Manage Bitbucket projects directly
from ClickUp.

Collaborate on repositories, pull requests, commits, and branches all in one place by integrating Bitbucket Cloud & Server with ClickUp.
Manage Bitbucket projects directly from ClickUp.
What is Bitbucket?

What is Bitbucket?

Bitbucket is a Git platform for engineering teams to host and collaborate on code. Integrating Bitbucket with ClickUp helps teams streamline development, collaboration, and resource management.

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Two-Way Syncing

Track all Bitbucket activity in ClickUp.

Two-way sync pull requests, branches, and commits with ClickUp tasks. See notifications of team Bitbucket activity, link tasks to Sprint workflows, and jump to code directly.
Task Updates

Update task statuses from Bitbucket.

Change the status of your ClickUp tasks from a commit, issue, or merge request directly from Bitbucket. Your entire team will always know where projects stand at a glance.
Branches & Pull Requests

Create branches & pull requests from ClickUp.

Instantly create Bitbucket branches and pull requests from ClickUp or create links to existing ones. A link to the associated ClickUp task will be added automatically for you.

Add repositories to ClickUp.

Connect your Bitbucket repositories directly to ClickUp for easy access. Customize which repositories are shared with your team and which Spaces can add history items to each codebase.

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