Best Engineering Podcasts for Technology Professionals in 2024

Best Engineering Podcasts for Technology Professionals in 2024

If you work in technology or engineering today, you know how important continuous learning is for you. Processes and technologies change and improve constantly, and if you want to stay relevant, you must stay on top of all the new developments and trends in your field. 

Tech communities are effective knowledge sources, but you aren’t likely to receive structured support from such platforms. Most of these forums have a lot of scattered information, which means that the never-ending task of sifting through it to find relevant knowledge falls to you.

In contrast, a technology podcast is a more engaging and consistent knowledge source. The best part is there’s no need to search multiple forums for real-life insights from industry experts, the latest trends, and actionable management secrets to help you upskill. 

Engineers, engineering students, and engineering enthusiasts today have access to various informative engineering podcasts to solidify their knowledge and learn valuable insights from thought leaders. 

Picking out the best engineering podcasts can be challenging, so we’ve compiled a shortlist to make your life easier. 

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The Rise of Podcasts in Engineering

An engineering podcast is an easily accessible source of knowledge and subject matter expertise—no wonder they are hugely popular among engineering students and experienced industry professionals. 

The global podcasting market is projected to reach $133.9 billion by 2032, and engineering podcasts, thanks to their specialized content, are expected to contribute to this growth. 

Podcasts are great learning resources for engineers to continue upskilling and boost professional growth. Here’s why: 

Learn and incorporate tried and tested strategies 

Before podcasts became popular, engineers and students had to independently learn new programming languages, data analytics, and other problem-solving techniques. While experiential learning is commendable, it is a time-consuming trial-and-error process. 

Meanwhile, a podcast offers tried-and-tested problem-solving strategies as hosts interview influential and seasoned tech leaders to discuss their experiences. You’ll likely achieve your goals quickly and efficiently by learning and incorporating these strategies in your work.

Get expert advice round-the-clock 

Engineering communities are famous for being highly supportive. If you share a technology question in a relevant community, it’s bound to bring you answers.

However, these communities have members scattered across different time zones, so members’ responses to your queries may be delayed. On the other hand, podcasts are pre-recorded and readily accessible at your convenience. 

Depending on the type of roadblock you are facing, you can find the relevant podcast, listen to expert suggestions, and have the answer to your queries within minutes. 

Pro tip: Maintain a podcast swipe file to document the informative podcasts’ specific use cases. Add time stamps for your focus areas so you can access them quickly the next time you have similar queries.

Sometimes, it is easier to listen than read 

While you’ll find tons of informative engineering blogs, some prefer consuming information in audio rather than the written word.  

Also, podcasts are convenient when you’re multitasking. Though you might want to keep aside dedicated time for more technical podcasts, such as an episode on reverse engineering hardware projects, others covering topics such as artificial intelligence or career planning for engineers can run in the background while you’re doing your daily chores. 

Here’s how podcasts help aspiring engineers stay a step ahead of the curve: 

  • Engineering podcast hosts are generally expert technical leaders who help you keep up with changing trends in the global technology industry 
  • Podcasts provide an instant community—think of them as private spaces to interact with podcast hosts and guest speakers, get a look behind the scenes, and connect with other listeners 
  • Engineering podcasts are cost-effective and won’t dig a hole in your pocket, unlike some upskilling courses 
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Top Engineering Podcasts to Grow Your Career

After listening to dozens of top engineering podcasts, we have narrowed down and created a list of the best podcasts available today. 

99% Invisible 

99% Invisible

The first podcast on our list is 99% Invisible. Hosted by former Ted Talk speaker Roman Mars, this podcast sheds light on never-before-revealed surprising facts or untapped areas in the engineering world. The podcast is over a decade old and has nearly 500 million listeners across iTunes, Pandora, Stitcher, and other platforms.  

You can explore the process and power of design and architecture across eight categories, including history, technology, cities, objects, sounds, and more. Each episode covers interesting topics that don’t require you to be a subject expert. 

The podcast also has a Discord community for listeners to discuss ideas and interact with each other.

Must-listen episodes

What listeners say

These podcasts make me ask important questions about life and our world!

Engineering Heroes

Engineering Heroes

Launched in 2018 by Melanie and her husband Dom, Engineering Heroes was primarily about the challenges and future tech health of engineering students in modern society. 

Currently off-air, this podcast invited seasoned engineers from different industries and expertise areas to discuss the latest engineering trends and challenges, soft skills in engineering, frustrations relatable to most engineers, and different ways to manage engineering teams

While the last episode of the Engineering Heroes podcast aired in May 2021, it remains relevant for engineers worldwide because of its honest discussions around critical aspects of the engineering profession. 

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

I liked this podcast! A refreshing style focusing on the silent achievers in society.

The Engineering Career Coach Podcast 

The Engineering Career Coach

Seasoned engineers Anthony Fasano and Jeff Perry started The Engineering Career Coach podcast when they realized that the high attrition rate within the tech sector could be attributed to the lack of a structured framework for professional development in most technology companies. 

With over 2.3 million viewers, The Engineering Career Coach podcast aims to help engineering students with invaluable career advice. The podcast has a dedicated series for each engineering category and features guests discussing their learnings, strategies, and experiences. 

The hosts encourage listeners to submit questions, which they discuss with guests in future podcast episodes. 

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

This podcast is exactly what engineers need right now. With a range of topics covering personal and professional development, they are providing needed value to build up and influence the engineering community. 

The Engineering Leadership Podcast (ELC)

The Engineering Leadership Podcast

Part of the ELC community for tech leaders, the Engineering Leadership Podcast (ELC) invites accomplished tech leaders weekly to share their experiences and actionable leadership lessons. Hosted by Patrick Gallagher, ELC is available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and Google. 

The ELC has a strong community with over 9000 practicing software engineers, the world’s leading engineering managers, and leaders. The podcast is ideal for enthusiasts looking to learn the basic and advanced engineering concepts and strategies used by global engineering leaders. 

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

Keep doing these! Great chat and very informative.

Software Engineering Daily 

Software Engineering Daily

Another excellent podcast you must add to your watchlist is the Software Engineering Daily podcast. Each episode features a technology leader discussing software solutions changing the world and driving the ever-evolving technology revolution and engineering innovations. 

With a 4.4 rating on Apple Podcasts, Software Engineering Daily is an inspiring engineering podcast. It takes you through the career phases of renowned software engineers and shares many actionable lessons on how they approach product development and problem-solving. 

Interestingly, this podcast also accepts applications from experienced technology professionals to guest-host an episode.

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

One of the best software engineering podcasts available.

The Backend Engineering Show with Hussein Nasser

Backend Engineering Show

Hussein Nasser, a Product Engineer at Esri, launched the Backend Engineering Show to discuss everything related to backend development. In his insightful podcast, Nasser dissects the backend architecture of popular applications, shares tips to become a successful backend engineer, and discusses the latest trends in software engineering. 

This podcast is a valuable resource for aspiring engineering students and professionals, offering possibilities for upskilling and revisiting fundamental concepts. 

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

Telling it the way it should be told!

Top Civil Engineering Podcasts

Looking for the best construction engineering podcast? Here are our recommendations: 

The Civil Engineering Podcast: Anthony Fasano hosts this civil engineering podcast, which shares engineering success stories and career advice from some of the world’s most successful civil engineers.

The Civil Engineering Podcast

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

I definitely recommend this podcast for anyone involved/interested in engineering. It does a great job balancing technical and soft skill information with personal stories.

ASCE Plot Points: Launched in 2018, ASCE’s structural engineering podcast Plot Points is for new-age structural engineers and engineering students eager to learn more about informative construction engineering stories and the changing technical trends redefining civil engineering.

ASCE Plot Points Podcast

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

A treasure trove of resources for engineering professionals

Engineering ChangeYvette E. Pearson started the Engineering Change podcast to redefine how civil engineers should be educated. This podcast focuses on educating modern-day civil engineers with more sustainable and inclusive civil engineering practices. 

Engineering Change Podcast

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

Can’t recommend highly enough, especially to the engineering design community.

Interested in civil engineering? Here are some construction certifications you should know about.

Leading Electrical and Electronics Podcasts 

If you’re an electrical or electronics engineer looking to upskill and grow your career, here are the best podcasts for you: 

The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast: This electronics podcast by Dave Jones and Chris Gammell takes a fun approach to explain the latest trends and best practices from the changing electronics engineering trends. 

The Amp Hour Podcast

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

I have been listening for years. If you are an electrical engineer and have not subscribed yet, you’re missing out.

Moore’s Lobby: In this fortnightly podcast, host Daniel Bogdanoff shares some of the most inspiring stories and trends related to the global electronics engineering industry. Themes can range from chip design to AI and everything in between.

Moore's Lobby

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

This podcast really helps you spend time mentally with engineers.

Geared Up: Seasoned tech reviewer Andru Edwards and tech journalist Todd Bishop co-host the Geared Up podcast. The fun-filled episodes feature the newest and most exciting tech gadgets. The hosts discuss the various features of up-and-coming consumer tech products and help users make informed decisions when buying tech. 

Geared Up

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

I’ve listened to geared up since it was a radio show, it’s gotten wayyyyy better since then.

The Electropages Podcast: This podcast interviews the world’s leading engineering experts, project managers, and thought leaders weekly. The guests share their engineering knowledge and predictions about the latest trends in electronics engineering. Tune in for industry insights and discussions about the latest material innovations.

Electro Pages

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

Longform conversations with industry leaders make for a very interesting listen! 

Notable Podcasts for Software and Computer Engineers

If you are a software engineer with career goals, these podcasts will help you pick up the latest and most marketable engineering and management skills: 

The Changelog: The Changelog invites technology thought leaders to dive into the world of open-source software. Hosted by Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo, this podcast is top-rated for featuring honest and relatable interactions between the hosts and guest speakers. Is it any wonder that the podcast has already crossed 500 episodes? 

The Changelog

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

This podcast is a one stop shop for very relevant updates in the tech ecosystem.

Dev Interrupted: This podcast aims to improve developers’ experiences and invites renowned engineers from tech giants like Atlassian and Drata to gather actionable insights on software engineering technologies. 

Dev Interrupted

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

My favorite aspect is that Conor brings the sensibilities of someone who has worked in an industry other than tech prior to his current tech focus.

CodeNewbie: Aptly named, this software engineering podcast focuses on the coding journey of top software engineers. It is a beginner-friendly podcast and serves as a guide to future engineering students and those new to coding. 

Code Newbie

Must-listen episodes:

What listeners say

Love this podcast, if you’re getting into the coding world, do yourself a favor… check it out.

If you liked these suggestions, check out our suggested project management podcasts and productivity podcasts too!

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Engineering Project Management with ClickUp 

Listening to engineering podcasts will help you identify the top skills an engineer needs today. One of these key skills is project management. 

Engineers today must manage multiple projects, organize and analyze tons of data, and work cross-functionally with several teams. 

You can make your job easier by using a project management software to: 

  • Simplify collaboration with larger teams 
  • Manage engineering projects in a single place to boost team visibility 
  • Collect, organize, and visualize data
  • Maintain a customizable project management dashboard with quick access to all resources 

We suggest the ClickUp project management platform for all that and much more. 

Here are some ways engineers can make use of ClickUp to work faster and smarter:

ClickUp 3.0 Home view simplified
Get an all-in-one view to better anticipate and organize your daily work, reminders, and calendar events with ClickUp Home

Plan and manage  projects effectively

Regardless of which field of engineering you specialize in, you’re bound to have to manage large and complex projects in your field of work. 

Depending on the project, you might have to work on project planning, resource management, vendor management, project launch, budgeting, performance monitoring, and more. 

Whether you use ClickUp for managing a construction project or a software development team, ClickUp helps you plan, track, and manage every stage and closely monitor the budget and schedule. 

Streamline engineering operations 

ClickUp’s comprehensive engineering templates help aspiring and experienced engineers brainstorm new ideas, develop team roadmaps, and create app development plans. 

Engineering and product teams use the pre-built templates to manage workflow backlogs in one place, identify bugs, raise requests through tickets, and generate detailed bug reports.  

For example, the Agile Team Roadmap Template by ClickUp helps communicate your product strategy with stakeholders. Whether you’re starting out or have an established process, this template will help you and your agile team set goals, track progress, and stay organized—all in a centralized place. 

Communicate your product strategy with the stakeholders with the ClickUp Agile Product Roadmap Template

Communicate and collaborate 

Working with a team requires a high level of collaboration and communication. ClickUp knows this and provides the tools you need to do this effectively. 

Use ClickUp Whiteboards to collaborate in real time with your team for everything from brainstorming ideas and creating mindmaps to building out your development workflows or running a sprint retro. Add notes and documents, and create ClickUp Tasks directly from the whiteboard. 

ClickUp 3.0 Task view Adding Assignees
Easily delegate work in ClickUp by assigning tasks directly to the team or @mentioning them in a comment to turn your thoughts into action items

Team members can use comments and ClickUp Chat to communicate about product releases, priorities, product development needs, and the status of assigned tasks. Managers can also use these features for real-time feedback on tasks. 

ClickUp 3.0 Chat menu expanded
Bring team communication together in one space with ClickUp Chat and share updates, link resources, and collaborate effortlessly

Monitor and track progress 

Often, understanding and managing the project scope can be the biggest concern of an engineering team. When multiple projects are running concurrently, there are hundreds of tasks to be managed, and important details can slip through the cracks. An efficient tracking system creates clarity, and teams can maintain the focus and motivation to produce outstanding results. 

That’s where ClickUp’s software team management platform makes things clearer. Agile teams use ClickUp’s Board View to understand everything happening within each project. The Kanban Board visualizes all tasks according to the project’s current state, helping managers keep track of everything. 

If you’re leading an engineering project, use ClickUp’s product management software to create new tasks, assign them to team members and add delivery timelines, prioritize tasks by urgency, and monitor progress on a single dashboard without compromising on quality or creativity. 

You can also use ClickUp’s customizable Dashboard to visualize and share progress reports with stakeholders in real time. 

ClickUp 3.0 Dashboards Bugs per view and tasks per status
Create detailed ClickUp Dashboards and easily add Cards to view sprint point progress, tasks per status, and bugs per view

An all-in-one engineering project management software

ClickUp is a multi-functional project management tool for agile teams. It allows them to experience all the fantastic opportunities an engineering career holds without burning out. 

We see engineering teams use ClickUp for several purposes, such as efficient resource planning, project reporting and productivity management, business process improvement, budget management, team collaboration, etc.

If you want to improve your productivity or become a more efficient engineer, sign up on ClickUp for free. 

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Why should engineers listen to podcasts? 

Every current and future engineer should listen to podcasts to acquire actionable tips and strategies and stay updated about the changing trends in their engineering-related enterprises. 

What are the best podcasts students should listen to for enhancing engineering student experience? 

Some of the best podcasts for students include 99% Invisible, Software Engineering Daily, and The Engineering Career Coach Podcast. 

Which engineering podcast is beneficial for enthusiasts?

Some podcasts dedicated to engineering enthusiasts include the Engineering Reimagined podcast, the Amp Hour, Software Engineering Daily, and The Backend Engineering Show.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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