The Best Reminders App In 2023

Ah, Reminders.

Where would we be without them?

Your brain can’t keep up with all the information we process in a day, even if you’re Bill Gates!

It’s why a reminders app is essential.

Luckily, ClickUp offers you the most powerful reminders you’ve ever seen.

In this article, we’ll cover why you need a reminders app and how to use the ClickUp app to set powerful reminders – for yourself and your team.

Let’s get rolling.

The Science – Why Are Reminders Crucial?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just ‘remember’ everything – instead of needing a reminders app?


Here’s why…

We Forget 90%

The human brain forgets a lot. Research shows that people forget 50% of new information within an hour of receiving it. After 24 hours, you’ve forgotten 70% of it, and after a week that figure jumps to 90%!

Our brains aren’t designed for remembering tons of information, but that’s perfectly fine as long as we’re aware of it.

Just use a reminders app. Don’t try to cram!

Stress and Reduced Concentration.

Heard of the Getting Things Done approach?

It’s an insanely popular time management technique developed by David Allen.

The GTD approach is based on the Zeigarnik effect – the tendency of the brain to keep thinking about unfinished or undefined tasks.

And what happens if you don’t note things down and just try to ‘remember’?

Those unfinished tasks will keep going around through your head.

This will:

  1. Damage your concentration on tasks you need to focus on in the present.
  2. Cause a truckload of stress.

Using a reminders list is a far better way of working than trying to remember stuff on your own!

Benefits For You

Remind yourself of things by jotting them down in a reminders app instead of trying to cram.

This helps you:

  1. Never forget anything on your task list.
  2. Have more headspace and concentration to work on the immediate task at hand.
  3. Dramatically reduce your stress.

Make Reminders a Habit

The trick is to create a ‘trigger’ in your brain to set a reminder as soon as you think of any action items.

It’s the ONLY way you’ll be able to remember everything!

Benefits For Your Team

A good reminders app means total accountability in your organization.

Your team…

  1. Won’t have to worry about forgetting anything.
  2. Can get things done as soon as possible.

Set a reminder and task notifications are always in sight.

It’s a task alarm for your whole team!

Using ClickUp As A Personal Reminders App

ClickUp’s reminders are truly unlike any other comparable app in the world. Not only can you create reminders for yourself, but you can also set reminders for other people you work with.

Plus, you can even add files and attachments as reminders!

ClickUp reminders have tons of personal settings and features to power up your to-do lists! Here’s a closer look at how this to-do app can help you every day.

A) Inbox


Your ClickUp inbox is a task manager for all your reminders.

It’s your default list for reminders that lets you keep track of everything in one place. You won’t have to switch tabs or pages to see different reminders – just tap on your inbox, and you have everything on your screen.

ClickUp’s inbox is grouped by days – so it can function as a calendar app too.

You can also set a reminder message or delete it from your inbox itself. Alternatively, you can choose to reschedule it for later.

B) Next Tab

When you tap on the ‘next’ tab icon, you’ll see your pending reminders and tasks.

This is a great way to keep track of what’s coming up. With the Next Tab, you can manage what needs to be done and be one step ahead every time!

C) Done Tab

The ‘done’ tab stores your completed reminders.

You may be thinking, “Why does that matter? They’re done. I don’t need to select or access them anymore!”

A Record

Having a completed reminders tab is like a backup option. You can always choose to reference it when you’re unsure if something’s done or not.

A Motivator

It’s also a great motivator!

Looking at all the things you’ve completed is a great way to push yourself to get more stuff done! You already completed so much, why stop now?

D) Attachments As Reminders

ClickUp is the first tool to let you add reminders with (or as) attachments!

Why settle for describing what needs to be done when you can just show it?

You can choose what to add when you set reminders! This could be photos, videos, a map location, voice memos – or virtually any file you have.

With this option, people won’t be scrambling for a file when you send a reminder. It’s part of the reminder note itself.

E) Calendar App Integration

Worried that your ClickUp reminders won’t show up in your digital calendar app?

Don’t be!

Once you sync your calendar with ClickUp, every task with a due date will sync with your calendar app. You won’t have to add or delete anything manually.

Say goodbye to dealing with calendar sync issues and forgetting things!

Using ClickUp Reminders For Teams

ClickUp’s reminders make it super-helpful to manage your team. You can stay on top of everything and remind people of pending tasks.

Here’s how ClickUp reminders supercharge your team’s productivity.

A) Delegated Reminders

How can you prevent people from forgetting things? Creating reminders for yourself is subpar when the goal is someone else remembering something.

This is the magic of delegated reminders.

ClickUp lets you create a reminder for your team through the delegated reminders option. Project managers can set reminders and share them with team members easily. Each team member will get notifications of this reminder, and it’ll appear in their inbox.

You can even set up recurring reminders for your team. Go to your ClickUp app tap settings and you’ll be able to schedule recurring reminders easily.

The best part about this is that you’re able to track the completion of your delegated reminders! You can take stock of all your delegated reminders in the ‘Delegated’ tab of your inbox as well as a person’s Profile to see what’s been addressed.

Trying to manage your employees has never been easier!

Bonus: Project Management Software for Macs

B) Profiles

How do you know what people are working on? How can you see what people have forgotten to do?

With the ClickUp profiles feature, project managers have unprecedented access into:

  • What people are working on.
  • What people they’ll work on next.
  • What people did recently.
  • What unscheduled tasks they have.
profile view clickup 3.0

This feature lets you track what each team member has on their reminders list and add reminders or delete them from their task schedules.

Rescheduling has never been this simple!

Note – You can only view reminders that you’ve delegated to team members on their profiles. You can’t see reminders that they created themselves or ones that were delegated by someone else, to ensure privacy.

C) Reminders As Tasks

Why waste time creating a task out of a reminder?

ClickUp lets you create a reminder by converting it into a task.

With this feature, you can share reminders with due dates and other features like priority, description, and comments.

To convert a reminder to a task, just create a reminder, then you’ll see an option to convert it. If you delegate a reminder and someone else converts it into a task, you’ll receive a notification that they converted it.

D) Unscheduled Tab

The unscheduled tab shows you reminders that have no due dates. You can use this to keep track of all the tasks in your backlog.

Here’s how you can use the unscheduled tab to pick a specific time for tasks and stay on top of everything:

  1. Tap on the unscheduled tab icon on your screen.
  2. Click on a reminder that’s been lying around for a while.
  3. Add due dates and/or reassign the reminder for a specific time.
  4. This will automatically trigger a notification on the employee’s inbox screen and they can work on it.

When you set up reminders in ClickUp, you’ll never lose track of them!

Why ClickUp Reminders Are Better Than Google Calendar Or Apple Reminders

Google Calendar reminders and Apple reminders are two of the most widely used reminders apps/ to-do lists today.

While they’re okay, they’re certainly not great. As you’ll see, they’re just not nearly as powerful as ClickUp. Therefore, you’d be far better off using ClickUp as a to-do list app/reminders app instead.

Here’s why ClickUp blows those two simple reminders apps out of the water.

A) Sorting Capabilities

Google Calendar reminders and Apple reminders don’t let you sort reminders into different categories. You have to settle for just viewing your entire reminders list on a calendar.

There’s no way of filtering reminders to see what’s left on your to-do list, what tasks have been done or what reminders haven’t been scheduled.

Why settle for a reminders app that lets you do so little?

ClickUp has separate tabs for

  • Pending reminders
  • Completed tasks and
  • Unscheduled reminders!

Not to mention the inbox tab that allows you to access your to-do list in one place.

For added convenience, ClickUp also gives you a dark mode to make your to-do list app even more user-friendly!

B) Attachments As Reminders

ClickUp is the only tool that gives you this feature.

And it can be a real lifesaver.

Reminders are supposed to update you and give you the information you need. Simple reminders apps just give you notifications. Then it’s up to you to search for the pertinent information yourself!

ClickUp, however, lets you share the information you need alongside your reminder. This could be a location, photos, voice memos – anything!

Click on the reminder note and you’ll have your file waiting for you.

C) Collaboration Capabilities

Work Collaboration

Simple reminders apps like Google Calendar and Apple reminders don’t give you features to add reminders to your team members’ schedules. You can’t send a reminder message to someone and bring them into the picture.

That isn’t a problem with ClickUp’s features though. With one click, you can add a reminder to a person’s task list and they’ll receive text reminders about it.

Personal Collaboration

ClickUp’s collaboration features aren’t just meant for work. Being able to send a reminder message has loads of utility in your personal life as well.

Think about it…

Planning a family event would be so much easier if you could collaborate with each relative using a reminders app on what they have to do. Add your relatives to ClickUp and you can set reminders for everyone and they’d receive text reminders for your event.

Last minute scares will be a thing of the past! You won’t receive a text message alert of someone turning up at the event too late or someone missing a check-in at a specific time.

Everything is going to be planned beautifully!

D) Compatibility

While your regular to-do list app can’t support multiple operating systems, ClickUp can support an Android device as well as a MacOS device.

It doesn’t just support these operating systems; it’s one of the best reminder apps for Android and MacOS. For added convenience, ClickUp can handle and sync with a Google and iCloud account.

You can use ClickUp on a :

  • Windows/ MacOS desktop.
  • Android/iOS tablet.
  • Android /iOS mobile device.

This makes managing reminders across multiple devices a piece of cake! You can swipe through reminders on your lock screen and deal with them easily.


Having a reminders app will boost your productivity and keep your work stress in check!

You simply cannot do knowledge work or manage your personal productivity without one. Too many things will slip through the cracks.

Just try ClickUp and you’ll never forget anything again.

Sign up for the free version of ClickUp and download it from the Android and Apple app store.

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