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Hawke Media: Using ClickUp’s Fully-Customizable Platform To Manage Our Business

Project management is important for any business, but it’s especially crucial in the marketing industry. 

When you work at a marketing agency, you’re constantly managing multiple projects, campaigns, marketing initiatives, and a whole lot more, in order to help clients achieve their business goals. 

So what happens when on top of it all, the tools you’re using to manage a remote team aren’t making the process any easier? 

Take it from Lauren, Hawke Media’s Chief of Staff: 

We had to hit the ground running with working remote—fractured in terms of adoption in our previous tool, and dying for something that was high-powered, but user-friendly enough to not overwhelm both our clients and employees. 

If you want the best results for your clients, that means your team needs to be equipped with the optimal processes and tools to stay organized and on track. Most importantly, they need a tool that adapts to their role’s needs and personal workflow preferences. 

After searching for a solution, Lauren and her team at Hawke Media finally landed with ClickUp!

To hear why ClickUp won their hearts and how it changed their business, we decided to speak with the source.❤️

Alight, Lauren—we’re ready for you! 😊

Tell us about yourself and Hawke Media

Hi, my name is Lauren Makielski—the Chief of Staff at Hawke Media, a full-service outsourced CMO, providing the guidance, planning, and execution to grow brands of all sizes, industries, and business models. 

Our mission is to make great marketing accessible to all. To make that possible, our company offers digital marketing services including Digital Strategy, Lifecycle Marketing, Media Buying, Social Media Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Creative Design, Affiliate Marketing, Paid Acquisition, SEM, and SEO. 🔥

I started working at Hawke Media in 2018 as a receptionist simply because the work culture seemed interesting. Four years later, I now serve as Chief of Staff and manage strategy and planning as well as process improvement across the organization. 

I would describe myself as industry-agnostic… I simply LOVE BizOps and Project Management. 👋 👩‍💻

Why ClickUp? 

We were recently new to working remotely, fractured in terms of adoption in our previous tool, and dying for something that was high-powered, but user-friendly enough to not overwhelm. 

ClickUp was the best option for us because of how it seamlessly allowed for as much or as little customization as needed, and we have never looked back. We’ve been on the platform coming up for two years. 💜

What do you use ClickUp for?

One of our most helpful use cases is managing requests for new hires or position backfills. Before a role hits our ATS and is posted, hiring managers submit a ClickUp Form to tell our recruiting team about the role. 

ClickUp Forms
Quickly build detailed forms to capture the data you need. Additionally, you can create tasks out of your form responses to take action on them immediately!

Once the form submission is received, it goes through approval rounds between recruiting and finance utilizing automations to re-assign and update the task status. Once approved, the task gets re-assigned to our recruiting team based on the role department, and we track the role in ClickUp in addition to our ATS so hiring managers can utilize comments, statuses, etc. from posting to offer acceptance. ClickUp allows us to ensure all new headcount requests follow an approval flow and are assigned to the right recruiters based on the department. 

This process has also helped streamline our overseas hiring. And once we hire these folks, we’ve even improved the new hire experience and onboarding thanks to new hire templates in ClickUp. 🙌

Other ways we use ClickUp:

  • Executive PMO Operations: Operations PMO management for our executive team and managing project completion KPIs, and switching the executive team to an agile PM framework
  • Business Acquisitions & New Software Deployments:
    • Use ClickUp to manage the mergers and acquisition process like our recent acquisition of  Social Nucleus.
    • Creating Agile workflows for implementing and developing our Salesforce Instance
  • Internal Marketing: Managing internal marketing (case studies, content calendars, campaign management, events management)
  • Client Projects & Engagements:
    • Using Forms and automation to handle requests from sellers to get their prospect account audits
    • Utilizing the user roles settings to assign sharing permissions and to give our contractors a window into the projects we work on for clients, specifically within content and copywriting

As you could see, we use ClickUp for…everything. ✅

Need a new position on your team? ClickUp. Did we just acquire a company and need to integrate? ClickUp. New client with our strategy team? ClickUp. Checking in on a client’s affiliate programs? ClickUp. And so much more.

In what ways has ClickUp helped you and your team? 

VISIBILITY in ways that serve ALL learning styles and preferences is huge for us. 

ClickUp has also allowed for integrations that keep our work streamlined from platform to platform. 

Our executive team decreased project delay by over 70% throughout our first year using ClickUp. ⭐️

Do you have any words of wisdom to share with those who are new to ClickUp?

1. Implementation is everything.

2. If it’s related to a task/project, ClickUp should be in the conversation (whether through a link in Slack, an email connection, or via screen share on calls).

3. PLAY WITH IT. Try something new every week and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Thanks for sharing your ClickUp experience with us, Lauren—it’s always great to hear from our users! 💜

To learn more about Hawke Media, check out their website and connect with them on LinkedIn!

Your turn: Customize ClickUp to fit your business needs and team’s workflow preferences

If you don’t already know this about ClickUp, it’s an all-in-one app that allows you to fully customize your experience and workflow. 🔥

ClickUp’s user-friendly interface and extensive customization features enable teams to manage their projects in the best way it works for them.

Check out a few of our top and most-loved customizable features: 

  • Custom Task Statuses: Add different stages to your task such as ‘In Progress’ to let your team know the current status of the task 
  • Custom Fields: Track and monitor anything by customizing fields according to your business needs and workflow preferences
  • Custom views (15+ options): View your work, your way—visualize tasks, projects, and workflows that work best for you 
  • Templates: Save time by leveraging 100+ templates for team use cases, views, tasks, checklists, Docs, and more
  • Goals: Create trackable goals, connect them to your work, and track progress—all in one place
  • ClickApps: Tailor your tasks for any need with 35+ ClickApps that add each different functionalities 

New to ClickUp? Here’s our friend Rob to give you a quick breakdown of what you can do with this ultimate productivity tool!

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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