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11 Free Task Management Templates in ClickUp & Excel

Project management is a complicated business. You need to assemble the right team, plan out a killer strategy, and find the right tools for the job. 

However, even if you have all of these elements in place, everything could still go wrong.

The culprit? Poor task management. Without proper organization at the task level, even the best plans can fail to live up to expectations. 

That’s where task management templates come in. They provide an easy way to organize and prioritize tasks, ensuring that nothing gets between you and project management perfection. 

From simple daily task planners to comprehensive kanban boards, there’s a template out there that fits you or your team’s workflow perfectly. In this article, we’ll walk you through 11 of our favorite free task management templates to help streamline your workflow and optimize productivity. So let’s get started!

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What is a Task Management Template?

A task management template is a document that enables individuals or teams to plan, prioritize, and track specific tasks. Templates typically include features like due dates, assignees, and completion percentages to help you stay organized and on track with your projects.

Task management templates also usually include multiple views. For example, they might include a kanban board view so teams can easily visualize how far along in the workflow each task is. Additionally, they might include a Gantt chart so teams can see upcoming completion dates and plan their days and weeks accordingly.

ClickUp views
Visualize tasks, projects, and workflows the way that works best for you with ClickUp’s 15+ customizable views

Unlike a project management template, which focuses on wider business outcomes and goals, a task management template is laser-focused on specific tasks that make up these larger projects. For this reason, task management templates are designed to ultimately help teams complete whatever task they’ve been assigned to do.

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What Makes a Good Task Management Template?

A good task management template is organized and allows people to quickly find what they need without getting distracted by clutter. This can be accomplished through smart design and multiple view options that emphasize different parts of the document.

It should also be flexible and allow people to adjust the document to their own individual needs. This means that regardless of whether you’re planning a company-wide project or just your most productive Tuesday, this template can help you meet your goals.

Finally, it should be convenient. No one wants to spend oodles of time filling out a planning document. A good template should allow for smart data importation from whatever task management software you use. 

This way, you can spend less time optimizing your template and more time working, relaxing, or just being you.

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11 Free Task Management Templates

If you’re looking for a free and perfect way to keep track of all your tasks and projects, check out these 11 free task management templates from ClickUp and Excel.

1. ClickUp Task Management Template

Keep all of your tasks organized in one place with this template

Better task management is something that every team could use. Even if you think your team is already doing a good job, there’s always room for better teamwork, synergy, and time management.

For teams that want to take their task management to the next level, the ClickUp Task Management Template is a perfect solution. This template has all the features you need to stay organized and on top of the tasks that’ll help you complete whatever project goals you’re working toward.

This template includes pre-built custom fields so that you see at a glance who’s in charge of that task and when they expect it to be done. Plus, it organizes project tasks into three main lists—Action Items, Ideas, and Backlog—so you can flexibly find the info you’re looking for.

But the real power of this template lies in its multiple views. Take the data you plug into this template and automatically organize it by priority, department, or task status. This way, you can easily use this document in whichever way is most useful for you and your team.

The ClickUp Task Management Template is perfect for teams of all sizes who want to stay organized while tackling their workloads. Get started today at the link below!

2. ClickUp Task Management by Department Template

See what each team is currently working on easily

Are you struggling to stay organized when it comes to cross-department initiatives? 

When working with multiple departments or teams on a single goal, it can take a lot of work to stay organized, but our Task Management by Department Template by ClickUp can help you do just that.

This template organizes all your tasks based on the department in charge of getting them done. Not only can you see what tasks are in progress, but you also can get information like end dates, priority levels, or completion percentages.

Never again will you get messages asking who’s in charge of what task and when to expect it. This document gives everyone a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening across your entire project team.

Isn’t it time your department got some much-needed organizational help? Download this template today to get started. 

3. ClickUp Task Management by Priority Template

Sort all your tasks in the List view by priority to know where every tasks sits and what needs attention first

At any one organization, there are hundreds or thousands of tasks on the go at once. 

Some will inevitably be more important than others. For instance, adding employee bios to your website might be a nice touch, but it’s less important than finalizing your new product launch.

If you want to ensure that your team is working on the tasks that matter most, grab a copy of ClickUp’s Task Management by Priority Template. This template allows you to see all open tasks for your team organized by their priority level.

With this view, you can ensure that team members always prioritize the most mission-critical tasks first. This way, you or your team members can proactively avoid bottlenecks and get important projects across the finish line on time.

4. ClickUp Task Management Board Template

Easily manage tasks across the team and use custom views like Board view to delegate work more efficiently

Do you find that many of your tasks require a lot of collaboration? 

If so, the ClickUp Task Management Board Template was made for you. This template features a classic kanban board design, making it easy for teams to visualize how far along in a workflow each task truly is.

The board view also makes it much easier to collaborate with other stakeholders and add notes or descriptions for each task. Plus, it’s fully customizable, so you can adapt it to your workflow. 

With only a few keystrokes, add due dates, assignees, and descriptions to each task to keep projects organized and moving forward.

You can also add expected time to completion so that people can pick up tasks based on the time they still have left in their day. This helps you move projects along faster and keep everyone on task.

5. ClickUp Task Management Calendar Template

View your tasks in a monthly calendar view to schedule out your priorities

Do you struggle to remember what day certain tasks are due? Is time management a skill that you just can’t get a grasp on? 

If so, then you need the ClickUp Task Management Calendar Template. This template allows you to plan out your tasks in a calendar format so that you can easily see when each task is due.

This view makes managing team members’ workloads and deliverables much easier, allowing for faster project completion times. It also helps managers spot potential bottlenecks early on, like if several major tasks are all due on the same day.

The calendar view also allows you to plan your own schedule more effectively. If you know Project A is scheduled to finish at the end of the month, then you can ensure everything is in place so that Project B can get going when it’s complete. 

The best part is that if you’re already in the ClickUp ecosystem, your information can be automatically imported into this handy calendar form. 

6. ClickUp Simple Task Management Template

Keep things simple with this perfect task management template

For many of us, staying on top of our tasks is a full-time chore that takes up far more time than we’d probably like.

This isn’t just about work. We all have to remember appointments, birthdays, and so much more. 

If you spend way too much time remembering what you’re supposed to be doing today, then you should consider trying out the ClickUp Simple Task Management Template

This template makes it easy to build a comprehensive and intuitive organizational system that keeps track of your daily tasks and goals.

It features a variety of views, such as list view, board view, and doc view, to give you the flexibility to structure your tasks in the way that best fits your workflow.

This template also includes powerful customization options that allow you to add fields, prioritize tasks, and even set up reminders. With the ClickUp Task Management Template, you can easily structure your day and stay on top of what needs to be done—no matter how big or small it may be.

7. ClickUp Status Task Management Template

Sort out your day in this simple status task management template

Picture this: You have a laundry list of tasks to do, but you don’t know what’s been done and what still needs to get done. To make matters worse, it seems like the list is always growing, no matter how hard you try to limit it.

If this sounds familiar, then you need the Status Task Management Template by ClickUp. This template keeps your daily tasks in an easy-to-view kanban board. You’ll easily see what you’ve started, what you’ve finished, and what still needs to get done.

To make it even better, if you already have tasks set up in ClickUp, this template won’t require you to input data all over again. Simply add the view, and ClickUp will import all the data from your existing tasks.

With this template, you can easily differentiate between have-to-do and want-to-do tasks so that you never forget anything that absolutely has to happen today. Download this template today and make disorganization a thing of the past.

8. ClickUp Daily Task Management Template

Staying organized and productive with a focused everyday plan using the ClickUp Task Management Template

Do you ever wish that you could plan your days and weeks more effectively? The ClickUp Daily Task Management Template was designed specifically with this in mind.

Instead of constantly running back and forth between your paper planner, to-do notes, and calendar, you can centralize everything in this easy-to-use daily scheduler. Use it to keep your hours planned and coordinated with spots for each new task, event, or appointment in your day.

Plus, with its easy-to-view format, you can critically examine your time commitments and decide whether you’ve got too much going on to meet all your obligations. This planner is also essential for helping you remember all those little things on your mind.

Never again lose sleep over missing a doctor’s appointment or forgetting a friend’s birthday. With these events already logged, you can wake up, check your planner, and finish everything you need to on time. Your planner can also keep track of the other documents that keep your life organized.

For example, you could include a link to your email task management document so you can click over there during the time block you’ve set aside to respond to emails. Also, your planner doesn’t just have to be for serious tasks and appointments.

It can also help you make time for the hobbies and habits you enjoy doing. For instance, use your planner to include time for daily exercise, meditation practices, or just a therapeutic soak in the tub.

This template also includes powerful customization options like recurring tasks and specific due dates, allowing you to plan your day with ease. That means less time planning and more time doing. So if you want to squeeze more out of each day, this template is exactly what you need. Get started at the link below.

9. ClickUp Project Task List Template

ClickUp list view of tasks that roll up to the North Star metric

The ClickUp Task List Template provides an organized platform for tracking all your tasks in one place. Easily customizable to fit your specific workflow, this template not only displays a comprehensive list of your tasks, but also your progress on each one.

Understand at a glance who is responsible for what task, and when it is expected to be finished. This template categorizes tasks into Action Items, Ideas, and Backlog, facilitating easy navigation through your tasks. The template also provides multiple viewing options, allowing you to organize tasks by priority, department, or task status.

This template is ideal for teams and individuals aiming for efficiency and organized task management. Its integration with ClickUp means no duplicated data entry, saving you precious time. The ClickUp Task List Template is a perfect tool for keeping track of tasks and achieving project goals effectively.

10. Microsoft Excel Task Organizer Template

Microsoft Excel Task Tracker Template
Via Vertex42

Some people need to stay organized but don’t want to incorporate a whole new system into their lives. They already use ten different platforms and aren’t interested in an 11th.

For these people, this Microsoft Task Tracking Template from Excel is a great option. It allows you to create a comprehensive list of the tasks you need to do, all within the familiar confines of Excel. 

This Excel template is a great option for anyone comfortable with Excel who does not want to invest time in a more comprehensive task management system. It may not be pretty, but it includes all the basics, like a customizable list of tasks, due dates, and percentage completion. There’s even a spot for notes where you can drop important links, start dates, or your project budget.

What’s more, you can easily customize this task tracker template to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re tracking tasks for a single project or an entire organization, this document can help you stay one step ahead.

So if you want to manage your tasks within the Office ecosystem, then Excel’s Task Tracking Template is the perfect solution for you.

11. Excel Daily Task Manager Template

Via Microsoft Templates

Keeping yourself on track every day is a skill in and of itself. Many of us have tons of ongoing tasks that need our attention, so tracking them all and getting them done in time takes a little bit of organization.

If you’re simply looking for an easy way to keep your days organized, look no further than the Daily Task Management Template from Microsoft Excel. This project task list template lets you view and organize your daily tasks in a simple, easy-to-read format. This way, you can track deadlines and prioritize your to-do list so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Another handy trick this free template has is that it will automatically highlight any tasks that are due today. These highlighted entries are simple to spot, so you never miss anything that needs to get done ASAP. This feature may not mean much if your life is fairly relaxed (lucky you), but it can be a lifesaver if your number of tasks only seems to grow.

Not sure Excel templates for task management are right for you? Then check out our guide to Excel alternatives to find something more your speed.

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Manage Project Tasks with Task Tracker Templates

Task management templates are a great way to stay organized and ensure you complete your tasks well ahead of schedule. No matter what type of project team you have, there’s likely a task management template out there that can help streamline your workflow, manage project tasks, and optimize your productivity.

If your business is looking for an easy way to improve task management in their workflows, look no further than ClickUp. Our task management features allow you to do more than just access our pre-built templates. 

You can also use ClickApps to customize your experience, add tags and subtasks, or even boost collaboration with real-time comment threads.  

With ClickUp, task management doesn’t need to be quite so…tasking. See what a difference a little organization can do for your business by signing up for a free account today. 

Happy organizing! 🎉

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