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Taskade vs. ClickUp: Which is Better for Project Management?

If you’re looking for an AI-powered productivity and project management tool, ClickUp and Taskade are two options you should consider. Both offer AI-powered solutions to help you manage projects and tasks and improve your team’s productivity.

But which one should you choose?

The answer is not clear-cut, as it depends on your requirements. As such, you should compare the two to determine which one works best for you.

That’s where we make things easier for you. In this blog, we compare ClickUp and Taskade like-for-like to help you make an informed decision. 

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What is ClickUp?

ClickUp 3.0 Home view simplified
Manage your projects, prioritize and track tasks, and improve your overall team productivity using ClickUp

ClickUp for Project Teams is an all-in-one project management, task management, and team collaboration solution for teams of all sizes. Its wide array of features helps teams boost productivity and streamline processes to crush their project management goals.

ClickUp features

When comparing Taskade vs. ClickUp, keep in mind that ClickUp offers a broader range of advanced features and is an end-to-end productivity solution for any company.

For this comparison, we’ll discuss only the key ClickUp features that can be directly compared with those offered by Taskade.

1. Project and Task Management

ClickUp is a well-known project and task management software solution with extensive project planning features. It offers numerous views to visualize project tasks and timelines, such as Kanban boards, task view, Gantt charts, and tables. It also provides time tracking and management features for better resource management.

ClickUp 3.0 Time tracking simplified
Use ClickUp to track time spent on various tasks easily and have accurate time entries for billing purposes.

2. ClickUp Docs

Create detailed process documents, make to-do lists, or take notes using ClickUp Docs. It also lets you create a wiki with nested pages to organize information logically. 

There are many styling and formatting options, and it also allows you to add tables, media, and widgets to create highly customized documents.

3. ClickUp Whiteboards

ClickUp Whiteboards are perfect for visual team collaboration and brainstorming. Have your team collaborate in real-time to create mind maps, design agile workflows, or organize ideas.

ClickUp Whiteboards with Collaborative features gif
Use ClickUp Whiteboards for real-time collaboration with team members

4. ClickUp Brain

ClickUp Brain is an intelligent neural network that connects your company’s docs, tasks, and every knowledge resource. Use its AI power to seek answers, auto-generate notes and summaries, create project tasks and sub-tasks, get automated task reminders, and more. It’s powered by GPT-4 Turbo.

5. ClickUp Dashboards

ClickUp 3.0 Dashboard Bundle With Team Goals
Streamline Your Project Management with ClickUp Dashboard

Use ClickUp’s intuitive Dashboards to work smarter, not harder. Collaborate with team members, assign and track task completion statuses, or manage complex projects by choosing from over 50 widgets to build your ideal dashboard. The possibilities are limitless with ClickUp Dashboards. 

ClickUp pricing

  • Free Forever
  • Unlimited: $7 per month per user
  • Business: $12 per month per user
  • Enterprise: Contact ClickUp for custom pricing
  • ClickUp Brain: $5 per month per member (add-on with all paid plans)
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What is Taskade?

View in Taskade
View via Taskade

Taskade is an AI-powered team productivity and project management tool. It uses the GPT-4 AI model to streamline numerous processes and simplify project management for teams. However, the free plan uses GPT-3.5 with limited credits.

Check out its key features briefly before we move to a detailed Taskade vs. ClickUp comparison.

Taskade features

Here are some of the key features that Taskade offers.

1. Tasks and Projects

Taskade allows you to automate tasks and create streamlined project workflows. It offers multiple views, such as lists, boards, and tables, to help you visualize project workflows and timelines. It also offers task prioritization and other team productivity features.

Unlike ClickUp, Taskade doesn’t offer various dashboards, limiting the visualization options for project management.

2. Notes and Docs

Taskade’s Docs are AI-powered and interactive. You can use them to add notes, create lists, and ask questions. Simple slash commands can also be used to add content blocks and customize docs. 

3. Mind Maps

Taskade’s mind maps creator lets you convert simple lists into visual mind maps, enabling smooth collaboration and brainstorming among team members.

It has a drag-and-drop interface where you can move nodes around and create sophisticated mind maps without much effort.

4. Taskade AI

AI powers the entire suite of Taskade’s features. It helps you generate content, summarize information, automate tasks, create automated workflows, find quick answers, and more. It also offers over 1,000 prompt templates to help you perform various tasks using AI.

Taskade pricing

  • Pro: $19 per month for 10 users (billed annually)
  • Business: $12 per month per user
  • Ultimate: $20 per month per user
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Taskade vs. ClickUp: Features Compared

In this section, we’ll compare Taskade vs. ClickUp side-by-side based on their core features and functionalities.

Project and task management

We’ll compare their core project management features in the first round of the ClickUp vs. Taskade comparison.

ClickUp project management key features

  • Use the Kanban boards and Sprints in ClickUp for agile sprint planning
  • Work smoothly with easy task creation, assignment, prioritization, and tracking
  • Create custom project dashboards with 50+ widgets and 15+ views
  • Leverage built-in workflows and workflow automation
  • Track project milestones to ensure adherence to deadlines
  • Create and track time entries and get detailed reports
  • Save time and effort with customizable templates
  • Get the AI Project Manager to share progress updates and project summaries, create sub-tasks, and more

Project views in ClickUp

Example of all the different ClickUp views
Choose from over 15 different views to manage your tasks and projects

Project management has never been easier than it is with ClickUp. It allows you to visualize your project plan, timelines, and tasks using multiple views.

Most project management tools, including Taskade, offer a few basic views. ClickUp goes above and beyond to help users visualize projects in the way that best suits their needs.

ClickUp makes it easy to create Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and timelines. Its project management templates allow you to quickly create advanced project dashboards without starting from scratch.

ClickUp key differentiator

ClickUp offers 15+ project views, higher than the industry standard, compared to Taskade’s six views. Taskade also lacks some advanced views, such as Gantt charts and timelines.

Project planning with ClickUp

ClickUp 3.0 Sprint List simplified
Get quick insights into your teams’ sprints with the ClickUp Sprint List view

Whether you’re planning sprints for an agile project or tasks for any project, ClickUp’s Board view is perfect. It lets you organize tasks by status and get an overview of various functions at a glance.

The Sprint List View shows you a quick overview of the team sprints with priorities, timelines, task owners, etc.

Its Milestones view allows you to make project plans for weeks and months in advance. Easily visualize project progress using timelines and color coding to categorize tasks into segments.

What’s more? ClickUp also helps you manage employee workloads and capacity planning to optimize resource utilization.

ClickUp 3.0 Workload view simplified
Leverage ClickUp’s workload view for capacity planning and avoiding time wastage due to underutilization of resources 

ClickUp key differentiator

ClickUp offers multiple tools for planning complex projects with ease. While Taskade offers a basic Kanban board view, it lacks advanced project planning and visualization tools.

Task management in ClickUp

ClickUp 3.0 Setting Task Priority
Create tasks, prioritize them, add tags, set due dates, add comments assigning tasks, and more with ClickUp Tasks

ClickUp Tasks makes task management a breeze by providing unmatched features and functionality. It lets you easily create and manage tasks, assign tasks to multiple people, segment and prioritize them, add links and comments, and create recurring tasks.

Add custom fields to enrich tasks and even add comments with emoji reactions. The built-in time tracker helps you track the time spent on each task. You can also create manual time entries.

Bonus: Get free task management templates that streamline task management, making project management a breeze.

ClickUp key differentiator

ClickUp stands out for its wide range of task management features, from multiple assignees to a built-in time tracker. Using ClickUp is easy, and you don’t need task management skills to get started. Moreover, it lets you add tasks from Slack, emails, or even your notes. Taskade doesn’t offer as many easy task-creation options.

Taskade project management key features

  • Benefit from multiple project views with an option to create customized views
  • Utilize its 500+ productivity templates across various categories
  • Collaborate in real-time and track project version history
  • Use its easy task creation, bulk assignment, sorting, prioritization, and time-tracking features

Project views in Taskade

Taskade offers six project views, compared to ClickUp’s 15+ views. These include list, board, action, mind map, organizational chart, and calendar views. The action view is a tabular view.

Compared to ClickUp, the views look simplistic and less sophisticated.

Project planning with Taskade

Taskade’s Kanban board view is great for project planning. It gives you a quick overview of all the tasks within a project and lets you sort them by completion status.

It has a drag-and-drop interface, just like ClickUp’s, making organizing and reordering tasks easy.

Unlike ClickUp, Taskade doesn’t offer a timeline view or milestone tracking for project managers.

Task management in Taskade

Taskade offers a comprehensive suite of task management features similar to ClickUp. It lets you add comments, tag people, embed files, add links, set due dates, and more.

There are also options to sort and prioritize tasks. It also offers quick shortcuts to add tasks or notes to any project from anywhere within the Taskade platform. 

However, it does not allow you to create task dependencies the way ClickUp does, limiting the level of detail you can add to tasks.

ClickUp vs Taskade: which is better for project and task management?

ClickUp wins this round because it’s an all-in-one project management software solution for handling complex projects and tasks. Taskade offers great AI-powered task management features, but it can’t handle the complexity that ClickUp can in project management.

Note-taking and docs

In this second round of Taskade vs. ClickUp, let’s compare their note-taking and document management features.

ClickUp key note-taking features

  • Utilize its rich formatting and advanced customization options
  • Collaborate in real-time and share docs using public and private links
  • Leverage AI to take notes and create automated summaries
  • Create infinite lists and nested documents
  • Perform bulk actions on docs, such as tagging and archiving
  • Leverage the notepad in ClickUp’s Chrome extension to take quick notes
  • Cut the noise and write distraction-free using ClickUp’s focus mode in docs

Note-taking in ClickUp

rich formatting and slash commands in clickup docs
Take notes, create lists, and customize them with rich formatting and slash commands in ClickUp Docs

ClickUp offers not one but multiple ways to take notes:

  • Use the notepad feature in its Chrome extension
  • Take detailed notes using ClickUp Docs
  • Leverage the power of AI to auto-generate notes and summaries

ClickUp Docs offers many customization options to create and organize your notes in a way that works for you. You can create tables, embed files and links, or customize your notes using one of its numerous content blocks. You can also use ClickUp Brain within Docs to write or edit content, pull information from your tasks, summarize pages, and more.

ClickUp key differentiator

The Chrome extension’s notepad feature makes it easy to take notes while browsing the internet. This puts it on par with specialized note-taking apps, something Taskade lacks. ClickUp also stands out for its slash commands feature for customizing docs.

Taskade key note-taking features

  • Choose from multiple content blocks and formatting options
  • Leverage AI to quickly take notes, refine them, or expand on them
  • Take notes quickly using its keyboard shortcuts
  • Collaborate with your team in real time on the same document

Note-taking in Taskade

Taskade is an AI-powered note-taking app that lets you capture, format, and organize notes with ease.

It offers multiple formatting options and allows adding files, links, and media to your notes. You can also collaborate with your team members on the same document.

Taskade has an AI writing assistant to help you generate notes and summaries within seconds. For quick note-taking, utilize its keyboard shortcuts to take notes anytime, anywhere.

One area where Taskade shines is its thousands of templates you can use to create different types of notes in various formats. This is similar to what popular Taskade alternatives like Notion offer.

ClickUp vs. Taskade: Which is better for note-taking and docs?

ClickUp is the winner, mainly because of its rich formatting and slash commands for doc customization. Taskade matches ClickUp in AI-powered note-taking but not in other aspects.

Mind mapping and brainstorming

In round three of the Taskade vs. ClickUp comparison, we’ll compare the mind-mapping tools that each offers.

ClickUp mind mapping and brainstorming key features

  • Drag and drop nodes to create mind maps
  • Convert nodes into tasks at the click of a button
  • Utilize whiteboards for strategic planning and brainstorming
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time
  • Add images and links to your ClickUp Whiteboards

Mind mapping using ClickUp

Customize your ClickUp Mind Map
Create complex mind maps with ease using ClickUp’s intuitive interface

ClickUp offers virtual whiteboards that enable real-time team collaboration and brainstorming. Use it to create a strategy, brainstorm ideas, design creative workflows, and create mind maps.

If you want to create tasks directly from your whiteboards, it’s as easy as clicking on a button. The best part is that you can add images and links to make your whiteboards even more engaging and interactive.

ClickUp key differentiator

ClickUp Whiteboards help implement all types of ideation techniques, not just mind maps. Compared to Taskade, ClickUp is more versatile and functional for numerous purposes besides workflow creation and mind mapping.

Taskade mind mapping and brainstorming key features

  • Leverage AI to get suggestions on nodes or create mind maps based on prompts
  • Utilize its customizable templates to create mind maps for various purposes quickly
  • Add infinite nodes and sub-nodes to create detailed mind maps

Mind mapping using Taskade

Taskade lets you create infinitely nested mind maps with as many nodes and subnodes as you need. Its drag-and-drop interface allows you to move nodes around to create various maps.

As with everything on Taskade, AI is built in and helps with every aspect. For instance, it lets you create automated mind maps based on prompts or suggests nodes you can add to your maps.

Taskade also offers mobile access and real-time collaboration for brainstorming ideas and strategic planning.

ClickUp vs Taskade: Which is better for mind mapping and brainstorming?

ClickUp Whiteboards offer many more brainstorming and ideation possibilities and are not limited to mind maps, giving it an upper hand in this comparison with Taskade.

AI solutions

Let’s check out the AI features offered by both tools in this final round of Taskade vs. ClickUp.

ClickUp Brain key features

  • Ask questions and get answers from your entire knowledge base
  • Automate processes and tasks for seamless project management
  • Leverage generative AI for writing, note-taking, creating tables, templates, and transcripts, and summarizing

AI solutions offered by ClickUp

Use ClickUp AI to write faster and polish your copy, email responses, and more
Leverage ClickUp Brain to write emails, create project briefs, or summarize meeting notes

ClickUp Brain is like a second brain with numerous AI tools to help you with all aspects of project management. It has three super-efficient tools: the AI Project Manager, the AI Knowledge Manager, and the AI Writer for Work.

Ask the AI Knowledge Manager any questions related to your docs, tasks, and projects, and it will give you accurate, contextual answers.

The AI Writer for Work can help you write emails and articles, summarize discussion threads, take meeting minutes, brainstorm ideas, and even suggest interview questions to ask when hiring.

It can generate tables from large data sets and transcribe notes from your meetings and Clips. Moreover, it can create templates in docs, tasks, and projects for any use case.

The AI Project Manager can create project briefs and RACI documents, automatically generate sub-tasks for tasks in ClickUp, share project updates, automate tasks, generate standups, etc.

ClickUp key differentiator

While ClickUp is a project management platform at its core, ClickUp Brain is one of the top second-brain apps. It is a writing assistant, a knowledge manager, and a project manager combined in one. Plus, it offers 100+ tools for persona-specific tasks.

Taskade AI key features

  • Automate tasks using Taskade AI automation
  • Create customized virtual agents with specific knowledge using Taskade AI Agents
  • Generate content, such as notes and summaries, using AI writing assistant

AI solutions offered by Taskade

Taskade AI is useful for automating tasks and generating content, but its functionality goes beyond these use cases.

It lets you create personalized AI agents for various purposes. For instance, you may create dedicated AI assistants for marketing, project management, etc.

Taskade vs ClickUp AI: which is better?

Both, Taskade AI and ClickUp AI compete on all fronts and offer powerful functionality. Therefore, this round is a tie.

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Taskade vs. ClickUp on Reddit

We researched on Reddit to see what Redditors feel about the Taskade vs. ClickUp question, and here’s what the community has to say about the two tools:

Taskade is easy to use and perfect for note-taking and individual productivity tools.

ClickUp is more robust and is perfect for complex project management for businesses of all types.

If you’re looking for basic note-taking and AI, Taskade will do. However, if you want advanced note-taking, robust project management, task management templates, brainstorming, and collaboration features, choose ClickUp.

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Which AI Productivity Tool Reigns Supreme?

Based on our Taskade vs. ClickUp comparison, ClickUp won three out of four rounds, with the fourth round being a tie.

Your eventual choice would depend on your specific requirements. ClickUp is the better option if you want an all-in-one project management and productivity solution that can scale with your business as it grows. It offers everything Taskade does and much more.

Want to explore all the ClickUp offers? Sign up for ClickUp and assess its features to decide if it’s the right choice.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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