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Lesson Plan Templates in Google Docs 

Crafting lesson plans can feel like walking a tightrope; it requires careful balance to manage multiple subjects and address student inquiries while keeping your eye on the prize—effective teaching. 

But let’s be real: dealing with formatting inconsistencies and vague details in your lesson plans can throw you off track.

Google Docs has long been an ally in the design of lesson plans. Its flexibility, familiarity, and accessibility enable educators to offer high classroom outputs.

We’ve assembled a list of four free Google Docs lesson planning templates and 10 additional, more modern alternatives to introduce customizable dashboards for your classroom management documents.

Let’s explore how these editable templates can revolutionize your approach to lesson planning, making it less about paperwork and more about your passion for teaching. Get ready to transform your lesson plans from good to great! 🧑‍🏫

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What Makes a Good Lesson Planning Template in Google Docs?

A good lesson plan template in Google Docs typically streamlines the lesson planning workflow. It should capture the trajectory of your lesson and the learning objectives alongside tasks and activities involved in the session.

Let’s look at some key features that any good lesson plan document template in Google Docs must include:

  • Structure: Clearly defined sections for each lesson component, like objectives, materials, tasks, and assessments, to ensure comprehensive lesson preparation
  • Flexibility: Adaptable enough to accommodate different teaching styles and class sizes to fit multiple lesson formats for various subjects and special needs
  • Clarity: Simple and intuitive design to make it easy for all students, permanent staff, and substitute teachers to understand
  • Resource linking: The ability to embed or link directly to external resources, such as instructional videos, supplementary reading materials, or interactive activities, to enrich the learning experience
  • Efficiency: Features that save time, like dropdown menus, checklists, and pre-filled standards aligned with educational goals
  • Feedback incorporation: Includes sections or features to simplify incorporating or tracking feedback from students or peer reviews, aiding in continuous improvement of teaching practices
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Lesson Plan Templates on Google Docs

Here are some free teacher lesson plan templates on Google Docs to help you document, track, print, and share course materials.

1. Google Docs Basic Building Blocks Daily Lesson Plan Template by CloudHQ

The Google Docs Basic Building Blocks Daily Lesson Plan Template by CloudHQ is designed for educators who require a straightforward daily lesson planning tool. It concisely organizes daily lesson plans and activities, and the elaborate features list facilitates organization.

The template provides an easy-to-follow format for detailed activity descriptions and highlights the necessary materials to complete assessments. It’s handy for primary school teachers. If you’re new to teaching, it can provide a simple framework to cover essential aspects of daily lessons.

This template’s minimalist design strips away unnecessary complexities, offering a direct approach to lesson planning. With it, you can focus squarely on your pedagogical content without getting sidetracked by the planning process.

2. Google Docs E-Learning Lesson Plan Template by GooDocs

This Google Docs E-Learning Lesson Plan Template by GooDocs caters to the increasing demand for digital education resources. Created for virtual classrooms and online teaching sessions, this template assists in structuring e-learning classes. 

You’ll have dedicated sections on setting up the required technology and AI tools for students, using student engagement assessment strategies, and monitoring key learning targets.

It’s great for teachers who conduct online classes and want to maintain high student interaction. Add this to your online teaching toolkit and set achievable SMART goals for college students taking classes remotely.

This comprehensive template lets you add elements like time allocations for each activity. Even better, the design offers virtual assessment methods and free tips to maintain student productivity in virtual environments.

3. Google Docs Course Unit Lesson Plan Template by Template.net

This Google Docs Course Unit Lesson Plan Template is fully customizable for educators planning an extended curriculum unit. It is reusable, consistent in branding, and user-friendly. 

You can divide larger units into individual lessons and provide macro views of the course’s educational trajectory. It’s suitable for secondary and high school teachers who need to plan their subjects over several months.

You can simplify detailed planning techniques to avoid relying on rigorous formatting guidelines. It also facilitates the integration of various teaching methodologies, from lectures and discussions to project-based learning and AI courses.

This lesson plan layout is structured to encourage reflection on the pedagogical approach. This makes it easier for educators to assess and tweak the unit as it progresses.

💡Tip: You can even use these lesson plans to create teaching materials as a side hustle and sell them as digital content in your niche.

4. Google Docs Lesson Plan Template by TPT

This Google Docs Lesson Plan Template strikes a nice balance, providing a structured framework for detailed planning while allowing creative flexibility. Its sections for laying out learning objectives and differentiation strategies cater to various subjects and teaching methods.

Consider this Google Docs template if you require a mix of comprehensive documentation with adaptable AI tools for lesson planning that suit several educational scenarios.

You’ll particularly enjoy the collaborative planning features, which allow fellow teachers to contribute and modify the lesson plan in real time. This works best for co-teaching ecosystems where curriculum integration across different subjects is prioritized.

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Limitations of Using Google Docs for Lesson Plan Templates  

Despite the upsides, using Google Docs for lesson planning templates does come with a few limitations:

  • Limited offline access: Requires internet for full functionality and access
  • Formatting inconsistencies: Issues when converting to/from other formats like Microsoft Word
  • Template customization: Basic design tools limit advanced customization options
  • Data security: Concerns over confidentiality and control of sensitive educational materials
  • Version control: May not meet the needs for complex document histories
  • Integration limits: Limited integration with non-Google or specialized educational platforms
  • Dependency on Google ecosystem: Best used within the Google ecosystem with tools like Google Slides, Google Drive, and Google Sheets means less standalone flexibility
  • None to minimal advanced analytics: Doesn’t offer in-built analytics for user interaction with documents
  • Limited multimedia support: Embedding videos and interactive media is less straightforward than in specialized software
  • Automated features: Lacks advanced automation capabilities for dynamic content
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Alternatives for Google Docs Lesson Plan Templates

Considering the above limitations, let’s look at 10 tried-and-tested Google Docs alternatives for developing lesson plans.

These free lesson plan templates from ClickUp’s powerful education suite are packed with essential features to improve your lesson planning process, writing and documentation. They also offer easy editing capabilities and assessment techniques to streamline your workflow.

1. Syllabus Planning Template by ClickUp

ClickUp’s Syllabus Planning Template is designed to help you plan your course syllabus.

Bring together all your syllabus planning materials in one place. This includes study resources, lesson indexes, and course material ideas across different subjects.

ClickUp’s Syllabus Planning Template helps design an easy-to-digest syllabus. From visualizing the timeline of the course to categorizing lecture materials, you can also customize and refine existing syllabuses with your organization or teachers’ group.

Provide students with consistent syllabus materials and align key course lessons and objectives with relevant assignments. Consider using ClickUp Views such as the Timeline View, Board View, Calendar View, and Guide View to stay informed about deadlines, collaborators, review meetings, and more.

The template’s outlining feature helps accommodate additions like course descriptions and grading policies. Overall, this template enables you to build comprehensive syllabuses via manageable smaller tasks.

2. College Lesson Plan Template by ClickUp

ClickUp’s College Lesson Plan Template is designed to help instructors create, manage, and track lesson plans for college courses.

With ClickUp’s College Lesson Plan Template, you can ideate, monitor, and design attractive lesson plans for university teaching purposes. This template also lets you co-create and customize its materials to help students with quality course content.

Work with fellow instructors and develop weekly lesson plans to help students achieve their learning objectives. The Custom Fields feature lets you input data for lesson structures, grades, evaluation status, and more. This helps organize each lesson’s structural flow to meet the desired quality standards.

With ClickUp’s Project Management features, you can monitor your time dedication to specific tasks and automate alerts and email notifications based on predefined checkpoints.

3. Class Planning Template by ClickUp

ClickUp’s Class Planning Template is designed to help you organize and plan for multiple classes.

Creating lesson plans for individual classes can be time-consuming without a pre-determined process for choosing topics and subtopics. ClickUp’s Class Planning Template lets you follow a roadmap to decide the necessary sub-sections and activities you’ll need.

This template offers a framework for organizing your teaching files in advance and following a pre-set class plan to maximize what you teach during the class. 

It makes for a reliable daily lesson planner that assembles smaller parts of lessons and eventually prepares all subject modules without omitting any topics or assessments.

The Custom Fields lets you attach relevant class materials and assess your readiness before a lecture. 

Pro tip: Use the automation feature for reminders about preparation deadlines or assignment grading sessions every week.

4. Classroom Management Plan Template by ClickUp

ClickUp’s Classroom Management Plan Template is designed to help you keep organized and track the progress of your classroom.

Creating a classroom management plan provides your students with guidelines for maintaining proper discipline. 

The Classroom Management Plan Template by ClickUp allows you to state clear standards for student behavior. You can also use it to outline attendance rules and protocols before and after classroom assessments.

With this template by ClickUp, you can create rules for seating arrangements and homework submission procedures, and share weekly lesson plans and calendars. The idea is to prepare action plans for different classroom scenarios, such as practical, theoretical, or debate-style lectures.

5. Teacher Action Plan Template by ClickUp

Teachers need to make sure their action plans reflect the needs of their students.

Use ClickUp’s Teacher Action Plan Template to avoid mismanagement when handling tasks like assembling course content, filling in marksheets, and prepping for parent-teacher meetings. This template can help you:

  • Update the Custom Fields to design personalized evaluation systems for different subjects and students across several grades
  • Set SOPs to tackle disciplinary complaints, issues related to student attendance, or an unsatisfactory classroom environment. ClickUp Views lets you strategically observe and manage multiple tasks as a school teacher
  • Delegate duties to classroom monitors and share this template with them to reduce your workload regarding highlighting exam updates or important lesson notes

6. Classroom Schedule Template by ClickUp

ClickUp’s Classroom Schedule Template is designed to help you organize and track what happens in your classroom each day.

Every teacher’s biggest nightmare is managing classroom schedules for several batches of students in a university. ClickUp’s Classroom Schedule Template enables you to break larger scheduling responsibilities into smaller, more manageable tasks.

Prepare simple schedules for checking attendance data and creating and allocating assignments. This template also ensures your schedule includes time for discussing feedback with students based on test performances or doubt-solving sessions.

Use the Custom Statuses to design your own workflows for tracking classroom activities, their output, and the turnout for extra lectures. In addition, the 15 unique Custom Views help you organize subject-wise schedules to avoid mixing up several timetables.

7. Special Education Classroom Schedule Template by ClickUp 

ClickUp’s Special Education Classroom Schedule Template is designed to help you manage students, classrooms, lessons, and activities.

Special education classrooms can be more challenging to manage as they involve an additional layer of teaching and communication. The Special Education Classroom Schedule Template by ClickUp helps design education plans to remove distractions and focus on creating more effective teaching environments.

This template offers the means to increase student inclusivity through careful equipment installations and tailored teaching strategies. 

You can access the Custom Fields section to keep parents and guardians informed about meetings, tests, or student feedback.

Moreover, the Custom Views are perfect for checking high-value classroom notes, activities, and schedules for high-priority subjects in different semesters.

8. Class Notes Template by ClickUp

This template provides a sample page that can be edited, duplicated, and applied to any subject or assignment.

Even experienced teachers can feel overwhelmed by the different types of classroom information. ClickUp’s Class Notes Template helps manage students’ homework, classroom discipline, grading criteria, report cards, and more effectively.

Manage your personal and collective notes in one place, and use color codes and custom names to organize files in an easily accessible layout. Its file-sharing layers also make for an effective collaboration tool for student groups.

What’s more, ClickUp efficiently offers customization options to play around with your notes’ formatting, linking, citations, comments, and highlights. You can access data stored in your notes and easily share and edit these documents with fellow teachers.

9. Class Assignment Template by ClickUp

ClickUp’s Class Assignments Template is designed to help you organize and manage tasks related to classes.

Sorting your assignment data in one place can save you hours each week. ClickUp’s Class Assignment Template categorizes assignments based on subjects, priorities, goals, and several customizable parameters.

Develop assignment drafts faster to allocate students’ tasks well in advance. The template has features to tweak an assignment due date based on active communication channels with students.

This template’s format helps teachers avoid re-creating assignments each time and also assists students with assignment tracking and feedback columns to avoid manual burdens.

10. Student Progress Template by ClickUp

ClickUp’s Student Progress Template is designed to help you track students’ performance and progress.

Managing classes of 20-40 students can seem like a task fit only for Maria Montessori unless you’re equipped with tools to track student progress. ClickUp’s Student Progress Template helps teachers like you stay on top of your students’ academic success.

The template is designed to track individual student performances and create detailed reports to discuss with parents and fellow teachers. You can compare their ratings in areas such as grade level, behavior, and extracurricular activities to identify potential areas for improvement.

Access this template to create quick overviews of a student’s progress and divert their efforts to areas of improvement. This template can help you spot extra-talented students with a higher aptitude for critical thinking who would otherwise be challenging to spot in a larger classroom.

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Use Modernized Lesson Plan Templates for Better Academic Help

Being a teacher comes with a lot of responsibilities. A mix of administrative and tailored duties demand more than your working hours, from creating assignments to checking exam papers, monitoring classroom activities, and supporting students’ academic growth. 

Nonetheless, you’re bound to put your pen down at some point and simply wait for the vacation bells to ring. ClickUp’s free lesson plan templates are created to avoid such burnouts and minimize your lesson planning workload. 

Our KWL templates offer added assistance to track and assess what your students understand and what information needs better processing. 

A blend of automation features and customizable fields for preparing spot-on education and reporting documents makes ClickUp your preferred project management assistant. 

By integrating ClickUp with your training software, you can also streamline the creation and delivery of educational content. After all, you want to teach and not rack your brain over lesson preparation runs!

So, what’s the wait? Get started with ClickUp for free today and upgrade your lesson plans!

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