ClickUp Acquires Slapdash

ClickUp Acquires Slapdash to Unify Work and Accelerate Productivity

Everyone has heard the saying that knowledge is power. But that’s only true if you can find it and use it to your advantage. Otherwise, it’s pretty much useless!

If you’ve ever tried to tap into the collective knowledge within your company, you know how hard it is. It’s trapped in a variety of apps, siloed across teams, and buried deep in the brains of tenured colleagues.

But here’s the scary part. Companies are using more work apps today than ever before. This started with good intentions—a specialized app for every team—but juggling all those apps quickly spiraled into a web of chaos and inefficiency. As teams piled on tools, the knowledge accessibility problem got worse.

The very first version of ClickUp was created out of frustrations from using more than a dozen tools to get our work done – when in reality they were actually slowing us down. The details we needed kept getting lost or misplaced.

From the time ClickUp was born to 2020, the average number of apps used by companies increased by a factor of five according to BetterCloud!

BetterCloud SaaS apps used by organizations

Employees have just about had it. Every single day, employees spend about an hour simply searching for the information they need to do their jobs, and 7 out of 10 wish there could be more efficient ways of using company apps do to their work.

Especially in the age of The Great Resignation, making it easier for employees to access and act upon company knowledge represents an enormous opportunity to provide better work experiences, leading to greater employee satisfaction and retention. And on top of that, they’ll get back the most precious commodity there is…time.

Accelerating Our Mission with a Strategic Acquisition

At ClickUp, our core mission is to make the world more productive by saving people time. When we learned how much time people wasted as they struggled to access the knowledge they needed to do their jobs, we felt the need to act. So we did something incredible.

We acquired Slapdash! Slapdash makes it incredibly easy for people to quickly tap into their company’s collective knowledge that, until now, was nearly impossible to find.

Slapdash, the leader in unified search, empowers anyone to find what they need across their favorite SaaS solutions from one central location. Slapdash is also lightning fast, with relevant search results appearing instantly! It’s no easy feat from an engineering perspective, which is why we’re so excited about the technology and the promise it holds.

There’s More to the Story

Making it easy for people to access critical information and assets in one place is a game-changer. What’s even better is that Slapdash, with its unique command bar, also allows people to take action on that information: share it, comment on it, edit it, and more. Edit a record in Salesforce, create a new task in ClickUp, or join a meeting in Zoom with one quick tap of the keyboard. There are more than 40 business apps to connect with today, and more on the horizon.

In addition to Slapdash’s proprietary technology, their mission to unify work and save people time aligns perfectly with ours. By joining forces, we can achieve this shared mission better and faster.

We are beyond excited to welcome Slapdash founders – Ivan Kanevski and Dmitry Koterov – and the whole Slapdash team to the ClickUp family, and we’re already hard at work integrating the Slapdash technology natively into our all-in-one productivity platform.

Stay tuned! We’re excited to share more details in the near future about how this will transform workplace productivity.

💜 Zeb

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