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It’s fun to think about all the exciting dream destinations for your next vacation, but how about when it comes to coordinating all the details conducive to a smooth and seamless experience? After choosing a destination, you may think to yourself, “What next?”

Your responsibilities may now include finding the best deals on airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation, researching activities and tours, updating your passport, packing your bags, and making sure friends and family are on the same page.

Planning a trip can definitely be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you’ve decided on a family vacation to the Caribbean, or a team bonding trip to the metropolis of Tokyo, ClickUp is here to help!

Planning Your Trip in ClickUp!

Easily track and manage everything from your packing list and itinerary to exciting activities, foods to eat, and sights to see.

You can do it all in ClickUp.

Start Here 🧭

To get organized, we recommend:

  • Setting up a Space in ClickUp for your vacations
  • Naming the Project your next destination (ex. “Disneyland 2021”)
  • And then creating Lists to categorize each item for your trip (ex. Logistics, Packing List, Lodging, Events).

Now you’ll be able to set up tasks under each relevant List to ensure every step of the trip is accounted for.  

For example, under the Logistics List, you can create a task for flight details, and another for transportation.

Custom Fields are a great way to visualize important aspects of your trip such as your budget, responsibilities of friends or family, due dates, and more. This way, you’ll always be ahead of the game and not scrambling to book flight tickets at the last minute!

Creating The Lists For Your Trip

You could then set up another List as your “Packing List” and create a task for each item to be packed. In this case, the checkbox Custom Field would be perfect, so you can quickly check off items as you’ve packed them. Be at ease knowing that you’ll arrive at your destination with everything you need— yes, your toothbrush included.

Under the “Lodging” List, you can place all hotel and accommodation details, with a separate task representing each accommodation.

The “Events” List would be the perfect area to detail all the delicious restaurants, museums, and other sites of interest.

There are a few different useful ClickUp custom statuses we would recommend to plan your vacation. You can name your custom statuses, “booked,” “packed,” “in progress,” “idea,” etc.

As you make progress on each task in your to-do list, you can then move them into their appropriate statuses.

Plan your vacation with our ready-made Travel Project Template. You can even customize it however you’d like!

Invite your family and friends as guests to participate in ClickUp, and they can see the tasks that have been delegated to them from the Custom Fields column.

Once everyone has completed their task, they can update the task status from “in progress” to “closed.”

Here are three powerful features to enhance your vacations even further:

Our Fav Planning Features

Favorites: Set up a Favorite to quickly jump from work to planning your vacation. With favorites, you can save your preferences in sorting, filtering, and even a favorite view! The time view would be a great way to visualize the dates you’ve set for your trip and trip planning tasks.

Templates: After you’ve created your first perfect vacation Project template in ClickUp, you’ll be able to streamline and automate your next vacation! You may even remap task and subtask due dates without having to go into each task and manually update them all.

Once you’ve reached your destination, use task checklists to mark off all the places and activities you had planned, and make sure you don’t miss a beat!

For example, you may have a task called “Disneyland,” with checklist items such as “Splash Mountain,” and “Indiana Jones.”

Also, if you make any last-minute changes to plans, you can update your ClickUp tasks accordingly, and everyone that you’ve shared with will be up to speed.

You can also quick-create and re-use checklists in ClickUp via checklist templates!

Now that you’re up to speed on how ClickUp can help you plan your vacation, it’s time to pick a destination and purchase those flights! Safe Travels.

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