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Mesh+: Using ClickUp to Keep Our Global Teams Connected

Working with global, remote teams can come with its fair share of challenges. Aside from the time zone differences, teams must also learn how to communicate effectively and work asynchronously. 

Not to mention having to manage several work apps in their day-to-day workflow. Just imagine how that would affect their work efficiency and collaboration experience. 

Take it from the Mesh+ team:

The diversity of communication methods and the incompatibilities and limitations of various productivity platforms made it inefficient to communicate between members due to the difference in preference and level of activity on the platforms.”

In order to improve asynchronous work and eliminate miscommunication, many companies like Mesh+ have begun looking into customizable project management tools that can help them work asynchronously, collaborate effectively, and, most importantly, scale with their business. 

Luckily, they’ve finally found the perfect solution. 

Discover how Mesh+ managed to keep their global teams connected, scale their business scale, and enabled effective cooperation among different teams with ClickUp.

Let’s hear it for Mesh+! 👏👏👏 😊

Hi Mesh+ team! Can you tell us about your company? 

Mesh+ is the first crypto project designed to provide extremely scalable and long-range network coverage for the Internet of Things. 

Our global network can provide telecommunication using nodes installed by our users through which businesses buy traffic using a Crypto Token called MESH. 

We’re currently developing the backbone of our network, including cutting-edge software and hardware solutions, whilst also being open for financing as part of the seed round.

We provide a versatile, safe, and sustainable network with the best scalability, low power consumption, and low computational effort.

Get to know Mesh+ with this project explainer video:

Why ClickUp? 

With members across different continents and time zones, involving hardware and software development, design as well as marketing, economics modeling, simulations, and community-building operations, we’ve always sought a method to improve the engagement and communication of our members working remotely on different tasks. 

We discovered that ClickUp provides the functionality we need to manage a remote, international, and diverse team of individuals in order to improve the synergy and pace at which we’re making progress. 💡

What problems were you hoping to solve with ClickUp?

The fact that we are present on multiple platforms and managing communities across them (Discord, Telegram, Twitter), the diversity of communication methods, and the incompatibilities and limitations of various productivity platforms made it inefficient to communicate between members due to the difference in preference and level of activity on the platforms.

Due to the global nature of our project, we require seamless cooperation between North American and European members, especially when traveling. 

Checking all social platforms and chasing disparate teams between Telegram, Discord, Email, and Twitter would is greatly inefficient, as checking all platforms became an unnecessary effort delaying swift resolution of various immediate requests, especially when a 6+ hours time zone difference is considered.

What were you looking for in project management software?

ClickUp provides exactly the functionality we need to manage our remote team, comprised of members from all across the world, with the potential to continue expanding in accordance with our global ambitions. 

We needed a globally available PM software, easily accessible across a wide range of devices with good interoperability considering the need for cooperation between highly technical hardware and software teams as well as marketing and technical documentation operations, managing meetings and generally assuring a single environment where every member could be present. The integration of numerous tools into the system streamlines the transition and eliminates the friction of transitioning to another platform.

A particularly useful feature is the ability to track the time of remote workers in order to help project managers track the efficiency of the team. ⏰

ClickUp Global Timer
Use the global timer in ClickUp to track time, set estimates, add notes, and view reports of your time from anywhere

Can you tell us about your team’s favorite ClickUp feature?

The main functionality that we were interested in generating through ClickUp was the ability to track the progress and time spent on each task by our team members, in order to better gauge the difficulty of certain tasks as well as to preemptively discover conflicts in scheduling or likely delays, as well as to manage workload distribution. 

Tracking time and workload in ClickUp
Using the global timer feature in ClickUp to track time, manage resources, and monitor workload

As we are operating at the cutting edge of our technological sector, working on a novel application of a special type of wide range network within the crypto-space, our team is expanding rapidly whilst we develop our technology, oftentimes having to approach novel and uncharted territory. 

Tracking the progress of development and assuring effective communication of results amongst members who rely on each other’s progress as well as cooperating with numerous outside stakeholders and partners makes it essential to make use of a tool such as ClickUp to be able to assure that we are meeting targets whilst also being mindful and aware of challenges, permitting cooperation between people with specific and niche tasks.

Tracking time spent on tasks in ClickUp
Tracking time spent on tasks in ClickUp

Since implementing ClickUp, what positive changes have you noticed in your workflow?

ClickUp offers fantastic project management tools along with the essential toolkit for collaborative work in a global and remote team. 

The ability to access ClickUp across all of the platforms enabled cooperation between our software specialists, economists, consultants, as well as hardware specialists without interrupting work and allowing access at all times.

Integrations with Zoom, Teams, Outlook, Github, and Make provided the ability to condensate parts of different work ecosystems into one unified space, augmenting the swift and streamlined operations needed to succeed as a start-up.

Given our predefined set of milestones, ClickUp generated an efficient method to control deadlines and gather information on the status of different aspects of the project at a glance. 

Your turn: Work asynchronously and track time from anywhere with ClickUp’s Global Timer

ClickUp has native time tracking functionality that makes it easier than ever to see who worked on what and for how long! 

Whether you’re tracking client meetings or simply working on tasks, ClickUp provides you with numerous solutions across devices to easily track your time.

The global timer in ClickUp is there to help you and your team seamlessly track and edit time wherever they may be in the world. And if you need to access the time tracker on the go, no problem! Simply use the time tracking feature in the mobile app to create and edit time entries across the web, desktop, and mobile app. The global time tracking feature works throughout ClickUp so matter which devices or apps you’re using, you’ll see everything in sync, in real-time. 🙌

Learn more about this effective time tracking solution and try it for yourself today—for free!

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