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Project Management 101

ClickUp's guide to all things project management.

Free Project Management Software

Free Project Management Software
There's no doubt that project management software helps you become more productive.
How do we know? Because you can track task management and see what you have completed, use time tracking, and then compare that to how you do over the long run.
What’s even more amazing is that you can improve your productivity…for free! That's right, many project management solution apps offer a free plan!
Let’s take a look at the top features to look for, and find  free project management software that will fit your project team, your personality, and your needs—no matter what task you need to accomplish!
Project Management Free


Many project management software programs will offer a free plan, or a free trial to allow you to become familiar with the program before you upgrade to a paid plan!
That is when you will want to see what features are available in the team collaboration and management tool! Will you be able to manage multiple projects and unlimited tasks?
What features are important to your team! Do you need to see a Gantt chart? Or is reporting a priority? Will your team be using a time tracking feature? Comparing your priorities to what is available will help you to find the features that you need!
Make a list of your "must haves" and "nice to haves" for your project management software so that you can make an objective decision!


Does your program have the features that you are looking for? Fantastic!
Now, you should check on paywalls, to see how much you can actually use these features! Many programs will give you a limited number of their premium features to try them out, and once you hit that paywall, you're going to have to upgrade to a paid plan to be able to continue to access these features. If your free plan doesn't include features like unlimited tasks, you may need to look at a premium plan!
It's also important that you know the paywalls so that you can use them strategically, and so that you don't get locked out from using the features when you're in the middle of a big project and need them!


Free project management software sounds like a great deal, but what happens if you find that your needs have changed, or you need to go to another platform?
Will you be able to export your data? How is this data exported? Will you have to pay to be able to complete the export?
These are all very important to know, especially as you're planning your company's growth trajectory!


Want to integrate with your calendar? Your email program? Slack? GitHub?
Make sure that you know what integrations you're going to want access to! While quite a few integrations are reserved for paid plans, you may be amazed by just how much you have access to in free plans!


Does the basic plan of the software come with support? You don't want to sign up for a project management system that will just leave you on your own when you have questions and need some help!
Check out their support system, and what they have to offer!
Do they offer chat support? Email support?
Is there a Facebook group, or a YouTube page? Are there tutorials from industry experts helping you maximize your usage of the platform?


Does the project management software have the potential to support you as your company grows?
Free project management software may suit your needs for now, but as your team grows and your needs become more complex, will the project management software be able to keep up with you?
It's good to look ahead at your company's growth trajectory and make a plan for how your needs will evolve and change in the years to come, as you're balancing more complex projects and need more than a simple task list app.
You don't want to have to stop what you're doing in the middle of a period of extreme growth just so you can take the time to switch to a more powerful system!
All of these questions will help you evaluate free project management software to find the best productivity app for you and your project team!

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