from start to finish.
Organize your project's timeline. Draw lines between tasks to set dependencies!
Rescheduling tasks in bulk
Move a whole group's dates based on where they're located or what they're dependent on.
Progress percentage
Quickly determine how far along a Project or List is based on tasks completed.
Gantt View
Embed view
Form view
Activity view
Mind Maps
Table View
Map View

Statuses, optional.

Simple checklists are good but when you need more, create your own custom statuses.

100+ Proprietary features you'll
only find in ClickUp

Task Tray

Task Tray

Keep tasks minimized in your tray that you're actively working on and you'll never open a new tab again.

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Assigned Comments

Assigned Comments

If your comment requires action, assign it! Creating an assigned comment means nothing will fall through the cracks.

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Notepad ClickUp


Capture ideas, create an agenda, tackle chores, and so much more with your own personal notepad.

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Not your normal favorites - in ClickUp, you can save views, filters, and sorting - so you can jump right into what matters.

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Create Reccurence

Deep Recurring Tasks

We're talking the most robust recurring tasks in the world. You can literally create any type of repeating event imaginable.

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Collaboration Detection

Collaboration Detection

See in real time when other people are viewing, commenting, or editing a task you're looking at.

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Virtual Assistant

Voice Assistance

Creating tasks with your voice is empowering, convenient, and freaking fun! Use Alexa or Google Assistant to talk to ClickUp.

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Custom Notifications

Get granular with what notifications you receive, when you receive them, and where they’re sent to.

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Template Everything

Save tasks, Projects, Lists, checklists, and even Spaces as templates. This is efficiency and process management on steroids.

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View all tasks

View All Tasks

No more flipping through projects to find tasks. In ClickUp, you can view all tasks in one view - and even sort and filter.

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Slash Commands

/slash Commands

Do everything without ever clicking your mouse. Just type / when creating or editing tasks.

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Calendar view scheduling


Drag and drop tasks onto daily, weekly, and monthly calendars. Tasks will automatically be scheduled based on time estimates.

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