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10 Best Time Management Podcasts to Maximize Your Time in 2024

William Penn once said, ‘Time is what we want most but what we use worst.’

Managing time wisely is not just a skill but a necessity. But it’s not easy to grasp this ability.

What if your commute or gym time could transform into a personal growth session? Or what if you could learn how to manage your time better while going to the grocery store?

90% of people believe better time management could increase their work productivity. Moreover, 76% will invest 15 to 30 minutes daily towards this goal.

Why not use your commute, exercise time, or breaks as a chance for personal development? 

In this article, we’ll explore the top time management podcasts filled with expert advice, practical tips, and motivational stories to help you maximize every moment of your day.

It’s time to use your minutes wisely and make every second count!🕜

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How Time Management Podcasts Improve Productivity

Managing your time is about sorting out what’s essential, setting clear goals, and using strategies to get things done faster. That means more productivity and less stress, so you can do more without feeling swamped.

Several time management apps help you tackle your to-do list and make the most out of every day. 

Podcasts provide easy access to vast amounts of information, making them excellent productivity tools for anyone looking to organize their time better and work more efficiently.

Rather than cluttering your day with more noise, time management podcasts offer practical advice and motivation to help you use your time wisely. 

Here’s how:

  • Learning on the go: Podcasts let you multitask by learning while you commute, work out, or do chores around the house
  • Motivational content: Inspirational podcasts offer motivation, encouragement, tips, and strategies from successful individuals, allowing you to gain valuable insights and inspiration from a variety of perspectives
  • Stay updated: Podcasts keep you informed about industry trends, current events, news, and developments, helping you stay relevant and informed about your field
  • Stress reduction: Listening to enjoyable podcasts can reduce stress and boost focus and productivity by offering relaxing breaks throughout your day
  • Personal development: Podcasts covering personal development topics such as mindfulness, self-improvement, and leadership enhance productivity by nurturing a growth mindset

Incorporating podcasts into a daily routine

Choose topics you enjoy or want to learn more about and integrate them into your schedule using daily planner apps.

You can plan your day and set up a playlist or schedule to set aside time just for listening. During your morning coffee, lunch break, or winding down in the evening, find a time that works for you and be consistent while you’re at it.

Consistency will make this a natural habit, and with fresh new content available daily or weekly, podcasts might just become your next favorite source of inspiration and learning. This habit will contribute to a healthy work-life balance by providing moments of relaxation and personal growth amidst busy schedules.

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Top Time Management Podcasts to Improve Productivity

Let’s explore the ten best time management podcasts to help you structure your time better and spend your time most productively. 

1. Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast is your go-to time management podcast for starting your day right! Each bite-sized episode is packed with easy-to-follow productivity tips and effective time-management strategies to help you maximize every moment, whether at work or home.

Hosted by a friendly voice, Laura Vanderkam, the show is all about giving you practical tools to manage your day more effectively for busy individuals. 

With fresh episodes each morning covering various productivity topics, the podcast encourages positive daily routines, efficient planning, personal productivity, and developing productive habits, helping listeners transform their time management skills and start their day positively.

Must-listen episodes

What listeners said

“Life-changing tips and insights which really make a difference when you act on them. I really love this 5 minute podcast and I have been listening to it almost daily now.”

2. It’s About Time | Time Management & Productivity for Work Life & Balance 

It’s About Time, one of the best time management podcasts hosted by the productivity enthusiast Anna Dearmon Kornick, is your ultimate guide to reclaiming your time and finding work-life balance.

Anna explores various aspects of daily life, providing solutions to time-related challenges. Each episode offers practical time management tips, valuable insights, productivity hacks, and real-life stories to help you conquer your schedule and live a more fulfilling life.

Join Anna as she brings you inspiring interviews with go-getters mastering the art of balancing careers, families, and personal growth.

Must-listen episodes

What listeners said

“I love starting my Monday morning learning from Anna. She’s full of practical tips to help you be more productive and save time. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone looking to better their routines and time management.”

3. Time Management Tips from Captain Time

Time Management Tips from Captain Time is a monthly podcast featuring Garland Coulson, also known as Captain Time, who has dedicated over 25 years to mastering time management strategy.

Initially driven by personal career goals, Garland discovered a passion for helping others optimize their time management skills, eventually becoming a renowned international speaker, trainer, and coach in the field.

The podcast emphasizes the importance of time management as a fundamental skill often overlooked in traditional education systems. Garland, a motivational speaker and bestselling author, claims that effective time management is essential for fully utilizing one’s abilities and achieving personal goals, regardless of brilliance or talent.

Tune in to empower yourself with practical time management insights and strategies to enhance productivity and achieve more in less time.

Must-listen episodes

What listeners said

Reviews not found

4. The Tim Ferris Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is a popular time management podcast about learning from successful people. It’s often ranked number one in the business category on Apple Podcasts, and it’s been downloaded over 100 million times! 

Guests on the show include famous folks like actors, athletes, writers, and business leaders. They talk about their favorite books, daily routines, and tricks for managing time. Whether it’s learning how LeBron James stays fit or how Mark Zuckerberg manages his time, there’s always something helpful to take away from each episode.

Through in-depth interviews with successful individuals, Tim brings you straight talk and explores their time management tactics, productivity hacks, and daily rituals. Listeners gain access to a diverse range of time management techniques top performers employ to maximize their productivity and efficiency and make the most out of each day.

Hosted by Tim Ferriss, the podcast stands out for its authenticity, as guests have the final say on what is aired, resulting in genuine and unscripted conversations. 

It’s a must-listen podcast for anyone looking to learn from the best and achieve greater success in their personal and professional lives.

Must-listen episodes 

What listeners said

“This now extensive library of interviews is the ultimate resource on the planet for interesting people and all they share. I’m very grateful this podcast is still going strong.”

5. The Productivityist Podcast

If you constantly feel like you’re fighting against the clock, struggling to manage your time effectively, then productivity strategist Mike Vardy has a refreshing perspective to maximize productivity. Through The Productivityist Podcast, he suggests that instead of trying to control time, you can shape it to create a healthier relationship with it. 

Vardy emphasizes simplicity and efficiency, offering practical strategies to help you craft your time more effectively and enhance personal productivity, and offers insights and time management techniques to help you optimize your time and productivity.

Tune in to discover the simplest and fastest way to take control of your time and enhance your overall productivity with time crafting. 

Must-listen episodes

What listeners said

“Always interesting, and I like how he goes beyond the basics of productivity.”

6. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Get HAPPIER is an award-winning podcast hosted by Gretchen Rubin, renowned #1 bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before

With weekly episodes, she offers many actionable tips, compelling conversations, and scientifically supported methods to increase your joy and improve your habits. 

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey toward greater happiness and fulfillment, join Gretchen as she teams up with her sister, Elizabeth Craft, for a journey filled with laughter, insights, and practical wisdom.

Must-listen episodes 

What listeners said

I always take away something useful from listening to Happier whether it’s something as simple as taking something with you to clear away when you go from one room to another, or keeping longer-term resolutions.”

7. Beyond the To-Do List

Beyond The To-Do List, hosted by Erik Fisher, is a leading podcast on time and productivity. Erik has engaged with experts, authors, and productivity experts for over a decade to explore the secrets of successful living. 

This weekly podcast goes beyond task management, probing into strategies for crafting a fulfilling life that blends work and personal well-being.

The core of the podcast is about finding meaningful existence beyond daily tasks. Each episode provides actionable advice on time management, prioritization, and overall life enhancement. 

Erik Fisher and his guests aim to redefine productivity, guiding listeners toward a good life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

Must-listen episodes

What listeners said

I simply love every topic, every guest and the way Erik interacts with each one. I like the geek, philosophical and profound discussion, about organization, purpose, personal growth, etc. Additionally, I can decide which book I want to read after hearing the author’s interview.

8. The ONE Thing

The ONE Thing is a weekly podcast where you’ll uncover the surprisingly simple truth behind achieving extraordinary results. Delve into the strategies and mindset of the world’s most successful individuals as they share their insights on mind-bending productivity tips, time management, business, health, and habits. 

Hosted by Nikki Miller and Chris Dixon, The ONE Thing podcast is your guide to unlocking your full potential.  Whether you want to crush it at work, improve your mental well-being, or get more done daily, this podcast will show you how to focus your efforts and achieve what truly matters.

Must-listen episodes 

What listeners said

Hey Jeff, thought I should let you know that you guys are doing some great stuff. Indeed it’s a world-class product since I share your web and podcasts with almost everyone I care about. Keep going!”

9. The 5 AM Miracle

The 5 AM Miracle, hosted by Jeff Sanders, is tailored for high-achievers aiming to start their day victoriously. With over 13 million downloads and multiple award nominations, this productive conversation offers strategies for waking up enthusiastically, developing lifelong healthy habits, and energetically pursuing ambitious goals.

Ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts’ Self-Improvement and Business categories, The 5 AM Miracle Podcast transforms your journey towards greater health, happiness, and success. 

Must-listen episodes 

What listeners said

Thank you for helping millions change their lives and be the best version of themselves.”

10. The Paul Minors Podcast

Hosted by Paul Minors, a virtual consultant, The Paul Minors Podcast (PMP) is dedicated to teaching listeners about productivity, business growth strategies, and self-improvement. 

Whether you’re eager to discover time management hacks, learn productivity tips, streamline tasks through automation, or build a flourishing business, this podcast is your go-to resource.

Through his weekly conversational podcast, Paul offers actionable tips and strategies for listeners to implement in their own lives to achieve their goals and live on their terms.

Must-listen episodes

What listeners said

“This is amazing. Just listen to it”

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Improve Time Management with ClickUp

Looking to optimize your time? 

Use ClickUp, a comprehensive tool for project and time management. It helps streamline your workflows, prioritize tasks, and monitor progress. Features include ClickUp To-Do Lists, which organize tasks clearly and effectively.

Here’s how ClickUp can help you maximize stress-free productivity and manage your time efficiently: 

Get more done in less time with ClickUp 

Manage your time more effectively and stay on track toward your goals with ClickUp’s Time Management tool. It helps you track time, estimate time for any tasks, and make adjustments as needed with different view options:

ClickUp’s Calendar view
Schedule tasks, plan timelines and to-dos, and view team progress through ClickUp’s Calendar view
  • Calendar view: Eliminate the clutter of disorganized to-do lists with ClickUp’s Calendar View. Arrange your tasks and events by dragging and dropping, enabling precise daily planning or broader weekly/monthly overviews
  • Gantt view: Visualize project timelines with task dependencies. Adjust relationships between tasks or reschedule as needed so you can make the most of your day
  • Timeline view: Track project progress visually from start to finish. Monitor team progress and estimate completion times effectively
  • Goal achievement: Hit your time management goals faster with ClickUp’s time-saving features for setting timelines, adjusting due dates, tracking milestones, generating reports, and managing billable hours

Smart time tracking with ClickUp 

ClickUp’s Project Time Tracking aims to enhance productivity by simplifying time tracking. It allows users to track time, set estimates, and add notes across devices. 

ClickUp’s project time-tracking
Get more organized and make better use of your time by using ClickUp’s project time-tracking

Track your time spent on tasks using ClickUp’s Project Time Tracking feature so you know exactly where you’re losing those precious minutes

This feature is designed to streamline workflows and reduce administrative hassle, making it easier to focus on tasks. Here’s what you can do more with this feature:

  • Multiple devices: Use the desktop, mobile app, or browser Chrome extension to log time wherever you work. Link it to your tasks for easy reference
  • Global time tracking: Start, stop, and switch tasks seamlessly with ClickUp’s global timer and add time retroactively using manual time-tracking features
  • App Integrations: Sync your time-tracking data seamlessly with ClickUp by integrating your favorite time-tracking apps like Toggl, Harvest, and many more
  • Customizable Reporting: Generate time-saving reports like timesheets, track time trends, analyze time usage with custom date ranges, and even view time estimates

But that’s not all! 

Stay on track with quick and easy ClickUp Reminders accessible from your browser, desktop, or mobile devices. With Reminders, you can always remember an important task or deadline, ensuring efficient time management. 

ClickUp Reminders
Set reminders for your rescheduled meetings with ClickUp Reminders

Use ClickUp Reminders to track your events and never miss another important deadline

By setting reminders for critical milestones, meetings, or deadlines, you can prioritize tasks effectively and allocate your time wisely. This proactive approach helps you stay organized, reduces the risk of overlooking critical responsibilities, and ultimately boosts productivity.

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Manage Time with ClickUp 

Planning and visualizing tasks becomes a breeze with ClickUp’s Time Management Schedule Template. Set achievable goals and deadlines, and align your teams for collective success. This schedule template can help you to:

  • Plan ahead and never miss an important date again
  • Prioritize tasks for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce stress and stay organized with a clear plan
  • Focus on the tasks that truly matter and boost your productivity
ClickUp’s Time Management Schedule Template is designed to help you manage your time efficiently and stick to your schedule.

ClickUp’s Time Allocation Template is your go-to tool for structured scheduling. It enables you to visualize and monitor the progress of your tasks. This template facilitates task alignment and timing, ensuring you meet your deadlines while maintaining high-quality work.

ClickUp’s Time Allocation Template is designed to help you better manage your time and resources.

Don’t just listen to time management, productivity, and project management podcasts

Turn them into action by taking notes, trying new techniques, and reflecting on what works best for you. This way, you’ll see real productivity and personal growth improvements.

Integrating practical advice with ClickUp boosts your productivity and helps you achieve your goals with clarity and precision. 

With time management tools like time tracking, time management templates, and much more, ClickUp empowers you to stay organized throughout your projects. Try ClickUp today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the 4 Ps of time management?

The 4 P’s of time management are:

  • Prioritize: Identifying and ranking tasks based on their importance and urgency
  • Plan: Creating a roadmap or schedule to allocate time effectively for tasks and activities
  • Process: Developing systems and strategies to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency
  • Procrastination: Addressing and minimizing tendencies to delay or avoid tasks that need to be done

2. What is your approach to time management?

Our time management approach prioritizes tasks based on importance and urgency, using techniques like the Eisenhower Matrix, Pomodoro Technique, or time-blocking to allocate specific times for focused work and breaks. 

Experiment with different methods to find what works best for you and stick to it consistently.

3. What are the five keys to time management?

The five keys to time management often include:

  1. Set goals: Clearly define what you want to achieve within a specific timeframe
  2. Prioritize tasks: Determine which tasks are most important and focus on completing them first
  3. Allocate time wisely: Schedule specific blocks of time for different activities and stick to the schedule
  4. Minimize distractions: Identify and eliminate or reduce anything that may divert your attention from tasks
  5. Review and adjust: Regularly assess your progress, make any necessary adjustments to your plan, and learn from past experiences to improve future time management

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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