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ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini: Which AI Tool Is Best?

Within a few years, AI tools have become tightly integrated into our personal and professional lives—from asking Alexa for movie recommendations to prompting ChatGPT to give our marketing campaign a new direction.

AI chatbots and multimodal AI text generators, in particular, have proven invaluable, assisting us in content creation, translation, and facilitating research and data analysis. 

Since ChatGPT’s debut in November 2022, numerous multimodal large language models (LLMs) have emerged from tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Meta. Each has released its own generative AI tools—Google Gemini, Microsoft Copilot, and Meta Llama, respectively.

In this article, we’ll comprehensively compare ChatGPT, the original generative AI chatbot, and Google Gemini, Google’s latest AI brainchild.

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What Is ChatGPT?

via OpenAI

ChatGPT, or Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is an AI text-generator cum chatbot released by OpenAI in late 2022. It was one of the first truly successful AI chatbots that surpassed all its competitors with its natural language processing capabilities and human-like, dialogue-based responses. 

Currently, ChatGPT is available in two versions—ChatGPT 3.5 (for free users) and ChatGPT 4.0 (for paid users). While both versions assist you with text generation and translation, it’s only ChatGPT 4.0 that supports multimodal (or voice and image) prompts, custom GPTs, data analysis, and more

ChatGPT 4.0 also allows you to have back-and-forth voice conversations, making it one of the most accessible AI chatbots today.  

You can use ChatGPT for:

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Writing, editing, and translating content
  • Analyzing data and highlighting trends
  • Debugging and improving code
  • Researching topics and understanding concepts

Want more? Explore these unique ChatGPT hacks!

For your larger team or enterprise, subscribe to the ChatGPT Team plan and get access to features such as creating and sharing custom GPTs within your workspace. You also get to use advanced data analysis and maintain complete data ownership.  

ChatGPT features

Let’s dig a little deeper into the most popular features of ChatGPT.

1. Generative capabilities

ChatGPT has the excellent ability to generate human-quality conversations. It helps you create multiple types of content (including blog posts, emails, and books) and translate content into over 50 languages (including French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Greek). 

ChatGPT can also perform various types of text manipulations, such as summarizing text, rewriting text blocks, and adjusting the tone and formality of content. 

Additionally, you can share your chats with other team members using a public shared link. They can then import the conversation into their chat console and use it as a reference point or keep it going.

ChatGPT also provides some quick action buttons, namely ‘copy’, ‘regenerate’, and ‘bad response’. Use these to let the AI model know whether you’re satisfied with a certain response. 

By adding custom instructions such as language and tone of voice, you can tailor ChatGPT’s responses for all your chats.

2. Custom GPTs

Custom GPTs
via OpenAI

A much-loved feature of ChatGPT is custom GPTs, wherein you modify the GPT engine to create custom AI chatbots with specific instructions and specialized skills.

For example, create an onboarding buddy that acts as a support bot, chats with new employees, and provides them answers from your company handbook. 

Some users have even used ChatGPT for therapy to analyze their behavioral patterns and use LLMs for ‘psychological self-betterment.’ Others have created GPTs for meal planning, laundry FAQs, and more.

The possibilities with custom GPTs—for individuals and businesses—are endless!

3. Data analysis

ChatGPT lets you upload data mainly in CSV, TXT, and PDF formats with the Enterprise version and analyzes it directly within the platform. Use this feature to identify trends and patterns, clean your data by removing duplicates or outdated information, and even ask specific questions to generate insights and summaries. 

While not a full replacement for data analysis tools, ChatGPT handles basic statistics and generates variations of your data for machine learning. However, this premium feature is available only on paid plans.  

ChatGPT pricing

  • Free: Free forever
  • Plus: $20/user per month
  • Team: $30/user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing
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What Is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini (previously Bard) is one of the many LLMs created by Google Deepmind. It can understand and interpret text, voice, images, and even video. And you can use it for writing, brainstorming, summarizing information, and even generating images.

A key feature of Google Gemini is its native integration with the Google Workspace Apps. For example, Gemini can fill data in your spreadsheets, give you creative presentation suggestions, and even generate custom backgrounds for your video meetings. 

However, you’ll need a Gemini subscription to integrate it with your Google Workspace. 

Google Gemini is currently available in three sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. Gemini Ultra is Google’s largest and most capable model for highly complex tasks. Gemini Pro is more suitable for scaling across a wide variety of tasks. Gemini Nano is the most efficient and lightweight model, built for on-device tasks. 

Google Gemini features

Here are some of the best features of Google Gemini:

1. Generative capabilities

Google Gemini has solid text generation capabilities that support over 40 languages and can craft creative text formats such as poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, emails, and letters. It can also translate content and generate images based on text descriptions.

Users can rate responses as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, double-check facts on the web, and modify responses with just a click. When you ask Google Gemini questions, it generates three drafts for each question and allows you to finalize one. Once you choose, the remaining drafts are removed from the chat history. 

2. Multimodal capabilities 

As Google Gemini is trained on large datasets, it can process all of them together. For instance, you can use text prompts to generate images or upload an image and ask it to draft a story based on the said image.

The AI model can also generate code in any programming language, debug code snippets, and create scripts for automation. Moreover, it suggests additional information, such as what libraries to install, what error messages to display, or how to prevent future bugs. This can be very useful for non-technical folks working in low-code environments.

3. Gemini extensions 

These add-ons connect Google Gemini to specific Google Apps and services, allowing it to leverage their functionalities. Like Chrome extensions, these extensions can help you work smarter and accomplish more work in less time.

For example, you can:

  • Automate tasks such as adding events from emails to your calendar
  • Draft email responses and search for information in your inbox
  • Generate custom images for your presentations
  • Fix lighting, reduce noise, and improve the overall quality of meetings 
  • Get AI-powered location or activity suggestions on Google Maps

At the moment, Google Gemini extensions are only available for Google apps. However, the company may open this up for third-party services.

Google Gemini pricing

  • Free
  • Gemini Advanced: $19.99/user per month
  • Gemini Business: $20.00/user per month (billed annually)
  • Gemini Enterprise: $30.00/user per month (billed annually)
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ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini: Features Compared

Let’s compare the two tools in detail now.

FeatureChatGPTGoogle Gemini
Natural language processingYesYes
Language modelsGPT 3.5 & GPT 4Gemini Ultra, Pro, and Nano
Voice and image chatYesYes, voice chat available on the Android mobile app
Research capabilitiesYesYes
ExtensionsChatGPT Writer is a free Chrome extensionGoogle Gemini integrates with Google Apps, Workspace, and services
Code generationYesYes
Data analysisYes, adept at using TXT, CSV, and PDF files No
User experienceVery interactiveVery interactive
Pricing Free and paid Free and paid 

Data sourcing

Both ChatGPT and Google Gemini are used for research. The first criterion is to check the source of information and ensure its accuracy and up-to-dateness. 


ChatGPT gathers information from publicly available data on the World Wide Web, including webpages, book excerpts, and social media posts. However, ChatGPT 3.5 (the free version) was last updated in September 2022. 

Only ChatGPT 4.0 is updated with the most recent information, which makes the free version feel outdated.

Google Gemini

Both the free and advanced versions of Google Gemini are updated in real-time with the most recent information from the web. The AI chatbot can provide in-depth information on all the latest events and trends. 

However, Gemini is more censored than ChatGPT. So, while it consistently remains up-to-date, it may not provide information on sensitive topics.

ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini: The more dependable data source?
We have a clear winner here, and it’s Google Gemini. While it does censor certain topics, its free plan is more useful than ChatGPT’s free version. Google also utilizes image-text databases such as LAOIN-5B, which gives it another edge over ChatGPT.

Translation capabilities

Another important comparison factor to consider is content translation and language learning capabilities.


ChatGPT supports nine languages on the web browser. These include Chinese (zh-Hans), Chinese (zh-TW), French (fr-FR), German (de-DE), Italian (it-IT), Japanese (ja-JP), Portuguese (pt-BR), Russian (ru-RU), and Spanish (es-ES).

Overall, its AI model can understand, write, and translate over 50 languages, including Thai, Greek, and Hindi.

Google Gemini

On the other hand, Google Gemini supports 40 languages for translation services on its browser. Many users find Google Gemini’s translations more nuanced since it considers cultural behaviors.

ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini: The better translator?
The winner is, once again, Google Gemini. It supports a similar number of languages as ChatGPT, and its translations are more nuanced.

User experience

It’s now time to put their user experience (UX) to the test and find out which AI tool provides a more friendly user experience.


ChatGPT provides a simple chat console. It’s minimal, clutter-free, and easy to navigate. Its quick action buttons for common actions, such as editing questions, regenerating responses, and writing answers, are also convenient. You can even turn the chat history off if you don’t want ChatGPT to use your data to train its AI engine. 

The iOS and Android ChatGPT mobile apps are also very intuitive and support all the features provided in the web browser.

Google Gemini

Gemini users love the modern UX, similar to the rest of Google’s Apps. This makes it easy for users to find features or navigate the platform. It also provides many quick action buttons to mark responses as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, double-check information, add a response to Google Docs or Gmail, and even export individual responses. 

You get an activity log listing all the prompts and responses generated. This makes it easier for teams to maintain audit logs, especially when handling sensitive information. 

ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini: The tool with better UX?
This is a tie! Both AI tools are easy to navigate, clutter-free, and provide quick-response buttons to reduce user effort. While Google Gemini provides a more powerful chat interface with options like double-checking facts, generating multiple drafts for chat responses and maintaining an activity log, ChatGPT offers strong data control options and mobile apps. 

Custom workflows 

Custom workflows and simple AI hacks can greatly improve your work processes. These include app-level customization options and easy sync with other platforms to enable automated workflows.


ChatGPT 4.0 is loved for its custom GPTs that can be trained to address the unique requirements of any genre, company, or industry. Plus, ChatGPT provides developers with a robust API infrastructure (called Whisper APIs) that makes it easy for them to integrate ChatGPT into their products, apps, and websites. 

You can also use workflow automation tools like Zapier to connect your business apps with ChatGPT and run custom workflow automation. These automations can vary from creating a task in Notion from a ChatGPT conversation to converting files into PDFs and summarizing them with ChatGPT.

Google Gemini

Power your apps with Gemnin’s AI capabilities using extensions. 

Currently, Google Gemini only provides extensions for Google Apps and can’t be integrated with any other business app. While this makes it an excellent resource for people already integrated into the Google ecosystem, it can be a disadvantage for those outside it. 

ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini: The better AI tool for custom workflows?
We’ve got a clear winner here, and it’s ChatGPT! It’s miles ahead of Google Gemini as it supports more comprehensive integrations and custom workflows.  

Data analysis

Another key use case for AI chatbots is data analytics.


ChatGPT has advanced data analysis features. You can upload TXT, CSV, and even PDF files to ChatGPT and use its AI engine to identify patterns or extract meaningful insights. 

ChatGPT also cleans data, removes outdated information, or organizes your data in a different format based on your instructions.

Google Gemini

While Google Gemini can perform basic data analysis tasks like organizing or visualizing data, it doesn’t provide any specialized features for data analysis. 

ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini: The better data analyst?
ChatGPT wins this round.

Generative capabilities

The final aspect to consider in this head-to-head battle of ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini is their research, writing, and coding capabilities.


ChatGPT excels in formal or business writing. However, its true strength lies in its coding capabilities. It can create accurate code from scratch, improve existing code, perform code reviews, and debug errors. 

ChatGPT also allows you to add rules or instructions to cover all your chats. This can be especially helpful if you use ChatGPT as your writing assistant and don’t want to feed it your brand guidelines repetitively.

Google Gemini

Google Gemini excels in creative writing. It can do everything from copywriting to drafting stories to writing poetry. It is also pretty efficient at coding and debugging errors. However, it’s prone to mistakes, so you should always review the generated code before using it.

Another helpful feature of Google Gemini is the citations. When researching information, the tool cites sources by default, making it easy for researchers and academicians to check references and build their bibliographies.

ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini: The better writing assistant?
This is another tie! ChatGPT’s coding capabilities match Gemini’s creative capabilities, making this another draw.   

Pricing and inclusions

PlanChatGPTGoogle Gemini
Free plan– Unlimited messages, interactions, and history

– Access to  information from the web, GPT-3.5 model last updated in September 2022
– Access on the Web, iOS, and Android

– No image generation
– Unlimited messages, interactions, and history
 – Access to the latest information from the web

– Image generation

– Citations

– Multimodal capabilities
ChatGPT Plus


Google Gemini Advanced
– Access to GPT 4, OpenAI’s most capable GPT engine

– Custom GPTs

– Citations

– Dall-E (for image generation)

– Multimodal capabilities

– Advanced data analysis
– Google for Workspace integration

– High-quality code generation
ChatGPT Team
Gemini Business 
– Admin console

– Custom GPTs for team workspace
– Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet

– Enterprise-grade security
ChatGPT Enterprise
Gemini Enterprise
– Enterprise-grade security

– Analytics dashboard

– Unlimited access to data analytics
– Advanced meetings with translated captions in 15+ languages
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ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini on Reddit

We decided to read a few reviews by Redditors to give you a better overview of the two AI chatbots. Most of these reviews compare ChatGPT 4.0 with Google Gemini. 

Here are the key highlights from our research:


Quite a few Redditors have stated that they prefer Google Gemini for creative writing as it’s more conversational while ChatGPT can get too cliched.

“GPT has an over-the-top default writing style that’s easy to identify like “delves”, is predictable and cliches (sic). Gemini took writing in unexpected directions, more creative, and in terms of conversational feels more human-sounding. ” (Source)

“Yesterday, I had it write a short story with some of my beloved characters. First, I gave it a short passage from a book whose style I wanted it to imitate. And boy, it spat some very good story it is really coherent with the universe I asked it to write in. The writing itself is great. I’ve tried so many times to have ChatGPT write stories, but always it turned out to be plain and filled with clichés, completely unreadable. In this particular use case, Gemini is absolutely fantastic! (sic)” (Source)

Another Redditor found Google Gemini to be more natural and human-like in its conversations:

“Moreover, when you converse with Gemini, it does an excellent job of making you believe it’s a real person, and that it genuinely cares about you. On the other hand, when interacting with ChatGPT, you feel as is you were talking to HAL 9000 from the Clarke novel, it’s just COLD 🙁 (sic)” (Source)


ChatGPT emerged as the unanimous winner for coding: 

“The extra speed from Gemini means nothing when it’s wrong and just partially complete.

Maybe Gemini Advanced is good if you’re just doing writing and other generic stuff and not coding.. but for coding/programming, ChatGPT is so far ahead that it’s not even close. (sic)” (Source)

Logical reasoning

Redditors think Gemini wins at creativity and ChatGPT at logical reasoning:

“Gpt4 is better for logic and reasoning, Gemini is better for creative feedback. It’s more of a “this idea doesn’t work and you’re stupid and here’s how you can make it work” where gpt4 is like “this idea could work if you follow this general list of rules that applies to everything. (sic)” (Source)

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Meet ClickUp AI—The Best ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini Alternative

Although Google Gemini and ChatGPT are excellent choices, they’re operated by big data companies (Microsoft has made significant investments in ChatGPT). This naturally presents privacy challenges, as ensuring your company’s data isn’t utilized for training and machine learning purposes can come at a considerable cost. 

At the same time, it can get tricky to integrate these tools into your existing software, be it CRM, marketing automation, or DevOps. That’s where AI-backed workspace management platforms such as ClickUp come in. 

ClickUp can be a great alternative to ChatGPT or Google Gemini as it provides built-in generative AI capabilities via ClickUp Brain. This helps individuals and teams automate and organize their workflows while increasing productivity. 

ClickUp is one of the many AI tools for project management. The platform helps small teams and businesses manage their work without spending hours on onboarding or operations. Especially when they use ClickUp’s large repository of project management templates!

Some advantages of using ClickUp include:

  • Contextual AI capabilities to automate certain workflows, such as project management and internal communication
  • Cost-effective option, with access to AI at just $5 per user per Workspace per month, as compared to other LLM models, such as ChatGPT and Google Gemini 
  • Protection of company data as ClickUp doesn’t use your conversations to train its AI engine

Let’s explore how ClickUp can help you get work done faster and more efficiently.

ClickUp Brain

ClickUp Brain
Generate content, manage communications, and more with ClickUp Brain and its ready-to-use prompt templates

ClickUp Brain operates like a finely tuned GPT-4, customized to your company’s unique data and workflows. Syncing your documents, projects, and wikis consolidates your company knowledge into a reliable source.

Here are some ways you can leverage ClickUp Brain to increase your productivity:

  • Brainstorm campaign ideas and get constructive feedback
  • Write content from scratch or edit content to match your brand voice and tone
  • Convert blog posts to short-form text such as social posts, captions, and video scripts
  • Summarize project statuses and daily scrum updates from teammates with the AI Project Manager
  • Measure your project management goals, identify bottlenecks, and fill status reports
  • Ask questions and get answers to questions related to any campaign, customer, or deal with the AI Knowledge Manager
  • Create tables, analyze data, and compile insightful reports 

ClickUp Brain also provides ready-to-use AI prompt templates for various job roles, such as marketing and sales, so you don’t have to waste time crafting the ‘perfect’ prompt.

ClickUp Docs

ClickUp Docs
Create documents and generate text quickly using the ‘Write with AI’ feature in ClickUp Docs

ClickUp Docs allows you to create documents, nested pages, and wikis, share them with your team, and collaborate in real time. It’s tightly integrated with ClickUp Brain, making it easier than ever to create and manage content.

Here’s how ClickUp Docs (and its AI-writing capabilities) can be a real game-changer for your team:

  • Draft content from scratch or add a rough draft and get ClickUp Brain to polish it for you
  • Revise existing content by elaborating certain points, summarizing the document, or translating the text into different languages
  • Use the built-in spell checker to ensure your spelling is correct
  • Reply to comments quickly with contextual AI replies

ClickUp Docs also has other useful features, such as comments, synchronous editing, and chat to help with real-time co-creation and collaboration.

ClickUp Chat view

ClickUp’s Chat view
Centralize team communication and collaborate faster with ClickUp’s Chat view

Another super useful feature of ClickUp is the ClickUp Chat View. Use it to create group chats for different documents or projects and keep all conversations contextual. Add anyone to a chat with mentions, assign comments, add links to files, and embed webpages to ensure your teammates have all the information they need in a single place.

And, of course, the Chat view is also powered by ClickUp Brain. Simply type /ai in the chat bar to open the ClickUp AI Writer for Work. You can then ask it to draft your replies on the chat console. 

ClickUp pricing

  • Free Forever
  • Unlimited: $10/user per month
  • Business: $19/user per month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing
  • ClickUp Brain is available in any paid plan for $5 per member per Workspace per month
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Maximize Productivity with AI Tools

An AI chatbot tool can improve your productivity with its natural language processing capabilities and intelligent, human-like responses.

Whether researching a book, learning a language, or refining your communications, ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini can offer invaluable assistance. 

But if you’re a professional or a business looking for an all-in-one workspace management platform powered by AI, we recommend ClickUp. 

It’s a one-of-its-kind software that gives you enhanced solutions for designing and improving your project development strategies, work documents, and internal communications.

With ClickUp Brain, you don’t have to struggle while setting up your integrations or extensions—it’s very convenient! 

Sign up to ClickUp today and explore unlimited AI possibilities! 

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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