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10 Best AI Newsletters to Subscribe to in Recent Times

AI (artificial intelligence) is developing at lightning speed—what was revolutionary just a year ago is old news by now. If you want to jump on the AI train and stay on it the whole ride, you must immerse yourself in the field and keep up with the latest AI developments.

One of the best ways to do that is through AI newsletters. They offer curated and detailed info on the most recent developments in AI, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving technology landscape. 🤖

However, with the industry’s rapid rise, AI-focused newsletters have proliferated, making it challenging to discern which thread to follow to get the most accurate and fresh information.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 10 best AI newsletters to help you find a reliable source of the latest industry news and developments.

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After digging through dozens of newsletters, we’ve shortlisted the top 10 that spill the beans on the most recent happenings in the AI world. They’re easy and engaging to read, even if you’re not a big newsletter fan. Check them out and pick your go-to source for AI news. 🥰

1. The Rundown

Rundown is a daily newsletter (it will land in your inbox on weekdays) that offers quick, concise, and general overviews—rundowns—of the latest AI news.

The newsletter has 350,000+ subscribers worldwide and touches base on several AI-related topics. It discusses general news in the AI world, focuses on the latest tools, and offers step-by-step tutorials for using different AI-based platforms.

If you want to get familiar with the AI world but don’t want to dig deep, The Rundown is an excellent choice. It doesn’t go into too much detail but still offers relevant and engaging info, giving you a solid base for further exploring the topics you’re curious about. Yet, if you are a true AI enthusiast and want to know as much as possible, The Rundown might be too superficial.

Subscribing to The Rundown is easy—just enter your email address, press Subscribe, and a newsletter will wait for you in your inbox every workday morning.

2. Big Brain

Big Brain is an excellent resource for those who want to gradually immerse themselves into AI by dedicating a few daily minutes to review the latest news. Every newsletter that hits your email is a pleasure to read because it’s divided into sections like AI news, AI careers, and AI tools. This lets you skip to the most interesting part and save time. ⏰

Many people enjoy Big Brain because of its natural, user-friendly language. The newsletter covers a wide range of topics but breaks down even the most complex ones in an easy-to-read way, making it suitable for AI newbies and veterans.

The newsletter puts a spotlight on careers in AI. It discusses trending AI jobs and often offers valuable advice on how to be successful in this area.

You can join the Big Brain community with 100,000+ subscribers by entering your email address on the newsletter’s website.

3. AI Breakfast

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, researcher, scientist, or simply looking to start using AI tools, AI Breakfast can fit right into your morning routine! ☕

It’s issued every Monday to bring you weekly AI news. Its standout feature is that it bridges the gap between theory and practice. Unlike many other AI newsletters you’ll come across, AI Breakfast discusses the theoretical part first and then explains how you can apply this knowledge in real life. You’ll often get valuable info on using a particular tool and even enjoy step-by-step tutorials.

For example, if the newsletter discusses an AI-based productivity tool, it will outline its features and then show you how to put them to good use and do more in less time.

AI Breakfast also covers the latest studies in the AI field, which is why it’s particularly appealing to scientists and researchers.

The weekly analysis newsletter is free, but if you subscribe for $97 a year, you’ll get perks like: 

  • Extra emails on Wednesdays and Fridays for those who want to learn more
  • Discounts on AI-based tools and conferences, which can come in handy if you want to add new platforms to your workflows or expand your peer group
  • Consultation on implementing AI tools into your private or professional life (30 minutes)
  • The platform’s eBook Decoding AI: A Non-Technical Explanation of Artificial Intelligence

Interested in writing your own newsletter? Check out these newsletter templates!

4. The AI Revolution

You have two types of people who are curious about AI. The first group is interested in a specific AI niche, be it AI-based productivity platforms, cutting-edge developments, or interesting studies. The second type doesn’t want to focus on anything in particular but wishes to have a taste of everything, and that’s the target group of The AI Revolution newsletter.

This newsletter analyzes 1,000+ AI resources to bring you curated info about the latest happenings in the AI world for free! Every newsletter is well-organized and visually appealing, so you’ll have no trouble navigating it. Plus, the language used in the newsletters is simple, and even the most complex topics are easy to comprehend.

The best thing about The AI Revolution? There are no ads or distractions that could affect your reading experience.

Many users who have just entered the AI world pick this newsletter as their go-to source of the latest info. But, if you’re a tech expert or know much about AI, you may find its content too general.

5. Prompt Engineering Daily

If you’re not familiar with the term, prompt engineering is the art of creating inputs that AI-based models can understand and use as a basis for performing different actions. Simply put, you use prompts to “talk” to tools such as ChatGPT and trigger adequate responses. 

Enter Prompt Engineering Daily—an excellent newsletter that delivers top-notch daily AI briefing prompts and shows you how to use them in real-life scenarios. On top of that, it provides valuable insights into the field by reporting the latest machine learning news and analyzing the most innovative AI-based tools.

Subscribing to the newsletter is free. After entering your email and pressing Subscribe, you must provide your name and answer a few questions regarding your job, industry, company, and time zone. This info helps the distribution system understand your preferences and send the newsletters to you at the right time.

Once you’re subscribed, Prompt Engineering Daily will send you a gift—a resource called the Ultimate Guide to AI and ChatGPT.

6. TheSequence

If you want to know everything that’s going on in the AI world, with a special focus on machine learning (ML), TheSequence is the way to go! This community has over 160,000+ followers and offers two newsletters to choose from depending on your interests.

TheSequence Scope is a free weekly newsletter. It’s published every Sunday and focuses mostly on the latest research papers, releases, and AI-related investments. It takes about five minutes to read the newsletter, which is particularly convenient if you don’t have much free time but want to stay informed.

TheSequence Edge is a premium newsletter released on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Tuesday newsletter is all about machine learning—it discusses its key concepts, outlines the most recent papers in the field, and suggests the frameworks and platforms you should learn about.

The Thursday newsletter digs deeper into research—you can expect a full-blown analysis of a paper or framework every week. If you want to see TheSequence Edge in your inbox, you’ll have to purchase a monthly subscription plan for $6 or pay $50 for an entire year.

TheSequence offers additional free content for AI enthusiasts. Read interviews with notable researchers and entrepreneurs in the ML field and gain valuable AI insights in TheSequence Chat, which comes out every other Wednesday. You can also read TheSequence Guest Post, which is published every other Friday and focuses on machine learning challenges and how to overcome them.

7. The Neuron

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of AI and incorporate it into your business but feel uncertain about how to do it, The Neuron can help. This daily newsletter with a cute cat logo is delivered Monday to Friday at 8 a.m. (ET) and contains updates on the latest AI trends and advice on using them at work. 🐱

One of the reasons the newsletter’s popularity skyrocketed soon after its launch is its simple, compact structure. The first thing you’ll see is, of course, the headline. Then, you have a short bullet list summarizing the core updates for the day. The list is followed by multiple headings providing more details about the updates. Every section contains quick info on what you can expect to read ahead to make navigation even easier.

The last section will put a smile on your face—The Neuron’s cat leaves an engaging comment on how fun the newsletter was! Besides the informative content, these elements of humor make The Neuron a fun and lighthearted read.

The newsletter is free, quick to read (you’ll need around three minutes), and has over 150,000 subscribers.

8. AI Ethics Brief

With AI making waves globally, concerns about its ethics are more frequent than ever. If you’re worried about AI systems’ fairness, bias, privacy, economic impact, and transparency, it’s always good to delve into available research and form an informed opinion. The AI Ethics Brief helps you do just that!

According to the AI newsletter authors, the mission is to democratize AI ethics literacy by providing valuable and detailed knowledge to a wide audience. The weekly newsletter discusses different regulations and ethical concerns in AI to shed light on the appropriate and safe use of AI-based systems and tools. 📣

Every newsletter discusses and summarizes several topic-related studies to help you understand the context and form opinions. Another appealing section is the Living Dictionary—every week, you’ll see a definition of a new AI ethics-related term, helping you expand your knowledge.

The newsletter is free, but if you want to support the authors’ work, you can become a paying subscriber or make a donation.

9. AlphaSignal

Are you a researcher, developer, or tech-savvy professional searching for a technical newsletter that digs deep into AI-related research and developments? If so, check out AlphaSignal, a weekly newsletter with 150,000+ subscribers.

The newsletter summarizes the top news, repositories, projects, and papers in the AI field to help you stay in the loop. The platform uses advanced AI models to go through arXiv, GitHub, Google Scholar, and Open Review and analyze blogs, socials, press, opinions, and interviews from industry experts. It’s a fantastic option for those who don’t have enough time to do the research themselves but want access to the latest developments in the AI landscape.

AlphaSignal covers a wide range of AI-related topics but focuses on machine learning, so consider whether it fits your preferences.

It’s worth noting that the newsletter isn’t for those new to the AI landscape. It typically tackles technical topics and uses terms and expressions you must be familiar with to fully grasp the presented info.

10. Superhuman

Superhuman is one of the most popular AI newsletters, with over 450,000 subscribers! It helps you become a superhuman (figuratively) by leveraging AI to improve productivity and excel at work. 🦸

The newsletter observes the latest AI advancements in various industries, from technology to art and sports. Superhuman uses easy-to-understand language, even for those new to the field.

One of the reasons for the newsletter’s popularity is that it provides curated content that aligns with your preferences. After subscribing to the newsletter, you’ll be asked to fill out a form about your name, job level, function, industry, company size, and location. 

Superhuman uses this info to present you with the most relevant free content focusing on ChatGPT, writing prompts, data science and analysis, AI job hunting, and free AI tools. You’ll also receive an email about the best AI platforms to explore.

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Interested in Trying AI? Meet ClickUp

Reading about AI and its advancements helps you stay in the loop. But theoretical knowledge can’t only get you so far in understanding how AI works in practice. If you’re eager to experiment with AI and see what it can do in a real-life work setting, give ClickUp a go!

ClickUp is, first and foremost, a task and project management platform that supports different process improvement methodologies and helps you boost productivity, organization, and team collaboration.

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Among its many features, ClickUp offers an AI-enabled document management option, ClickUp Docs, which you can use to create, share, edit, manage, and store your files. The platform’s native AI assistant, ClickUp AI, is a first-class AI tool that can help you automate tasks and workflows and deliver high-quality results, whether you’re working in CRM, software development, customer support, or B2B and B2C sales.

ClickUp AI acts as your personal sidekick, helping you brainstorm new ideas when you hit a creative roadblock, create summaries, and edit and proofread any type of content. This is just the tip of the iceberg—with ClickUp AI, you can write emails, create project timelines, compose meeting agendas, respond to customers, and generate action items!

The platform comes with dozens of expert-curated prompts, so you don’t have to waste time crafting sentences to extract precise results from the tool. You can also leverage AI prompt templates within the platform to get hundreds of ready-to-use prompts for different use cases. 

Due to its versatile applications, ClickUp AI is equally useful to freelancers, startups, and enterprises. As ClickUp works seamlessly on Mac, Windows, and mobile devices, you can unleash its full power whether working from the office or remotely. 💪

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Unlock the Power of AI with ClickUp

Subscribing to the best AI newsletters is a vital step you should take if you want to keep up the pace with the latest advancements in the field.

If you want to go ahead and see how AI works in practice, try ClickUp 3.0 and its robust AI assistant. It will transform your workflows and help you jumpstart your productivity.

Sign up for ClickUp today and explore its AI and other unique features!

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