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10 Free Flowchart Templates in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & ClickUp

When it comes to project management, performing core tasks in the right order is key to getting your project completed on time. And when multiple team members are involved in the process, things can get complicated fast.

Flowcharts simplify complex processes and makes them easier to follow. They can help identify bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and improve overall efficiency, making them a valuable tool for problem-solving and decision-making in various industries.

By using a flowchart template, you can make sure that everything happens in the right order and gain a better idea of how to prioritize tasks by representing your workflow in an easy-to-understand chart or infographic.

To get started with flowcharts, simply browse our list of 10 free flowchart templates in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and ClickUp.

What Is a Flowchart Template?

A flowchart is a visual representation of a business process or structure that uses cues like boxes and arrows to show how everything fits together.

A simple flowchart diagram might show a linear process, such as a product roadmap or customer journey map, while a more complex flowchart might include multiple paths or branches to show what happens if certain conditions are or aren’t met.

A blank flowchart template is a premade flowchart design that’s intended for a specific use case, which you can fill in with your own project details.

There are many different types to choose from like an organizational flowchart template or circular flowchart template. A data flow diagram shows how data moves through your company, while an org chart depicts your organizational structure, and a workflow diagram shows a step-by-step process in depth.

You can use flowcharts to assist with brainstorming or decision-making or as a hiring process flowchart template to streamline onboarding and more.

What Makes a Good Flowchart Template?

A good flowchart template is easy to customize and depicts complex processes in a visually interesting way. That’s the whole point of using a flowchart! In fact, flowchart templates that are cluttered, use unusual flowchart shapes or colors, or contain mysterious flowchart symbols won’t serve their intended purpose.

Choosing the best flowchart templates for each use case is important, especially if you’ll be sharing it with new team members or external stakeholders who are absorbing this information for the first time. They should be able to “get” your flowchart right away.

You may also want to look for flowchart software that integrates well with your existing tools or apps and allows you to embed or link to other external resources.

10 Free Flowchart Templates

Creating a business flow chart from scratch can be a lot of work, so start with basic flowchart templates and build out from there. Here are 10 free flowchart templates to choose from that cover data flows, user flows, process mapping, and more.

1. ClickUp Swimlane Flowchart Template

ClickUp Swimlane Flowchart Template
Use a swimlane diagram to show who is responsible for which tasks

This Swimlane Flowchart Template by ClickUp uses a swimlane diagram to show a set of tasks that need to be performed by multiple departments or team members.

What’s a swimlane template? It’s a diagram template that displays multiple responsibilities side-by-side, like parallel lanes in a swimming pool.

The biggest benefit of a swimlane flowchart is its ability to illustrate the interactions and responsibilities between different individuals, teams, or departments involved in a process. It’s easy to visualize which tasks can begin at the same time, and which tasks need to be completed before starting the next task. You can use different flowchart symbols to show the start and end points as well as decision-making tasks and checkpoints.

2. ClickUp Data Flowchart Template

ClickUp Data Flowchart Template
This data flowchart shows the movement of information in an organization

Moving information around your organization is rarely a simple process. You need to keep track of where data enters and exits your system, where it’s stored, and how it gets from one part of your system to another. That’s where a data flow diagram template comes in handy!

This ClickUp Data Flowchart Template helps you visualize this process using circles, rectangles, and other color-coded flowchart shapes. Rearrange the shapes and add labels to the basic flowchart template to make it your own.

An accurate data flow chart template provides a visual representation that simplifies the understanding, analysis, design, and improvement of data-driven systems and processes. They promote effective communication, facilitate error detection, and contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of the system. 📚

3. ClickUp Project Mapping Flowchart Template

ClickUp Project Mapping Flowchart Template
This flowchart can help you group tasks into categories for easy visualization

A project map is one of the most effective ways to share your vision with stakeholders and ensure that everyone’s on the same page. By displaying your goals, timeline, and deliverables on a simple project map, you can reduce a complex project into concrete steps that are all linked together. 🛠️

This Project Mapping Flowchart Template by ClickUp uses icons to represent project areas like Metrics and Operations through flowchart software like Mind Maps.

A project map is just one type of mind map you can use to brainstorm ideas, manage team members, or demonstrate a scope of work to stakeholders through workflow diagrams.

Try out flowchart software for Mac!

4. ClickUp Process Flowchart Template

ClickUp Process Flowchart Template
A flowchart can break a complex process down into simple steps

You can use the ClickUp Process Flowchart Template to represent almost all kinds of business processes. This hiring process flowchart template is for HR teams, with separate columns for the recruiter, hiring manager, and prospect, but you could also use it for your onboarding process, exit process, or another organizational structure or flow chart process.

The template visualizes the process or flow chart as the arrows show the order and direction of tasks, while the rectangles show key tasks such as “Send rejection email” or “Schedule final interview.”

You can use flowchart templates like this in ClickUp to customize your workflow diagrams.

5. ClickUp Process Flow Template

Process Flow Whiteboard Template by ClickUp
Use a process flow template to outline the key steps in a process

This ClickUp Process Flow Template uses color-coded squares to show the key steps in a business process, including Planning, Execution, and Evaluation. The biggest benefit of a process flow chart is that it provides a visual representation of a workflow, allowing for easy identification of bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement.

Although flowchart templates like this keep it simple, you can find more process map templates for ClickUp, Excel, and Word for more complex projects needing detailed workflow diagrams to visually represent a process.

And whether you need to visualize a hiring process, sales process, or something else, using process flow chart templates like this is a great place to start.

6. ClickUp User Flow Template

ClickUp User Mapping Flow Template Example
Visualize the user experience with this user flow template

User flowchart templates help you improve the user experience by visualizing what a user encounters when they visit your website or use your app.

Do you want them to sign up for your email list or purchase a product? Lay out the steps—one by one—so you can see how many actions it takes them to get there with visual workflow diagrams.

User flow visualization simplifies the understanding of the customer journey and helps teams optimize the user experience to improve upon their KPIs. It also enhances communication and collaboration among team members by providing a clear representation of the user journey.

You can use this ClickUp User Flow Template to get started. Replace the images with screenshots of your own website or wireframe to visualize the user experience in your process flow chart templates.

7. ClickUp Concept Map Flowchart Template

Concept Map Flowchart Template by ClickUp
This free flowchart template links concepts to results

This ClickUp Concept Map Flowchart Template is all about creativity. It’s perfect for brainstorming sessions and early-stage planning. The creative flowchart designs break large concepts down into subconcepts and see which ideas lead to which results.

Flowchart templates like these use ClickUp’s Whiteboards feature, which means you can drag and drop elements into the chart, embed Word documents, and even draw. Use it for creative flowchart designs so you make an appealing visual explanation of the concepts you have in mind.

Bonus: Context Diagram Templates!

8. PowerPoint Simple Flowchart Template by SlideModel

PowerPoint Simple Flowchart Template by SlideModel
Via SlideModel

If you need presentation-ready flowchart templates for Microsoft PowerPoint, this PowerPoint Simple Flowchart Template by SlideModel may fit the bill. This format works in the style of a management process map template and uses simple shapes and colors to help you distinguish between different ideas and arrows so you can see how they’re linked.

Simply replace the text with your own ideas and images with its flowchart templates made for PowerPoint.

Although this is a free flowchart Powerpoint template, you’ll need to pay for Microsoft PowerPoint to use all of its features. Once you do, you’ll also get access to an image library, and you can choose from eye-catching animations and transitions.

9. Excel Flowchart Template by Infinity Excel

Excel Flowchart Template by Infinity Excel
Via Infinity Excel

Excel may have a reputation for number-crunching, but it also has a range of flowchart templates that you can use alongside other software.

If you don’t know how to create a flowchart in Excel, use this Excel Flowchart Template by Infinity Excel to get started. It will show you how to create new shapes, connector lines, and anchor points to add more pizazz to your Excel spreadsheets. ✨

10. Microsoft Word Flowchart Template by Template.net

Microsoft Word Flowchart Template by Template.net
Via Template.net

Microsoft Work may primarily be a word processor, but it’s useful to know how to make a flowchart in Microsoft Word so you can incorporate flowcharts into documents.

This Microsoft Word Flowchart Template by Template.net is available in several sizes, so you can print it, download it, or export it as a PDF.

Improve Your Productivity With Free Flowchart Templates

These free flowchart templates aren’t just about adding life to your presentations. When you document your processes in a flowchart, you can better visualize what needs to get done and use workflow automation to increase your productivity.

Plus, these handy visual aids help you get a big-picture view of what’s going on and ensure that all of your stakeholders and collaborators are on the same page.

Start with these 10 free flowchart templates or head to the ClickUp Template Center, where you’ll find even more great templates organized by category.

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