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Asana vs. Trello: Which One is Right for You?

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Asana vs. Trello: Which One is Right for You?

If you’re looking for team collaboration, to-do lists, project management, a simple productivity tool and a beautiful interface, then you’ve probably come across Asana and Trello. Asana and Trello are two huge players that have brought project management to the masses.

In the past, most companies depended on Microsoft Project, Excel or plain pen and paper to help them finish their work. But those tools have lots of limitations for project management with everyday, non-technical team members.

How should you choose between the two? Let's compare Asana and Trello with ClickUp - a simple, easy-to-use productivity platform that combines the best of Asana and Trello into one simple project management software.

Asana vs. Trello vs. ClickUp

A task management tool should reduce the chaos in your life - not add to it!

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Simplified Project Management

ClickUp gives you way more than either Asana or Trello.
Is your current software structured in a user-friendly way?

Is your current software structured in a user-friendly way?

Stop bouncing across multiple platforms looking for boards or lists. In ClickUp, you get both! It’s easy to manage your tasks for all teams with ClickUp. Your whole team can use ClickUp the way they want to.
Have you seen views like this??

Have you seen views like this?

ClickUp gives you boards, lists, calendar and a box. You don’t have to choose...all tasks appear in each view. You don’t get this many options in Trello or Asana.
Can you take screenshots with the Asana or Trello  chrome extension?

Can you take screenshots with the Asana or Trello chrome extension?

In the ClickUp Chrome extension, you can do more than create tasks. Get native time tracking, create tasks and even take screenshots to attach to tasks.
The platform your team’s been looking for

The platform your team’s been looking for

ClickUp just works, no training needed. Forget creating a huge manual and hunting down tasks hidden in folders. ClickUp is easy to search, find and comment on the tasks you need.
No more emails, spreadsheets, or headaches
All in One

No more emails, spreadsheets, or headaches

Keep all your team's files and communication in one, fully searchable place. Finally get rid of emails, cut down on meetings and let your team enjoy working together.​​

Project management shouldn’t be this complicated...

Project management shouldn’t be this complicated...
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Why use multiple tools when you could just use one?

STOP bouncing across different platforms! ClickUp eliminates the back-and-forth relay by giving you the best of all worlds in one place. Empower your company with ClickUp.

ClickUp is the fastest growing task management tool for a reason!

Take the time to look at any Asana vs Trello review when comparing to ClickUp before making a decision.

A better way to manage everything.

Tasks, reminders, calendars, to do lists, for you and your teams - all in one place.
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Still looking for a fully-featured project management tool?

We’ve tried Asana , Basecamp , Trello , JIRA , Monday , and tons of other software only to realize they’re missing essential features or cost a fortune.

What is Trello?

What is Trello?

Trello is a card-based project management tool based on the popular idea of Kanban boards. In Kanban boards, tasks are made into cards, and the cards are moved into different swim lanes based on their statuses.

The most basic swimlanes are To-Do, Work in Progress and Done.

Trello has expanded beyond those simple statuses and now enable users to create their own to-do lists and more.

Benefits of Trello

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to visualize tasks
  • Multiple columns to organize work

For starters, Trello is incredibly simple. This simplicity makes it attractive to users from all walks of life.

The organization is simple; being able to organize your projects into boards gives you a birds-eye view of a project at a moment’s notice. You can quickly see what tasks need to get done and who’s responsible for doing them.

You can also map out the timeline of a project by adding multiple columns and populating them with cards for tasks.

It’s easy to grasp and works well for managing simple personal projects or creating to-do lists.

All of the above features and the basic workflow of Trello are super useful. If you’re looking for something that can solve all of your problems in one place, however, wouldn’t you consider upgrading your productivity arsenal?

Trello tries to solve productivity enhancement with their Power Ups system. Power Ups give you:
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Time tracking
  • Recurring tasks
  • Calendar integration

Cons of Trello

  • Difficulty collaborating with your team
  • Limited accountability
  • Large projects are difficult

Let’s be honest: cards aren’t for everyone. They can get shuffled and you may be dealt a bad hand. With Trello, there’s not a great way to monitor conversations and comments at a glance.

A tool like ClickUp gives you the ability to assign multiple people to a task, “@” them in the comments, and then assign a comment for them for follow-up. No other project management tool lets you do this.

Also, Trello makes it near impossible to get a grasp on what everyone is working on. You have to do a deep dive on each of those cards. But all of the cards are tasks--and one board is a big project. How do you flip between projects? It’s not easy.

There’s no way to filter by assignee and no advanced reporting . This might be fine when your team is small and you can keep track of what everyone’s doing, but as your team grows this will be a limitation.

How can you assign tasks if you don’t know who is working on what?

And get this: you’ll have to go through all of your cards manually to see any overdue tasks. How will that work for a growing team?

One solution to this is ClickUp . ClickUp offers many ways for accountability:
  • Reporting in ClickUp shows managers the tasks each user is working on, and if they have overdue tasks. ClickUp tracks how much time each person has spent on a task. A manager can see who is falling behind, and who is making headway.
  • Filters in ClickUp allow you to filter by assignee to check what each team member is working on. You can also filter to only see overdue tasks. This is a great way to check who has overdue tasks holding the company back. Set a favorite filter for access.

Kanban boards allow for great visuals if you’re working on a small project, but what if your organization is working on many at once?

The board style of Trello only allows you to see one board at a time, so it doesn’t allow for easy project overview. On the other hand, ClickUp doesn’t limit you to a single view; we have multiple types of views .

There’s Box view if you need that company-wide overview that Trello lacks. We also have a Board view which mirrors Trello’s Board view.

You can even have Gantt chart software with ClickUp for even more visualization capabilities.

What is Asana?

What is Asana?

Asana is Sanskrit for “pose” and originally comes from yoga. Asana, the project management company, co-opted the name to use for their project management software. Bold move, to claim that project management gives you the peace of mind of yoga.

Asana has gained notoriety for being founded by Dustin Moskowitz, one of the original founders of Facebook. He has succeeded in his own right, building Asana to a valuation of more than $1 billion. Impressive stuff that goes beyond any Facebook connections.

Now let’s analyze the benefits of Asana and Trello and how they stack up with one another.

Benefits of Asana

  • Easy to use.
  • Flexible user interface
  • Task management for non-technical teams

This workflow management tool for tasks helps teams stay on track. At first, Asana seems to have everything you need. You can tag people in comments, set up projects and sections, and create statuses to monitor the progress of your work. They also have many templates to help you Get Started. Choosing one of these related to your industry will establish similar tasks to your own.

Cons of Asana

  • Lack of structure and hierarchy
  • Locked into a certain view
  • Limited features on the free plan
  • No advanced tools like time tracking or Gantt charts

Despite its pleasing and user-friendly interface, Asana can become difficult to manage because of its hierarchy.

Compare project management hierarchy between major tools.

Administrators will have to pick between lists and cards, and then stay within that view. Asana doesn’t have additional spaces after teams, meaning that all of your projects could lack that essential separation between different parts of your business.

Because of this, it could take awhile to get going with Asana.

Also, Asana is limited on how you can set custom statuses, which causes extra friction as you have to dive into the comments to see the status of the work.

Also with Asana, you can’t have multiple assignees . A manager may not care who finishes the work, only that it gets done or it may need to be split among several team members. Asana won’t let you figure this out, again overly relying on the comments to help manage your work. In ClickUp, you can easily set up multiple assignees and let teams work together.

Another Asana problem? Efficiency. Their roadmap has been desperately slow, and they’re missing some of the important productivity features that you never knew you needed. Like a multi-task toolbar to help make edits to a group of tasks or a Notepad to jot down reminders and notes as you work within ClickUp.

ClickUp also gives you multiple views for your work--including a List, Board, Box, Time (Calendar/Timeline) view and Gantt chart to help you see you work from new angles or your preferred way of looking at things.

Read more about how Asana compares to ClickUp.

Why Choose ClickUp over Asana and Trello?

ClickUp is the fastest growing Asana alternative and Trello alternative because it was built by people who desire more efficiency in their team collaboration, and have built a productivity platform to meet that need.

Our platform's core focus is in removing frustrations, inefficiencies, and disconnect caused by existing project planning tools. Manage your reminders, notifications, calendars, and tasks in personal and work life - all in one place! Choose the features you want to use and customize ClickUp the way you want. Save more time in the day by combining the tools you use on an everyday basis into an intuitively powerful project management platform.

Features like drag-and-drop scheduling of tasks, slash commands, an online notepad, quick switch to navigate and saved filters truly make ClickUp a cut above Trello and Asana.

With ClickUp, you can prioritize tasks, make to-do lists and improve your task management workflow more than what you’re capable of within Asana or Trello.

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