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6 Free KWL Templates and Resources for Teachers

Every teacher wants to spark students’ curiosity and motivate them to learn. This goal becomes a little easier when you have a trusty KWL chart. (For the uninitiated, KWL stands for “know,” “want to know,” and “learned.”)

A KWL chart template is valuable for boosting reading comprehension. They’ll help you supercharge metacognition and fire up student engagement in social studies, language arts, or any other subject.

With a customizable KWL chart template in your teaching toolkit, you’ll be able to create educational adventures that are both fun and effective.

So get ready to explore a treasure trove of six free printable KWL chart templates and other teaching resources to ignite classroom curiosity and supercharge learning. It’s time to turn your lessons into exciting quests for knowledge! ๐ŸŽ

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What is a KWL Template?

The KWL chart was designed by Donna Ogle in 1986. It’s a straightforward educational tool that helps students activate their prior knowledge, get curious, and organize what they learn about a new topic.

ClickUp Class Assignments To-Do List Template
ClickUp Class Assignments To-Do List Template is great for teachers to keep track of class assignments and prioritize tasks

KWL charts do this by sorting information into three columns based on the acronym “KWL”:

  • Kโ€””Know” or “What I know”: In this first column, students write existing background knowledge about the topic, if any (even if it’s a misconception)
  • Wโ€””Want to know” or “Wonder”: Next, students can brainstorm or have a group discussion as they fill the second column with things they want to know about the topic of study
  • Lโ€””Learn” or “What I learned”: In the last column, students list what they’ve learned after studying or investigating the topic

Students might do this individually, in small groups, or as a whole class. The process promotes critical thinking, engagement, and a structured method of exploring new topics of study.

A blank KWL chart template allows educators to customize each section for individual lesson plans. For example, you might add a prompt to the last column asking students to review previous misconceptions about a topic.

5 tips for implementing KWL chart templates in your classroom

Primary school, middle school, high school, and college students alike benefit from a guided approach to KWL worksheets. Here are five tips for introducing and using a KWL chart template:

  1. Explain: Students fill out a sample KWL chart as you explain the process
  2. Define: Share the objectives of your lesson plan to help students form relevant questions in the “want to know” section
  3. Encourage: Prompt students to ask questions and discuss existing knowledge. There are no wrong answers as they explore ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ๐Ÿšถ
  4. Revisit: Return to the KWL chart so students can update the “What I Learned” section, reinforce new information, and gain a sense of accomplishment
  5. Assess: Ask students to reflect on the “what I know” and “want to know” sections at the end of the lesson and compare them to the “what I learned” section so they can see tangible progress
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ClickUp Whiteboards is your centralized, visual hub to collaboratively turn team ideas into coordinated actions

Every educator has unique teaching strategies to guide students. If you have anything you want to add or change, go for it! That’s the point of editable KWLs, after all.

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6 Free KWL Templates and Supplemental Resources for Teachers

You and your students deserve a KWL template that serves its purpose and brings joy to the learning process. You want a KWL chart that captures knowledge, inspires enthusiasm, and sparks curiosity.

The best templates allow you to create custom tools and worksheets that resonate with you and your students, making the journey of acquiring knowledge even better.

So, let’s start this educational adventure, where the destination isn’t just the pursuit of knowledge but creating an engaging, effective learning experience.

1. ClickUp KWL Chart Template 

ClickUp's KWL Chart Template
Unlock your students’ potential and empower your lesson plans with ClickUp’s KWL Chart Template

The ClickUp KWL Chart Template is a versatile tool that gives educators and students what they need to tackle any subject area, regardless of its size or complexity. Whether you’re jumping into a vast realm of knowledge or exploring a smaller, more focused topic, this template has you covered.

It’s a straightforward graphic organizer that makes it easier than ever to customize your template to:

  • Identify learning objectives
  • Track student progress
  • Break lessons into manageable pieces
  • Organize educational resources
  • Collaborate on lessons
  • Visualize information
  • Reinforce new information

ClickUp’s free KWL chart template is flexible, making it easier for you to help your students grasp and retain new information. It uses powerful software designed for big projects, meaning you and your class can dissect any subject into its key components.

Use our KWL chart to keep your students on the same page and set them on the right path as they learn to plan strategies for success. Help them explore new knowledge, catch all the details, and gain a deeper understanding of your lessons.

How to use the ClickUp KWL Chart Template

Keep things digital by working with students, parents, and administrators directly on ClickUp for smooth and convenient collaboration. Or, if you like physical worksheets, it’s easy to print KWL charts directly from ClickUp. You can also export them to Excel and Google Docs. 

ClickUp makes it easy to customize dashboards, views, permissions, task assignments, and more. You can communicate in real time, add relevant links or documents, and access thousands of templates to bring every lesson to life, just the way you envisioned it.

2. ClickUp Teacher Action Plan Template

KWL templates: ClickUp's Teacher Action Plan Template
Revolutionize your classroom management with ClickUp’s Teacher Action Plan Template

The ClickUp Teacher Action Plan Template features a thoughtful design that’ll help you plan and execute practical lessons to use alongside your KWL charts.

With ClickUp’s Teacher Action Plan template, you’ll be able to:

  • Organize lesson materials and resources
  • Plan learning activities and tasks
  • Get better results with organized teaching objectives
  • Customize an evaluation system to track student performance

The Teacher Action Plan Template is flexible enough to help you plan lessons, homework, tests, and anything else you need to engage your class.

Use it to craft lessons that excite your learners and expand their knowledge. You can create daily action plans weeks or months in advance so you always know what’s coming up and what you’re doing with your class.

How to use the ClickUp Teacher Action Plan Template with your KWL template

Improve student engagement by combining the Teacher Action Plan Template with your introductory lesson about KWL charts. Pull examples directly from upcoming lessons as you walk your entire classroom through each column to prep them for what they’re learning next.

Try using the ClickUp Kanban Board as an interactive way for your class to track their KWL progress, complete tasks, and collaborate on assignments. The Kanban Boards let students visually monitor their progress, share relevant links, and participate in discussions to further their learning.

3. ClickUp Class Planning Template 

KWL templates: ClickUp's Class Planning Template
Organize your classes to the smallest details with the ClickUp Class Planning Template

The ClickUp Class Planning Template reduces overwhelm for busy teachers by keeping your class organized and on track.

This folder-style template gives you everything you need to:

  • Create assignments, lessons, and tasks for individual classes
  • Set and track deadlines for projects, homework, and assignments
  • Implement effective note-taking strategies to organize your ideas ๐Ÿ’ก

With ClickUp’s Class Planning Template, everything you need to teach your class is accessible from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Use it to update your curriculum and to identify potential areas of improvement. You can also check your plan to ensure you’ve touched on everything you need to cover during each class.

How to use the ClickUp Class Planning Template with your KWL template

You’ll save time and effort by combining your KWL chart with ClickUp’s Class Planning Template, which provides a structured lesson framework. Check your class plan when you reflect on the content you’ve already covered so you can better help students update the “what I’ve learned” section.

To take it a step further, use ClickUp’s Form view to ask students about their thoughts, questions, and insights after each lesson. This feedback loop can foster a sense of ownership and participation by providing a platform to express their views and receive tailored feedback.

It’s quick and easy to create forms for your lessons with the educator’s guide to ClickUp Forms and tons of helpful templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

4. ClickUp Class Management Template

ClickUp's Class Management Template
Take control of your classroom and empower your students with ClickUp’s Class Management Template

The ClickUp Class Management Template is a concise folder-style dashboard to help you master the mythical teaching Zen. 

This template is beneficial if you’re an educator with multiple classes because it helps you:

  • Get a top-down view of information for all your classes
  • Track your ideas and thoughts with our simple note-taking app
  • Organize your classes for each semester and know what to prepare for with prioritization tools

Access the Class Management Template using any of five versatile views, including Guide view, Calendar view, List view, Board view, and the specialized My Classes view.

How to use the ClickUp Class Management Template with your KWL template

Make your KWL chart more effective by breaking new topics into smaller sections using ClickUp’s Class Management Template. Prompting students to create multiple KWL charts for an extensive lesson can help prevent overwhelm, sustain interest, and inspire an eagerness to keep learning.

To further captivate your learners and help them get more from KWL charts, combine this with ClickUpโ€™s roadmap project management features. This approach can also help you decide when to introduce new topics, incorporate interactive elements, initiate discussions, or introduce hands-on activities.

5. ClickUp Class Assignment Template

ClickUp's Class Assignment Template
Students or teachers can use this class assignments template to keep track of everything and monitor priority tasks

The ClickUp Class Assignment Template makes tracking student assignments easier than ever using the customizable Space view.

This life-saving template reduces the hassle, so you can put more energy into teaching your class. Use it to:

  • Organize student assignments
  • Track student grades 
  • Communicate assignments, homework, tests, and due dates to your students
  • Review student progress in real time with a few simple clicks

With our Class Assignment Template, you can grade assignments faster, speed up lesson creation, and eliminate the monotony of making every assignment from scratch. Use it as a straightforward way to communicate requirements to students and provide individual feedback.

How to use the ClickUp Class Assignment Template with your KWL template

Since ClickUp’s Class Assignment Template enables smooth communication between students and teachers, it’s a perfect KWL chart companion. Start by creating a list of class assignments in your class Space and then add a link to the KWL chart alongside lesson details in the task description for each assignment.

Alternatively, you can turn your KWL charts into ClickUp Docs and link them directly to individual assignment tasks.

6. ClickUp Student Progress Template

KWL templates: ClickUp's Student Progress Template
Use ClickUp’s Student Progress Template to personalize learning and boost motivation

The ClickUp Student Progress Template is like a secret weapon for academic success. It’ll help you stay organized and connected with each student’s progress.

Teachers, administrators, and even parents can collaborate to help students reach their potential using this template to:

  • Monitor the performance of every student
  • Create accurate reports for parents and school administrators
  • Identify areas of improvement based on each student’s performance
  • Organize, track, and follow up on goals for college students and high school seniors ๐Ÿง‘โ€๐ŸŽ“ ๐ŸŽ‰

Creating a simple overview of progress for every learner has never been easier. With ClickUp’s Student Progress Template, you can engage everyone involved in their growth, development, and overall progress toward academic goals.

How to use the ClickUp Student Progress Template with your KWL chart template

By attaching completed and current KWL charts to ClickUp’s Student Progress tracker, you can easily manage their individual progress. The “what I know,” “what I want to know,” and “what I learned” sections provide unique insights into how the student is progressing on their academic journey, making it easier to identify potential areas for improvement.

Take this a step further by implementing our AI tools for note-taking. ClickUp AI can summarize information from a student’s progress tracker or individual KWL charts to provide insight into their personal learning experiences.

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Make Learning Fun

Use these KWL chart templates and teaching resources to invite students to actively participate in their lessons. And prepare yourself to be wowed by a classroom full of curious, excited learners!

A customizable KWL chart template can inspire self-driven inquiry and discovery by encouraging students to explore what they know, wonder about what they want to learn, and reflect on what they’ve learned.ย 

Ready to give your class a sense of agency and inspire a shared enthusiasm for knowledge? Get started with ClickUp nowโ€”it’s free! โœ๏ธ ๐Ÿ™‚

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