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Anyword vs. Jasper: Which AI Writing Assistant Is Best?

Anyword and Jasper are both AI-powered copywriting tools, but which is the best option in an Anyword vs. Jasper showdown?

In this guide, we’ll compare the two to find out which ranks on top when it comes to content generation, brand voice, and marketing campaigns. Discover which is the better AI writer and marketing tool for you—or whether our bonus suggestion is your ideal match instead. 🎉

What is Anyword?

Anyword is an AI performance writing platform that’s designed with marketing leaders and agencies in mind. The tool leans heavily into the concept of improving marketing campaigns through artificial intelligence—whether it’s content creation or proofing.

This content creation tool is a great choice for teams that want to focus on lead generation, content marketing, or search engine optimization (SEO). 🔍

Anyword features

Anyword’s feature stack includes an intuitive blog editor, as you’d expect from an AI writing tool. Beyond this, the platform also has a data-driven editor that assists with crafting digital ads, a website copy tool, and a copy intelligence tool that gives you more tailored and brand-relevant outputs.

Let’s take a closer look at the standout elements of Anyword, so we can compare them against Jasper’s offering.

1. AI Content Generation

Anyword has a lot to offer marketing teams and SaaS companies when it comes to AI content generation.

Use Anyword’s data-driven editor feature to use your goals and marketing data to craft more impactful marketing copy. Get predictive performance scores for your Facebook ad, landing page, and Instagram caption copy, then use the AI-powered suggestions to make them more engaging to your target audience.

Anyword vs Jasper: screenshot of Anyword’s AI tools
Create content with Anyword’s suite of AI tools

For teams that want to create blogs, there’s a dedicated tool for that. Use the blog wizard to not only generate the content itself but also set your own keywords for more optimized copy and get title suggestions. There’s a built-in plagiarism checker too, so you don’t need to worry about copyright concerns.

2. Brand Voice

Anyword is able to analyze and score your content against your goals, which makes it easier to hit the mark and maintain your brand voice consistently.

Anyword vs Jasper: Anyword’s target audiences and suggested talking points
Tailor your content based on your target audience personas

You’re able to set your own brand rules and disallowed terms within Anyword, and it’ll monitor for tone across content in a central brand hub. Use the built-in target audience feature to pinpoint your audience personas and tailor your content to them, every time.

3. Marketing Campaigns

With artificial intelligence baked into the platform, you can create, optimize, and scale your marketing campaigns further.

Anyword vs Jasper: screenshot of content scores in Anyword
Anyword will score your content so you know which is likely to perform best

Instead of manually A/B testing hundreds of pieces of copy, use Anyword’s artificial intelligence to score and recommend the content that’s likely to perform best in your tests. See how your ad copy scores at a glance, so you can make smarter decisions when designing and deploying your marketing campaigns.

Use Anyword to optimize your campaigns beyond social media copy too. Generate copy for content marketing campaigns, optimize email subject lines, and write persona-targeted landing pages.

Anyword Pricing

  • Starter: $39/month for one user
  • Data-Driven: $79/month for up to three users
  • Business: Starting at $349/month for up to three users
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper (sometimes known as Jasper AI and previously called Jarvis) describes itself as an “AI copilot for enterprise teams” and has developed beyond an AI copywriting tool into an end-to-end marketing platform.

Jasper AI now includes AI content creation tools, data intelligence, and marketing campaign acceleration. 📊

Jasper AI features

Like Anyword, Jasper AI is designed with data-driven teams in mind. It’s a platform that can be used not just to generate copy with a few clicks but also to craft messages that align with your goals and brand voice.

Here’s how Jasper AI shapes up when it comes to these key areas of performance.

1. AI Content Generation

Jasper AI began life as a blog and content writing tool, and these features remain a strong part of the tool’s kit. But it has developed into a tool that’s ideal for writing high-quality content and long-form content.

Anyword vs Jasper: creating a new blog post in Jasper
Create all types of content with Jasper—from blog posts and promo emails to Instagram captions

Teams can use Jasper to produce content and copy for a range of uses, including website copy, blog content, and social media captions or copy. Use the built-in document editor to prompt, write, and edit copy.

Analyze your long-form content against competitors with the optional SurferSEO integration, and use the plagiarism checker to make sure your copy isn’t too similar to anyone else’s.

Jasper AI is also a great tool to create content for other channels. Most AI writing tools come with limited templates. However, this tool lets you choose from one of 50+ templates to craft content for your marketing emails, Google ad campaigns, social media posts, and landing pages.

Use the one-click writing editor to adjust the tone of your writing and make improvements as you write.

2. Brand Voice

Maintaining your tone of voice and brand personality across copy is crucial, and Jasper Brand Voice can simplify that process.

Screenshot of Jasper's Brand Voice page
Maintain a knowledge base in Jasper to help it learn your brand voice

Introduce Jasper AI to your style guide, brand identity, product database, and company website to generate even more personalized copy. The platform will use this data to not only tailor the AI content generation but check for inconsistencies across your content too.

3. Marketing Campaigns

Jasper’s approach to marketing campaigns lets you create entire collections of content from one brief.

Generating new campaigns in Jasper
Upload a brief and let Jasper generate your campaign content

Write a brief within Jasper AI or upload an existing one, and use this to power your campaign content across multiple channels. The Instant Magic feature lets you generate copy for different assets in moments—from press releases and case studies to TikTok scripts and ecommerce product descriptions.

Collaborate with team members as you work on campaigns with document sharing and status labels. Share your campaign ideas with stakeholders too, so you can get sign-off on key assets before you deploy them.

Jasper AI pricing

  • Creator: $39/month for one user
  • Teams: $99/month for up to three users
  • Business: Contact for pricing

Anyword vs. Jasper AI: Features Compared

Anyword and Jasper AI are both useful AI writing software tools for business owners and content writers who want to generate ideas, high-quality content, and optimized copy for websites and marketing campaigns.

Both tools deliver on this well, but is there a clear winner when it comes to these key features? 🏆

1. AI Content Generation

Both Anyword and Jasper handle AI content creation well. They have dedicated tools for content writing and editing, with purpose-built content writing templates that make it easier to generate copy for specific assets.

Editing the AI-generated content feels smooth on both platforms, so you can customize the copy before you publish. With built-in plagiarism checkers, you don’t need to pay extra for another tool to make sure your content is worry-free.

2. Brand Voice

While Anyword and Jasper both focus heavily on maintaining brand voice, this feature feels more developed in Jasper.

Jasper’s brand intelligence feels baked in throughout, and the opportunity to upload your brand guidelines and company product catalog gives you an edge when it comes to using AI to generate brand-focused copy.

3. Marketing Campaigns

Anyword and Jasper AI both have features designed to make creating and deploying marketing campaigns easier.

Anyword excels at using data to pinpoint the best strategies and copy to use, while Jasper’s Instant Magic enables teams to quickly create content from one brief. Teams that want a more analytical approach to their campaign strategy may prefer Anyword, while teams that favor speed might find Jasper suits them better when comparing the AI writing tools.

Anyword vs. Jasper on Reddit

Often the best way to find the right software tool for you is to hear from other users, and the go-to place for that is Reddit. So, what do Reddit users think of Anyword vs. Jasper? 🤖

Turns out, there’s not too much chatter comparing these two marketing and social media AI tools with each other. We did find a thread about Jasper alternatives though, which painted both apps in a good light—and highlighted Anyword’s built-in content optimizer.

You can achieve a similar result with Jasper, but you’ll need the SurferSEO plugin. 

Meet ClickUp—The Best Alternative to Anyword vs. Jasper 

When it comes to Jasper vs. Anyword, there’s not a clear winner. But we do have an exciting alternative to introduce you to—ClickUp.

We believe ClickUp is a standout contender when it comes to ranking the best AI content tools. With features like ClickUp AI, ClickUp Docs, and ClickUp Tasks, it’s easy to see why so many marketing and enterprise teams choose ClickUp to power their campaigns.

1. ClickUp AI

Although it’s relatively new, ClickUp AI is already making waves in the world of AI writing tools. 🌊

ClickUp AI acts as your AI-powered assistant, the first of its kind. Use this artificial intelligence tool to streamline your workflows, simplify processes, and generate content at speed and scale.

Creating an email using ClickUp's AI tool
Use ClickUp AI to write faster and polish your copy, email responses, and more

ClickUp AI empowers you to work faster. A task that used to take you 30 minutes can now take you less than a minute. Analyze long-form content to create an accurate summary for your marketing reports, edit and improve copy with the built-in editor, and format your content perfectly in just a few clicks.

Ask ClickUp AI to assist you with marketing tasks to not only save you time but inject some extra creativity into the process too. Generate high-quality campaign strategy ideas, name product features, plan marketing events, create user surveys, and come up with engaging marketing taglines in moments.

As ClickUp AI exists within the ClickUp ecosystem, it can transform the way you work. Build marketing campaigns at lightning speed, write promotional emails, create marketing campaign reports, and produce content briefs in moments. Beyond marketing, ClickUp AI can power your workday across every function—from project management to resource planning.

2. ClickUp Docs

ClickUp isn’t just a user-friendly AI writing assistant. It’s a fully-featured platform that brings you one place to store ideas, write content, and collaborate with others through ClickUp Docs. 📝

Use ClickUp Docs for every step of the marketing process. Create agendas for your campaign meetings, plan your work with a content calendar template, share marketing reports with stakeholders, and build an internal wiki or resource library for all things content.

ClickUp Docs Subpages
Get a quick view into all your connected Subpages and relationships on ClickUp Docs to stay organized and keep work connected

Work in real time with your team members and freelancers, and tag them to get their attention. Leave comments, assign action items, and turn text lines into actionable tasks that you can track over time.

Make ClickUp Docs part of your workflow, and streamline your entire marketing process. Write content, store ideas, collaborate with others, and organize all your assets in one place.

3. ClickUp Tasks

Beyond organizing your assets and using AI to craft winning content, ClickUp is excellent at enabling your team to stay on track. Use ClickUp Tasks to hold everyone accountable and make it easier to reach your campaign goals. ✅

ClickUp Tasks makes staying organized feel effortless. Plan, organize, and collaborate across projects with our task management software that can be customized to match your needs perfectly. Use our GTD templates and productivity hacks to stay organized and work more efficiently.

Assigning multiple members in ClickUp tasks
Add multiple assignees, delegate comments, and create calculations using Custom Fields, all from your ClickUp tasks

Make task management collaborative with built-in comment threads and multiple assignees. Turn comments into action items, and avoid confusion by adding shareable screen recordings for team members to watch.

Turn those big marketing campaign tasks into smaller, more achievable tasks to check off as you make progress. Create tasks and subtasks, and use dependencies to foster structure and work faster within your project. Add recurring tasks for repeatable actions, and use the whole system to streamline the way you work as a marketing team.

Plan and Deliver Marketing Campaigns With the Best AI Writing Tools

Evaluating Jasper vs. Anyword isn’t easy. Both content creation tools have something to offer for teams that want to scale their marketing efforts, with data and intelligence at the heart of it. Anyword has slightly more data-driven features, while Jasper’s features make it easy to create and deploy assets in moments.

With so many software tools out there, it’s not simply a case of Anyword vs. Jasper. Maybe it’s time to consider one of the best AI-powered competitors to both content creation tools, ClickUp. 

With features like ClickUp AI and all the project and campaign management tools you could need, it may be just the platform you’re looking for. Try ClickUp for free today to discover how it could become your AI-powered engine. ✨

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