Free Work Order Templates in Excel & ClickUp

10 Free Work Order Templates in Excel & ClickUp

Navigating the world of work orders is a breeze with the right templates.

Work order templates help ensure that everything runs like clockwork: From client communication to timely task completion. 

In this article, we’re sharing the best free work order templates in Excel and ClickUp. Ready to improve your efficiency? Let’s do it!

What is a Work Order Template?

Work order templates are resources that help you customize and create standard work order forms to use with customers, employees, team members, and vendors. They help improve your efficiency, communications, accuracy, and tracking systems.

The templates can be used to create forms for service requests, creative requests, resource requests, and much more. Most allow you to customize fields, views, and appearance so the result perfectly fits your company and its work order needs.

A standard work order template includes:

  • Work order number: A unique identifier for the service ticket
  • Contact name: The name of the person requesting the work
  • Contact information: The requestor’s contact information
  • Description of work: A description of the work that needs to be done
  • Materials and labor required: A list of the labor and materials needed to complete the work
  • Cost of work: The estimated or actual cost of the work
  • Timeline for completion: The expected start date, service date, and completion date with detailed instructions
  • Approvals: Signatures or initial lines for relevant parties

If you’re looking for an organized way to save time and boost efficiency on a wider level, consider pairing a good work order template with task management software and prioritization tools that can supercharge your business’s overall operations.

What Makes A Good Work Order Template?

The hallmark of an excellent work order template lies in its clarity, comprehensiveness, and adaptability. It should concisely lay out all the vital information you need to avoid confusion or missing contact details. 

The best templates make it easy to customize job order forms to fit unique job requirements, ensuring that even as tasks vary, the template remains an effective communication tool.

10 Work Order Templates to Use in 2024

1. ClickUp Work Request Template

ClickUp’s Work Request Template is designed to help you track and manage incoming maintenance requests

Streamlining communication and organization is critical to busy companies, and that’s precisely where ClickUp’s Work Request Template shines. 

This free work order template minimizes unnecessary back-and-forth by enabling efficient resource management. Your team can work collaboratively together in real time on the same document.

Whether handling expansive projects or smaller tasks, this template helps you document every detail during the work order process so you can stay on schedule and within your budget.

2. ClickUp Service Request Template

ClickUp’s Service Request Template is designed to help you keep track of service requests and provide a better customer experience

ClickUp’s Service Request Template offers a way for you to keep your team organized and guarantee customers a seamless journey from the starting date to the finish line—all in one template!

This free work order template helps you manage customer service request intakes and then prioritize them based on their urgency or service provider.

Enhanced collaboration tools help your team tackle any bottlenecks in maintenance operations.

Navigate through statuses like ‘Blocked’, ‘New Request’, and ‘Under Investigation’ for accurate progress tracking, and embed vital information about customers using custom fields like “screenshot” and “contact email.”

With multiple views, you can quickly get the information you need. For example, there are views for resolved errors and a summary of services provided.

You can incorporate ClickUp’s time tracking features to ensure your team provides customers with fast, efficient service. Plus, integrate your email inbox directly with the app to ensure no customer communications are missed.

Ideal for any organization striving for streamlined operations, the Service Request Template by ClickUp is a game-changer when you need help prioritizing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

3. ClickUp Team Requests Template

ClickUp’s Team Requests Template is designed to help you manage and track requests from your team

Managing team requests, collecting feedback, and implementing ideas should be straightforward. That’s where the Team Requests Template by ClickUp steps in.

With this work order template, teams can centralize all requests for easy tracking and get timely updates from colleagues without the email back and forth. Plus, it organizes all feedback and ideas in a tidy space.

If a project gets a little more complicated than anticipated, you can create additional steps and nest them as subtasks with just a few clicks.

For teams aiming to elevate their internal communication and track requests to a more efficient level, ClickUp’s Team Requests Template is a must-have.

4. ClickUp Creative Request Form Template

ClickUp’s Creative Request Form Template is designed to help you streamline and track the process of creative requests

Thanks to the Creative Request Form Template by ClickUp, managing a flurry of creative requests no longer has to feel like a juggling act. It helps you quickly transform a cluttered creative request system into a streamlined and collaborative process.

This work order template helps you capture every essential detail and serves as a unified hub that centralizes all creative requests. It encourages real-time brainstorming on creative briefs and makes getting immediate feedback from teammates and clients easier than ever.

If you’re looking to boost your teamwork even further, consider developing a project communication plan and incorporating team communication apps to enhance your results.

5. ClickUp Request Form Template

ClickUp’s Request Form Template is designed to help you track employee requests and requests from external contacts.

In any team or business, swift and precise information gathering is critical, and that’s where ClickUp’s Request Form Template shines

Tailored for your convenience, this form ensures that your work order request process runs smoothly. It’s your one-stop shop to gather all the necessary details from both customers and employees.

All your requests? They’re now in one organized space, making collaboration and tracking a breeze. 

With the help of this template, you can quickly gather data from both external customers and internal team members because it serves as a hub for all requests.

This work order game-change helps you execute standardized request handling, enhanced customer service, impeccable tracking, and cost-efficient processing.

6. ClickUp Request for Resources Template

ClickUp Request for Resources Template
Track labor and material costs with the ClickUp Request for Resources Template

Navigating resource management can be a bit daunting, right? That’s why the Request for Resources Template by ClickUp was developed. It helps you create a work order template that simplifies resource requests.

This work order template allows you to quickly submit requests for resources, whether it’s staff, material costs, or equipment. Then, you can track the progress of those resource requests as they move through the chain of command.

Say goodbye to heaps of paperwork and hello to efficient approval processes. 

It’s a centralized spot for all your needs, reducing bureaucracy and enhancing monitoring. Plus, it’s loaded with common fields (but feel free to jazz it up to fit your specifics).

7. ClickUp Change Request Template

ClickUp Change Request Template
ClickUp’s Change Request Template is designed to help you keep track of change requests for projects.

The ClickUp Change Request Template is a universal template that helps you stay on top of change requests for nearly any type of project or business. 

Use this template to record any scope, schedule, or budget details, then pinpoint and line up changes to those specifics as they happen along the way. Use those custom statuses to keep all stakeholders in the loop about changes and automatically notify them during fluid situations.

You’ll love the fact that it’s super user-friendly and highly customizable. The big win? Your changes won’t just vanish into thin air—they’re documented and shared. 

Consider pairing manufacturing scheduling software with this work order template if you’re in the manufacturing industry.

8. Excel Work Order Template by Vertex42

Excel Work Order Template by Vertex42
via Vertex42

Vertex42’s Excel Work Order Template provides a simple way to track and manage work orders within an Excel worksheet.

You can use it to process repair, job, and service orders.

This work order template includes the important details you need:

  • Work order number
  • Customer information
  • Description of work
  • Materials and labor required
  • Cost of work
  • Timeline for completion
  • Approvals

The Excel template is easy to use and customize, making it an essential tool and a great option for businesses of all sizes.

9. Microsoft Word Simple Maintenance Work Order Template by

Microsoft Word Simple Maintenance Work Order Template by

Maintenance orders require specific details, and if you’re hoping to create them in Microsoft Word format, this work order form template is perfect for you! Whether it’s a single maintenance task, maintenance or repair work, a maintenance request, or work orders from your maintenance team, this work order template keeps it simple while covering all the important details.

This easy-to-use free template helps you track and manage maintenance projects and record a detailed description of each job with the following fields:

  • Work order number
  • Equipment name
  • Description of work
  • Date of work
  • Technician assigned
  • Cost of work
  • Approvals

The template is available in Word format, Excel, and Google Sheets for easy editing. It’s a great choice for maintenance management and is free to download and use.

10. Excel Work Order Invoice Template by WPS

Excel Work Order Invoice Template by WPS
via WPS

The Excel Work Order Invoice Template by WPS is a professional and easy-to-use tool for creating invoices for work orders. It’s great for people who are still learning how to delegate and aren’t ready to tackle the learning curve that comes with new software.

The template includes contact, invoice, and payment details with the following sections:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact
  • Email
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • S.L. number, description, quantity, and amount
  • Subtotal, tax, discount, grand total

The template is available as a free download in Excel format and can be easily opened and edited. It is also free to download and use.

ClickUp Has Work Order Templates for Any Project

Whether it’s for maintenance tasks, service requests, or any project under the sun, there’s a basic work order template that can be customized to your use case. 

Templates go a long way toward staying on top of all the details that help your business run smoother. If you want to step up your game further, consider process improvement tools, project schedule software, or project development software to help ensure efficiency as your company grows.

If you’re aiming for the ultimate boost in productivity, don’t miss all the free resources available on ClickUp! You can access 1,000+ templates and hundreds of project management tools to help your entire company run as smoothly as your work orders.

Why wait? Make your workflow smoother and more efficient with ClickUp today!

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