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10 Free Consulting Templates for Consulting Agreements & Services

Consultants make businesses faster, better, and more profitable. But because consultants are outsiders coming into a company, you need to have your ducks in a row before completing any work. 

Overcommunication and clarity are the name of the game here. From contracts to project time frames to client metrics, a consulting business needs professional templates to get on the same page with the businesses they serve.

Whether you’re a consultant or a company working with a consultant, the right templates can help you save both time and hassle. It’s as simple as finding a template that works and copying and pasting your project details. That’s the best way to ensure you leave no stone unturned—while making the process more efficient for everyone. 🙌

Check out this guide to learn what consulting templates are, how to spot a good one, and 10 options to make your work more efficient.

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What are Consulting Templates? 

A consulting template is a reusable document that consultants or their clients can use to speed up the collaboration process. Consultants can create templates for just about any document, including contracts, project deliverables, reports, time tracking, client discovery, and a lot more.

Sure, you could create a new document from scratch every time, but we’re willing to bet that you’re too busy for that. Templatizing some of the more repetitive parts of the consulting process makes plug-and-play possible for your business, clients, and potential clients. 

Just make a copy of a consulting template, drop in the relevant details, and get down to business. This way, you can spend your time focusing on what really matters: getting results for your clients.

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Elements of Good Consulting Templates

Every consulting business is different. The “right” template for your consulting business might not be a fit for a different company. Even so, there are some tried-and-true signs of a quality consultant template, including: 

  • Clear organization: There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen during a consulting project. The better organized your templates are, the better off the project will be. Make sure the templates you select are intuitive and easy to follow. Headers, bullets, and images should be your best friends.
  • Visual aids and color: Pretty colors are easy on the eyes, but they also serve a purpose. Visual aids like graphs, images, and charts draw your attention to the right areas of a document and help viewers make sense of complex ideas. It doesn’t hurt that visual aids and eye-catching colors make a bigger impression, too.🤩
  • Repurposable fill-in-the-blanks: A solid consultant template will allow you to quickly fill a document with the relevant details. This functionality allows you to use a template again and again without the need to edit PDFs or rework the entire document.
  • Automations: The right template will allow you to take action the moment a form is complete. For example, a client collaboration tool might automatically create custom fields that allow you to drop in task details.
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10 Free Consultant Templates for Your Consulting Business

Whether you’re in the market for a consulting proposal template, service agreement, project deliverables document, or contract, there’s a template for it. Luckily, you don’t have to create your own templates; we’ve created dozens for you! Check out our 10 favorite consulting business templates to streamline your workflow. ✨

1. ClickUp Consulting Agreement Template

ClickUp consulting agreement template
Compose an ironclad agreement that sets expectations and covers you legally with this small business-friendly ClickUp template

It’s tempting to jump right into a consulting project, but you need some kind of written agreement in place. A consulting agreement helps everyone get on the same page about the project scope, payment information, and other details about the consultant’s workflow. 

A consultant agreement covers compensation, payment methods, contractual rights, tax payments, indemnification, subcontracting, and a lot more. Not only does it protect the consultant, but it also gives the client a better idea of what to expect when working with a consulting team.

ClickUp’s Consulting Agreement Template makes it easy to generate a consulting agreement that protects your interests. This consulting agreement is customizable, so you can fill in effective dates, client names, and project milestones. You can even add more content blocks if you want additional headers.

Be sure to update the fonts, layout, and cover image to really make your template sparkle. If you create a lot of templates, follow branding guidelines to create a consistent image every time.

When your document is ready to send, simply export it and send it to the client for signing. Just keep in mind that a free consulting agreement isn’t a replacement for a consulting contract. If you’re on the hunt for a contract template, check out templates #3 and #9 on our list.

2. ClickUp Consultant Time Tracking Template

ClickUp Consultant Time-Tracking Template
Track how you’re spending time on every client project with this template by ClickUp

Time is literally money for consultants who often bill by the hour. But trust is built on transparency, so it’s a good idea for consultants to log all of the time they work for a client in a beautiful, easy-to-read timesheet.

The ClickUp Consultant Time Tracking Template makes it a cinch for consultants to not only track their time and turn it over to their clients but also to keep tabs on how they spend their time.

Use this template’s formulas to estimate costs for a prospective client, or track time for your accounts payable. The Time Tracking Template includes nine custom fields like effort level, account, hourly pricing, payment due date, and estimated costs to help consultants manage their time and earnings. It also includes different view types to see your payment statuses in one sheet and your tracker and task logs in another. 

3. ClickUp Consulting Business Contract Template

ClickUp Business Contract Template
This ClickUp template allows you to drop in your company name and a few other quick details to compose a professional business contract

Your consulting agreement is important, but a contract is a must-have. Consultants can use ClickUp’s Business Contract Template with their clients, as well as with any vendors or subcontractors they employ, to quickly create a binding contract. 

You’re free to customize this template however you want, but out of the box, it includes sections for: 

  • Services offered
  • Fees
  • Cancellation policies
  • Governing law
  • Warranties
  • Severability
  • Waiver and amendments
  • Acknowledgment

If your client wants to tweak the terms of this agreement, ClickUp makes it easy to make changes with a few taps. Add your client as a contributor to the document if they want to drop in specific terms. Or include clauses including the laws of the state where you’re doing business, as well as agreements on confidential information, intellectual property, and non-competes.

This template covers different items than a consulting services agreement but it puts everyone on the same page—and could cover you legally. Always sign a contract before starting any consulting projects.

4. ClickUp Consulting Business Plan Template

ClickUp Consulting Project Plan Template
Provide a roadmap for project timelines, budgets, and resources to guide your decisions and set expectations for stakeholders

Project plans are the master strategy for what you’re going to do, and when. They also assign tasks to contributors so you can hold everyone accountable. Project plans are usually internally facing tools for consultants, but you might share them with a client if you’re collaborating closely.

Businesses hire consulting firms for social media marketing plans, operations, branding, training, management consulting, and a lot more. Fortunately, you can use the ClickUp Consulting Project Plan Template for just about any type of consulting project.

This advanced business consulting proposal template comes with 12 statuses and a custom field for the project stage. You can also toggle between different views for activities, project schedules, tasks by stage, and a helpful quick-start guide. 

It’s also worth mentioning that you can add automations to this ClickUp template too. For example, when someone checks off a task, the system can automatically change assignees. 

Or if you’re doing a writing project, the system can automatically push the copy from the writer to the editor. This means you can worry less about task handoffs and spend more time focusing on your clients.

5. ClickUp Consulting Report Template

ClickUp Consulting Report Template
ClickUp’s business proposal template will have you sourcing more new clients in no time

Think of a consulting report as a project proposal you send to potential clients humble-bragging about your subject matter expertise. Consulting proposal templates should detail both your know-how in a certain area, as well as your business plan for achieving results for the client. 

ClickUp’s Consulting Report Template includes an introduction, which is like a cover page or an executive summary. This is the area of the business consulting proposal where you explain the objectives of the report, the scope of work, and the methodology.

In the Results & Discussion section, you’ll detail the current status quo and highlight what can and can’t be improved with this plan. For example, you noticed the potential client’s website has some backend issues. 

But that may or may not be fixable if they’re hiring a content marketing consultant. From there, create an action plan for how you’ll improve the business. In the Conclusion & Recommendations section, you’ll provide a high-level, tl;dr-type of overview of the report and project that ends with your recommendations.

Learn about the best CRMs for consultants!

6. ClickUp Client Success Collaboration Template

ClickUp Client Success Collaboration Template
Track the status of all your client projects in one place with this ClickUp consulting template

You’re working with a lot of people to make your client’s big dreams a reality. But it can be tough following a set process without a clear structure, which is where this consulting template steps in to save the day.

The ClickUp Client Success Collaboration Template simplifies passing tasks between different teams and tracking the progress of each phase of the project. This template includes several views, including a list view and an endorsement pipeline. 

It also stores critical information about clients, including contract sign dates, decision makers, project budget, industry, and contract length. Within the template, you can track project statuses for multiple clients, add tasks, track time, upload attachments, and add collaborators. 

This template also provides automation baked in to set a custom field when you create tasks.

7. ClickUp Client Success Template

ClickUp Client Success Template
You can stop customer churn in its tracks with this template by ClickUp

If a client asks, “What have you been working on?” you can pull out a client success document to show just how busy you’ve been. 

This document tracks all of the activity on your client’s account, as well as contacts, account renewals, and risks. The ClickUp Client Success Template includes views for renewals, engagement, feedback, and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

It will even report on an account’s health to tell you if a client is at risk of churning based on their engagement level, Net Promoter Score, and last touchpoint. If you’re trying to deepen the bonds you have with all of your clients, this template is a must.

8. ClickUp Client Discovery Template

ClickUp Agency or Client Discovery Call Template
Use this template from ClickUp to feel confident during every client call

Consultants are drinking from the firehose every time they onboard a new client. You need to get up to speed fast, and ClickUp’s Client Discovery Template will help you do just that. 

This is a discovery call script template that you can customize before each new client call. You can use it to qualify leads over the phone and improve the overall flow of the conversation.

This template includes a script template you can swipe, plus a question bank to help you ask the right questions. The color coding, headers, and graphics make it easy to flip through the digital script, so you can still think on your feet and adjust the flow of the conversation as needed.

9. ClickUp Project Management Services Contract Template

ClickUp Project Management Services Contract Template
Project managers will love this plug-and-play agreement template by ClickUp

We’ve covered a consulting agreement and a general business contract, but this ClickUp Project Management Services Contract is specifically tailored to consultants who offer help with project management and project execution.

This specialized contract includes sections on: 

  • Scope of consulting service
  • Contract term
  • Payment terms
  • Contract termination
  • Commitments
  • Proprietary information
  • Liability limitation and indemnification
  • Independent contractor
  • General terms
  • Consulting proposal

It also includes an Exhibit A document, which covers the related services you agree to as a project manager. Think of this as a document detailing your job description and what the client can expect from you.

10. Signaturely Microsoft Word Consulting Proposal Template

Signaturely Microsoft Word Consulting Agreement Template
Via Signaturely

This is another form of a sample consulting agreement that’s been run by legal experts and proofreaders. If you need a quick Word Document to fill out and send by a client, this free resource will get you started in just a few minutes.

This free Microsoft Word Consulting Agreement Template from Signaturely comes with a summary of services, a retainer schedule, and an expense reimbursement agreement. While a lawyer reviewed this piece, it isn’t legal advice, so you should still review it to ensure it touches on applicable laws in your area.

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Try Consulting Templates for Your Consulting Business

Consulting work makes businesses better, and templates make consultants more efficient. Busy consultants don’t have the time to generate new documents for every client, which is why templatizing your workflow is so important. 

ClickUp’s huge library of consulting templates gives you peace of mind by bringing all of your work into one simple platform. 📚

Check out ClickUp’s templates now to do more in less time.

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