How to Use AI for Copywriting (With Prompt Examples)

How to Use AI for Copywriting (With Prompt Examples)

The process of crafting the perfect copy for your marketing campaigns is not as smooth as the final result reads. 

From brainstorming ideas and planning content to writing, structuring, and sometimes even restructuring until it’s just right—producing that final, polished draft demands time and effort.

But that’s alright since there’s a solution at hand to streamline this process: AI copywriting tools.

AI copywriting tools complement your skills and expertise and increase your productivity without taking away the element of human creativity and understanding. 

They save you precious time, especially during those nail-biting moments of short deadlines, and become your savior when writer’s block strikes.

In this blog, we’ve compiled the best AI copywriting tools that will set you up for success. We’ve also added sample AI prompts with results and examples of how to use these tools. 

Let’s dive in!

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What is AI Copywriting?

In the last couple of years, AI copywriting has emerged as a game-changer in the content creation and marketing industry. But what exactly is AI in copywriting, and how does it work?

AI copywriting is the use of artificial intelligence technologies to create compelling copy. It uses machine learning (ML) algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to generate content.

Delve Deeper: How does AI mimic human beings to generate human-like text?

AI leverages several techniques to generate text that mimics human language:

  • Analyzes vast amounts of data on the web
  • Identifies writing patterns
  • Learns the nuances of language, style, and tone

An AI copywriting tool can adapt to different writing styles and tones as it is trained on vast amounts of text data. This lets you craft copy that caters to the preferences of your brand and its target audiences.

Whether you’re aiming for a professional and confident tone for a corporate website or a playful and friendly vibe for a social media post, AI can generate copy that aligns with your requirements. 

Pros and cons of using AI for copywriting

While AI copywriting offers numerous advantages, it also has its fair share of challenges. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of using AI for writing copy:

Pros of using AI for copywriting

  • Increased efficiency: AI can generate content quickly, saving you time, helping you meet tight deadlines, and maintaining a consistent delivery schedule
  • Improved personalization: AI tools can quickly analyze user data and tailor content based on your target audience’s preferences. Using AI for content personalization can help you not only increase user engagement but also win more leads
  • Better consistency: Using AI, you can ensure consistent tone and style across multiple projects as needed. This can help you build a solid and uniform brand voice and identity for your clients
  • Translation capabilities: A reliable AI tool can translate content into multiple languages within no time. This is a great advantage that can aid in building a global audience for your writing by ensuring that your content is accessible to non-English speakers

Cons of using AI for copywriting

  • Quality issues: AI tools can’t comprehend emotions or understand finer nuances of human nature the way human writers can. This can lead to inaccuracies or a lack of depth in the content. So, make sure to revise and personalize the content wherever needed to avoid affecting your credibility
  • Lack of originality and creativity: AI often struggles with creating original and creative concepts, making the content sound repetitive as it relies heavily on existing user data and writing patterns. To overcome this, don’t forget to combine your own ideas and creativity with AI to generate unique and engaging content
  • Context misinterpretation: Sometimes, AI may misinterpret the context of your prompt and generate irrelevant content. Therefore, review AI-generated content thoroughly every time to validate its relevance, especially for complex or sensitive topics
  • Ethical concerns: Verifying the authenticity of AI-generated content is critical, as plagiarism can pose ethical risks, such as infringement on intellectual property rights. Hence, always run AI-generated content through robust plagiarism checker tools to ensure originality and uphold ethical standards
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How to Use AI Software for Copywriting?

AI writing tools now easily handle many copywriting tasks in minutes, saving writers, editors, and marketing professionals significant time and effort. 

Here’s how you can use AI for copywriting: 

1. Choose the topic and type of copy you want

First, identify the type of copy you need. Is it a catchy social media post, a persuasive product description, or a comprehensive blog post? Knowing your goal will guide the AI tool in generating the most relevant content. 

2. Input a prompt

Give the AI copywriting tool a specific command called a ‘prompt. ‘ Some tools provide options that help you give a specific and detailed prompt. Your prompt could be as detailed as needed, but ensure all crucial information is included in a structured way within the same message. For instance, highlight any SEO keywords relevant to your product/service, brand, or industry in the prompt. 

Pro Tip: Make this prompt as detailed as possible for more accurate results

3. Wait and watch

In seconds, the tool generates results that you can use directly or edit according to your preferences. 

A quick video showing you how to use AI for copywriting
Use AI to generate anything from email copy and social media captions to blog ideas and report outlines

4. Monitor and Finalize

Remember that these tools rely on analyzing existing web content to generate new content. This means that the generated content isn’t entirely original; it’s produced by the AI tool based on information available online. So, you must monitor the results and re-check before finalizing. 

Ensure that you’re editing the AI-generated content by fact-checking, polishing, and making tweaks to add a touch of originality. Also, ensure that the generated copy doesn’t lack sensitivity and inclusivity.  

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Pick ClickUp’s Brain for AI Copywriting

ClickUp, an all-in-one software solution, is built to streamline your writing process with increased collaboration to help you save time. It is a feature-rich platform, including the star of the show—ClickUp Brain—a suite of AI-powered tools. 

Writing content for multiple clients with those ‘gentle reminders’ of hovering deadlines can be overwhelming, tedious, and time-consuming. However, ClickUp Brain can be your reliable AI Writer assistant, simplifying your tasks and making them more manageable.

Using ClickUp AI Writer to generate a blog post in ClickUp Docs
Write a blog post in a matter of seconds using ClickUp Brain

With ClickUp Brain, you can create content faster and better, minus the pesky writer’s block. Leave behind manual processes with ClickUp Brain and get the following things done and more:

  • Summarize long-form content 
  • Format blogs
  • Generate content ideas
  • Write SEO-optimized landing pages, emails, articles, social media bios, etc
  • Create high-quality content for sales and marketing
  • Write meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Generate outlines
  • Run automatic spell checks
  • Rewrite content to avoid unintentional plagiarism
  • Restructure content and even proofread it 
  • Generate product descriptions, content briefs, etc
  • Build templates for documents you use frequently

Additionally, ClickUp allows you to create content, with or without AI, by directly using its built-in document tool—ClickUp Docs. This is possible because ClickUp Brain is integrated into ClickUp Docs, making it easier for you to create and edit your copy right then and there. 

Moreover, your documents are conveniently saved within your workspace in ClickUp Docs, ensuring easy access whenever you need them.

collaborative live editing in ClickUp Docs
Collaborate with teammates and customers to edit and finalize a doc in real-time in ClickUp Docs

Using ClickUp Docs, you can even collaborate with your colleagues or clients in real time. Together, you can make edits, highlight text and leave comments, exchange feedback, and turn your copy into actionable tasks.

With ClickUp Brain, craft your content in any desired tone or style. Furthermore, it enables you to transcribe videos and translate your notes into different languages effortlessly.

What’s unique: ClickUp Brain has a dedicated AI writer who helps you kickstart your copywriting process by providing talking points and setting the tone and creativity level.  

how to use AI for copywriting: ClickUp Brain AI Writer prompt settings
Tailor your copy using ClickUp Brain’s AI Writer
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AI Copywriting Use Cases & Examples (with Prompts)

Now, let’s explore some AI copywriting use cases and examples to help you get a better understanding. 

Product descriptions

If you have a long list of products, creating a compelling product description for each one could prove time-consuming. However, an AI copywriting tool can help simplify this process by generating descriptions quickly and consistently.

Feed the AI tool with specific product specifications and customer preferences, and it will work its magic and save you time.


Write three product descriptions for a fashion e-commerce site. The products are a black halter-neck dress, a green longline trench coat, and a colorblock sling bag. Describe them creatively, focusing on key features, materials, and styling options. Keep it concise yet detailed to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.


Product descriptions generated by ClickUp Brain
Craft on-point product descriptions using ClickUp Brain

Social media posts

The perpetual need for fresh and engaging social media content is demanding and challenging for copywriters. But you can ask an AI tool to do the job for you and maintain an active social media presence effortlessly. 

AI-driven tools can analyze social media trends and brand messaging to propose relevant content ideas and even generate post captions automatically in seconds.


Write Instagram captions to increase awareness and adoption of AI tools for time management and productivity. Make them catchy and ensure that they cater to busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. 


Instagram post captions generated by ClickUp Brain
Generate catchy social media captions and campaigns using ClickUp Brain

SEO optimization

There’s no denying the importance of optimizing your content for search engine rankings to enhance its visibility and drive traffic to your website. However, keeping abreast of evolving SEO best practices can be tough.

Here, AI copywriting tools can analyze your target audience, research and suggest SEO keywords, assess content readability, and offer valuable insights to optimize your existing content.


Write a meta title (under 60 characters) and meta description (under 160 characters) for a blog topic: 10 ways to decorate your living room.


ClickUp Brain generates meta descriptions

Marketing email

Personalized marketing emails help grab subscribers’ attention, drive engagement, and generate leads. With email marketing automation tools, streamline your process—write, edit, and send targeted campaigns—all in one place. These tools analyze customer data, behavior patterns, and past interactions to draft emails for individual recipients. 

From subject lines to body text, AI generated copy can enhance email campaigns, leading to increased open and click-through rates.


Write a marketing email for [company name], a cosmetic company launching a multitasking BB cream with sunscreen in 2 paragraphs (under 150 words) and use an upbeat and informative tone. Highlight its benefits and use a CTA that encourages subscribers to try out the product before it goes out of stock with a link.


Marketing email generated by ClickUp Brain
Generate engaging marketing emails with ClickUp Brain

Ad copy

Every copywriter wants their ad copy to stand out from the rest and help drive organic traffic and conversion. But what seemed only like a wish is now achievable with the help of AI copywriting software.

AI analyzes ad performance, audience demographics, and your specific industry trends to suggest optimized ad copy variations. Using an AI writing assistant can help you test different messaging strategies and refine your marketing copy to maximize ROI.


Write an advertisement for a food delivery app in 100 words and a persuasive tone. Promote the convenience and quality of the service to potential customers. Describe menu items and highlight offers and discounts to avail. Encourage CTA with clear instructions for ordering and delivery.


Write compelling ad copy for Google, Facebook, or YouTube using ClickUp Brain

Idea generation

If you’re seeking inspiration for fresh and innovative ideas, consider leveraging AI to supercharge your idea-generation process. It can easily identify trending topics, relevant keywords, and target audience interests.

Hour-long brainstorming processes when deadlines are approaching are not feasible. AI-powered tools quickly generate ideas to fuel your content strategy. 


Generate ten blog topics for a fitness company for the keyword ‘lifestyle habits’


Blog ideas generated by ClickUp brain
Get unlimited blog topic ideas using ClickUp Brain

Website content

A website brings in more leads if the copy of landing pages is engaging, regularly updated to reflect current industry trends, and meets audience expectations. Use AI copywriting tools to generate, polish, and refine your website copy. It can also generate blog posts and FAQs based on keyword research and industry insights.


Write a website content CTA with unique selling points for an eco-friendly water bottle manufactured by [company name] that encourages visitors to visit the product page with a provided link. Use persuasive language to highlight the product benefits. 


Website content generated by ClickUp brain
Deliver instant and effective website content with ClickUp Brain

Content structuring and refining 

When you want to organize your content effectively, you can rely on AI to help ensure your content is well-structured and easily digestible.

Instead of grappling with the challenge of structuring large volumes of information, let AI do the job for you. It can automatically organize and categorize your content, be it a blog post or a marketing campaign.

Think some write ups need improvement but can’t pinpoint the issues? The best writers and editors have been there. Let AI do the job for you. 


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Content restructuring on ClickUp Brain
Refine your copy with ClickUp Brain

Similarly, you, too, can create relevant prompts for your work and ask AI copywriting tools like ClickUp Brain to generate answers for them. Many AI copywriting software today can help you with this; besides ClickUp Brain, you could also work with Google Gemini, ChatGPT, etc. You can even ask the tool to rewrite until you’re satisfied with the result.

The answers could be ready to go on the first try, or you may have to tweak them a little for better readability. Regardless, ClickUp Brain can be your AI writing assistant for all kinds of writing jobs, such as social media posts and long-form content like blog posts and e-books.

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Do Your Copy Right with ClickUp

Whether you’re a freelance copywriter or part of an agency team, leveraging AI-powered tools can make you super productive and streamline your content creation process.

However, as a copywriter, your tasks extend beyond writing. What about editing, organizing daily tasks, managing emails, and collaborating with clients and colleagues? ClickUp can help you do all of these and more.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, you can smoothly manage all aspects of your workflow in one place. You can assign tasks, share documents for review and approval, collaborate in real time, and ensure smooth communication with your team and clients.

Sign up with ClickUp for free today and start your copywriting productivity journey!

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