Zoom Review 2022 (Features, Cons, Pricing)

Looking for a detailed Zoom review?

With remote work becoming the new normal, a reliable and secure video conferencing tool is something that everyone needs. And when it comes to video conferencing, Zoom’s up there with the most popular ones. 

But like any Men In Black mission, this tool has had its ups and downs (nothing involving aliens, of course). 


We get it! 

The internet is flooded with tons of conflicting opinions about Zoom.

But don’t worry! 

In this Zoom review, we’ll cover what Zoom is, what exactly happened to it, its key features, and pricing. We’ll also show you how to use video conferencing to take your project management to the next level. 

Let’s get started!

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What Is Zoom?

Zoom homepage

Zoom is a popular video conferencing tool that lets you get on quick video or audio calls across desktop, Android, and iOS platforms.

It offers some pretty useful features for businesses, like:

  • Cloud recording
  • HD video calling
  • Screen sharing
  • Detailed attendee reports
  • Web conferencing
  • Live webinar streaming through Youtube and Facebook

As thousands of businesses were forced to adopt remote work due to the pandemic, virtual conferencing tools like Zoom became indispensable.

But what made Zoom so popular?

There are two key reasons: 

  • A smooth, user-friendly interface across all platforms (including iPad)
  • A feature-rich free version

However, just like in any movie, sometimes things can go wrong. 

I mean, you can have creepy aliens trying to steal a power source and rule the galaxy!

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Similarly, things went a bit off track for Zoom too.

Let’s find out what happened…

What Exactly Happened To Zoom?

With increased popularity, comes increased scrutiny.

For example, a well-known intergalactic MIB agent like Agent K, often gets a lot of attention from evil aliens.

men covered in slime men in black

Similarly, the Zoom app really took off after COVID-19 started, hitting 200M users in March 2020 alone!

And while every software has some drawbacks, Zoom’s were thrown into the public spotlight due to its popularity. With reviews spread over Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, Zoom became the target of massive scrutiny almost overnight!

But Zoom was quick to fix those issues by continually releasing powerful updates.  

For example, Zoom had some China-based servers which were generating encryption keys for users in other countries. As this was considered risky, Zoom released an update that allows any paid Zoom user to control which countries their conferences are routed through.

Another serious issue Zoom faced was Zoom bombing.

What’s Zoom bombing?

Zoom bombing is when an uninvited guest, generally a hacker, barges into your online meeting all of a sudden.

Kind of like those sneaky aliens popping out of nowhere, in the MIB movie! 

Pretty annoying, right?

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But it turns out that Zoom bombing wasn’t exactly Zoom’s fault!

What happened then?

Most meeting hosts were totally unaware of the fact that they’ll have to enable certain features in the Zoom app to keep their web conferencing secure.

So did Zoom resolve such issues?

It absolutely did — and they have been pretty quick at it too! 

Over the past few months, Zoom has made a lot of changes to its privacy and security settings.

To keep conferencing more secure, it now has several features, like:

  • Protect a meeting with password
  • Data encryption with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256
  • Visual alerts when an attendee starts recording the call
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Security features are available in the default settings 
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance

5 Key Features Of Zoom

No MIB agent jumps into a mission with proper equipment, right?

Similarly, you also need some cool video conferencing features to help you communicate with your team.

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So let’s take a detailed look into all the features Zoom has in store for you:

A. Zoom Meeting

Before going after an intergalactic criminal mastermind, what do you think agents do first?

They have a meeting to discuss strategies!

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You need to have conferences with your team members and discuss things like schedules, strategies, deadlines, and even check on their health!

And for that, you’ll need a reliable videoconferencing app.

Zoom Meeting was built for businesses to help them have high quality and interactive videoconferencing interactions with their remote teams.

Here are some features of Zoom Meeting, that helps make business communication effective:

  • Multiple screen sharing: various team members can share their screen and co-annotate for a highly interactive meeting
  • Secured virtual meetings: any Zoom Meeting is encrypted across the Zoom app. It also offers functions like role-based user security, password protection, and waiting rooms.
  • Mobile device usability: Zoom Meeting comes with full mobile device support and other cool features like mobile screen sharing and Apple CarPlay for iPhones
  • Audience engagement: Zoom puts a lot of effort into making its video meetings engaging. It offers interactive features like audience polling, Q&A, virtual hand raising, and more for better audience engagement.
  • Recording and transcripts: its local and cloud recording feature lets you record important video meetings, share them with your team, or have Zoom auto-generate searchable transcripts 
zoom homepage

But that’s not all Zoom can do for your video conferencing needs!

Once you start working from your office again, you can use the Zoom Rooms feature for a good conference room experience. With Zoom Rooms, Zoom provides software support to help you conduct seamless virtual meetings from your company’s conference room.

Note: Zoom Rooms is available at a $49/month subscription fee per room with a free trial for 30 days.

B. Zoom Chat

Let’s say that Agent J found an alien and needed to update Agent K. 

But as he can’t afford to call K and blow his cover, he sends him a quick text.

texting gif

For minor discussions with your team, getting on a group video call isn’t always the best route. 

That’s going to be time-consuming and super annoying!

Instead, all you need is the Zoom Chat feature.


Designed to keep teams connected via instant messaging, Zoom Chat comes with your Zoom Meeting subscription plan.

Some of its features include:

  • Group and one-on-one channels: your teams can communicate through public and private task-relevant channels to keep everything organized and easily scannable
  • Search function: a convenient search feature to quickly find any message, contact or file
  • Custom notification: lets a Zoom user customize alerts for channels and groups based on their priority 
  • Instant video meetings: lets the Zoom user start an instant video conference (with up to 1000 meeting participants) on the messaging platform 
  • Security: fulfills reliable security standards like multi-factor authentication, SSO, SOC 2, and TRUSTe certification

C. Zoom Webinar 

Whether you want to explain product features to your customers or have a presentation with your team, you need webinars.

But should you be worried about unusual attendees, like these guys?

men in black weird scene gif

Luckily, Zoom Webinar not only lets you have engaging webinars but also offers multiple controls for strict webinar moderation. 

Here’s how Zoom Webinar helps you out:

  • HD video and audio: host HD video and audio webinars with support for up to 100 active video panelists and 50,000 live attendees 
  • Audience engagement: allows the meeting host to engage the audience with Q&A, polling, chat and virtual-hand raising 
  • Manage participants: from putting participants on hold to removing them from a live webinar, Zoom offers various host controls
  • Reports and analytics: get detailed reports on your registrants and attendee engagement for making better strategic decisions in the future 
  • Live streaming: the meeting host can stream the webinar across social media platforms like Youtube live and Facebook live
  • Recording and auto-transcripts: keep a copy of the webinar using Zoom’s cloud recording function or create transcripts for future reference  

D. Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone is like the Neuralyzer (a handy tool every MIB agent needs to deal with civilians).  

And while Zoom Phone isn’t as powerful, you can use it quickly all the time — just like the Neuralyzer.

men in black Neuralyzer gif

Zoom Phone is a cloud-based phone system that supports voice call and collaboration functions all inside the Zoom platform.

Here are some Zoom Phone features that help you streamline your interactions:

  • Secure HD audio: lets your team members communicate with secure high definition voice calls
  • Carrier choice: allows you to keep your current PSTN (public switched telephone network) service provider for your Zoom phone 
  • Intelligent Call Routing: automatic Zoom call  routing for efficient connections
  • Call Recording and Voicemail: listen to voicemails or Zoom call recordings from a desktop or mobile device  
zoom phone

E. Zoom Integrations

No MIB agent goes to the field with just one gadget in his pocket.

From De-Atomizers to neuralyzers and sophisticated guns, they’ll be well-equipped to deal with those aliens. 

man with a gun gif

Similarly, in your business, video conferencing software isn’t the only tool you’re using. You may have a CRM, payroll tools, project management apps, and more.

For maximum efficiency, a Zoom user would want the video conferencing platform to integrate well with other workplace software they use. 

And that’s exactly what Zoom gives you!

For example, the Zoom client can integrate with a project management software to help you jump on a quick Zoom call to discuss project plans with your team.

This way, you can hop on project-related calls as quickly as this UFO:

ufo gif


While Zoom offers tons of integrations, here are some notable ones:

  • CRM: HubSpot, Salesforce, and Close
  • Marketing: Marketo, MailChimp, and SurveyMonkey
  • Project Management: ClickUp
  • Collaboration: Slack and Gmail
  • Finance: Shopify, Stripe, and Zoho Invoice
  • Customer Service: Zendesk and Freshdesk
zoom marketplace

Zoom Pricing Plans

The MIB agency doesn’t have to care much about its budget. 

I mean, they have government and perhaps, intergalactic funding!

cash in a briefcase gif

But unfortunately, most businesses don’t have that advantage.

So here’s a breakdown of Zoom’s pricing plans to help you determine if you should go for it:

  • Zoom Basic (free plan): supports up to 100 meeting participants with unlimited meetings and one-to-one HD video calls. However, for any video call with more than two people, there’s a 40 min time limit.
  • Zoom Pro ($14.99/host per month): offers every feature of the free plan but the meeting time limit is 24 hours + reporting and admin control features
  • Zoom Business ($19.99/host per month): includes every feature from the “Pro plan” but supports up to 300 participants + cloud recording transcripts + admin dashboard
  • Zoom Enterprise ($19.99/host per month): offers all “Business plan” features + allows up to 1000 meeting participants + unlimited cloud storage + dedicated customer success manager

Note: Zoom services are charged per meeting host and not per attendee. A meeting host is the one who hosts the online meeting.

How To Make Video Conferencing An Essential Part Of Your Project Management Workflow

What do a MIB agent and a project manager have in common?

They both need to communicate with their team members to get their projects done!

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While a good video conferencing software like Zoom will help you communicate, it’s not going to get the job done completely.

So what’s the missing piece?

A project management tool like ClickUp to take care of all your project management challenges (even intergalactic ones!)

But what’s ClickUp?

ClickUp is the world’s leading project management software

It has everything you need for efficient team collaboration and project management. 

In fact, we’re sure every MIB agent would love to get their hands on an advanced tool like ClickUp. 

(We can’t confirm that they already use it since that information is highly classified!)

Speaking of MIB agents, a MIB mission isn’t too different from managing a project either.

So here’s what you should do to have productive project meetings that’d even impress some MIB agents 

Step 1: Integrate Zoom with ClickUp

Agent J would never go to the field without getting fully prepared and equipped.

Similarly, before starting any project, you need to get your tools ready and loaded.

noisy cricket gif

This means integrating your video-calling tool with your project management software.

Let’s say you’re looking at your project tool’s task dashboard and you realize that the beta testing stage is taking way too long to complete. 

Naturally, you’d want to discuss with your team over a video call to see how to speed things up.

While Zoom’s really easy to use, you’ll still have to open your Zoom window, log in to your Zoom account, and host the meeting. 

But with ClickUp’s Zoom integration, you only need to click the Zoom icon that’s present on the task dashboard to jump on a meeting instantly!

That’s pretty amazing, right?

Let’s see how to get this started:

A. Enable the Zoom ClickApp

Here are the steps you need to do this:

  • Open your Workspace settings (you need to have Owner or Admin rights)
  • Select ClickApps
  • Click the Zoom ClickApp and toggle it on
  • Once you’ve activated it, a Zoom icon will show up on the top of each task section and lets you start virtual meetings instantly (you can also use the shortcut /zoom command for this)

B. Connect your Zoom in ClickUp

Here’s how you can go about this:

  • Visit Zoom integration under the “My Apps” section in your settings
  • Click “Connect”
  • Log in to your Zoom account
  • Accept the ClickUp app request and integrate Zoom with your account

C. Start a Zoom meeting in ClickUp

Here are the steps to start a Zoom meeting within ClickUp quickly:

  • Expand any task
  • Click the Zoom icon (or use the /zoom command)
  • Link to your Zoom account in the pop-out
  • Instantly join the online meeting

Piece of cake, right?

Step 2: Have a video conference with your team to discuss project plans

Agent J and Agent K are pretty good at what they do. 


Because they have strong chemistry and can coordinate with each other very well.

man putting his sunglasses on gif

Similarly, you need to have strong team collaboration to handle any project challenge effortlessly.

How do you do that?

Before starting work on any project, have a video call with your team to ensure that everyone is on the same page about it.

You’ll need to discuss the project’s goals and deliverables to ensure that they’re aiming for the right thing. 

(You don’t want them to aim their De-Atomizers on friendly aliens!)

Of course, you’ll need a reliable video conferencing platform to do it.

But there’s something else that can make this process even smoother — ClickUp.

Here are some ClickUp features that can help you here:

  • Goals: split any project Goal into smaller measurable Targets to help your team achieve it easily (check out this blog post to know how ClickUp’s Goals are super effective)
  • Subtasks: simplify complicated tasks by splitting them into shorter, easier Subtasks for better task management
  • Assignees: assign one or multiple team members to any task you want
  • Docs: document project details and notes with ClickUp’s shareable and flexible Docs
  • Screen Recording: with ClickUp’s built-in screen recorder, Clip, you can share your screen with your team to explain tasks easily

Step 3: Monitor your project status

“Agent K, I have spotted our suspect, need backup immediately!”

Pretty common thing in the MIB movies, right?

man with a gun gif


While MIB agents can call or use advanced gadgets to communicate with their team, you can’t go around calling your team to keep track of your project. 

Luckily, with ClickUp, you don’t have to!

Here’s how this powerful project management tool helps you keep track of your projects:

  • Gantt Charts: get a high-level view of your project progress using ClickUp’s automated and fun to use Gantt charts
  • Statuses: monitor the progress status of any task or subtask at all times
  • Box view: check the workload distribution across your team with a single glance
  • Profiles: get a bird’s-eye view of every member’s assignments and responsibilities
  • Pulse: know your team’s activity levels over any given day
  • Dashboard: your own mission-control center for a complete view of everything that’s going on in your workspace. You even get accurate graphs like Burnup, Burndown, Velocity, and Cumulative Flow for quick overviews

Step 4: Conduct a final video meeting once the project is completed

After a successful mission, the MIB agents get to party with friendly aliens.

men in black dancing with aliens gif

But in project management, your project doesn’t end with delivering a finished product to a client or customer. 

There’s one more important thing left: reviewing your work!

That’s the only way you can take your future projects to the next level.

But how do you do that?

Just use the ClickUp collaboration tool to arrange a video conference with your team members to discuss:

  • What went well
  • The difficulties your team faced during the project
  • What aspects to focus on in the next project


Having a reliable videoconferencing app is now a necessity for any remote team.

And while there are tons of good options out there like Microsoft Teams and Jitsi Meet, Zoom is still the top video conferencing platform in the market.

However, for remote project management, a videoconferencing tool isn’t the only software you need. 

You also need a powerful project management tool like ClickUp to ensure that your projects progress smoothly. From planning Scrum projects to tracking your remote team’s performance, it’s the only tool you need!

Sign up with ClickUp today to be well-equipped to face all project challenges.

And just like the Agent K and Agent J, you can count on ClickUp to stand by you every step of the way!

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