Should You Use Evernote Business? 10 Alternatives To Help Your Organization Thrive

Should You Use Evernote Business? 10 Alternatives To Help Your Organization Thrive.

Evernote pioneered the note-taking app genre, giving people an incredible way to coordinate their notes, lists, reminders and even things they found on the web into a cloud-based platform that you could access via your mobile phone or desktop browser.

If you use Evernote as your preferred note-taking app, you may have seen Evernote Business as an option for productivity and team collaboration. And as much as I love that lil’ web clipper, is this really the best option for taking your team to the next level?

When people automatically sign up for Evernote Business without exploring other options, some critical questions go unanswered.

  • How does it connect with other tools?
  • Is this the best option for collaboration?
  • What am I *really* trying to do with Evernote?

These questions have become even more important as Evernote has pared down their freemium model, increased their prices and egged you on to try out their new Evernote Business platform, which is attempting to be a new kind of productivity software platform for businesses. In that case, Evernote notes are essentially a thing of the past.

But at $14.99 per user per month, that puts getting an Evernote Business account into a more expensive category. If you’re looking for top productivity software platforms at a lower price that can still help your team get things done, check out these options below.

10 Productivity Software Alternatives for Evernote Business

1. ClickUp

If you love the simplicity of Evernote combined with better productivity options, then ClickUp is your top choice. Evernote Business looks like it’s solving your research and documentation problems, but what about tasks? And due dates? And tracking progress? It doesn’t look like Evernote Business can do any of that. That’s where ClickUp comes in.

ClickUp is a productivity platform that brings teams of all specialties together in a clear and collaborative setting. You can set up a hierarchy that works for you (including Spaces similar to Evernote Business) as well as choose the features you want to use and customize ClickUp to your liking. You can even establish custom statuses for your work, set priorities and more. You’ll save more time in the day by combining the tools you use on an everyday basis into an intuitively powerful project management platform.

list in clickup

In addition to a powerful hierarchy, you’ll also get:

  • Assigned Comments – Instantly create and assign action items for yourself or others.
  • Time Tracking – See how much time you spend on each task and compare to your estimates (Get the Chrome Extension)
  • Multiple Assignees – Collaborate together on a single task – if your Space allows it.
  • Custom Statuses – Customize your workflow with statuses to fit each individual project.
  • Multi-Management – Easily select multiple tasks or groups of tasks and make as many changes as you want with a single click.
  • Rich Text Editing – With ClickUp’s intuitively beautiful rich formatting interface, there’s no need to limit a task to only basic text.
  • Multiple ViewsList View, Board View, Box View  and more (like Gantt, Calendar and Embeds) offer the perfect view for developers, managers, and everything in between.
  • Priorities – Create custom priority levels, and organize tasks based on their importance to a project.
  • Due Dates – Specify both time and day, and get notified when tasks are past due.
  • TagsIf you love the tagging feature in Evernote, then you’ll also like it in ClickUp too. Tags cut through the various projects, tasks, subtasks and lists to relate your work to one another. If you’re exploring a big topic or creating a large project, tags are a great way to see how everything relates together.

You may not be expecting productivity software like ClickUp to be another option to your Evernote app. If you want Evernote Business to keep track of due dates, project details, comments and more…it’s just not set up for that. It’s time to explore a project management solution like ClickUp. Project management software keeps your teams aligned on goals.

It helps you accomplish your goals, not just record them. Check out this great post on the advantages of using project management software.

Oh yeah, ClickUp Even Has a Notepad and a notepad extension you can use wherever you are!

clickup notepad

And if you love Evernote for its note-taking capabilities, then you’ll be glad you found ClickUp. This can be your personal replacement for Evernote. The ClickUp notepad sits right inside the project management app or in your web browser as a Chrome extension.  You can take notes for meetings, jot down reminders and make quick lists, right where you do most of your work. You’ll even be able to change your notes into tasks (coming soon!)

What about the reviews? ClickUp is one of the top-rated project management software platforms on Capterra and is highly ranked by G2Crowd.

Pricing: ClickUp has a forever free plan, and then plans start at $5 per month with access to their apps. Perfect choice for teams looking for a central place for all of their project information.

2. Notion


Another great option for productivity software is Notion…and this company is really taking off. But why? Notion combines simple task management, with a knowledge base, and a spreadsheet database that can help you track your contacts and more. People like Notion because of its simplicity and flexibility. If you’re looking for a notetaking tool that can help you manage your research and want a basic to-do list to help you move your work along, give Notion a look.

Where Notion really shines is as an easy wiki for document storing and a knowledge base.

What about the reviews? Bleeding-edge tech site Product Hunt loves Notion and many of its users appreciate the knowledge base and note-taking capabilities.

Pricing: Users can start for under $10 and then upgrade from there based on storage and team users.

3. Airtable


Another popular option for productivity and recordkeeping is Airtable. Airtable takes the frustration of out of Excel and creates a more contemporary user experience that maximizes the modern web environment. It’s like a high-end spreadsheet or duct-taped CRM for your company. You can also link records across tables, and reference files or attachments quickly and easily as well.

Airtable doesn’t have as many note-taking features, but you can link and connect your documents across tables. But if you’re looking to connect all of your teams together, it’s hard to do without separate instances of Airtable. Therefore, it doesn’t really work for project management and to keep track of your tasks.

For more on what Airtable can (and can’t do), check out this post.  

What about the reviews? Very positive reviews on Capterra, especially around its database features.

Pricing: A bit on the high end at $12 per user, which is similar to Evernote Business.

Note: Want to import tasks from Airtable into ClickUp? Use the CSV import

4. Process Street

process sheet

What Evernote Business can do is keep up with your documentation across the organization, and Process Street is great for repeatable tasks and procedures. You can have checklists alongside the process descriptions to help your workers do the job no matter whose shift it is. This is very helpful in systematic organizations and for onboarding new employees. A very solid alternative to Evernote Business.

What about reviews? All positive reviews for process management and documentation.

Pricing: Similar to Evernote Business with $15 per month per user.

5. Trello


Trello focuses on cards and boards, allowing you to move each task from one section to a next. It doesn’t do as well for storing details and falls short for teams who need to do more than just a few simple tasks. It has no custom statuses, lacks priorities and commenting and ideation become difficult. However, Trello’s advantage over Evernote Business is the number of power-ups that you can add on to really get your work done…but of course that jacks up the price as well. Users are also afraid about it becoming too complex because of the Atlassian JIRA acquisition.

What about the reviews? Trello gets applauded for its convenience but falls apart with multiple boards.

Pricing: $9.99 per user per month

Note: Want to import tasks from Trello into ClickUp? Start here. 

6. Bloomfire


An easily searchable knowledge base that’s great for storing notes, documents, project plans and more. Teams can find the documents they need, when they need it…no more searching databases or email attachments anymore. This is a step up from Evernote because of its advanced reporting capabilities. Major teams like Etsy and Whole Foods use Bloomfire to document their processes and important archives.  

What about the reviews? Search and categorization is what sets Bloomfire apart from Evernote Business.

Pricing: Not available

7. Dropbox Paper


More than just document storage, Dropbox has expanded into document collaboration with Dropbox Paper. Teams can write, edit, comment, collaborate and share files right alongside the Dropbox accounts that they may already have. Dropbox has more storage and organization capabilities than Evernote and may be a natural fit to what you’re already doing. Also, if you like Dropbox for its storage, but need a little bit more productivity and project management, ClickUp integrates directly to Dropbox as well. Just saying.

What about the reviews? Users at G2Crowd says it’s great for ideation, brainstorming and rough drafts with multiple collaborators.

Pricing: N/A

8. Google Keep / Google Drive / Google Docs

google keep

Really if you’re looking for a less expensive way for your teams to coordinate on documents, spreadsheets and notes, consider what Google offers. You get a personal notepad with Google Keep (a basic version of Evernote) combined with the storage capabilities in Google Drive, and the spreadsheets, documents, presentations and more that come with Google Docs. You’re missing the real workflow management that a tool like ClickUp offers, so you may need another tool for project management alongside it.

What about the reviews? Very positive. What did you expect?

9. Samepage


Samepage rounds up file sharing, document collaboration and even team chat into one workspace–hence, the same page. That’s clever, sure. Samepage has your projects and documents in the left column, a main area to view your projects and documents, and then another area that records comments and chats. The benefit here is that blends many tools together in one interface, keeping your documents and presentations in a central location for real-time editing and co-authoring. Great for version control, so no changes get lost in the process.

What about the reviews? Great! 5/5 for loading, storing and viewing documents.

Pricing: $7.00/per month/per user

Note: Want to import tasks from Samepage into ClickUp? Use the CSV import. 

10. Hive Notes

hive notes

Hive is a project management tool that has recently added meeting notes, specifically to help you capture any details and agenda items from your meetings. Combine this with their personalized action lists, forms and cards, and you have a solid system for capturing your to-do items and tasks.

With their new notes feature, it’s easy to keep tabs on your process docs and use Hive as a knowledge management system.

What about the reviews? No reviews on the notes feature yet, but overall the tool gets 4.5/5.

Pricing: $12/per month/per user


It’s a tall order to expect simple note-taking software to be the answer to all of your productivity needs. Just because you depend on one tool to do a great job at a basic task, like note-taking, doesn’t mean that it’ll succeed with project management, productivity, and tasks. Sure, Evernote Business can streamline some of your dire needs…but why settle when you can find more tools that are dedicated to productivity and collaboration? And don’t just treat it like an add-on?

If you’re exploring productivity, project management, knowledge bases, and file control, Evernote Business is a wonderful place to start. It may not be where you end up. And that’s okay, too.

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