Miro Vs Notion: Which Task Management Tool is Best

Miro Vs Notion: Which Task Management Tool is Best?

Managing productivity can be challenging, especially when tracking tasks for complex projects. To help make life easier, we now have collaborative online whiteboard platforms that go beyond jotting down tasks.

It allows you to add details for each task, including the ability to track subtasks within the main task, share documents, brainstorm on a shared canvas, and much more. But with so many options, how do you pick a task management software that differentiates itself from other tools?

The answer lies in choosing a platform that combines note-taking features, supports integrations, and helps your teams organize their tasks effectively.

With several project planning and collaborative online whiteboard platforms, there are many options, and each tool differs regarding key features and services.

This guide will compare two popular task management tools—Miro Vs. Notion.

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What is Miro?

Miro is a visual collaboration platform that will ignite your team’s creative spark. Think of it as your digital whiteboard but with a lot more features. It is a flexible workspace where your team can communicate and design projects faster, enabling you to build, iterate, and design your next big idea.

With Miro, you can:

  • Strategize and plan: Utilize pre-built whiteboard templates, Kanban boards, and embedded notes to keep your brainstorming organized and action-oriented
  • Visualize anything: Create mind maps, notes, flowcharts, diagrams, and anything else your imagination conjures with a vast array of tools and shapes
  • Brainstorm ideas: Save time trying to communicate complex ideas using traditional methods. With Miro’s visual task management, you can use planning boards to provide a single view of your project at a glance, collaborate among teams, and take necessary steps on your ideas

Miro features

Infinite Canvas

Miro board provides an endless digital canvas that lets your ideas develop freely, accommodating even the most ambitious brainstorming sessions. With this feature, you can plan complex projects, brainstorm, and ensure your teams organize their deliverables in a single dashboard.

Using Miro cards, you can convert ideas into sticky notes or text boxes or add detailed information like status, assignee, and due date—no switching is needed.

Miro Cards for project and task management 
Project management via Miro

Kanban framework

Get a clear view of your project planning using ready-to-use Kanban templates designed for specific needs, from brainstorming sessions to product roadmaps. This saves you valuable time, and you can prioritize work by adding Miro cards to a Kanban board with editable swimlanes and columns.

Connectors and dependency mapping

Work together seamlessly, regardless of location. See edits and map dependencies with connectors, fostering an interactive and dynamic brainstorming experience.

Miro dependencies board
Dependencies board via Miro

Task management integrations

Miro supports integrations with 130+ apps and popular tools. This helps you collate all your task-driven data in a single solution, making task management efficient for you and your stakeholders.

Miro pricing

  • Free: Unlimited team members, pre-made templates, basic attention management, three editable whiteboards 
  • Teams: $8 per member per month with video conferencing functionality, unlimited boards, unlimited visitors, private boards, and email support 
  • Business: $16 per member per month with everything in the Miro Teams plan plus manual board backup, smart diagramming, and SSO
  • Enterprise: Contact Miro for pricing to get centralized account management, dedicated success manager, Azure DevOps, and CA Rally integrations, enterprise-grade security and compliance, data governance, and premium support
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What is Notion?

One of the top Miro alternatives is Notion, an all-in-one workspace for all your task management and note-taking needs. This tool offers many features that combine note-taking with database management, visual collaboration, and maintaining a shared canvas or Notion view for all your personal and business needs.

notion design tasks gif
Task management in Notion

From basic tasks to managing complex projects, Notion tools provide a single workspace to organize your essential activities. Plus, thanks to its strong community, you can easily create and use thousands of Notion templates to help you:

  • Track your to-dos and goals
  • Create design systems
  • Save notes, create mood boards, and manage content
  • Manage project activities for yourself and your team
  • Automate using APIs

Notion features

End-to-end Task Management

Notion’s task management dashboard
Task management dashboard via Notion

Notion’s flexible framework allows you to use it for all your task management requirements, including:

  • Creating custom task management dashboards for every team member, department, and project
  • Keep tasks organized by calendar, Kanban board, Gantt charts, tables, calendar, and more
  • Sort projects easily based on timeline, category, team members, priority, and more

Notes, Calendar, Habit Tracker, and more

With Notion’s flexible blocks, you can create anything from a simple to-do list to complex dashboards, helping you tailor your workspace to your exact needs.


Notion can help you fetch data and integrate with top software like Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, Asana, and 149 other popular tools. If you like a more tailored integration, you can even build your public API, which makes it unique from other tools. 

Multi-lingual support

For teams working in diverse geographies, Notion allows you to maintain your workspace and edit documents in different languages. Currently, it supports English, Korean, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Notion pricing

  • Personal (Free plan): Unlimited pages & blocks, sync across devices, share with five guests, API for custom integrations
  • Personal Pro ($4 per month): All in personal free plus, unlimited file uploads, unlimited guests, view and restore versions dating 30 days back
  • Teams ($8 per month): All in Personal Pro plus, unlimited team members, sharing permissions, collaboration tools, admin tools
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): All in Teams plus, SAML SSO, user provisioning (SCIM) Audit logNEW, advanced security & controls, unlimited version history, dedicated success manager (100+ seats), custom contract
  • Notion AI: Add to any paid plan for $8 per member/month
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Miro Vs Notion: Features compared

The main difference between Miro and Notion is the additional capabilities that you get with Notion. While Miro is categorized mainly as a task management and visual collaboration platform, Notion goes beyond with Note-taking management, Docs, Knowledge Base, and Wiki.

Here is a quick comparison of all the Notion Vs Miro features and their ratings:

AI-based writing & other features
Integrations with third-party tools
Mobile app
Wiki / Knowledge
Project management features
Video conferencing
Chat / Messaging
Assignment management 
Task scheduling
Access controls/permissions
Task scheduling
Collaboration tools
Task progress tracking
Ideal forSmall and large teams who want to go beyond task management, including docs, note-taking, and additional featuresSmaller teams who want basic features, clean and simple task management features
G2 ratings4.7/5 (5059 reviews)4.8/5 (5357 reviews)
Capterra ratings4.8/5 (2101 reviews)4.7/5 (1488 reviews)

Feature #1: Visual Collaboration and Task Mapping

Do you need a visual project management solution? Miro has a clear edge.

With its infinite canvas, Miro allows you to use diverse visual tools, such as sticky notes, shapes, connectors, and other collaborative features, to shine during brainstorming sessions and task mapping. 

This enables you to build advanced reports, manage complex projects, visualize user research, participate in collaborative sessions, and create workflows with 2500+ Miro and community templates.

Miro's data visualization dashboard
Data visualization dashboard via Miro

With its flexible blocks, Notion is also great for visual project management but lacks the advanced features you get in Miro. With Notion, you get basic elements, making it less suitable for visual task management.

Verdict: Miro is the winner

Feature #2: Note Sharing and Team Collaboration

Between Miro vs. Notion, who wins in collaboration and Note-sharing?

Notion has its benefits, as it focuses on being an end-to-end note-taking and task-tracking platform, making it easy for you to manage projects, track daily habits, or plan an upcoming trip with a friend, all in a single workspace.

But Miro, with its data visualization and collaboration framework, is equally good. You can sync everything in one place, from traditional slides, action items, business reports, and Kanban reports. Plus, you can create interactive video walkthroughs and collaborate live in any presentation or report using its interactive features.

Verdict: Tie

Feature #3: Database Management 

When it comes to managing databases and files, Notion is the clear winner. Miro’s free project management software offers some excellent features, and you can even upgrade to paid versions for advanced features. But when it comes to managing docs, files, and other functionalities, Miro lacks the depth that Notion has.

Notion's all-in-one workspace
All-in-one workspace via Notion

Notion offers powerful databases with filtering, sorting, and roll-up features for organizing and managing complex tasks. While Miro offers Kanban boards (which every other task management software does), it lacks the depth and functionality of Notion’s database-driven task management.

Verdict: Notion is the winner

Feature #4: Customization and Flexibility

Both have their own strengths when it comes to customization and flexibility. Notion uses blocks and allows you to create diverse layouts and content types and manage them in a structured workspace. This will enable you to manage complex tasks and projects and save documents, wikis, notes, and other elements to enhance this.

Miro does excellently with Miro Cards, which allows you to use this platform’s visual elements fully. This helps you visualize your projects, showcases dependencies between tasks and task ownership, and even provides a place for creative brainstorming using the whiteboard feature.

Verdict: Tie

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Miro Vs Notion on Reddit

Don’t take our word for it. We also searched on Reddit to understand what users have to say on this topic. Many users agree that in the comparison of Miro vs Notion, Notion is more useful for its advanced features, but they have also realized that

“As many, I fell in love with the flexibility of Notion for a while, but as I grew more and more aware of how it works, I decided that softwares like ClickUp, Todoist, Things3, NirvanaHQ, are way faster, more flexible and overall better at handling tasks.”

Another user talked about choosing between Miro Vs Notion by focusing on the requirement, saying

“Depends on usecase. If you need just see tasks statuses and share details about them — Trello, Asana or ClickUp is a good option

If you need more text docs with ToDos — Notion is good. Miro and similar things are best if you need more ideation and visualization”

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Meet ClickUp—The Best Alternative to Miro Vs Notion

The final verdict? Notion and Miro have some excellent features that make it a great option, depending on your use case and requirements.

In the Miro vs Notion showdown, Notion has a slight edge. Notion’s advanced features can go above and beyond, but it doesn’t come close to some top task management and productivity solutions. 

Several Notion alternatives combine note-taking and task management. It also helps you with advanced automation, simplifying workflows, and managing end-to-end enterprise or personal tasks.

ClickUp emerges as a viable solution when you have advanced requirements and need an all-in-one productivity platform. A comprehensive project management platform that blends Miro’s visual collaboration strengths and the flexibility of Notion, ClickUp shines in multiple departments.

Convert comments into ClickUp tasks or assign them to the team
Convert comments into tasks instantly with ClickUp Storyboard

Think of ClickUp as the Notion AI alternative or the ultimate collaboration hub, where you can:

Brainstorm and collaborate using ClickUp Whiteboards

With ClickUp Whiteboards, your teams can harness the power of visual collaboration. The interactive whiteboard allows you to brainstorm, build flowcharts, and map out your ideas, all within the context of your project.

ClickUp 3.0 Whiteboards simplified
ClickUp Whiteboard for brainstorming and task mapping

This allows you to visualize concepts and helps you manage tasks seamlessly. You can

  • Brainstorm, strategize, and map your tasks using agile workflows with advanced features
  • Connect your ideas to realistic project timelines by simply dragging and dropping to draw connections, roadmaps, and workflows
  • Collaborate, add notes, and bring your ideas together with real-time team canvas
  • Add context to your projects by uploading images, web links, and trackable tasks

Simplify project management workflows with ClickUp Docs

Craft rich and collaborative documents within ClickUp, with real-time editing, AI-powered writing assistance, and seamless integration with project tasks.

Connect ClickUp Docs to Workflows
ClickUp Docs view that allows you to connect documents to workflows

ClickUp Docs ensures you can collate all your ideas into a single document, including Docs, links, wikis, and more. Simplify your task management and documents using ClickUp’s vast library of pre-built templates, or create your custom template from scratch. Using ClickUp’s Docs, you can:

  • Connect Docs and tasks using workflows, project updates, and more
  • Organize all your wikis and resources in one place, adding them to be part of your workspace
  • Add notes wherever and whenever you want, even in offline mode. Once you regain your internet connection, ClickUp will sync all your notes and updates in the Doc automatically
  • Easily protect and share your docs with privacy and edit controls, enabling you to share links with team members and give public access

Use the advanced features of ClickUp Brain to simplify task tracking, creation, and delegation. This allows you to connect tasks, docs, resources, and all your knowledge with advanced neural networks to help you:

  • Ask questions and get answers from your docs, tasks, and projects
  • Use AI as your assistant to manage and automate tasks and project updates
  • Leverage the AI Writer for content creation and reply quickly with content tailored to the context

Get more done with ClickUp Tasks

Manage tasks of any size and complexity with ClickUp’s robust task features. ClickUp Tasks help you to assign tasks, set dependencies, leverage automation, and track progress visually—all in one unified platform.

ClickUp 3.0 List view in Dark Mode simplified
Simplified List Dashboard of ClickUp Tasks

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