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Claude AI Vs. ChatGPT: Which AI Assistant Is Best in 2024?

From fact-checking heated family debates to summoning inspiration for a professional email, AI tools can take care of pretty much anything, within seconds.

Amidst several large language models, two big names are at the front and center—Claude AI and  ChatGPT. They’re famous because they can generate human-like content almost instantly. Of course, each has its unique features and strengths.

Wondering which one might be better for you?

We’re here to break down the features, pros, and cons of Claude AI and ChatGPT so you can pick the one that fits you best. We’ll also throw in another super-efficient generative AI assistant as an alternative.

So, let’s find out which AI assistant is the real MVP (most valuable player) of 2024! 🦘

What Is Claude AI?

Claude is an AI chatbot from Anthropic AI, an AI startup co-founded by ex-Open AI members, that is all about making AI safe and useful. 

Powered by a massive Large Language Model (LLM), Claude is good at understanding and responding in natural language. Its unique ‘constitutional design’ ensures its answers are always helpful, harmless, and honest (hallucinations can, of course, occur, from time to time).

This chatbot can do some cool stuff like writing creative text, translating languages, and giving more detailed answers to your questions. Claude AI’s chats feel highly conversational, almost as if you’re talking to someone who gets you.

The best part about Claude AI is that it follows a set of principles to keep things fair, steer clear of stereotypes, and avoid spreading false info. Anthropic AI rolled out Claude 2 as their answer to ChatGPT, and they’re constantly elevating it with new features.

Claude is available through a free account, while priority access and additional features are offered in the Claude Pro version.

Claude AI features

So, what makes Claude AI stand out in a sea of AI tools? Let’s check out some of its most unique features.

1. File mastery and learning

Claude AI’s ability to handle files in a chat makes it unique amongst other AI tools. It can summarize uploaded files and retain the context throughout the conversation.

You can easily upload up to five files in one go, each limited to 10MB. This includes Word documents, PDFs, and even .txt files. You can add files by clicking a button or dragging them into the chat, and Claude AI learns from the uploaded content. 

This proves particularly beneficial for dissecting and assimilating complex materials like medical studies, where you can ask specific follow-up questions for deeper understanding. 

Claude AI, however, cannot handle Excel spreadsheets directly. You can convert them to PDFs for it to work its magic on your data.

2. Expanded context window

Claude AI’s latest version has a token limit of 100K tokens. This means it can talk more naturally and understand you better using massive datasets, allowing for super-long interactions with up to 75,000 words each time! 

This expanded context helps Claude AI understand words and phrases better, giving more accurate and natural responses. In simple terms, the larger context includes past chats, ongoing conversations, and your preferences, making the chatbot smarter and more personalized.

This upgrade is convenient for summarizing big documents like scientific studies and generating long texts of several thousand words each.

3. Constitutional AI ethics

Claude AI follows a code of ethical principles for being a responsible and safe AI. This makes Claude different from other AI systems and a safer choice, especially for data-sensitive tasks.

At the heart of Claude’s good behavior are the principles of Constitutional AI, focusing on key principles to keep its responses safe, ethical, and fair. One such principle is harmlessness—this chatbot won’t get tricked into doing anything harmful, dangerous, or illegal.

Honesty is a big deal too—Claude won’t spill false info and quickly fixes any mistakes it makes. Claude AI is also fair—it won’t show biases or play favorites.

Claude AI’s ethical code includes transparency. If it’s unsure about something, it’ll be clear. And if you ask, it’ll explain its reasoning too.

Claude AI pricing

  • Free
  • Claude Pro: $20/month

What Is ChatGPT?

via OpenAI

Launched by OpenAI in November 2022, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that made waves for its uncanny ability to chat like a human. Trained with lots of text and code, this chatbot can translate languages and write creative content

It has become super popular, with over 180 million users!

When it first came out, ChatGPT was the first of its kind and played a significant role in ushering AI into mainstream conversation. Unlike regular chatbots, it uses a unique technology called Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) for more natural conversations. That lets users make the most out of ChatGPT for various tasks, like answering questions, writing, or solving math problems.

You can use ChatGPT for free with GPT-3.5, or there’s a paid version called ChatGPT Plus with the more powerful GPT-4. 

As the virtual assistant of your dreams, GPT-4 goes beyond chatting. It creates documents, solves tough mathematical or logic problems, and can decode images as well. 🤖

ChatGPT features

So what makes ChatGPT special? Let’s delve into the features that set it apart.

1. Natural language processing

ChatGPT is good at understanding how people talk, thanks to its natural language processing (NLP) feature. You don’t need to use specific words or commands—just talk like you normally would. It uses smart algorithms to figure out the details of what you’re saying, making its responses more advanced and personalized.

For example, if you need many different healthy dinner options, you can ask ChatGPT’s response, and it’ll quickly give you a list. It even remembers what you said before, so if the first suggestions aren’t quite right, you can ask for more options. It’ll give you more ideas right away.

What’s remarkable is that ChatGPT can also understand the tricky language of jokes, references, and sarcasm. So, it can give you smart responses that make sense. This makes it one of the best AI copywriting tools.

2. Voice and image capabilities

ChatGPT Voice and image capabilities
via OpenAI

In September last year, ChatGPT got a fantastic upgrade—you can now talk to it in real time and use pictures to chat. 📷

Let’s say you’re on a trip to Italy and take a photo of the Leaning Tower. ChatGPT can act as your tour guide and tell you all about the monument’s history. Back home, take pictures of your fridge, and ChatGPT can help you plan dinner with step-by-step recipes.

You can also have voice chats with ChatGPT. Whether you’re busy and need a quick work tip or want a bedtime story for the kids, ChatGPT is at your command. It can also create super realistic human-like voices very quickly.

Open AI even joined forces with professional voice actors to make the voices sound authentic. This upgrade makes ChatGPT even better for talking and interacting with pictures.

3. Multilingual vocabulary database

ChatGPT is a language whiz, thanks to its massive 570 GB dataset from the vast internet.

This immense collection of data gives it a huge vocabulary, covering more than just the basics. It’s familiar with everyday words and can effortlessly handle uncommon and technical terms, too.

Plus, language barriers are non-existent with ChatGPT. Because it’s been trained on text from various languages, you can chat with it in 200+ languages—English, French, German, Spanish, and others.

ChatGPT pricing

  • Free
  • Plus: $20/month per user
  • Team: $30/month per user
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Check OpenAI’s website for more information on the numerous flexible options you can include in your plan.

Claude vs. ChatGPT: Features Compared

Here’s a chart of the key differences between Claude and ChatGPT:

FeatureClaude AIChatGPT
Natural language processingYesYes
Contextual capacity100,000 tokens80,000 tokens
Voice and image chatYesYes
File uploadYesNo
Multilingual capabilities10 languages200+ languages
Constitutional ethicsYesNo
PriceFree and paid plansFree and paid plans


Both Claude and ChatGPT are pretty amazing at what they do in their unique ways.

Claude AI

Claude AI is great at specific use cases like customer service, legal matters, back-office operations, and sales. It customizes its responses based on specific data sets, speaks various languages, and even understands programming languages. 

While it won’t go on solo internet searches, Claude can tackle tasks using the text you give it from the web. It’s crafted for businesses, following ethical AI rules to a tee, focusing on getting facts right, and keeping answers responsible.


ChatGPT gives responses that feel like you’re chatting with a pro. This makes it an ideal fit for customer service use cases. It even automates tasks like scheduling, reservations, and payment processing online. 

ChatGPT is improving with features like AI image generation, data analysis, and Plugins. It’s targeting a broad audience through a free account and tiered paid options.

Responses and accuracy

If an AI bot provides wrong answers or low-quality responses, it undermines its purpose. Let’s delve into the quality and accuracy of responses for these chatbots.

Claude AI

Claude AI isn’t perfect. But some folks think Claude is good at subject specialties like history and geography because it looks at a smaller set of information. What sets Claude apart is its honesty—it admits when it doesn’t know things. 

Claude learned things until December 2022, so it might know what’s happening in early 2023. That’s more recent than other AI chatbots, giving Claude an edge.


ChatGPT has upped its game with GPT-4, bringing better accuracy. OpenAI mentioned that GPT-4 is 82% less likely to produce content against OpenAI’s rules and 60% less likely to create responses compared to the previous version.

ChatGPT, being more widely used than Claude, provides quicker and more detailed responses. It boasts faster processing speeds and shorter response times, especially for more straightforward content generation tasks.


If you have a solid AI model, wouldn’t it be handy to use it in all your business apps? Well, both Claude AI and ChatGPT support useful integrations.

Claude AI

Claude has teamed up with big names like Notion, Quora, DuckDuckGo, Slack, and Zoom. More Google integrations are expected soon. Claude easily integrates with various apps through its API. 

In Slack, the Claude App summarizes threads and answers questions, while in Zoom, Claude is becoming a key player in the contact center, meetings, phone, team chat, whiteboard, and Zoom IQ.


ChatGPT is super versatile—it easily fits into different applications using an API. 

There are plugins for Kayak, Expedia, OpenTable, Slack, Shopify, and more on the way. Plus, it smoothly works with various programming languages, making it flexible and adaptable.

Safety and security

If you’re using an AI bot for your business, chances are you’ve AI safety concerns. You can’t afford to lose sensitive information, and both Claude AI and ChatGPT provide certain levels of security.

Claude AI

Claude AI takes user data privacy seriously. It uses smart measures like limited data collection, encryption, and external audits to keep things secure. 

With Constitutional AI at its core, Claude has safety features like Constitutional Curation, Capability Masking, Adversarial Training, Applied Ethics, and Oversight Integration. These practices, along with standard data analysis and handling, make sure Claude operates safely in specific areas.


ChatGPT has safety features but can pick up biases from its training data. Verifying info can be tricky as it doesn’t always mention sources. Sometimes, it leans toward creativity more than pure facts, which might lead to some inaccuracies. 

Security wasn’t a big focus during development, but ChatGPT is working on it with expert help. It’s smart to avoid using it where sensitive business info is involved. 

Claude AI Vs. ChatGPT: Do We Have a Clear Winner?

Choosing between Claude AI and ChatGPT is tough as both are still evolving.

Claude AI is a pro—super secure and accurate, great for business tasks. It follows a constitutional design, so it’s responsible and honest. But here’s the catch—it’s not as great with different languages or voice capabilities.

Now, ChatGPT is an all-rounder. It fits into almost everything and works for a big audience. But it hasn’t been upgraded with up-to-date information since September 2021, so it might miss some facts.

Ultimately, it all boils down to what you need for yourself—the business pro or the versatile everyday AI buddy.

Claude AI vs. ChatGPT on Reddit

What do Redditors think about the ChatGPT vs. Claude AI battle?

Interestingly, a lot of them seem to play for both teams, using both AI chatbots depending on the task at hand.

Key highlights from our research:

“Over the last two weeks, I’ve been prompting both GPT-4 and Claude (free). I argue that as a professional marketer that uses both LLM for a range of purposes, I chose Claude’s output about 70% of the time over GPT-4.”

Another Redditor mentions that they prefer GPT-4 specifically for code generation due to its complex reasoning and better understanding than Claude AI.

“I use both GPT4 and Claude daily. From what I’ve seen, GPT4 is better for most coding problems. It has better reasoning and can better guess the missing gaps that I expect it to (such as writing new, original tests with existing ones as examples).”

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