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ClickUp’s Path to Excellence: An Update on Our Stability and Reliability Journey

Job seekers say they’re eager to find new roles in which they can do their best work. This is a complex puzzle for business leaders to solve, but at least one thing is clear: providing teams with the right digital tools has never been more important.

Research shows that employees who are satisfied with their work technology are 30% less likely to feel burned out and 29% more likely to say they’re happy on the job. They are also 23% more likely to recommend their employer as a great place to work.

We understand that your employees are your most important asset (we feel the same!) and it’s important for them to like the tools they use. We want the time that they spend in ClickUp to be enjoyable and that’s why we’re committed to improving the stability and usability of our platform. It’s important to us that we are offering you the best and most reliable possible product experience.

Over the past several months, we have made incredible progress toward making ClickUp even more reliable and easier to use. Today, I am delighted to share some of the most transformational milestones that we’ve achieved.

Laying a Strong Foundation

Before we dive into the technology improvements, I think it’s important to acknowledge some of the changes we’ve made at an organizational level. It has been a massive priority for us to get more talent in the doors at ClickUp—especially in roles that directly impact your experience.

We have been actively investing in our engineering and support staff and over the last year, we hired more than 150 engineers to help support our development efforts. As part of this effort, we brought in two seasoned VPs of Engineering—Gennadiy Geyfman and Chirag Chheda—both of whom bring incredible experience building platforms at massive scale at companies like Lyft, Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce, and Microsoft. Gennadiy is focused on stabilizing our platform as we grow, while Chirag is scaling ClickUp’s product engineering organization.

We also hired a Global VP of Customer Success, Joel Huntington, who joins us from Qualtrics to oversee the global customer service team. This team is dedicated to helping customers drive greater productivity using ClickUp and serve as powerful advocates by educating them on best practices and ensuring they feel fully supported. Joel joins ClickUp after five years at Qualtrics.

Rebuilding and Reinforcing

While we place an immense amount of value in the people of ClickUp that are moving our mission forward, I know you all came to this blog for an update on the ClickUp platform and we have a lot of exciting updates to share. Here’s an overview of what we’ve accomplished over the last few months alone:

  • Achieved and Exceeded Uptime Goals: We are trending toward exceeding 99.9% uptime every month in most of our products and services, ensuring consistency in accessing and refreshing tasks, attachments, and data within ClickUp. This means that you can expect a more reliable, smoother, and consistent experience.
  • Lock Solid Security: We completed the formal certification of ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27017:2015, and ISO 27018:2019. These certifications prove ClickUp’s commitment to security, privacy, quality, and trust for our customers. We’re proud of these certifications because we know how important it is for your work to be secure. It also serves as evidence that we are well ahead of the competition and other platforms in this space when it comes to security.
  • Platform Sharding: We are continuing an ongoing effort to re-architect our platform around smaller, more geographically dispersed databases – a process known as sharding. By doing so, we will be able to guarantee high performance and reliability as we continue to scale.
  • Improved Load Times: Last quarter we made some significant improvements as it relates to the load times of views including our Home, Workload view, Board view, and notifications page. With improved page load times, you’ll be able to access work more quickly and reliably.
  • New and Improved Search: Following our Slapdash acquisition, we revamped our search capabilities. Today, you’ll see much more relevant results in a fraction of the time. On average, our new search is 2x faster than the previous version, in other words, you spend less time hunting and more time doing!
  • Revamping the Command Center: We rebuilt the Command Center and combined it with Search to create a single sleek interface for searching and running commands. You can now easily create a new task, doc, or reminder in seconds. Our goal is for ClickUp to have the world’s best integrated-search experience.
  • Faster Notifications: We are making notifications more performant by cleaning up our massive database. In doing so, we will be better equipped to scale the platform long-term. Immediately you will receive notifications 30% faster. We’re also redefining how we retrieve notifications in our database, to help you better stay on top of your work.
  • Mobile App Revamp: Accessing work on the go is a critical feature for today’s hybrid and remote teams. With that in mind, we increased the speed at which you can access and interact with the ClickUp mobile app 2,000x both online and offline. We are continuing to enhance the offline performance of the app for enhanced reliability anywhere you need to use it.

Listening and Acting

As I’ve mentioned before, we want to reassure you that we are listening and working hard on your requests. We’ve seen your feedback on features like Automations, Dashboards, and platform refresh issues and can assure you that they are on the product roadmap and in the process of coming to life.

We have already re-architected our Dashboards so that the widgets operate more smoothly and are almost done with revamping our WebSockets so that refresh issues will be obsolete. We hope that you’ve already been able to experience the benefits of this work and we’re confident that you’ll continue to see ongoing improvements.

We are so proud of the work that has been done, but it’s important to acknowledge that these projects take time to complete. We are committed to making substantial, high-quality improvements that will stand the test of time and are doing so quickly and efficiently.

We can’t wait to fully unveil the culmination of these efforts at our LevelUp event in early 2023! Registration for our 2023 event is open now and we look forward to connecting with you about the future of our product.

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