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11 Best Influencer Templates to Manage Outreach in 2024

Influencer marketing has become a key way for businesses to build brand awareness and connect with their target audiences. But partnering with influencers takes a lot of work—from your influencer outreach strategy to the implementation of your marketing plan.

Not only do you need to connect with the right influencer for your brand, but you also need to maintain a productive and professional relationship along the way.

Use these influencer templates to refine your marketing strategy and cut down on the time it takes to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign.

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What Is an Influencer Template?

An influencer template is any document that you use to streamline and standardize your interactions with influencers. Instead of starting from scratch every time, you can simply personalize your outline or template for each potential influencer you contact.

Some of the most common influencer templates include:

  • Influencer outreach email template: Use this template to initiate contact with an influencer for the first time. If you’ll be reaching out to them via direct message, create a DM template instead of an email template
  • Follow-up email template: Use this template to follow up with influencers you haven’t heard back from or who have expressed interest in your project
  • Influencer campaign brief template: A campaign brief explains the scope, purpose, and timeline of your campaign to prospective influencers
  • Influencer contract template: Your influencer contract template should spell out the terms and conditions of your influencer partnership, such as the number of social media posts you’ll expect them to create each week or month 📅
  • Social media content plan template: This type of template helps to keep you and your particular influencer on the same page as your campaign moves forward
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What Makes a Good Influencer Template?

A good influencer marketing template should include key information while still being easy to tailor to each influencer you contact. For example, you can include the same info about your business in each email but personalize the subject line and influencer name.

Here are four things to include in influencer outreach messages:

  • Subject line: The more popular the influencer name, the more email they receive. Use an engaging subject line to get the influencer’s attention and increase open rates
  • Brand values: Social media influencers like to partner with brands that align with their values. Increase your chances of success by highlighting how your product or business is a match for their audience
  • Free sample: If your brand name isn’t widely known, offer to provide free product samples so they can see for themselves what your product is about 🎁
  • Media kit: If your influencer is a blogger or reviewer, provide a media kit with all of your promo materials so they don’t have to go digging them up
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11 Influencer Templates to Use in 2024

Chances are you’ll need to contact multiple influencers before establishing a successful partnership for your brand. These free templates will save you time at every step of the way, from initial outreach to creating a social media content calendar.

Simply download the templates you need and customize them for each new marketing strategy.

1. ClickUp Influencer Contract Template

Influencer Contract Doc Template by ClickUp
Craft your next contract with the Influencer Contract Doc Template by ClickUp

Use this ClickUp Influencer Contract Template to document a formal agreement with an influencer or content creator. Start by filling in the influencer name, contact details, and home address. Then, fill out the table with their handles on each social media project management platform (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and so on), along with their follower count.

Once you’ve created the contract, you can email it to them for review, and both parties can sign the document digitally. Export your influencer outreach strategy as a PDF for easy record-keeping.

Not only does it serve as a binding agreement, but you’ll find it easy to keep track of all the influencers you’re working with, thanks to the profile pic and social media handles shown right on the front page.

2. ClickUp Social Media Content Plan Template

Influencer template: ClickUp Social Media Content Plan Template
Track social media posts with this customizable content plan template

This ClickUp Social Media Content Plan Template helps you track all your social media campaigns in one place, even if you’re working with multiple influencers.

Each task gets a due date and assignee, so you can assign an Instagram story to your Instagram influencer and a TikTok post to someone else. You can also use the Priority column to highlight time-sensitive tasks with a red or orange flag.

Do you have other people involved in your influencer marketing campaign, such as an editor, designer, or copywriter? Add them to one of five custom fields for improved collaboration.

Whether you’re planning a new product giveaway or a sneak peek of an upcoming release, this social media content plan template will keep you organized and productive.

3. ClickUp Agency Client Health Tracker by Zenpilot

ClickUp Agency Client Health Tracker by Zenpilot
Stay ahead of client needs and drive customer satisfaction with this customizable template from ZenPilot and ClickUp

Working with influencers is becoming increasingly popular for businesses, but managing these relationships can be challenging. That’s where the ClickUp Agency Client Health Tracker from Zenpilot Template comes in. This customizable template allows agencies to track the health of their client relationships all in one convenient location, making it easy to manage influencer info and maximize impact.

With the ClickUp Agency Client Health Tracker, agencies can track important data points such as influencer satisfaction levels, touchpoints, and feedback. By logging this information businesses can gain a better understanding of their influencer relationships and optimize their strategy accordingly. This allows them to maintain strong partnerships and drive greater business success.

By incorporating the ClickUp Agency Client Health Tracker into your influencer management process, you’ll be able to streamline your workflows and stay on top of any issues that arise.

4. ClickUp Advertisement Template

Influencer template: ClickUp Advertisement Template
This ClickUp Advertisement template helps you track the status of your marketing materials

This ClickUp Advertisement Template can help you develop a new ad for your digital marketing campaign from start to finish. Start by identifying the marketing objective, marketing materials, and marketing status (such as “In Development”).

Then, break up the development process into stages, such as “First Draft Completed,” “Final Draft Completed,” and “Approved by Legal.” Once your ad is approved by your exec team, legal team, and marketing team, you can send it off to your social media influencers and other affiliates to kick off your marketing efforts.

This advertisement template can be used for most influencer marketing campaigns, as well as affiliate programs and brand ambassador programs.

5. ClickUp Campaign Brief Template

Influencer template: Campaign Brief Template by ClickUp
Use this campaign brief template to outline the budget, target audience, and milestones related to your influencer campaign

Before entering into an influencer marketing partnership, use a ClickUp Campaign Brief Template to get everyone on the same page and coordinate your outreach efforts.

Fill out the table with the Driver, Contributors, and Approvers of the project (using their social media handles so you can easily find them online). Include the product name, tagline, and description of the product that you want to advertise.

This template also includes a section for Messaging where you can describe your call to action (CTA). Is your product a perfect fit for families with kids or for pet owners? Add an image of your ideal customer in the Target Audience section.

The Budget section helps you break down your campaign budget into components like copywriting, video production, and analysis, while the Milestone section helps you stay on track with due dates for each step in your campaign.

Finally, wrap up your influencer marketing with a section for Key Deliverables and Additional Resources for your team to consult.

6. ClickUp Campaign Tracking Template

Influencer template: ClickUp Campaign Tracking Template
Track the progress of multiple marketing campaigns from start to finish with this detailed campaign tracking template

This ClickUp Campaign Tracking Template helps you keep track of how your influencer marketing campaigns are doing. From email marketing to affiliate marketing, use this template to view all of your ongoing campaigns in one place.

Set the Campaign Launch Status to “Scheduled” or “Launched,” and add an Assignee and Campaign Manager to each task so you know who’s responsible for it. Use handy tags like Podcast, Website, Ads, and Social Media so you know which platform each marketing campaign is appearing on.

Once your campaign has launched, track the Budget, Spend, Impressions, Clicks, and Conversion metrics. Switch between List view, Board view, Calendar view, and more depending on how you want to visualize your data.

7. ClickUp Content Marketing Template

Influencer template: ClickUp Content Marketing Template
This content marketing template allows you to group tasks by month, flag their priority level, label different content types, and more

Content marketing requires coordination between your marketing team, influencers, and other stakeholders. Use the ClickUp Content Marketing Template to streamline content creation, whether that’s videos, articles, blog posts, or infographics. 📹

Use fields like Effort and Output Quality to determine which types of content will be the most cost effective, and mark tasks as Complete, Discarded, or To Do.

This is a great opportunity to ask potential influencers to participate in a product review, giveaway, or another type of marketing campaign.

Be sure to mention it in your influencer outreach email templates so they know what to expect from the collaboration.

See how AI marketing tools can streamline your influencer marketing workflow!

8. ClickUp Marketing Proposal Template

ClickUp Marketing Proposal Template
Pitch your marketing services to clients with a great marketing proposal

This ClickUp Marketing Proposal Template can be used by solo marketers or influencer marketing teams to pitch their services to potential clients. The front page contains the company name and a brief description, followed by a section introducing the team members and their respective roles.

After the About Us page comes the Proposal itself, along with a Process Walkthrough that describes what it would be like to work with you.

You can use this marketing proposal to pitch an idea for relevant influencers and their content, a hashtag for a social media campaign, or any other content marketing idea.

It’s similar to an influencer outreach email and collaboration template in that its goal is to introduce your team, your skillset, and your vision in a clear and engaging way.

9. ClickUp Start a Social Media Marketing Agency Template

ClickUp Start a Social Media Marketing Agency Template
Launch your own social media marketing agency with this comprehensive template

The ClickUp Start a Social Media Marketing Agency Template is a powerful tool to help you ramp up your social media agency from the ground up. This intermediate template is compatible with ClickUp Spaces for even more advanced collaborative features.

You can build a comprehensive dashboard with multiple view types, including Board, List, My tasks, and Due this Week. Make use of 30 color-coded statuses, such as In Review, Active, On Hold, Published, Needs Revision, and more.

You’ll also have access to 12 different ClickApps, which cover everything from Time Tracking and Sprints to Priorities, WIP Limits, and Dependency Warnings.

With so many features, it’s easy to move tasks from the idea or suggestion stage all the way through to publication. Keep track of multiple clients and influencers with the same template by tagging each task by client, channel, and content type.

10. ClickUp Social Media Advanced Template

Social Media Advanced Template by ClickUp
Use the Social Media Advanced Template by ClickUp to streamline your content management efforts and get organized

The ClickUp Social Media Advanced Template is an advanced template that can help you level up your social media campaigns. It comes with 16 different status types, such as Design, Posted/Live, Update Required, and Post Withdrawn, so you can keep track of recent posts and upcoming posts at the same time.

Start by creating a list of upcoming content, such as a blog post or an Instagram story. Add a due date and assignee for each task, and use color-coded labels to identify the social media channel and the content category (such as News, Tips, or Tutorial).

Once the post is live, upload the content files and add a link to the live URL so you can review or update it at any time. You can use the same template to track posts made by micro influencers or even a brand ambassador on their own social media profiles.

Not a fan of Kanban boards? Don’t worry: You can easily switch to Schedule view so you can see your upcoming posts on the marketing calendar.

Try out marketing calendar software!

11. ClickUp Social Media Strategy Workflow

Social Media Strategy Workflow Template by ClickUp
Use ClickUp’s customizable Social Media Strategy Workflow Template to plan and achieve important social media-related tasks

The ClickUp Social Media Strategy Workflow is an intermediate template that simplifies the planning process for social media marketers. Break everything down into tasks and subtasks, and label them with color-coded statuses like Complete, Blocked, Needs Revision, Needs Approval, or In Progress.

In the Role column, identify the team members who are involved in each task, such as Social Media Manager, Marketing Manager, and Content Strategist.

Once your workflow is set up, toggle between the Creation Stage, Mood Board, Branding Guidelines, and Social Media Strategy Steps.

This ClickUp template takes the guesswork out of social media strategy so you can get through your to-do list one task at a time. Don’t forget to include influencer outreach to get more eyes on your marketing campaign! 👀

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How to Increase Influencer Outreach Response Rate

One of the biggest challenges in influencer marketing is getting a response from potential influencers. With so many brands vying for their attention, it can be hard to stand out and get noticed.

But don’t worry! We have some tips to help you increase your influencer outreach response rate:

  1. Personalize your messages: Don’t just send a generic email to every influencer on your list. Take the time to research each influencer and personalize your message to them. Mention their recent work or something you admire about their brand.
  2. Offer value: Influencers are more likely to respond if they see that working with you will benefit them in some way. Whether it’s offering free products, a paid collaboration, or exposure to a new audience, make sure to communicate the value they will receive from working with your brand.
  3. Keep it short and sweet: Influencers are busy people and get a lot of emails daily. Keep your initial outreach message short and to the point. Save the details for later in the conversation.
  4. Follow up: If you don’t hear back from an influencer after your initial message, don’t be afraid to follow up with a friendly reminder. Sometimes their inbox can get cluttered and they may have missed your first message.
  5. Build relationships: Don’t just reach out to influencers when you need something from them. Take the time to build genuine relationships by engaging with their content and supporting their brand. This will make them more likely to respond when you do reach out for a collaboration.
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Build Brand Awareness with ClickUp Influencer Templates

The right influencer is someone with a built-in audience whose image aligns with your brand values. But the best influencers are in demand, so it may take time before you hear back from them.

Keep your emails short and snappy to improve your response rate, and use email templates to save time in the drafting process.

By ClickUp templates for outreach emails, follow-up emails, influencer contracts, and campaign briefs, you’ll always have the documents you need ready to go. Plus our collaborative tools make it easy to share information with other members of your marketing team so you know who’s responsible for which tasks.

From influencer outreach to social media strategy, ClickUp has you covered.

Visit the ClickUp Template Library for even more marketing tools to grow your business.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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