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10 Free Conference Agenda Templates in Word and ClickUp

Putting together an agenda for every event, conference, or meeting is time-consuming and repetitive. Whether you’re running a large event or multiple events throughout the year, this time quickly eats away at your schedule. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to write your conference agendas? 👀

That’s where conference agenda templates come in. These useful docs give you a simple foundation for all your event and meeting agendas, so you’re not starting from a blank page every time.

Let’s take a closer look at why conference agenda templates are so useful and which ones are our hand-picked favorites for you to use in 2024.

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What is a Conference Agenda Template?

A conference agenda lets your event attendees know what they can expect to see and when. Your agenda introduces them to all of your talks, seminars, and moments of interest—along with when and where they’re happening.

Using a conference agenda template speeds up the process of creating your own meeting agenda, by giving you a helpful foundation to work from. In reality, a meeting agenda is a must-have for any type of gathering, but it’s especially important if you have multiple tracks or different side events your guests can check out as well as the main keynote speech.

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Documenting the conference itinerary also guides your own team to stay on track, with details like times and room locations or links listed alongside online events. ⏰

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What Makes a Good Conference Agenda Template?

Like any type of template, the goal of a business conference agenda template should be to make your process or workflow easier. The best agenda templates save you time spent on organizing details and applying formatting—so you can instead spend that time on more valuable aspects of event planning and team meetings.

A good conference agenda template is:

  • Structured: Everything is easy to find, whether your template is in the form of a table, Kanban board, or list
  • Organized: Your template has spaces dedicated to talk titles, times, room locations, and more, so you can stay organized
  • Editable: Your template should be fully customizable to your needs and include a contingency plan
  • Easy to use: Using your template is straightforward, with easy-to-read details and intuitive interaction (if hosting online)
  • Collaborative: You can work with others to create and finalize your agenda
  • Compatible: Your template works with your existing event planning software or introduces you to a new tool for all your event planning needs
  • Free: With so many free options available, pricing shouldn’t be an issue
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10 Conference Agenda Templates to Use in 2024

There are plenty of agenda templates out there, but how do you figure out which one works best for your event? To save you time searching, we’ve brought together the best conference agenda templates to try in 2024.

Within our list of top conference schedule templates, you’ll find templates for conference and agenda planning as well as a selection of meeting templates that you can easily transform into your new go-to conference agenda template. 🙌 

Let’s dive into the best templates for conference and meeting agendas.

1. ClickUp Conference Management Template

ClickUp Conference Management Template

Before you can even reach the point of putting together your agenda, you need to get the basics sorted. The Conference Management Template by ClickUp gives you a central place to plan and organize your conference—so you and your team can ensure its success.

See all of your action and to-do items at a glance, with an overview of who each task is assigned to, when it’s due, and what its status is. Give every task a category so you can keep track of progress, and see what your allocated budget per item is. 

The completion rate bar allows you to view ongoing progress quickly, so you can identify roadblocks and see where you’re at. 🚦

This conference template makes it easy for you to lead the event management process and guide your team from start to finish, so you can know that even the finest details are being taken care of on time and on budget.

2. ClickUp Conference Agenda Template

ClickUp Conference Agenda Template

For a more engaging twist on a traditional agenda template, try this Conference Agenda Template by ClickUp. Instead of presenting your virtual conference attendees with a basic Word Doc, introduce them to this interactive, easy-to-navigate alternative.

One of the best features of this conference agenda template is the ability to see it across multiple views. You can look at your agenda as a list of activities or sessions, as a schedule, or in a Kanban-style board format—depending on what works best for you. You’ll be able to see session titles, times, and locations at a glance, however you choose to view it.

Use this conference agenda template when you have multiple tracks of events or breakout sessions that guests can choose from. With the board-like structure, it’s easy for attendees to see what’s happening and choose which talk to attend. ✔️

3. ClickUp All Hands Meeting Template

ClickUp All Hands Meeting Template

A template doesn’t have to be specific to conferences for it to work well for them. Take this All Hands Meeting Template by ClickUp for example. While it was designed for internal all hands meetings, thanks to the customizable nature of ClickUp, it can be transformed into an event agenda in moments.

Separate your sessions or talks into categories and display them in an organized way with this list-style template. Show individual talks beneath a category header, alongside fields that you can customize to show details like the speaker’s name, room or location, and start and end times.

This agenda template is ideal if you have lots of details to share with your attendees and want to give them an easy way to understand them. The list view provides a good overview of what’s happening, so both your team and your event guests feel informed.

4. ClickUp Meeting Minutes Template

ClickUp Meeting Minutes Template

Whether you’re hosting a big external event or an internal conference for your team, you’ll want a way to record what’s happening. The Meeting Minutes Template by ClickUp gives you space not only for a short agenda but also to keep a record of meeting notes.

Write a short meeting or event agenda at the top of the doc, then move on to noting any changes since you last met. Below this, there’s space for announcements, discussion points, and action items.

Use this meeting minutes template to record key points and action items from talks or sessions at your conference or as a guide for your internal conference planning meetings. ⚒️

5. ClickUp Daily Standup Meeting Template

ClickUp Daily Standup Meeting Template

As you plan your conference or event, you’ll need to check in with your team to find out how things are progressing. Use the Daily Standup Meeting Template by ClickUp to get insights into what’s happening so your team is always informed and on the same page.

This template features space for every team member to share updates across multiple days or weeks. For each standup, invite team members to share the latest on what they’ve accomplished, what they’re working on, and what their roadblocks or challenges are.

A daily team meeting template like this is ideal for staying organized throughout the conference planning process. Use it alongside workplace communication tools to improve team communication. Not only can you see today’s update but past days too, so you can check in on previously reported challenges to make sure they’re being addressed. ✅

6. ClickUp Board Meeting Agenda Template

ClickUp Board Meeting Agenda Template

Meetings of any type can serve up inspiration for your conference agenda. Take this Board Meeting Agenda Template by ClickUp, for example. It’s great as a board meeting agenda but also works well as a minimalist alternative to an external conference agenda—or simply as an internal agenda for conference planning.

This simple meeting agenda maps out tasks in a list format. Discuss an item, and turn it into an actionable task in just a few clicks—saving you time on manually writing action items and assigning them later on. Use flags to see and prioritize high-importance tasks, and run your planning meeting or event like an organized pro. 🌻

Use this board meeting agenda template to stay on track. With built-in tasks, it’s easy to make your discussions feel more proactive and move forward on activities that need to be completed.

7. ClickUp Scrum Template

ClickUp Scrum Template

If your project team uses the Scrum methodology, you need a place to share your daily updates. This Scrum Template by ClickUp gives you an ideal location for all your updates and blockers.

What really makes this template stand out is the Whiteboard format. Team members can add their updates on what they’ve achieved, what they’re working on, and what their roadblocks are with digital sticky notes. This makes your conference planning meetings feel more interactive. 🤩

Add this Scrum template to your team’s daily status meetings to create a more engaging experience and improve your team management skills. Invite each person to share their updates and challenges either asynchronously or in real-time, so you can continue planning your most effective meeting or conference yet.

8. Word Conference Agenda Template by

Word Conference Agenda Template

We’re big fans of ClickUp (obviously), but we also understand that sometimes you’re limited by the software you’re directed to use. If you can’t make the switch to ClickUp right away, this Microsoft Word Conference Agenda Template by is a good alternative.

The appearance of this Word template feels familiar, and it follows a traditional agenda style. There’s space for your event or company details, such as event title, date, and location. 

There’s also room to note your attendee list, the purpose of the conference or meeting, and what guests should prepare in advance of the event. Next, the template includes a table to contain your agenda and a final notes section for any other important details.

Use this Word conference agenda template if you need a design that feels simple yet organized. It’s better suited for meetings than large-scale conferences, but you could adapt it for a wider audience if you want to. 📄 

9. PowerPoint Conference Agenda Slide Template by SlideTeam

PowerPoint Conference Agenda Slide Template
via SlideTeam

It’s not often we see PowerPoint templates for conference agendas, but it’s an idea that makes sense—especially if you want to project the agenda onto a big screen in your main hall.

This PowerPoint conference agenda template features 15 slides that cover a range of meeting and event types, from business meeting conferences to marketing conferences. Each slide’s design can be customized, so you can change the colors, fonts, and wording to match your event. 📊

If you want a design that you can easily display on information boards and screens at your in-person venue or as holding slides ahead of your virtual event, this template is a great option.

10. Word Committee Meeting Agenda Template by Vertex42

Word Committee Meeting Agenda Template
via Vertex42

A tool like ClickUp gives you plenty of flexibility to customize your conference agenda and display it across multiple styles. If you need a simple Word Doc though, this committee agenda template is one of the most minimalist we’ve seen.

The template has space for all the key meeting information like date, time, location, and meeting goal. There’s a simple list format for the agenda items, with room to write the presenter’s name alongside. Finally, there’s room for the facilitator to share details about the next meeting date and any notes.

Use this staff meeting agenda when you want a quick and simple way to record your event planning meetings. It works for this purpose, but we’d recommend using a more engaging format to share with guests or stakeholders. 🤝 

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Get Organized With These Free Conference Agenda Templates

Planning a conference or event takes a lot of time and dedication. Use this list to help you find the best templates for your internal meetings, conference planning, and event displays.

If you’re looking for a better way to plan and organize your events, try ClickUp. Our all-in-one platform gives you a central hub for task management, productivity, resource management, and more. It has everything you could want to build better processes and workflows for your event and project management needs.

Ready to experience a more productive approach to event management? Try ClickUp for free today to discover why it’s the one app to replace them all. ✨

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