10 Marketing Slack Communities to Join in 2024

10 Marketing Slack Communities to Join in 2024

A Slack community is a private space where like-minded individuals come together to share knowledge about trending topics and common areas of interest.

But you could build an active community on Facebook or even WhatsApp. Then, why Slack? 

With 80% of Fortune 100 companies using Slack, it is simpler to grow Slack communities as most B2B professionals are already familiar with this tool. Unlike WhatsApp or Facebook Groups, Slack integrates seamlessly with your workplace solutions. 

If you are a practicing marketer finding your way through the changing marketing trends, joining relevant marketing Slack communities will help you connect with your professional peers and get instant support from industry leaders within the online community.

If you’re looking for Slack groups for growth and B2B marketers, we’ve done the groundwork for you. Here’s our list of the 10 best invite-only communities for marketers you must join.

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Understanding Slack for Marketers

It doesn’t matter if you are a CMO, mid-level marketing manager, or a new addition to a company’s marketing team; embracing the ongoing digital and AI revolution is one of the critical aspects of your job. 

But what do we mean when we say “embracing the digital revolution”? 

As a marketer, it means keeping up with customers’ expectations, helping cross-functional teams with lead generation, and executing innovative marketing campaigns—all while keeping the buyers’ journey and the uncertain business landscape in mind. 

That’s a lot of chaos, and Slack helps you navigate these disruptions by creating solid marketing processes and automation.

Slack removes the burden of your day-to-day administrative activities, so you, the marketer, can focus on more meaningful work, such as researching buyers’ journeys, ideating innovative marketing initiatives, and integrating analytics into your marketing campaigns for long-term results. 

But isn’t Slack an Instant Messaging (IM) platform? 

Well, yes, but it is not your regular IM tool. 

Slack vs. traditional instant messaging platforms 

While Slack offers all the instant messaging features such as group chat, file and media sharing, screen sharing, and audio and video chats, this isn’t all it can do. 

Unlike traditional IM tools like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber, Slack also helps marketers to 

  •  Add over 1000 members to each channel, whereas Facebook Messenger, Viber, and similar tools can accommodate a maximum of 250 people in a single group. For marketers, this means that Slack is a better choice for community-building 
  • Upload large files of up to 1GB among team members, while popular IM platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger limit files beyond 16MB. This would mean transferring videos, images, decks, and other knowledge resources with your team seamlessly  
  • Integrate it with 2400+ tools they use regularly, while traditional IM platforms don’t offer such integrations. As a marketer, you must use a long list of tools ranging from project management software, such as ClickUp, to knowledge management tools, such as Notion, and analytics tools, such as Google Analytics. With Slack integrations, you don’t have to switch between these tools as bringing all insights in one platform and collaborating with your team is much simpler

Slack’s exceptional real-time collaboration capabilities are far ahead of regular instant-messaging tools. 

So, how does Slack help marketers? 

Apart from helping marketers create robust collaboration processes with internal teams and customers, a great advantage of Slack for marketing teams is to tap into community-driven marketing. 

Community marketing became popular quickly because of the trust it builds. 

From a user’s perspective, joining a brand community makes much more sense than trusting sponsored ads and content for their purchase decisions. In a brand community, they can explore the brand’s product support initiatives and interact with previous customers before they decide to invest in the product. 

From a brand’s perspective, communities create an opportunity to target a user group and share ideas before they go into the development stage. 

With Slack, marketers can create separate channels for discussions, organize conversations through Slack threads, and directly communicate with other members through Slack messages for networking. 

Slack communities are already trending, and in the next section, we list some of the best communities for marketers looking to build a professional network. 

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Notable Slack Channels Every Marketer Should Join

Here’s a list of Slack communities for content marketers, email marketers, product and growth hacking marketers, and social media managers curious to try out community marketing in 2024: 

1. OnlineGeniuses

OnlineGeniuses is one of the best marketing Slack communities for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing professionals. 

With 35,000+ active members and over ten channels, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and email marketing, this Slack community is now the go-to place for B2B marketers to gain knowledge, network with like-minded people, solve problems, answer questions collaboratively, and conduct market research. 

Benefit for marketers 

  • Ask questions and learn from the best marketers. Participate in regular QA sessions with top marketing professionals from brands such as Google, Zillow, Stackoverflow, Zapier, and Bumble
  • Find talent for your marketing team, with 35,000+ potential marketers already present in the community. There is a dedicated hiring Slack channel where marketers post about part-time and full-time consultant jobs
  • Ask niche-specific marketers about their strategies, tools, frameworks, and other resources and network with them. Gain knowledge through collaboration and contribute meaningfully to discussions 

Pricing: Free Slack community. To access features like an online marketplace talent network and bypass the vetting process, you must opt for the OG plan, which starts at $99.99/year. 

2. Marketers Chat 

Marketers Chat is a Slack marketing community encouraging real-time conversation among modern marketers. Primarily focused on affiliate marketing, some of the Slack channels within this community are SEO, SEM, and Promo Zone. The Services channel allows marketers, brand managers, and brands to self-promote their services to the audiences.  

Benefit for marketers  

  • Connect with like-minded fellow marketers and learn new marketing tactics without following 200000+ influencers on Twitter and other social platforms
  • Get regular updates on newly published blogs with a dedicated News Slack channel that integrates with popular industry blogs and news portals 
  • Get access to tons of freebies to support your marketing responsibilities, in channels like Offers and Tools. We’re talking free audits, consultations, tool recommendations, and more

Pricing: Free 

3. Growmance  

Growmance started as a small discussion forum for marketers to get together. It grew in popularity and became a trusted tool for B2B marketers to unlock new opportunities and participate in expert discussions without paying a subscription fee. 

Benefit for marketers 

  • Enjoy a reliable invite-only community for marketers where your data is safe, and there are no hidden charges
  • Access exclusive job openings and opportunities in the marketing teams of top B2B organizations. Reach out to job posters and hiring managers and ask for referrals from other employees of the same brands to increase your chances  
  • Reach out to experts with your questions, get quick training from them, learn their tried and tested marketing hacks 

Pricing: Free 

4. CRO Growth Hacks 

The next name on our marketing Slack community list is CRO Growth Hacks. This community’s Slack channels and discussions mostly revolve around conversion rate optimization (CRO), and some of the best channels to join are SEO Hacks and Business Hacks.  

Benefit for marketers 

  • Learn from experts how they combine innovative CRO strategies to increase the possibilities of conversion. Even experienced marketers struggle with optimizing conversion, and this Slack community is the best knowledge source to get all your CRO-related questions answered. 
  • Use the Shameless Plug Slack channel to openly promote your services, upcoming webinars, product launches, local events, and newsletters 
  • Access dedicated channels for targeted QA sessions 

Pricing: Free 

5. Product-led Growth 

Product-led Growth is an insightful Slack community for product marketing managers, content marketers, and growth teams to learn the best practices related to product-driven marketing. 

With 15,000+ active members, this Slack community aims to help businesses transform from a sales-led to a product-led model for long-term success. 

Benefit for marketers

  • Learn product-led growth tactics from some of the best marketers, working in Amplitude, PayPal, Fullstory and HubSpot, among others 
  • Discuss and learn from each others’ experiences and question others’ opinions respectfully to initiate valuable discussions. Establishing collaborative learning is one of the biggest goals of this community
  • Discover practical product marketing frameworks and resources. It is also a great talent pool for hiring managers to find their next teammates 

Pricing: Free. To avail of perks like coaching calls with experts, you must opt for the paid plans, starting at $299 monthly. 

6. RevGenius

With 35000 members, RevGenius is the next Slack community on our list for B2B marketing professionals. 

With over 30 dedicated channels and seasoned marketing professionals representing brands like Workato, Dooly, Dock, and Clearbit, RevGenius is a treasure trove of marketing knowledge and insights. Chat GTM, Chat Marketing, and Chat RevOps are the most popular channels for learning growth strategies and marketing analytics. 

Benefit for marketers 

  • Interact with futuristic thought-leaders in B2B marketing and learn from their past experiences 
  • Attend impactful B2B sales, marketing, and RevOps events regularly to learn the intricacies of running and executing successful B2B marketing campaigns without hidden sales pitches 
  • Identify the best job opportunities in the Chat Job Postings, which is already a hit among the members  

Pricing: Free 

7. Demand Curve 

Demand Curve is the premium community for top growth marketing leaders looking to scale and innovate their growth operations. 

There are Slack channels dedicated to discussing all things marketing, be it copywriting, video marketing, or Shopify plug-ins. There is a 30-day waitlist to join this community, and unlike other Slack groups, Demand Curve has an approval process for vetting each member. 

Benefit for marketers 

  • Find paid and free resources for freelancers and marketing agencies 
  • Network with industry leaders as Demand Curve represents professionals from top B2B companies like Zendesk, Webflow, Stripe, Airtable, and Salesforce and startup funding platforms like YC Combinator  
  • Unlock access to hidden Slack channels within this online community by providing meaningful contributions 

Pricing: Free 

8. Superpath 

Superpath is a dedicated Slack community for B2B content marketers. It helps them build networks with fellow content professionals and marketing agency owners and be part of a peer-focused growth ecosystem. 

With 18,000+ members, it is one of the best communities to learn about everything related to content and land the best job opportunities in the field. 

Benefit for marketers 

  • Find trending opportunities in content writing, marketing, and SEO. Superpath has a dedicated channel called Freelance Gigs to support freelancers with all of this and more 
  • Collaborate for guest post contributions, subject-matter insights, and exchange backlinks in one of the most popular Superpath channels—Content Collab 
  • Share pictures of your furry friends in the aptly named Pets channel. This channel is a good distraction amid serious marketing discussions 

Pricing: A free plan is available. To access perks like podcast transcripts, 1:1 calls, and exclusive courses, you must opt for one of the paid plans, starting from $20/month. 

9. Peak Freelance 

Peak Freelance is a Slack community that empowers freelance writers with job board access, writing tips, templates, and courses to ace their freelance business. If you are a freelance writer planning to scale and work with global B2B brands, this Slack community is for you. 

Benefit for marketers 

  • Access an extensive job board where all the latest freelance gigs are posted almost daily 
  • Leverage pro freelancing resources like templates and courses to give your freelance business the direction it demands 
  • Benefit from networking opportunities with top freelancers in different B2B niches so you learn from their experiences 

Pricing: Free 

10. Email Geeks 

Lastly, if you are an email marketer trying to keep up with the latest email marketing trends, Email Geeks is your go-to Slack community. With 82 channels, it is one of the largest marketing communities. 

Benefit for marketers 

  • Learn email marketing best practices and strategies from 21000+ email experts across top brands like Google, Uber, Mailchimp, Twitter, and other popular brands  
  • Get help with the key issues email marketers struggle with and useful insights from thought leaders. With channels like Email Design and Email Deliverability, you’ll always have someone to reach out to

Pricing: Free 

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The Merits of Slack Channels for Different Marketing Disciplines

Marketing Slack channels help different disciplines of marketers in different ways. Here’s how content marketers, email marketers, and digital marketers benefit through these communities: 

Content marketers 

  • Learning organic growth strategies that worked for other brands
  • Understanding best practices to create various content resources 
  • Developing content repurposing, optimization, reporting, and other essential content skills by asking expert community members and attending webinars 

Email marketers 

  • Getting tips and real-life examples from some of the most critical email marketing use cases like building an email list, growing your company newsletter, creating an onboarding email sequence 
  • Accessing data-driven insights related to email design, newsletter landing pages, and CTA placements for maximum conversion  
  • Refining your copywriting skills with email templates, subject line writing tips, and tried and tested email templates that brought high open rates to other brands 

Digital marketers 

  • Keeping up with the key digital marketing trends and preparing to make necessary changes in their skills to accommodate AI and its implications 
  • Finding relevant job openings from top B2B organizations and connecting with company insiders to get referrals
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Using Slack as a Marketing Tool 

Slack allows marketers like you to collaborate and communicate with your team members in real-time. Some ways you can integrate Slack with your day-to-day responsibilities include: 

  • Building centralized workflows to optimize marketing operations 

For example, if you are about to launch a social media campaign, create automated Slack workflows by integrating Slack with relevant tools like Notion (to maintain your social media content), ClickUp (to manage your tasks and KPIs), social listening tools (to collect audience insights), and Figma (for designing the creatives). 

This way, your team will have easy access to all campaign resources in one place, and you’ll be able to launch the campaign faster. 

  • Building a collaborative workspace for different marketing initiatives

For example, Slack’s project management features let you bring your entire team together using the Slack-ClickUp integration, Canvas allows you to brainstorm new ideas, and Slack Connect helps you invite consultants and freelancers from other workspaces to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Converting Slack into your quick resource repository

Use Slack’s advanced search option to find all resources and media files shared in a conversation quickly, set customized reminders so you don’t miss out on any pending tasks, and integrate with Google Docs, DropBox, Notion, and similar applications to get all notifications related to document management on your shared Slack channel.

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Tips and Etiquette for Marketers Using Slack 

Before using Slack as your primary marketing channel, know the top Slack hacks and etiquette to make the most of Slack:

  • Use Slack threads for team collaboration. Instead of sending a new message each time to reply to an ongoing conversation, use threads to help streamline communication, save your team members’ time, and help them find responses sooner 
  • Use inclusive language. When addressing your team, replace “Guys” with “Folks” or “Team” to make everyone feel included 
  • For quick follow-ups or responses like “Yes, I will do it” or “I agree,” use emojis. For example, for the above two responses, the suitable emojis would be ✅ and “+1” emojis, respectively 
  • Set Do Not Disturb status to create realistic expectations. This way, your team will be aware of the working schedule, and they will reach out to you during this time or wait till the next day for your response  
  • Encourage asynchronous communication, reduce meetings, and help employees stay productive. Hop on short Huddles when needed for fast communication  
  • Don’t tag “Channel” or “All” every time you post a message, as it notifies all members within a channel even though they have nothing to do with it. Notify only those who are part of a project  
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Streamline Your Marketing Ops with ClickUp

Slack helps marketers of different disciplines streamline internal collaboration, create marketing roadmap templates for entire teams, and experience effective marketing project management by integrating Slack with solutions like ClickUp, Notion, and Airtable. 

Join Slack communities to get access to tried and tested marketing plan templates, network with industry experts to learn new conversion and optimization techniques, and get your hands on job and consultancy opportunities regularly. 

And if you’re looking for more options, ClickUp is a great Slack alternative to streamline your marketing team’s operations and collaboration. 

ClickUp’s Solution for Marketing Teams is a scalable tool for marketing leaders and teams to create an all-in-one workplace. Your marketing team can: 

  • Use ClickUp Brain to develop marketing campaign content faster. Generate content ideas, briefs, emails, and case studies for your next marketing campaigns at lighting speed and empower your team members to be more productive 
AI assistance Template
Use ClickUp Brain to brainstorm ideas and write and edit content in seconds
  • Use ClickUp Whiteboards to brainstorm with your team members in one place, encourage everyone to participate in ongoing strategy discussions, and ensure that everyone is in sync with the task pipeline   
Turn your team’s ideas into coordinated actions with ClickUp—all in one Whiteboard
  • Establish team-wide transparency and track how your team members are progressing towards a common goal with ClickUp Goals Track and manage your team’s progress towards common goals with ClickUp Goals
ClickUp Goals
Track the progress of your tasks using ClickUp Goals
  • Eliminate redundant workflows with ClickUp Automations and monitor timelines to ensure team members are not working on repetitive tasks and are staying productive
ClickUp Automation
Set up custom automations in ClickUp for repetitive tasks
Slack Integration with ClickUp
Create and manage tasks on ClickUp with its Slack integration

To explore ClickUp, sign up for a free trial

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1. What is a Slack community?

A Slack community is a group of people coming together to discuss industry trends, collaborate on new projects, and interact with seasoned thought-leaders to gain more insights. 

2. Can you use Slack for marketing? 

Yes, using Slack for marketing helps you streamline your marketing team’s activities and makes every marketing initiative a collaborative effort. 

3. What is Slack in digital marketing? 

Slack is the new-age solution for digital marketing teams to collaborate better.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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